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Official Blockchain FrontEnd:
- My Wallet
- Explorer
- Mining HBIT
- Issue Asset
- Decentralized Assets Exchange
- Decentralized Email
- Blockchain Group Chat
- http API
- HBIT Dev Kit (javascript)
- HBIT php
and many more...

Max Supply: 50 Billion
To be Mined: 49.5 Billion
Block Time: 30 seconds

HBIT does what all other blockchains do not do or do in part ....

- Interact on the Blockchain directly from the FrontEnd, without compromise, without wasting time understanding how or what to do, in a few clicks!

Some differences
- Send and Receive HBIT in seconds (Block Time 30 seconds) (around 40x faster than Bitcoin)
- Issue Asset with one Click, Transfer and Trade with extreme low transaction fees 0.00001 HBIT.
- Send and receive messages directly, or attach it when send HBIT.
- Green! No heavy node to run.
- Mine HBIT directly on Frontend with just 1 click (CPU Mining).
- Build app and Games with our http API, not need a contract, transactions will be managed directly when sending to Blockchain at world low fees.

many other features are under development....


for Mass adoption, Speed and easy to use is the base to do it!


Quarashi.Network - The Next Generation All in One Platform

Quarashi empowers the first decentralized all in one platform focused on: Privacy Chat, Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Blockchain Interfaced Multi Crypto wallet.

 Website :
 Telegram :
 Twitter :
 Medium :
 Whitepaper :
 You Tube :Quarashi Network Explained

Register here for Presale =>

Altcoin announcements / [ANN] DisBalancer - Make the World a Safer Place
« on: August 31, 2021, 04:27:38 PM »

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