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Rule the adult entertainment online services with Hotchain! Pay with HOTX!

Hotchain is a Proof of Stake + Masternodes based cryptocurrency.
Hotchain is a SECURE and ANONYMOUS cryptocurrency.
Hotchain is an highly fast and decentralized cryptocurrency.

Hotchain is a forefront cryptocurrency forked from PIVX 3. It has all features and security fixes from PIVX 3, and is completely redesigned to fit the adult entertainment world.

It's fully supported by the decentralized network of masternodes, allowing treasury management, instant transfers through SwiftX transactions, and a TRUE anonymity with the direct implementation of Zerocoin protocol version 2.

Algorithm: Quark
Total supply: 21M HOTX
Premine: 800k HOTX (~ 3,8%)
Block Time: 60 Seconds, retargeting every block (~ 1440 blocks per day)
PoW: First 200 blocks
PoS: From 201 block till infinite
Block reward for stakers is 15%
Block reward for masternodes is 85%

Masternode collateral: 1000 HOTX

Join our Discord and take part to Hotchain ICO
Invest as few as 0.03BTC. We also accept ETH and XRP!

Download our documentation:

Whitepaper: Download

Zerocoin Protocol White Paper: Download


Block Explorer

Download it now to take part in our ICO, Airdrops, Bounties, and Giveaways!

Translation bounty rules:
- Join our Discord
- reserve the translation in the #translation channel
- wait for confirmation
- translate this Announcement
- translate our whitepaper
- post your translations and HOTX address and wait for the prize!
Italian is already done, since it's developer's mother language.
Russian translation is already taken too.

Invitation bounty rules:
- Join our Discord
- generate your invite link
- generate your HOTX address
- invite your friends and let them stay
- post your address in the #invitation channel
- check your rank anytime using our bot

- we will run daily Airdrops after our community starts filling up.. so just get in and wait!

Altcoin announcements / [ANN] Diplexcoin - High staking - PoS 365% APR
« on: November 08, 2018, 09:16:03 AM »
What is a Diplex coin?

The advertising industry has faced a lot of problems, to a greater extent, when it comes to the accuracy of statistics.
Advertising platforms, when counting clicks, usually give distorted statistics, it
is difficult to distinguish live users from bots or hired "clickers" who
 artificially "wind" advertising statistics to charge increased fees to

We offer a solution that "Cleans" traffic and improves quality. Advertising platform developed its own
digital placement algorithm, on the Blockchain technology, which has no
analogues in the market. Using our technology, advertisers interact with
 an active and interested audience.

Blockchain technology eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, which allows advertisers to
increase the price for a thousand impressions, and companies will be
able to directly reward the target audience for viewing advertising,
bypassing the process of buying advertising at all. After all, the
market is designed in such a way that advertising for a product or
project is a mandatory attribute of productive work, so often
third-party advertising services unreasonably increase the price for
advertising services.

User data is highly valuable, especially when it comes to online advertising, as the user purchase and search
history reflects the behavior of specific customers, leaving invaluable
hints. Blockchain technology transmits this data to the network as a
whole, unlike a centralized system, where data is stored on secure
servers of companies and used for commercial purposes by interested
parties. The creators of advertising will not stand aside, using our
algorithm and getting access to a huge array of relevant data already
tested by other participants and the blockchain in particular, while
advertising targeting becomes much more accurate and cheaper.

How to make money with Diplex?

Diplex is a digital currency, a kind of "fuel" for the ecosystem of our advertising platform.
In the system of payments with the platform, advertisers use Diplex Coin,
and the audience receives Diplex Coin for completing tasks.
Our highly paid rewards provide additional opportunities for income - earned
 coins can be "minted" (PoS) using a custom wallet and earn 1% per day
fixed thanks to our algorithm!

Release date 12.08.2018
Algorithm: Proof-of-Stake [ X13 ]
Block time: 1 minutes
Difficulty retarget: every block
Min transaction fee: 0.0001 DLX
Fees are paid to miners
Confirmations: 10, maturity: 15
Min stake age: 1 hours, no max age
P2P port: 35953, RPC port: 15953 Max

Supply 10'000'000'000 DLX
Premine 1'000'000 DLX = 0.001%
Stake interest: 365% annually

Official Site:

Social Network:

Crex24 DLX-BTC -
LionBit.Exchange! Paired with BTC\DLX; DOGE\DLX; XP\DLX; LTC\DLX; LBXP\DLX

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management App




Service platform makes investments in masternode coins easier and more secure.

We are developing a variety of services that will change the masternode investments industry. Everyone, regardless of computer skills, can use our services and easily and securely invest in masternode (buy, start, host, and monitor) and earn income (sell rewards on exchange in ONE click)-usually in your favorite messenger. Our platform joins services for developers, investors, and end users, making masternodes a secure and high-yield investment for the new digital currency era.

EVOS means EVOlution-of-Services. The EVOS core team has an investment background, and we couldn’t pass up a new crypto market. A surge of interest in masterful coins drew our attention to this asset, and we found it to be an excellent and undervalued instrument for high-yield digital investments. However, despite the seeming simplicity, investments in this tool face many risks-of both the investment and technical kind. This inspired us to create an integrated ecosystem to simplify and secure these investments.
The EVOS platform will expand services for the cryptocurrency market’s participants, enabling developers to automate most of the repeated processes, to secure P2P exchange transactions, to give more liquidity to the coins markets, and to promote and advertise new digital assets. Investors will have full, 24/7 control over their investments in almost one click. End users will simply and securely use all coins as well as earn through partner programs and other social interactions.
The only means of payment within the ecosystem is the EVOS coin, and payment for ALL of the platform’s services will be made exclusively in EVOS. Some services provided by third parties that are a part of EVOS platforms will also be paid in EVOS. The demand for any coin can be divided into two parts: organic and speculative. Organic demand is caused by the need to have a coin to purchase goods or services. This type of demand will be in direct proportion to the demand for services provided by the platform. Speculative demand is due to the opportunity to earn on the growth of the coin’s value, which attracts both long-term and short-term investors, as well as receiving dividends from the masternode rewards programs.



Altcoin announcements / [ANN][BTXC][PoS]BETTEX COIN
« on: September 03, 2018, 06:29:26 PM »

BTXC for decentralized betting exchange

Bettex coin - is a digital cryptocurrency with POS/Masternodes implementation, developed on the xevan algorithm.
Our main idea is to set up a decentralized betting exchange based on the blockchain,
where a cryptocurrency Bettex coin will be used as a means of payment.
Decentralized betting exchange "Bettex" will be based on the blockchain. It will follow
the principles of decentralization, a distributed network, cryptography, etc.
We will eliminate many problems of the gambling industry by using the basic cryptoindustry concepts in "Bettex project"
Bets with "Bettex" will become more available, reliable and secure!

Please read more about our idea in white paper and see the roadmap.

We are interested in developing a friendly community around our project and our coin.
Therefore, we created various airdrop and bounty programs at the beginning of our project.
In the future, we plan to play more valuable prizes, such as an entire masternode and several POS-sized awards for members of our community.

One-click shell script and a guide to install a Bettex coin masternode.

One-click Bettex coin masternode deployment:
[GIN Platform] [Gentarium Platform] [ZCMS]
We are now listed on

The Bettex coin development team has been verified by KYD

Minimum stake age - before 86400 blocks is 6 hours, after - 12 hours
Premine - 1,000,000 BTXC (all premined BTXC will be burnt in block 550500)

Buy, Sell & Trade BTXC

Deviant Coin


Our technical whitepaper has been released! This will cover our main product which is the hybrid Decentralized exchange which will couple with our own Hardware wallet to provide 3fa(Three-factor-authentication) .This is a first by the Crypto scene and will revolutionize privacy for the community ahead!!

Read our whitepaper by !!!

The DeviantCoin (DEV) is a PoS/Masternode based cryptocurrency. Our main focus is to provide a secure mode of crypto experience.While being Anonymous, cryptographic and security principals are incorporated throughout the entire Development Life Cycle to guarantee a secure core meeting the requirements and expectations.You own your private keys.In this world of plethora of digital tokens, we provide a decentralized wallet to access all of your funds at one place. Our roadmap includes a fully decentralized hardware wallet that works on the same platform. This adds to the security of the platform by enabling hash keys to secure your web access with additional 2-Factor Authentication.



The Deviant Coin is a well decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 80% pure Block reward phase and ensures lightning fast and secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and limited number of total coin supply for faster increase of value. Since the Masternodes are constantly connected to the network & perform certain tasks, this allows the coin to achieve faster and more private transactions. These are full nodes that run 24/7 and require collateral of 5,000 DEV. In exchange for providing this service and locking up the coins which effectively reduce supply, the Masternode owner is rewarded a portion of the block rewards. The percent of the block rewards earned is variable which increases over the period.

ZeroCoin protocol

We have updated to the Zerocoin protocol for security and anonymity. Your payments remain anonymous. This does not give anyone the opportunity to keep track of your funds.


Coin Name:  Deviant Coin
Ticker:  DEV
Coin Type: POS+MN
Hashing Algo:  Quark
Block Time: 60 Sec
Max Supply: 88,000,000 Coin
Min Stake Age:  1 hr
Block Size: 0.75 MB
MasterNode Collateral : 5000 Coin
Block halving : 9,99,99,999 Block
Coin Maturity :  10 Block
Zerocoin StartHeight: 501 Block

[ Website ] [ Twitter ] [ Discord ] [ Reddit ][ Facebook ][ Telegram ] [ Block Explorer ] [ Github ][ Cryptopia-BTC ] [ CoinExchange ] [ ][ Crypto-Bridge ] [ Octaex ] [ ]  [ ]

Single Click Masternode services

[ GIN platform ][ Mnitra platform ]

[ Faucet ] [ Block Explorer - ] [ Coincodex ]

[ CoinMarketCap ] [ LiveCoinWatch ] [ CryptoCompare ] [ Worldcoinindex ] [ Coinlib ] [ Coincodex ] [ Cryptopricer ]

Required Collateral: 5000 DEV


[ MASTERNODES ONLINE ] [ MNCLUB ] [ MNRANK ] [ MASTERNODES.PRO ] [ Masternodes.Directory ]


[ ]

[ Android ] [Windows - 32 bit
[Windows - 64 bit ]
[Ubuntu 18.04 ]
[Ubuntu 16.04 ]
[Macintosh - OS X ]
[Raspberry pi arm 64 bit ]
[Raspberry pi arm 32 bit ]

Nodes List

[ Cryptopia-BTC ][ CoinExchange ] [ ] [ Crypto Bridge ] [ ][ Octaex ]


[ StakeUnited ] [ Staking Lab ]


[ StakeUnited ]

◆Launch Website (Completed) ? Q1 2018
◆Windows Wallet Release (Completed) ? Q1 2018
◆Linux Wallet Release (Completed)  ? Q1 2018
◆Macintosh Wallet Release (Completed)  ? Q1 2018


◆Stock.Exchange (Q1 2018) (Completed)
◆Crypto-Bridge (Q1 2018) (Completed)
◆CoinExchange (Q1 2018) (Completed)
◆Cryptopia (Q1 2018) (Completed)
◆Octaex (Q1 2018) (Completed)
◆Binance (Planned)
◆BitTrex (Planned)
◆HitBTC (Planned)
◆BitFinex (Planned)

Masternode Tracking:

◆ (Q1 2018) (completed)
◆MNRank (Q1 2018) (completed)
◆ (Q1 2018) (completed)

Mobile Wallet , Whitepaper and Social Media Campaign

◆Web Wallet (In progress) ? Q3 2018
◆Android App (Completed) ? Q1 2018
◆IOS App (In Progress) ? Q3 2018
◆Coinomi - (Planned)  ? Q3 2018
◆BitPie - (Planned)  ? Q3 2018
◆WhitePaper & Translation (In Progress)

Decentralized Exchange

◆ Design (Completed)
◆ Integration (Q2 2018)(In Progress)
◆ Launch (Q1 2019)(Planned)


check it out

We wanna show you a small sneak peek of a decentralized exchange #DEX Currently implementing the backend and recruited another experienced blockchain developer to help us. $DEV will play a major role in the DEX and we will implement a fully independent eco system for #deviantcoin

We have been getting the question of team disclosure from the Inception of the project start. While being a prvacy coin, a public disclosure is not possible, we have completed our verification via KYD (" Know Your Developer") movement by the Crypto space. We are now certified KYD team!

Their project specifications can be found by the following:

Hardware Wallet

◆R&D Phase (Q1 -Q2 2018)
◆H/W Prototype (Q4 2018)
◆Testing (2019)


◆Blockchain update with Smart Contracts implementation (2019)
◆Laws audit and consulting (2019)
◆New MN feature (2019)
◆Update API integration (Futures)
◆Lighting Network (Planned)


Starting 03 of August until 10 of August 2018

YouTube Bounty  Pool 10000 DEV


YouTube video minimum length 1.5-2min.

 Must include and whitepaper link in the description

YouTube Account minimum 5000+ real Crypto-Subscribers.

Video Reward:

Good quality 1080 - 150 DEV

Medium quality 720 - 75 DEV

Low quality 480 - 50 DEV

-Masternodes made easy.
-Simple setup, backed by FOS coin.
-Community focused and developed platform.

Masternode coins enable another source of income besides relying on the coin itself to increase. They help stabilise a portfolio during all market conditions. FOSSIL will make the process of setting up a masternode easier than ever.

FOS coin will be the backbone and fuel behind the FOSSIL platform. All masternode coins will require the user to purchase FOS in order to set up masternodes. This will help stablize and grow FOS as a cryptocurrency. FOS will be available to purchase on numerous exchanges over time.

Total coin supply*: 5,967,318.5 coins
Masternode: 70% Staking: 30%
Block time: 120 secs
Ticker: FOS
Blocks POW: 0-200 (This will be mined prior to ANN and used for community bounties/giveaways)
Blocks POS: 201-1,000000+
Difficulty re-targeting: Every block
Masternode collateral: 1,000
Premine: 9.09% (325k Founders, 216k Community fund)
Time until all coins released*: 347.2 days


0-200 - 5 block rewards (1000 coins total) POW ** PREMINE 542,483.5 coins**
201-5000 - 5 block reward (23995 coins total) POS
5001-10,000 - 70 block reward (349930 coins total) POS
10,001-25,000 - 60 block reward (899940 coins total) POS
25001-50,000 - 40 block reward (999960 coins total) POS
50,001-100,000 - 30 block reward (1499970 coins total) POS
100,001 - 150,000 - 20 block rewards (999980 coins total) POS
150,001 - 250,000 - 10 Block reward (999990 coins total) POS
250,001+ - 5 Block reward infinite POS


Q3 2018: FOS coin website launch. FOS coin main-net launch. Masternodes listing sites.

Q3 2018: First exchange listing. Whitepaper release v.1.0. New block explorer.
Q4 2018: FOSSIL platform landing page. Wallet update. Secondary exchange.

Q4 2018: E-commerce plugins. Coin partnerships.

Q1 2019: FOSSIL Platform Launch. Community governance added.

Q1 2019: Release of Web wallet. Brand awareness marketing campaign.

Q2 2019: Release of Android wallet. Release of Mac wallet.

Q2 2019: Beta launch for FOSSIL decentralized marketplace allowing buyers and sellers to trade on the blockchain.

Q3 2019: Shared masternodes feature added to the platform.

Q3 2019: Beta launch of FOSSILDEX allowing users to trade crypto currencies. FOS, BTC and ETH pairings.

Team members/advisors will be announced over the coming days via our website:

PRESALE: 30 days.

TIER 1: 0.15 BTC(1 MASTERNODE) 0-20 MN's
TIER 2 : 0.2 BTC (1 MASTERNODE) 21-50 MN's

<Join our discord to take part in the presale>


It's the most profitable cryptocurrency

What is Dividend.Cash?

Dividend.Cash (DVD) coin is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, forking from PIVX as a Proof of Stake and Masternode coin, that enables owners to receive dividends that paid with multiple payout including dash, pivx and another popular masternode based cryptocurrency on a daily basis. The dividends comes from our shared masternode hosting fee, shared staking hosting service fee, crypto exchange fee and our affiliate programs. In the nearest future, Dividend.Cash will adopt other revenue generating feature.

The big problem of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Masternode coin is inflation and no added value. Even every coin has limited supply, but they will decrease in value because of uncontrolled distribution. They promising high Return of Investmnet (ROI) but they rewards in their respective cryptocurrency. It's looking good at the beginning, but if they doesn't have added value, their coin become useless and lost in value. Added values are become a key of a successful coin.

Each day 40% of the fee collected by Dividend.Cash platform including shared masternode hosting fee, staking hosting service fee, crypto exchange fee will be distributed to the Dividend.Cash coin holders that stake or run masternode of their DVD coin in our platform. The more you hold, the more you earn. If you hold, run masternode or stake your DVD coin your self, you won't get this dividends.

Dividend.Cash Feature?
It's the best and all in one solutions for masternode investors.

Deploy any masternode easily and without delving deep into the code. You can set-up your masternode with a few click and small effort, without annoying linux command anymore.

We stake coin together, you don't have to wait for days or weeks to receive a stake. You don't need a personal computer or server that runs 24 hours a day. The optimal time of the stake can be determined.

CRYPTO EXCHANGE : keep earning even when you lose in trade
Receive masternode rewards and trade them on our exchange platform directly. You can sell it immediately without waiting anymore. No need to wait for transfer to the exchanger. You lost in trading? don't worry, you will keep making money even if the price is low. Just join our staking or masternode, and enjoy our dividend bonus.

Get extra income by refer your friends, we offer 3 level of affiliate scheme. 5% on level 1, 3% on level 2, and 2% on level 3 bonus scheme, so refer your friends as much as you can and get real passive income.

Dividend.Cash Specification?

Dividend.Cash will issue a coin called DVD coin that forking from PIVX and has same feature with PIVX. The DVD coin will be available to get for free with airdrop, bounty and purchase during our masternode pre-sale campaign that will take place in the early of August 2018.

Name: Dividend.Cash
Symbol: DVD
Address Prefix: D
Block Reward: 2-25 DVD
Masternode Collateral: 1.000
Block Reward Distribution: 80% Masternode / 20% Stakers
PoW Algorithm: Quark
Block time: 60 seconds
Confirmation: 6
Block Maturity: 50
P2P Port: 29997
RPC Port: 29998
Max Supply: 21.210.101 DVD for approximately 10 years
Premine: 165.301 (~0.77% ) for airdrop and further development of the project, because we really care about

Dividend.Cash Pre-mine Distribution?

Research & Development : 21,834 DVD
Founders : 10,265 DVD
Giveaway : 12,571 DVD
Marketing and Bounty : 21,631 DVD
Airdrop : 90,000 and 9,000 (10% of airdrop) for affiliate bonus

Dividend.Cash Roadmap?
Q2 2018
[v] Idea
[v] Research the system
[v] Develop the system
[v] Launch Website Beta Version
[v] Testing the system
[v] Market testing

Q3 2018
[v] Evaluate the testing and revision
[v] Genesis Block Creation
[v] Dividend.Cash blockchain
[v] Launch the Website
[v] Mac, Windows and Linux Wallet
[v] Explorer
[v] Airdrop Distribution
[  ] Masternode Pre-sale
[  ] Affiliate contest announcement
[  ] Submit to External Exchange

Q4 2018
[  ] Shared Masternodes and Staking Platform Release
[  ] Evaluate and Audit the platform
[  ] Start dividend share distribution
[  ] Submit to Coinmarketcap
[  ] Agressive Marketing Campaign
[  ] Add new asset for dividend share

Q1 2019
[  ] Dividend.Cash Exchange Release
[  ] Dividend share from exchange
[  ] Android and iOS wallet app
[  ] Team Expand
[  ] Become the most profitable cryptocurrency

Masternode Pre-sale
We will held masternode pre-sale for 5 rounds. Each round will be sold until sold out. If all in the previous round are sold out, we will continue to the next round. There are total 50,000 DVD will held for the pre-sale for the first 50 masternodes for securing the network.

Masternode Price
Round   Amount     Price      Sold
  1           10        0.10 BTC   10
  2           10        0.20 BTC
  3           10        0.30 BTC
  4           10        0.40 BTC
  5           10        0.50 BTC

What you will get if you buy masternode?
+ Get 1001 DVD Coin to set up the masternode
+ Become early investor to get more income from your masternodes
+ The early masternode will get fast return on capital
+ Less masternode, more you will earn
+ For the first 2 month, the masternode owner will get 90% of the block rewards, and then 80% after that
+ You will be our special investor and join our discord private channel
+ Get early news on our development, so you can prepare before everything happened

Use of funds
Masternode Listing Websites: 1 BTC

Exchange Listings: 6 BTC
Server Infrastructure: 1 BTC
Team Support: 2 BTC
Marketing: 5 BTC

Buy masternodes through the website:
Buy masternodes through Discord: contact the owner directly

Dividend.Cash Links

Dividend.Cash Wallet

We are going to giveaway 1000 DVD to test our wallet and network

⭐ Download the wallet for your Operating System
⭐ Get your DVD wallet address
⭐ Reply this bitcointalk thread. It can be question, opinion, recommendation or suggestion
⭐ Don't forget to write your DVD address in your reply
⭐ For the first 100 good quality reply, we will send you 10 DVD coin, and you can start staking

Windows 32

Windows 64


Another OS


Why Dividend.Cash?

Best investation for you
By owning DVD coin, you will get a lot of benefits. It's not only a coin but DVD coin will determine how much dividends that you will get. The more you have, the more you get.

Better than any Masternodes and Staking Coin
Not only Masternode and Staking bonus that you will get as a reward. But, you will also get dividends.

Keep earning even when you lose in trading
You lost in trading? don't worry, you will keep making money even if the price is low. Just join masternode or stake your DVD coin, and enjoy our dividend bonus.

Real passive income, we will grow your money
We give you a lot of bonus, from our Dividends you will get multiple payout, and from Masternode and Staking you will get DVD as a reward.

Can the value of DVD coin become worthless?
Given dividend, PoS and masternode system stimulates users to hold their coins, we expect a steady growth in price over time.
Join Our Bounty, Airdrop and Contest



Cotton Coin was set up to improve the cotton farming industry in 3rd world countries due to an alarmingly high suicide rate.


Cotton coin aims to disrupt the cotton farming industry with its innovative blockchain solution, offering instant, peer-to-peer payment and an advanced grower-to-buyer traceability system.


Cotton coin seeks to procure solutions to the several challenges facing the stock market. Cotton Coin integrates consumers, supply chain participants and authorities in one ecosystem. It helps to authenticate cotton sources, track delivery, report issues and monitors cotton prices

- Provide Good payment method with foreign clients
- Solve the problem of slow and non-payment by agents
- Provide a decentralized system for transactions
- To Revolutionize the cotton industry
- To Provide instant payment option perfect for the export market.


Beneath all that beauty and glamour, expensive clothes and famous designers, lies a very serious problem. More than 300,000 cotton farmers in 3rd world countries like India have killed themselves since 1995. Mostly by hanging or drinking Mosanto, a very potent pesticide.

A study by the International Food Policy Research Institute found indebtedness and hopelessness as the main reason. The causes include a lack of reliable credit, debts, changes in government policies, cropping patterns, plant and insect resistance to pesticides, and even shifts in the crops planted on the farm.



DirhamCoin - AED

A Greener Future is DirhamCoin - AED
Green Economy | Staking Wallet | Masternodes

The DirhamCoin distributed network stretches across the globe with seed nodes covering the USA, Europe and reaching as far as Australia.
After block 10000 the DirhamCoin distributed network will be secured exclusively by staking wallets and masternodes.
Through the DirhamCoin distributed network, utilising AED we open a gateway to a global greenmarket trading platform for renewable energy.
DirhamCoin positions itself to be the future of green digital currency finance, production and renewable energy.

Coin Specs
Ticker: AED
Coin name: DirhamCoin
Algo: Xevan
RPC PORT: 15414
PORT: 15415
Total coins: Unlimited
Anti Instamine: Block 200
Premine: 10800000
Masternode Collateral: 5000 to 45000
Masternode Payments start: Block 500
Masternode percentage: 70% / 30%
Source credit: PIVX

Holding 5000AED to 45000AED in a DirhamCoin wallet transforms the wallet into Green Masternodes.
MasterNodes with 5000AED to 10000AED position the holder to obtain a higher rate of earning over those staking.
MasterNodes with 15000AED to 20000AED position the holder to obtain a higher rate of earning over those staking
as well as obtain voting rights to help steer the direction of DirhamCoin. MasterNodes with 45000AED position the holder
to obtain a higher rate of earning over those staking, obtain voting rights to help steer the direction of DirhamCoin as well
as influence decisions making.

Contributing to DirhamCoin not only pays back a good return on investment,
it will immediately reflect on an individual or an organizations approach to a greener
 future and is a great way to position one’s self or business in working to reduce one’s carbon footprint.


Buy masternodes through the website:
Buy masternodes through Discord:

DirhamCoin has a strategic and consistent road map with clear achievable goals.
DirhamCoin will start expanding the development team once the ICO finishes.
Investors can check back for updates on their account page, Twitter or Bitcoin Talk to review progress.
DirhamCoin has already partnered up with several green companies that have invested into AED as means of developing Hydro,
 Wind, Solar and Thermal energy. Green Houses and Hydroponics are part of the service offering and will all be facilitated through
DirhamCoin's “Green Market”, “Green Nodes” and “Green Exchange

Linux Wallet:

Raspberry Wallet

Mac Wallet:


Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)

Dualnode Coin: DncA & DncZ

Each coin have two sides. That’s the main theme of our coins: they are different, but can work as a whole to get ultimate results.
The main goal of our coin - provide stable currency to the world. It's up to you to decide how innovative this is, but we are proud of the idea itself already.

We present you new kind of usage for blockchain technology: Dualnodes.
This is two coins with similar spec and different algo. Perfectly tuned, DGW included.

I will update and post pictures when my bitcointalk account will be ready for it.
For now they are available at Discord server.

  x16r :Algo: lyra2z
DncA :Ticker: DncZ
25 Million :Coin supply: 25 Million
1% :Premine: 1%
1000 DncA :Masternode: 1000 DncZ
60 seconds :Block time: 60 seconds
15 DncA :Block Reward: 15 DncZ
50% to 75% :MN Reward: 55% to 75%
10% :Dualnode bonus Reward: 10%


Lauch scheduled at:
01 August 2018 (01.08.18) // 20:00 UTC
Wallet pre-release at GitHub - 01.08.18 // 19:00 UTC
Website - 08.08.18


Dualnodes Masternode explanation:
You can choose up to 3 ways to set up your Masternode:
1000 DncA
1000 DncZ
1000 DncA & 1000 DncZ
First two options is familiar to anyone, who heard of masternodes before, however the third option is what we call Dualnodes - the ultimate tool to make cryptocurrencies great again.
It takes two coins and blends them together, allowing you to get full reward from both coins and also get a nice bonus for such combo.
Bonus will be paid from our premine.
Wallet can store both DncA and DncZ at the same time!
Masternode reward for DncA increased to 55% at 1500 block.
Scaling to 75% MN reward will happen in two years.

Anti Instamine only for the first 100 blocks and Masternodes start to get reward at block #1000.


And this is where differences rush in. DncA will be the Alpha node. Every 1000 blocks there will be super-block with 1000 coins reward. Every 10000 blocks - omega-block with 10000 coins reward.
DncZ, or as we call it - Zzz node (the Sleeper), have PoS provided by developer’s stash. It’s not huge at the beginning, but will increase over time and have nothing to do with original block reward.


Q3 (now) - Wallet, Website, Launch, Exchange Listing
Q4 - Whitepaper, Updates to Roadmap, MN Services, Multiple Exchanges
Q1 - iOS Wallet, Charity, Investors
Q2 - New Algorithm, Third Coin, Triplenodes


Website | Discord | Github | Twitter | Medium


For all the kinds of bounty please check bounty channels in Discord.
Translation bounty will be announced. Do not start translation until we ask you to.
List of other bounty:
Invite bounty
Logo creation
Signature bounty
Social Media reposts

One more thing. You have actual possibility to trade DncA to DncZ via wallet. Our gui will let you exchange one coin to another in no time.
Ratio will not stay fixed at 1:1, it will change dynamically, representing the trade values and online price of both coins. Backed by our premine.
Available after CMC listing.


Welcome to Compass Coin!

Compass [CSS] is an open source POW/MN based cryptocurrency for travelers.
Our team is developing a digital currency that will help eradicate all the problems of tourists associated with cash payment. We are in constant negotiations with companies such as TripAdvisor and Booking, and came to an interim agreement.
In the near future, you will be able to pay all kinds of tourist services, such as hotel reservations, payment in restaurants, purchase of tours, etc., using the Compass coins.
The next step will be the opportunity to reward users with Compass coins for reviews posted on TripAdvisor and Booking sites and CSS cashback from all payments made to our partners.
In turn, these companies expect us to be listed on some major exchanges such as Cryptopia, monitoring sites as CoinMarketCap, to have a stable price, a good and active development team and a community that believes in the future of our project.
Since we have some agreements, we can not show more now. You will see some exciting news in Q4 2018.

Name: Compass
Ticker: CSS
Algorithm: x16r (x17a soon)
Address prefix: c
Block time: 150 sec
Confirmations: 6
Maturity: 101
Block reward: 13 (10% POW + 90% MN)
Instamine prevention (low 0.1 block rewards till block 500)
Fair start (low 1.0 block rewards till the end of presale)
Max supply: 17600000
Subsidy reduce: 1.39% every 17600 blocks from 105600 block
Premine: 1.99%
MN collateral: 1000
P2P port: 1444
RPC port: 1445

Q3 2018
Website launch
Blockchain explorer launch
POW start
Window, Linux and Mac wallets release
Marketing campaign start
Bounty campaign start
Presale to fund exchange and monitoring listings
Masternode reward increase
CryptoBridge, Graviex, Crex24 exchange listings listings
Add to Blockfolio and another mobile apps
Web and Android wallets release
New x17a hashing algo
Cryptopia exchange listing

Q4 2018

Whitepaper release
Listing CoinMarketCap
Marketing campaign phase 2
TripAdvisor and Booking partnership
Website Update
Web and Android wallets update
Community votings for new services

Q1 2019

Add to Coinomi wallet (Android/iOS) exchange listing
Blockchain tourism platform release
iOS wallet release
Marketing campaign phase 3

Q2 2019 exchange listing
CSS cashback from travel purchases
Electrum wallet
2019 Developments
Roadmap refresh

9 MN presale
0.4 btc for 1000 CSS

! Bonus !

First buyer +15% CSS
Second buyer +10% CSS
Third buyer +5% CSS

Presale transactions you can see in '#presale-transactions' channel on discord

Click on the pictures below to get the Compass Coin wallet for your operating system

Will be released in Q4...

Click the loupe below to see the Compass Coin explorer

  Crypto-Bridge  | Graviex  | Crex24  | Cryptopia  | Yobit  | Binance 

Official pool:


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Our platform is ready for beta test![/font][/size]

We are glad to present a new platform for crypto-enthusiasts which provides the opportunity of an automatic Masternodes deployment, shared MN, and the ability to manage ASICs and GPU rigs.

We believe that mining at Masternodes and ASICs has a number of drawbacks:

  • To launch your own Masternode, you need to study the documentation of the particular cryptocurrency. We think it is an obstacle for inexperienced investors, that’s why a large share of the funds cannot be invested in a specific Masternode coin.
  • It is necessary to choose the hosting for Masternodes, to long select of the optimal tariff, to study the details of the subscription fee. The Gentarium team believes that the investor should not be bothered by the choosing the optimal server.
  • The Masternode owner must know the details about of operating systems, which often has not a graphical interface, which also scares away the potential investor from the desire to purchase a coin.
  • The investor often should have a large crypto-portfolio to create his own node. Buying the whole Masternode for many people look like a high-risk event, and since there is no product on the market to diversify the Masternodes portfolio currently, the future Masternode owner will not risk and will try to invest in something else.
  • The ASICs farm deployment takes a lot of time. At the moment, no tool has been proposed to solve this problem.
  • ASICs farm requires monitoring, providing fault-tolerance and prompt switching of coins, which is impossible in the current implementation of the many interfaces in ASICs managing.

The Gentarium team offers a service for launching Masternodes, which is designed to solve the investors problems. With our service, the node creator has no longer needs to study the documentation of the particular cryptocurrency, to spend time on the hosting tariffs study, to understand the details of operating systems, etc. Now for the crypto-enthusiast it is enough to create his Masternode in his personal cabinet and start it.

If the user of the service does not want to risk his own funds, he can use our service for Shared MN, which gives the opportunity to purchase a share of the Masternode, dividing the cost with like-minded people and get a reward depending on his investments percentage.

Our web panel for RIGs and ASICs management is designed to solve the problems of farm deployment, monitoring and management. With this service, it will be much easier for the miner to manage large farms, because now he manages all the components of his farm at a time, sees all their indicators, monitors the status of each component using monitoring systems and alerts.

Ticker: GTM
Type: POW/MN
Algo: Lyra2Z
Block time: 2 min
Max coin supply: 14 191 200 GTM (premine excluded)
PoW Reward: 50%
MN Collateral: 1000 GTM
MN Reward: 50%
RPC Port: 9998
Masternode port: 17017
Difficulty Retarget: DGWv3
Premine: First block (0) 40 000 GTM (for sale MNs (20 000 GTM) and bounty (20 000 GTM)
Block rewards:
   0: Genesis block
   1-3,600: 11 GTM (10 for PoW, 1 dev fee)
   3,600-262,800: 21 GTM (10 for PoW, 10 for MNs, 1 dev fee)
   262,801-1,048,000: 11 GTM (5 for PoW, 5 for MNs, 1 dev fee)

Windows Wallet
Linux Wallet


Paid for the listing on CryptoBridge[/i][/font][/size]


Code: [Select]
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_wallet_address -p c=GTM

Code: [Select]
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig
North America:
Code: [Select]
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig
Code: [Select]
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig


Code: [Select]
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u WalletAddress -p c=GTM


Code: [Select]
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET> -p x


Code: [Select]
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u Your Wallet Address -p c=GTM

WEBSITE              DISCORD               GITHUB              EXPLORER

As masternodes are already working, we recommend you to place your nodes to our platform While the platform is in beta, it will be free before listing at the CB exchange. After the release of the GTM coin on the CryptoBridge exchange, the cost of using the platform will be several GTM coins equivalent to $ 7.5 at the exchange rate per month.

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