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you accept paypal ?
Why you do not have a phone and no picture of your office ?
Sorry, we do not accept paypal.
Here our Phone number and other contacts:

Dear users!
We are glad to announce that translation of our platform to Chineese has been completed! All the pages of the site which do not require authorization as well as personal account and other pages are now available in Chineese.
Best regards, Crypterum team.

Dear Users! We we kindly remind you that you can safely and easily withdraw and deposit your account using your online payment card Visa and MasterCard.

Dear users!
We are glad to announce that we are working on translation our platform into Chineese. Now the front pages of the site which do not require authorization, legal part and the functionality features have been translated. Currently we are working on translation of the personal account and other pages.

Lucrative situation on Crypterum and Exmo! The difference in btc /eur pair is almost 8%. You can easily buy BTC for EUR on Crypterum and sell it on Exmo for euro. Catch your benefit!

Great news!
After several months we resumed work with MasterCard!
Now you can deposit and withdraw money on Crypterum trading platform using MasterCard!

Dear users!

Stay up to date with the latest news and special offers on our social network accounts:

You can always buy Crypterum vouchers in our accredited partner!

We are working on adding one more way of Depositing/Withdrawal of funds using online payment card. Users who owns plastic cards MIR will soon have the opportunity to use their cards on our exchange platform!

10 supports Ethereum upgrade, but hardfork Ethereum Constantinople has been postponed due to vulnerabilities in smart contracts. New update date is not specified.

The latest update released: we added filter into trading pairs selector  :)

Adding Bitcoin Cash and Dash

As long as our company is responsible for the security of users’ assets, adding a new cryptocurrency is always accompanied by a number of checks and tests. The cryptocurrency we add to our platform should, after a certain period, declare itself to be stable and reliable. Relying on these criteria we decided to add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the listing.

Moreover taking into account the feedbacks from active traders of the exchange platform, we decided to add Dash to the listing.

Now our users have the opportunity to work with eight new trading pairs: BCH/USD, BCH/RUB, BCH/EUR, BCH/BTC, DASH/USD, DASH/RUB, DASH/EUR, DASH/BTC.

Thanks for your support!

Best regards, Crypterum team.

We offer you the opportunity to withdraw and deposit your account using online payment card! This option will be available after verification. Have a profitable and easy trading with Crypterum!

Good news!
Soon we will add a new cryptocurrency to our exchange platform!
Bitcoin cash is coming soon!

You may download  the latest version fo mobile app for your Android.
Now you will be able to place orders and trade using your mobile device!
New mobile app version is available here:

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