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The Pride Pixies NFTs are a collection of 10,557 unique handmade and randomly generated NFTs created to support diversity and inclusion
True Dream Vision is delighted to announce that it is set to unveil the most badass, female-centric, women’s empowerment, and inclusion focussed collection of NFTs. The Pride Pixies NFTs are a collection of 10,557 unique handmade and randomly generated NFTs, created to highlight support for diversity and inclusion.

“We are dedicated to promoting a community where individuals from all over the world can identify and express themselves freely.”

True Dream Vision was founded by Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino, who sits proudly as the first female Latinx, LGTBQ+ activist, committed to shattering the glass ceiling in an industry mostly run by men.

Scheduled to begin minting on the 1st of June 2022, on their website , supporters of women empowerment and the LGTBQ+ community can also purchase the Pride Pixies NFTs on the secondary market through OpenSea as well as on True Dream Vision’s new NFT Marketplace called

If you got this far and you’re reading this, you’re probably my mom. If you’re not my mom, you’re probably intrigued and moved by our cause. Anyway, here are more details: Each Pride Pixie NFT is a combination of hand made designs and auto generated from over 100 unique attributes hand drawn by True Dream Vision.

For more information on the unique utilities and functionalities of the Pride Pixies NFT collection, please visit the website or reach out to the creators via the contact info below.

Linktree -
LinkedIn –
Twitter –

Altcoin announcements / Welcome to MetaDex DeFI Tools
« on: March 11, 2022, 04:59:30 AM »

Our tool Metadex is created exclusively for you all to have safe and secured transactions while using DeFi platforms that use the main exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Shibaswap, Pancakeswap.

There may be many other such DeFi tools that you may get in the market with a lot more variety in their features, but what we provide through MetaDex cannot be found in any other tool, and that is the highly secured tracking of all the information of the DeFis that are created in groups and tokens!


NEWS AND NOTIFICATIONS If you are unsure of any latest news and updates regarding any blockchain platform or your specific token, then you should not worry at all. Using our tool, Metadex will give you your required info, news, or any notification that you wish to know right when that action is carried out. Furthermore, we update our news and notification channel by collecting information from more than 100 verified English language sites. Therefore, there are no forms of confusion or fake news scenarios regarding the tokens.

SMART CONTRACT DAO Our stake system will allow you to gain enough knowledge and increase your tokens and their values, resulting in higher investments. Metadex will work with our smart contract DAO stake system to fulfill all your wishes.

MULTIPLE TRACKER As we have mentioned in one of our goals, we want to list all possible DeFi exchanges on our site so that we can track prices, pairs, and transactions that will also include the detailed information of such tokens for all the users which they can use for their exchanges, or any other transactions. This Multiple tracker feature is applied to all the pairs created on any DeFi platform.

GEMS PAIR Sometimes not everyone gets lucky enough to get a good and honest broker who can help you with the latest information on recent tokens introduced in the market. We are there to help you in such cases as well. We will provide and release information on many newly developed and created pairs of tokens so that everyone can have a secured transactional experience in different crypto platforms.

POOL EXPLORER We also have the pool explorer to scan and filter out any scams present in any of our projects by including all the groups created in such platforms, which will then get analyzed by our technical teams. You will be able to filter out genuine, different, and verified projects using Metadex that will help you to have the safest investment you can get anywhere.

Visit us:


Altcoin announcements / Jada Ai - Creating the 1st AI-guided Economy
« on: November 26, 2021, 12:35:12 PM »

Jada is a Metaverse currently in development, bringing DeFi Protocols (staking, credits) and an Economy Driver (value exchange accelerator) aiming to give Holders more opportunities for growth.

The project’s goal is the development of Jada Ai, an Artificial General Intelligence (Human-level intellect and beyond) capable of guiding the economy, upgrading the ecosystem and contributing to the development of life, without human intervention.

Access will be made available through the upcoming Augmented Reality (AR-enabled) dApp wallet, Jada U.

We encourage you to read our Green Paper, were we talk more in-depth about the Jada Project, present challenges and goals here:

Get Jada (jadx) by sending Ether to the ICO address (Metamask and MEW only)

ICO Address: 0x6C6B8FA440EDCA2D89893263637Dcb3646E76F52
Add your Jada tokens manually if you don't see them (Metamask only)
Token Contract: 0x6B3fB8afa9ECf6f794AE1CDacf758E8825d513DB
Symbol: jadx
Decimals: 8

More info:




Fair launch — $.005 starting price on 10/16/21
ElephantSwap — A fork of ViperSwap -
Elephant token (ELEPHANT) — a revenue generating governance token governing the Elephant Protocol ecosystem on Harmony.
Emphasis on future pools for pairs with high volume on the harmony bridge.
Join our Discord Channel to connect with the community and the team -

500,000,000 max token cap with 95% of the rewards locked up. Tokens will slowly release starting approximately July 2022 over 1 year. We’ve built in 4 treasuries to help development on

Pre-Mint ELEPHANT tokens
The treasuries fall under the same lockup schedule as the token rewards and so in order to facilitate early development, we have pre-minted 5,000,000 ELEPHANT tokens.

First Dice Game
Our first dice game will be a simple one and uses only one six sided die, the rules are as follows:

1. The player places a bet (in ELEPHANT) that the next dice roll will be on a certain number (1–6)
2. The bet is burned.
3. If the player guesses the outcome of the die roll successfully

This dice game will be the first burn mechanism we will implement.

Once the first game has been fully tested by the devs and community, we will expand the game to be a recreation of the popular casino game Craps. It will function similarly to the first dice game, but with the rules of craps. Pray that you don’t roll a seven!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns to the roadmap above, please join us on discord to discuss!

Deployed Website (others incoming)

Altcoin announcements / DAO/DEFI/GOBERNANCE TOKEN
« on: October 30, 2021, 11:11:01 AM »



I think we all already know how traditional banks work, we lend to individuals and companies, credit cards, shares, commissions at ATMs for withdrawing money and a host of other banking products With whom, being honest, we have to pay endless commissions. That is why today cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology They are so acclaimed by the people , because they avoid all that control by the institutions (for now).

Keeping all this in mind and after several months of headaches I have achieved the way to develop the structure of traditional banking using blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DEFI); Applying the model of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and making use of smart contracts to provide transparency, autonomy and security ,serving as a base to create the following dapps; p2p lending crowfunding, ipo hub and the most common dapps like swap, staking and lp pools, all these dapps will be backed by a governance token $GOBER, and a secondary token in which the rewards of all the dapps will be received.

24/7 SUPPORT :




What do $GOBER holders get?

By supporting crowdfunding, supporters receive these benefits.

- Access to the telegram group where all the details of the project will be clarified
- The token $GOBER. that could be changed by BUSD , provide liquidity or put in staking finally you will also have voting power
- One NFT , or two if you are in the top three ;)

The total of tokens that have been created to give life to this project are 30k and will be distributed as follows.

- 66% will be destined to mirror community that has supported this project from the beginning
- 12% will be destined to distribute various marketing actions and send certain airdrops to give the project greater visibility
- 22% will be destined to the creation of an initial pool in pancakeswap so that more people can acquire the token

Back us here:

From $GOBER, made with love for the community.


The prime motivator for growth in any system is profit. If a system is unprofitable, then it is unsustainable. This places charities in the unfortunate situation of being dependent on the whim of profitable systems to survive. Monetary incentivization lays a heavy blow, and charities have to modify themselves to continue to attract funding. Simian Finance is the first project to simultaneously reward investors and charities.

Key points:
Locked liquidity and burned contract ownership
Currently sitting at $500k MC - primed for new buyers to establish early equity position
5MM circ supply
5% redistribution on every trx benefits all hodlers proportional to the size of their SIFI balance
Burn wallet holds roughly 1% of circ supply and trade volume acts as a deflationary mechanism - as the burn wallet receives distributions, the circ supply decreases.
Primate Conservation Charities hold active balances and benefit from trade volume
Team works with charity to adopt orangutans and mint NFTs for giveaways, auctions, future charity drives
NFT Giveaway active on Twitter now - giving away 4 of 13 adopted ape NFTs
Meme contest launching soon on Twitter with big SIFI payout

Visit us here:

Connect with us


Altcoin announcements / $PCY How to participate in the tokensale
« on: March 12, 2021, 11:11:39 AM »

The Pcity Protocol is developing a unique platform that allows anyone to be rewarded for the first time with BNB


Similar to fixed deposits offered by banks, Pcity participants have to stake their assets to earn rewards. The rewards are based in proportion to the total assets staked by the participant. The incentives earned as part of this program are deposited into the wallet address provided by the participant after they have claimed them on the platform.

Pcity is a deflationary, stakeable token with an initial supply of 80M tokens. When the community transacts PCY tokens, 4% of the total transaction will be distributed among the stakers and the other 4% will be staked.

The income is generated through the transaction that will be distributed among the stakers. The burning process goes on until 4 million coins are left.

PCY token makes use of a more realistic model, one that is capable of providing good long-term returns. Your earning is not fixed with the Pcity network.

Connect with us:




Altcoin announcements / TokenSender - Easy way to batch send Erc20 tokens
« on: February 16, 2021, 12:00:31 PM »

We are introducing to you the Tokensender.

Tokensender is a dApp (blockchain integrated application) for sending Ethereum or Erc20 tokens to multiple addresses with different amounts by only one transaction. This dapp is a great solution for airdrops or Ethereum/Erc20 distribution.

Proccess is very simple you can select what you want to send and then you can upload addresses and amount as csv or you can simply copy and paste them. After you choose the addresses and amounts you can easily bulk send Erc20 or Ethereum. If you need more information about how to use Tokensender you can watch tutorial here

If you ever need help or something to tell you are always welcome our telegram chat group


Contract Addresses


Altcoin announcements / Welcome to BTC Online Investment
« on: June 11, 2020, 04:52:30 AM »

What is BTC Online Investment? - Full Analysis on Bitcoin Investment - Investing in BTC
BTC online Investment is a digitally-encrypted  online form of bitcoin investment where investors can invest in bitcoins and we use the right signals to trade, bitcoin faucets, mining and investing bitcoin stocks to guarantee full returns on initial deposits and profits on the deadline of investment.

We are a strong online investment group of quality experts, financial managers, Forex experts, bitcoin traders and analyst commuted to bitcoin investment. Our bitcoin investment plans allow our client’s to make small controllable investment to manage their bitcoins without overexposing yourself to the market’s volatility. – Bitcoin online investment

How BTC Online Investment Works? – Invest Bitcoin Online
BTC online investment creates an opportunity window to our clients which allows a large investment up to 1 btc to be double within a short time ( 7 days). Our trading signal are excellent we allow you invest in bitcoin with us as a decentralized currency that is entirely digital and disconnected from any government or central bank.- investing in bitcoin – btc investment plans – online bitcoin investment

we use these bitcoins to buy other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Ripples and using our premium auto bitcoin mining platform we operate on an interest rate of 37.08%  daily which allows to control over 200+ BTC during a monthly investment. btc invest –

Our expert and Deluxe plan increases our services towards trading, exchange, investing in bitcoin stocks and using bitcoins faucets towards creating extra efficient in our work. We create Digital “accounts”  used to store bitcoin credentials for each user and enable users to transfer and invest their bitcoin, at which point these transactions are recorded in the blockchain. See our financial records for expert plan below.

BTC Online Investment Expert Plan Records Blockchain:

Learn more:

Visit us:
Investment plans:
Contact us:


If you are one of those people who just started out Crypto or those who are confused which group on Telegram to Join just like me.
There are barely any free crypto signal channels to be found that you should trust. However, we found THIS ONE FREE GEM, providing awesome performing signals and good technical analysis. In fact, you can make quite some bucks with this channel.

I am making a full review on specifically this one FREE CHANNEL. So far it's one of the best Free channel in Telegram that I have Joined.
You can join their telegram channel here and review it yourself too:


We have calculated the profit for the FREE CHANNEL ITSELF was a stunning 800% Nett in a week time-7 days
(Hard to believe but we were absolutely surprised with their performance)
Most of their signals provided would increase up to at least 15%-20% in 2-3 days (Average).

What we found in the VIP Channel astonished us. Trade recommendations based on reliable technical analysis,detailed background information, fundamentals and special information (Insider infos). All the really good stuff!

0.10 BTC was spent on their signal and we closed our trade with an astonishing 0.07BTC pure profit in 3 days. Majority of their signals were originated from their own and own efforts, but they also keep an eye on other groups to seek for synergy entry points. This channel is definitely not a pump and dump channel as no trade we participated in has been pumped.

Honestly, if you are looking for a paid channel, their VIP Channel is really worth the money.
An average of 3-5 signals daily was provided and occasionally, mid to long-term signals were also posted.
Signals for Exchanges: Binance/Bittrex/Huobi/Kucoin/ Covers most of the major exchanges

Free Membership: To check out the quality of their signals please check their free channel first. You can join the telegram channel here:

Paid Membership (VIP): Please contact by Telegram to enroll.
Membership Pricing:
1 Month : 0.03 BTC
3 Months: 0.06 BTC
5 Months: 0.10 BTC
1 Year: 0.15 BTC
Lifetime: 0.2 BTC

Features: The VIP plan features some pretty nice stuff for Crypto Signal lovers, such as:
-> Strong signals based on insider infos, legit news, and Technical Analysis
-> Educational Strategies they discovered through their trading experiences
-> Personal advice and mental coach about portfolio management
-> Special news and forecasts
-> Has Crypto Trollbox (To chat with other members and quick scalp updates)
-> Detailed signals along with the backgrounds

- A+ Channel.
- They really focuses on Quality over Quantity. Meaning they don’t bombard their members with alot of signal a
- Their Signal reaches their target fast (within 2-4 Days) with 99% Accuracy.
- Really Honest and Sincere admin.
- Worth the money.
- We Trust this channel because it has Black and White Proof of calls and proven profits. The admin screenshot when they first give out the signal and Once it reaches the target they screenshot it again as Prove.
- It is hard to find such transparency in crypto and thats what we really like about this channel.

These are ALOT of review from other VIP Members and the members from their channel in generalbut here are just some of it. The users are censored due to confidentiality purposes.


Did you know that 95% of crypto traders lose money? Sleepless nights, lack of consistency, poor strategy are gone now. We provide institutional-grade AI-generated crypto trading signals. High accuracy, easy to follow, proven track record.

Test our free crypto signals now & join the 5% of successful traders here:

How does it work ?

Our platform archives the crypto assets historical data, absorb the news feed, generate trading signals in real-time and finally make the decision to buy, sell or hold.
The AI engine makes use of Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis along with our 10 unique strategies, to make the most accurate predictions of the market using Machine Learning.
Not available in the beta but coming soon, our bots based on these signals will trade automatically on third-party exchanges using your own accounts.

We are developing an automatic trading platform in cryptocurrencies driven by AI. We have released our MVP in early November (only for trading signal part) and are in the beta test phase with the first users since then. Our Strategies which are developed completely in-house are performing very well for the Binance and Bitmex exchanges.

Trading signals generated by AI for traders. This Beta is Free until 31/12/2020. Our automated trading bots are coming in Q1 2020. After registration all of our trackrecords are visible.

We are currently being incubated at CentraleSupélec in Paris, France, in the top 3 of French engineering schools, and we have won several awards in Europe.

Visit here for more info:

Connect with us:


Altcoin announcements / Welcome to MillionDollarCryptoSite!
« on: November 08, 2019, 07:00:02 AM »

Venezuelan boy creates a ‘Million Dollar Site’ to raise funds in exchange of publishing the best cryptocurrencies in the market

Raúl Morello, a young technology enthusiast from Venezuela has created the ‘Million Dollar Site’ to raise funds for implementing ideas that would improve his living conditions and help his community. In exchange for donations on the platform, he will be publishing the most popular and promising cryptocurrencies on his website as well as blockchain-related technology and startups. He is an ambitious guy who has dared to dream amidst his unbearable living situations. His primary objective is to advertise the most popular cryptocurrencies in exchange of pixels in the grid on his website.

Morello will use the money raised from the website to develop stunning ideas, help his community and promote the site in other forums/websites.

Morello lives and works in Venezuela, where the living conditions are not very ideal. Venezuela is the third most dangerous city in the world with high inflation rates. There are electricity cuts all days of the week and the internet connection is the worst, which makes it difficult for anyone to work on any kind of idea or project. Despite all that, Morello completed his degree in Computer Engineering and started building websites and apps to promote his skills. He also has a small computer store where he repairs all kinds of hardware and software problems. “After thinking about what I can do for surviving in my country, I develop some great ideas where I want to publish over Kickstarter and IndieGogo and see if they come into reality, but for that I need money, and hopefully you can help me with that”, says Morello.

In addition, the cost of lawyers, designers, and materials are extremely expensive. With the minimum wage being less than $2 per month, all of the materials need to be imported from other countries. A part of the money raised will also be used to help his family members as his father suffers from Kidney diseases and needs dialysis, which is quite expensive. His friends and teachers are also facing their own problems so they could only help to a certain extent.

Morello believes that technology can be a really effective way to improve the lives of people in a country. He is proving to be an inspiration for the young who dream of becoming the new revelation of technology and make a difference in society. Despite a very few opportunities, he has managed to climb levels and aspires to become a technological master who can impact the lives of people around him.

Find more information at,
More info:

Altcoin announcements / How proved that it is not a scam!
« on: October 17, 2019, 10:29:08 AM »

When Bitcoin was launched as a cryptocurrency, it wasn't so easy to understand how it works. The system was complex to be followed by everyday users. This led to speculations that it might be a scam. It is a common misunderstanding that happens when people are unable to understand some technology or innovation.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. The value or worth of them changes drastically over time. This somehow relates to those rich quick schemes where you invest a little, and the output is enormous. This is one of the reasons cryptocurrencies or related technology might be considered as scam.  Although it is a fact that a few people got rich by their small investments, such as in case of bitcoin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a scam., a decentralized social media network is one of the innovative developments in blockchain technology. was considered as a scam by a few people. We will discuss the complete platform and will see if there is anything that makes suspicious or scam. Learn more: - An Overview is one of the unique ecosystems, having integrated social media, cryptocurrency, and a market place where users could buy from companies or each other. A platform integrating such amazing features raised some eyebrows, and user thought it might be a scam. The main goal of is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for the users and the advertisers. – Features Overview comprises primarily of five main modules:
•    Social network (meNetwork) – Users interacting over distributed social media platform.
•    Marketplace (meMarket) – Buying and selling platform for users.
•    Payment Service (mePay) – Payment service to make safe and secure online purchases.
•    Wallet Service (meWallet) – Digital wallet to store and manage digital transactions.
•    Cryptocurrency (ME Token) – The network has its digital currency for transactions.

Innovations related to cryptocurrencies which use ICO as funding source are usually considered as scam as ICO's are risky. Some users associated this with platform, so they considered as a scam. – Detailed Review
Now that we have discussed an overview of, we haven't found anything suspicious yet. Let's discuss the platform features in complete detail so we can conclude the platform. Social Media
One of the best features has is its social media. Like traditional social media, a user could interact with one another on the platform. You must be thinking about how it is different from other social media. Well, the thing that makes unique is that you could earn revenue from just being a user on the platform. You could create your impact on the platform by creating good content and gathering like-minded followers around you. The more followers you have more is the chance that you will get high rewards from the platform.

Influencer Friendly Platform
When social media hit its fame, the term influencer came into existence. A talented individual who had some talent to be showcased put up their work on mainstream social media. In return, they got followers and fame. The platform itself never rewarded these individuals for their talent or overall activity on the platform., on the other hand, rewards talented users.
Users are encouraged to use the platform and gather followers. Then through a mutually beneficial ecosystem, the platform rewards the users based on their activity on the platform. Users could earn up to 50% of the revenue share. These features genuinely indicate the is a legit platform and not a scam at all.

Integrated Payment Service
The platform offers Fintech solution that combines blockchain technology with the network. ME is a virtual currency used in the system to make the payments. You don't need to add any external payment service as ME is easy to use digital currency integrated in the system.
You can easily create a mePay account to make your safe and secure online transactions. Users can also get a payment card to help them in their transactions. This feature makes it easy for the user as they don't need to add and external source of payment and could use network-integrated payment. This makes the network relatively safe from scam attempts.

Buy and Sell in MeMarket has its market that allows selling between users to users and from user to business. The rewards could be used in meMarket for buying the required products. Additionally, users could also discuss the product and its features. Payments can be made using mePay. Users who are influencers with a good amount of followers can recommend products to their followers. This is how an ecosystem is built between users and the network.
These kinds of features is what makes a trusted platform and not a scam.

Wallet to Store and Transfer Currency wallet is one of the amazing features. With meWallet, you will be able to get rewards in the wallet. This is done monthly. You will be rewarded based on your activity on the platform, and the rewards will be transferred in your wallet that is created and attached to your profile. ME, the virtual currency of the platform could also be transferred to Ethereum wallets. Wallet is personal to each individual and is safe in the platform. proved that it is not a scam!
Now that we have entirely observed the platform itself and its features. We could finally discuss is a scam or not. Interestingly while using and observing the features offered by the platform, we see that at every element the platform is trying its best to ensure the security of it, e.g., integrated payment methods, ME currency and the market for legit buying and selling among users makes it a safe platform. If the network would've been a scam, there will be very fewer security measures, and the network would've relied on third parties. Also, is a decentralized network meaning it is not under some central authority. These kinds of features and security measure prove that is a completely safe platform and not a scam.

Altcoin announcements / New Exchange-Based PoS Token: Einstein Cash
« on: September 24, 2019, 10:45:49 AM »

Introducing Einstein Cash (EXE) AND Einstein Loyalty Rewards Program Combining the utility of an exchange token with the rewards of a loyalty program. Einstein Exchange, Canada's largest exchange with over 220,000 customers, is proud to announce it's new exchange-based token Einstein Cash (EXE).

EXE Token Offering - Reward Tiers
Customers of Einstein receive rewards in EXE and fee discounts based on their level. All customers qualify for BRONZE category. Status is determined on the highest category they qualify for.

Adjust the sliders below to see how you can qualify for different reward tiers. More info:
Please visit our website for full details, and how to purchase today at 100% bonus.

Would love the community's feedback and suggestions as well!

Contact us:

Connect with us!


SwitchCryptos is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange meaning we do not store your funds or require any sort of account creation. SwitchCryptos acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 140+ cryptocurrencies.  The fiat option is also available - you can buy cryptocurrency with Visa or MasterCard through our third-party partner. The company’s mission is easing the exchange process effortless for everyone who wants to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

Learn more about our services:

Why Choose SwitchCryptos?

- SwitchCryptos has more than 140 coins available for exchange and we do not limit our clients; you can swap as much as you want - account-free, worry-free, faster than light.
- SwitchCryptos is built and maintained by a team of experienced blockchain developers. And the best part is - we’re completely registration-free! This allows our clients to avoid identification or financial theft.
- With Us you will always kick into High Gear! All transactions made through our user-friendly interface take under 15 minutes to complete.
- Buy, sell, trade over 140 cryptocurrencies, altcoins and tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) etc.
- You don’t have to worry about picking the best exchange rate anymore. We work with multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchange partners to guarantee the best rates to our customers.
- Our website is designed to be Mobile Friendly so that you can swap a wide range of cryptocurrencies from the palm of your hand!
- Our team of highly motivated and Super-friendly experts will help you with all transactions across any of our supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

Connect with us:

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