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Blockkonnect is the world’s first blockchain technology and social network platform connecting crypto related people and uniting them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution ever which provides you with tons of features you ever wanted on a single platform. You'll find people with similar interests as yours, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

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Altcoin discussion / Re: Where are all the FUN Altcoins ?
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:20:52 AM »
In my view, anyone who got common sense will NEVER EVER look at these options alone. We got to have solid base to work around. If we don’t have that then we are in for some SERIOUS risk.

I always manage myself well and by spotting latest news non-stop, it makes everything work relatively easy. The recent development around the Mass Migration of Chinese Crypto Miners has really made things interesting, so this is the ACTUAL fun to keep eye on.

I believe these are the kind of decisions that makes incredibly huge impact and IF we are to succeed then these things need to be at major focus. The Crypto market is really growing and reaching very wide and far, so it is something that needs to be taken seriously.

I don’t worry entirely too much with because I know how the whole industry is working and the changes seen in this giant Crypto Space.

I don’t really worry about any token. I only focus on the major options like Bitcoin and news around it. With the recent development of SEC to postpone the decision on the Bitcoin ETF for 45 days, so this is what made the whole Crypto community sit up and brought MASSIVE dip across. It’s kind of news that you got to follow because it moves the whole market in certain way.

Altcoin discussion / Splitt - The Home of Cloud Mining!
« on: August 05, 2018, 10:11:57 PM »

The Crypto MiningCloud is a new cryptocurrency cloud mining investment site. Affiliate reward is 3 levels deep, paying you 4%, 2%, and 1%. Minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC. Each plan is valid for 35 to 60 days. Check your dashboard for balance every 24 hours to 6 hours based on plans. See the plans for details. Our cryptocurrency mining locations are spread throughout the world, like in Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Venezuela, Myanmar and many more.

Splitt's Cryptocurrency Cloud Server offers a user-friendly way to conduct cryptocurrency mining from home at any time. It is suitable for amateurs and cryptocurrency experts working on a larger scale. The cloud mining service offers a fresh alternative to traditional means of cryptocurrency mining.

It has made it our priority to offer a standardized highly reliable high performance cloud compute environment in all of the cities we serve. Launching a cloud server environment in 15 cities around the globe has never been easier!

You will get:

2.64% FOR 60 DAYS
3.50% FOR 40 DAYS
4.70% FOR 35 DAYS







Altcoin discussion / CPollo - Token-Based Crowd sourcing Platform
« on: August 04, 2018, 08:25:46 PM »


WEBSITE | TELEGRAM| TWITTER |[size=78%] [/size][/size][size=78%]WHITEPAPER[/size]

CPOLLO is a platform which defines an open and a closed source project. The Cpollo Platform aims to engage in a technical consulting, through the provision of a crowdfunding/sourcing platform that permits the issuance of conditional tokens from templates. Using traditional, local and slow stock-based system, the current incentive-shared team has embarked on the provision of solutions for new project initiators. Thus, bringing aboard savvy members has become difficult for core teams, especially without the availability of a considerable sufficient initial capital. Even when they (the core teams) decides to share the stock or options as a means of compensation, it is still hard for them to share long-term incentive with project members quickly, internationally or at a cheaper rate.

The CPOLLO platform aims to serve as a transparent and unbiased hub for ICOs. People will be able to create a templated ERC-20 token, as well as a templated token on any one of the following networks. NEM, Ether Classic, Stellar, Cardano, NEO, Waves, and EOS, with more options being added in the future.




The Cpollo tokens are currently for sales on the following exchangers;

- Wavesplatform

Price per Cpollo: 180 Wavesatoshi

It is expected that all the Cpollo tokens will be sold before the value hits 1 satoshi, this is to ensure that there are no big token holders. Our token sales will start on the 27th of July, 2018 all through to 31st August, 2018. More information will be made available on our website.



Altcoin discussion / Re: How should i invest in altcoins
« on: August 04, 2018, 07:03:03 PM »
In my view, our main focus as far investment should be major options. If we get that right then we can follow it up with more options. I do this all relatively EASILY via focusing on all the happening and with news like Bitmain boosting ASCH with 50 Million RMB Investment is certainly on the top of the list for lookout, so this is something that we MUST have our focus on in order to really make this work in our favor.

Altcoin discussion / HORAE — Open A New Era of Token Investment
« on: August 01, 2018, 08:08:23 AM »

When the Internet economy is booming, the sharing economy is in the air. How can we get the trains of the times, and take the opportunity to become an excellent co-constructor and sharer of the great era?

Responding to the aspirations of the investors, HORAE should be born in time to realize your dream!

一、The historical mission of HORAE — discover the value of the blockchain

HORAE is committed to creating a golden platform for venture capitalists who dare to challenge and venture to realize their dreams of venture capital:

(1) Converging new energy in the Internet era

Based on the technology of “blockchain”, HORAE scientifically uses this “unorganized organizational strength” to build the best platform of investment and entrepreneurship in the Internet era.

(2) Creating milestones in the era of value Internet

Value Internet has gradually transformed traditional central business companies into distributed non-profit communities. The traditional binary-opposed business model has been transformed into a shared economy in which everyone participates in and everyone gets benefits. The digital tide of assets has transformed the traditional equity in the financial sector into a token investment.

HORAE provides professional token investment management services for non-professional retail investors, and then develops this service to thousands of professional token investment managers through decentralized platforms, and finally allows retail investors to invest in the blockchain of 2.0 era.

First, build a truly trustworthy, transparent, efficient, and highly circulated token investment management service platform;

Second, attract global professional token investors to participate enthusiastically, so that superior private token investors can stand out;

Third, let more retail investors benefit!

二、HORAE’s goals and responsibilities

HORAE is to lead the era of token investment 2.0, establish a new generation of digital asset management platform, and create the “Berke Hill” in the blockchain era!

HORAE is committed to building a decentralized token investment management community, to creating a professional, trusted, intelligent, efficient, open, transparent and extremely mobile platform for professional token asset managers!

三、HORAE’s ace products — — DAP

In the new era of token investment 2.0, Horae will launch a new digital asset investment ecosystem in the world, launching a new generation of digital asset management products DAP — a token-based digital asset portfolio.

Horae itself does not produce any token investment products, and all blockchain asset products (DAP and globally distributed computing power) come from Horae-certified professional investment managers and institutions.

As a third party, Horae will become an open and transparent bridge linking the vast number of digital asset investors and professional investment managers, eventually leading the era of token investment 2.0!

Or go ahead, or advance together, or follow, and enter the “everyone’s age” early, and soon become the tide of the era of “building and sharing”!

Change is in the air. The bright future starts with the wise choices!

HORAE will be available in August!

Contact information:


Altcoin discussion / Duties Of The Bitcademy Community
« on: July 30, 2018, 10:12:55 AM »
Do you want to know the duties of the Bitcademy community? Then this post has got your back. Bitcademy is a platform that leverages the inherent benefit of the blockchain platform in order to empower young footballers to achieve their dreams of becoming professional players across the world.
The Bitcademy community will Act as a role model in the community, and a safe-haven for talented youths. The community will collaborate with local authorities to combat drug abuse, and promote a healthy lifestyle. They will also Identify and encourage talent which will represent the nation and continent.

Altcoin discussion / Re: Tips regarding investment in crypto
« on: July 29, 2018, 07:15:47 PM »
I don’t have any extra-ordinary tip to pass out, but all I can say is that we need to make sure that we track things very closely in what is going on with the Crypto markets, as it is something that will make us lose or gain.

The way to gaining is spotting major news and taking actions for it, which is easier for me with the site like AsiaCryptoToday, which covers all parts, especially the Chinese Region. So, that really enables working smoothly for me.

I will mostly suggest going for MAJOR options, as that is the BEST way forward. If you have sufficient money then it is fine to try others but otherwise, it is BETTER to go far established options.

I focus on Bitcoin and top names only with keeping complete control over the latest news and updates. It is where I find it so good with the Chinese sector, which is the most important part and is how one is able to take the RIGHT decisions.



Gamedex is a platform and ecosystem for digital collectible cards (like Pokemon and baseball cards, but digital) and the games they can be used in.

The rich platform and ecosystem we are building is analogous to Steam, but for digital collectible card games.

On our platform, cards can be issued, purchased, and traded, as well as used in exciting multiplayer games. Gamedex tokens (ticker: GDX) can be won and lost in games which support gambling.

True Ownership
With Blockchain, you truly own your digital assets. Other digital assets are merely an entry in someone else’s database. If you get banned, or the company shuts down, you’ve lost everything.
True Scarcity
Gamedex’s Limited Edition collectibles are truly limited, and you don’t need to take our word for it. Thanks to blockchain technology, an asset’s issuer can’t simply create more.
Trustless Authenticity
Counterfeiting digital assets is impossible. Everyone can trustlessly verify for themselves whether or not an asset is genuine.
The Gamedex token (ticker: GDX) is a utility token. The GDX token follows the ERC223 standard (an improved version of ERC20) and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Its utility is derived from its numerous uses:

• GDX is used to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles on the Gamedex platform.

• GDX is used to buy pay-to-play games on the Gamedex platform.

• GDX tokens can be used in some games.

• GDX token holders gain governance rights, including voting on which projects should receive grants and whether milestone payments should be released.

• GDX token holders pay lower fees on the Gamedex exchange, to the extent that they hold GDX.


Altcoin discussion / POWH – The beginning of the NEW world!
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:05:29 PM »

Cryptocurrency has become the popular option for investment in the online world, especially for youngsters. And, exchanges are one OBVIOUS way through it. However, mostly the cost is HIGH and the system is outdated, which makes life difficult for the majority.

With most of the traditional ways of failing badly or have not convenient enough for the common man! Here we are to introduce to you something that’s going to solve multiple problems.

Introducing POWH3D – The beginning of the NEW world!

POWH3D is a UNIQUE Cryptocurrency Exchange, which allows one to trade Ethereum for P3D Tokens. P3D tokens are tokens with a clever twist, which is to give every P3D Holder direct earnings in Ethereum, every time someone buys, sells or transfers the token based on the amount of the tokens (in %out of total amount minted) held.

Every trade, buy or sell has a 10% flat transaction fee applied. But instead of this going to the exchange, the fee is split between ALL token holders! With 10% of the volume traded in this is set aside for the Token holders, which is given as Ethereum, it is withdrawn instantly whenever one desires!

So, as soon as you get hold of P3D Tokens, you start accumulating “FREE” Ethereum, distributed to holders on EVERY transaction based on the amount of P3D one got on the exchange. And it works in incredibly simple and straight forward way, which goes like this:

1. Buy Tokens. Buy P3D tokens, and 10% of your transaction is used to pay earnings to other users.
2. Accumulate Earnings. Accumulate Ethereum earnings as other users buy, sell, or transfer P3D.
3. Reinvest or Withdraw. Reinvest or withdraw your Ethereum earnings as they accumulate.
4. Sell Tokens or Don't! Sell your tokens at any time to receive Ethereum back from the exchange.
5. Share your Masternode. If you buy enough tokens for a masternode, share your masternode link to get bonus earnings!
6. Have Fun! Have fun watching as your earnings and coin value fluctuate over time!

The thing that makes POWH3D further special is the structure, which is powered by an open-source Ethereum Smart Contract, which ensures complete transparency, security, and trust!

You can get further details from here:

Official Website:


Social Media Links:

- Reddit:
- Twitter:
- Discord:

Altcoin discussion / Re: Best news from catholiccoin.
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:14:24 AM »
If we wish to be successful then we need to ensure that we play it out carefully and perform well, if we manage to do that successfully, then we could certainly perform well. I don’t have list of 10-15 sites to follow.

I just follow CryptoNewsTrends, as it is one of the finest Cryptocurrency news providing sites. They have this lovely feature as well which is called trending news, so that really works in your favor in terms of making decision taking thing easier.

Bitcoin discussion / Re: SARF EXCHANGE
« on: July 26, 2018, 03:36:53 AM »
It is important we are careful with which exchange we prefer, as it is something that could make an impact. But the bigger part is and something that could have major say is how we track things in terms of happening. And also, it is crucial that HOW we bring that awareness into action.

I keep complete track of Crypto world, especially the Chinese Region, where we saw the report about Over one-third of China’s Fortune Global 500 Companies are into Blockchain, so these things got to be noted and played accordingly.

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