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No doubt that Bitcoin is going to reach well beyond a $100,000.” This is what Eran Eyal, CEO of distributed marketplace Shopin, said when was asked if the price of Bitcoin was going to rise over $20,000. Although he did not give a specific time-frame of when Bitcoin will surpass $100,000, he pointed to some historical facts and related data to support his claim. He pointed that Ethereum was trading at around $245 around September but is now trading at around $957 at the time of writing.

While the biggest coins continue to lose value, Eran insists that the price drops are due to the China and South Korea’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies. South Korea’s justice ministry is proposing a ban on cryptocurrency trading. The Chinese government is targeting to censor and shut down all online platforms that facilitate trading. This is bad for the cryptocurrency industry because South Korea is the largest cryptocurrency trading market barring the U.S. and Japan

Eran further says, “In the United States, the Bitcoin exchanges were shut down three times.” On its own, this is a sign that Bitcoin always finds a way to survive events that result in major price drops. The cryptocurrency market is a very young market with a with an upward trend. Elan is convinced that Bitcoin is not going to crash but will stabilize and gain momentum when the crackdown stops. He attributes the crackdown to governments trying to mitigate the ramifications of cryptocurrency trading.

Elan calls Bitcoin “a store of value,” just like gold is. He also points out that Ethereum is different. Ethereum is a platform used to build apps and other cryptocurrencies. He says that Ethereum’s value is dependant on the use of the crypto currencies that are built on it. Each coin’s value is derived from its utility. This gives crypto currencies an economic value within their sectors of utilization.

Market Fluctuations Do Not Mean a Crash

Fluctuations are natural in the young industry. They are not an indication of a market crash. In a way, the future of cryptocurrencies is bound to that of Bitcoin. The prediction that Bitcoin’s price will go high above $100,000 is an indication of a bright future. This upward trend should also be observed in the majority of other alternative coins. The crackdown of cryptocurrencies in South Korea and China will come to an end soon.
The fluctuations and price drops are only an indication of what is happening at the present moment. They have no bearing on the future prices of Bitcoin and altcoins. The crypto currency market is not headed for a crash. In time, the price of crypto currencies will start to show an upward increase and Bitcoin will make it past the $100,000 mark.


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CEO of Binance, Zhao ChengPeng talks about his vision for the future of crypto currency. He also offers an unique look at the process which Binance selects which new coins to list. This talk was given at Block chain Revolution Conference, hosted by Jibrel Network on 17th Jan 2018

Bitcoin mining / Is Mining Bitcoins Profitable or not
« on: January 20, 2018, 10:09:46 AM »

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One of the big questions that everyone is asking is whether mining Bitcoins is profitable or not. Bitcoin mining serves many different purposes, both to transactions and the production of new Bitcoins.
The process of mining Bitcoins involves compiling recent transactions into blocks in order to try and solve a difficult puzzle. Essentially; the first person who solves the puzzle will then place the next block on the block chain and claim the rewards. It is these rewards that give people the incentive to continue Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin was the first currency, which was controlled by a cryptographic protocol rather than a conventional central bank; which means you will pay for something by sending Bitcoins from the virtual wallet in your computer to the merchant’s computer
The thing that most people want to find out is whether Bitcoin mining is actually profitable or not.

So, are people still making money from mining Bitcoins? The simple answer is yes, it can still be profitable and people are still making money from it; however, the times have changed and mining has become somewhat more difficult than it once was. This is because Bitcoin popularity has increased, which has made mining more competitive.

There is no doubt that making money from Bitcoin mining has become much more difficult; there are a number of reasons that can contribute to this, along with the fact that it has become much more popular. These include, hardware prices. You can expect to spend a few thousand pounds on these, which will mean that it will take longer for you make any profit from your mining. Power costs; again, just like the hardware prices, the power costs can mount, due to the sheer volume of power used. Finally, it has become a lot more difficult to mine Bitcoins now. The protocol adjusts the computational difficulty of the puzzles to finish a block every 2,016 blocks. In simple terms, the computational power that is put towards mining, the more difficult the puzzle will be.

Don’t be completely put off the idea of Bitcoin mining though, and if you are looking to make a profit from it, it is worth joining a mining pool. Although, like we have previously discussed, you have to share any profits, the chances of making profits are far greater than if you choose to mine by yourself. There are a number of mining pools to choose from, so be sure to research them beforehand.



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Top 6 Crypto Currencies to invest during Market Crash

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

2. NEO


4. High Performance Blockchain (HPB)

5. Internet Node Token (INT)

6. ETHOS (Honorable Mention


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The 10 Best Websites to Buy Sell Exchange Bitcoin & other Crypto currencies



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Every weekend has at least one crypto currency which gets pumped for no apparent reason. Whereas this usually pertains to smaller currencies, it seems this weekend is Bitcoin Gold’s turn. More specifically, the Bitcoin Gold price has increased by 50% over the past 24 hours, even though there is zero reason for this development. It is evident some group of people want to inflate the Bitcoin Gold price and market cap, but this momentum won’t last all that long.

Ever since Bitcoin Gold launched, a lot of people have been wondering what purpose this currency serves exactly. It is not an easy question to answer, other than it being another Bitcoin hard fork. In terms of solutions, unique features, or mass merchant adoption, there is nothing that sets BG apart. For some reason, the Bitcoin Gold price is getting a massive pump all of a sudden. People who buy in near the top will get burned eventually, though. Where that top lies, is anybody’s guess at this time.

To be more specific, the Bitcoin Gold price has increased by 50.37% over the past 24 hours. That is a clear sign this is just a pump-and-dump scheme, rather than natural growth. Especially when considering how the Bitcoin Gold price has been stuck around $300 and lower for several weeks now. Although all markets are recovering, a 50% overnight increase is anything but normal, even in cryptocurrency. Then again, this altcoin may soar to $500 or more, for all we know.

Additionally, Bitcoin Gold also notes a 44% gain over Bitcoin in the same time period. We all know how Bitcoin has become a victim of its own success, with high fees and transaction delays. As a result, most altcoins tend to surge in value, albeit in far less spectacular fashion than Bitcoin Gold is showing right now. While these gains result in solid profits for those who bought BTG at under $300, it remains to be seen if there is much room for further growth. The high of $362 was rejected almost immediately, which is only normal.

Thanks to just over $901m in 24-hour trading volume, the Bitcoin Gold price has noted such spectacular gains. It is uncanny how the cryptocurrency world works these days, as currencies with no added value soar overnight whereas coins with proper technology and upcoming developments are often ignored. Whether or not this current Bitcoin Gold price pump is warranted, will always remain subject to debate. So far, it seems nothing more than a blatant pump, but the cryptocurrency industry works in many strange and mysterious ways.

Not surprisingly, over 60% of the Bitcoin Gold trading volume comes from Bithumb. This exchange’s price is no longer part of the global average, thus it has very little impact. Binance and Bittrex complete the top three as of right now. None of these platforms generates over $90m in volume, mainly because there is little to no interest in Bitcoin Gold right now. Moreover, it also shows there is no real influx of fresh capital for BTG, as both Binance and Bittrex trade this altcoin against Bitcoin.

What the future holds for the Bitcoin Gold price, remains shrouded in mystery. It is certainly possible this altcoin will pump to $400 or more this weekend, even though things could easily head the other way as well. Nothing makes sense in the cryptocurrency world these days, as is illustrated by this Bitcoin Gold pump. There’s good money to be made, but those already in profit should ensure they can get their earnings out before this entire trend collapses again.



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The financial sector has always had mixed opinions on Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs is a fine example of how quickly those opinions can change.After dismissing Bitcoin for several years, they are now keeping a close eye on it. Moreover, the bank is confident Bitcoin will succeed as a form of real money in the coming years. While that is a commendable statement, it is doubtful Bitcoin will still be the leading cryptocurrency by then.

It is evident the interest in cryptocurrency hasn’t waned all that much. Albeit Bitcoin is struggling for traction, things still look rather promising. Goldman Sachs has kept a close eye on the cryptocurrency proceedings over the past 18 months. While they had doubts about this form of money, it seems something has changed. In fact, these cryptocurrencies may even succeed as a form of real money in the near future. An interesting statement, although there is still a long way to go.


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Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff said businesses in a wide variety of industries are starting to take note of what value ethereum's protocol could offer them.Nerayoff attributes increased usage to ethereum's ability to process transactions more quickly and cheaply than its rival.Nerayoff said increasing interest in cryptocurrency will stimulate value for ethereum in 2018, regardless of whether it overtakes bitcoin.



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