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Goods / WEEDO The Cannabis production facility heated by the Mining
« on: June 08, 2018, 02:57:55 AM »
WEEDO, a California-based producer of all-natural, 100% organic cannabis is preparing to roll out its own cryptocurrency of the same name with a pre-sale on June 10 and an ICO on June 14. Confidence is riding high on this innovative new token based on the Waves platform.

Reservations for WEEDO are currently available for $2.30 USD per token, a value which reflects the production cost of one gram of cannabis. Herein lies the incentive for people to invest. Through a buyback program open upon initial harvest in 2019, investors will be able to exchange each of their ICO-purchased tokens for $10-12 USD, a price determined by the market value of one gram. This is a promise of a 400% return on investment.

WEEDO plans to begin construction on their solar-powered, energy efficient greenhouse once they reach a soft cap of 1,000,000 tokens. Investors can reserve tokens ahead of the ICO, however, and reservations have been made daily. With a 40% bonus being promised to investors during the two day pre-sale from June 10-12, the soft cap seems to be a very attainable goal.

With recreational marijuana now legal in nine states, and medical marijuana in 29, cannabis is already a thriving multi-billion industry. As the legalization of this lucrative crop spreads, so does confidence and demand. Furthermore, with the decentralized future that cryptocurrencies bring, WEEDO is merging these two progressive industries under one roof. The cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing down, so the value of WEEDO tokens will likely grow more and more.

Additional demand is expected to drive up the value of this new cryptocurrency as WEEDO is giving bonuses of 5% to ICO investors for each investor referral. The bonuses do not stop there though. As a reward for using WEEDO tokens to purchase their cannabis and various derived products such as oils, resins, and edibles, consumers will be given additional tokens. This is expected to create even more token demand and increase its value even more.

There are several reasons to get in early and invest in WEEDO cryptocurrency. Chief among them are the changing tide toward a society with not only legalized cannabis, but also greater social acceptance for the crop. In 1995, prior to California’s legalization of medical cannabis for compassionate use, just 25% of the public favored national legalization. Conversely, in 2017, that number increased to an all time high of 64%.

The fact that the aforementioned harvested crop will be both all natural and eco-friendly is also a strong draw for consumers. And with WEEDO’s buyback program, their token will surely be a hit with aficionados of the new crypto craze.


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