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Yes, I think they have extended the ICO and the timing of the listing has prolonged. Listing can be in September. This is also the fourth quarter. I'm still going to do banners to attract players
The advertising materials, including banners, have already been created by the Winstars team. You can ask them in the company chat and they will give you a link. There are all popular sizes.

An important stage of the project development is over, the fundraising was successful I guess. Now let's see how the team will follow the plan.

At its price, you can put a token on sale. But if the price is overstated, then the buyer will not be found. So you have to consider this at the time of sale.
Of course, you need to take into account the current price but you can't monitor the exchange rate of the token all the time. Therefore, you can just put the price and let it hang. The sudden rise can be short-lived and you will have a chance to earn good money.


What percentage of tokens are you thinking of selling? I think that it is necessary to sell 20%, and leave the remaining tokens in the portfolio. What do you think about it?
You can put your own price on the exchange, even a dollar for a token it you want, and then just wait until someone buys it at your price.

The wins tokens won't be traded just on two exchanges, this is just the beginning. Developers promised the list will be constantly extended. But I still wait for them to cooperate with larger exchanges, so that there is no risk of buying wins tokens.

at the beginning of the listing will be no large exchanges. at the beginning in plans to connect only two small exchanges , but so far we do not know their names.
Small cryptocurrency exchanges aren't very popular, I prefer not to work with them. I'd like to see wins tokens on more known and safe exchanges, it would be really cool!

The conferences are not interesting now. The product is interesting. The platform is waiting for many to see and of course the output of the token on the crypto-exchange.
So when will the tokens be listed at large exchanges? Because I don't want to deal with little-known projects, I want to invest only if the project is checked and reliable.

There is still no report from Barcelona. But this does not affect the active buys of tokens. Yesterday was bought 3.5 million tokens. This is good news for all of us.
Investors buy more and more tokens every day, it's wonderful. But what can you say about the upcoming conference, is it true that it will take place soon?

:) The project team is planning to go to the conference again. I hope that this will help to sell the remaining tokens completely.
What new conference are we talking about? When and where will it take place? Will this happen before the end of the ICO? Do we have a report from the last conference, by the way?

It is quite possible and such growth. It depends on how the players go to spend money on the platform. If the demand is greater then growth will be correspondingly.
I really don't mind the token has such growth on the exchange. Therefore, don't look so far, now the main task is to successfully complete the ICO.

Everybody is waiting for the platform. And still today a new good news. Winstars expects a token price increase of 1000% per year. This will be a very big profit.
By the way, don't you think that 1000% sounds completely unrealistic? I'm not sure that the token will be able to rise so much in such short terms.

All investors, no matter how much they've invested in the platform, are waiting for the moment they will be able to test it by themselves and to see what it's capable of.


Good work of the team - a large investor invested in the project. And the platform is not there, but there is already trust in the WINSTARS project for a large amount. It was invested $ 2 million
2 million dollars? Not bad! It seems like this is one big investor bought wins tokens. Big success for the project. And good sign for the future and for our investments as well.

There is information that by August on the platform will be presented 10-12 games that will be developed by Winstars. Let's see what characteristics they will have.
Do you have any details about games? I hope this won't be the usual slots that we've seen a while ago but something more interesting and exciting.

What are the requirements to games  for pass the moderation?
The games are developed mainly by large companies which have a whole staff of employees for this purpose. After all, games should meet the latest technical requirements and to be popular among public as well.

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