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Contact Us

We can help you and your company launch and promote ICO. Contact us

We work for you. New offers for our customers. Contact Us

Hey guys! We have new offers and discounts for our customers! Now we support any promotion in instant messengers !!!

Up. Feel free to ask any questions.

Up. Feel free to ask any questions.

Great Information! Your step by step guide is appreciable.

We can help you and your company launch and promote ICO. Please contact us

You have a product for ICO - we have a tool that will sell it

We guess that ICO is a separate project that primary goal is to attract financing for business progress, having a strong team, an implemented idea and a 100% justification of how the funds raised will be spent.
We suggest our clients a complete set of tools for creating and promoting ICO business. ICODA was founded in 2016. We solve problems, starting with the stage of creating a strategy for the sale of goods or services - before actually attracting customers and building constant communication with them. Our clients are local and national online stores, diversified holdings, already known and only promising brands.

Why ICO projects are profitable?

ICO proffers very quickly attract investment without banking or other loans. At the moment such derivations are energetically used throughout the world for objective reasons:

- possibility to attract an lot of investors from all over the world, both individuals and corporate;
- investors willingly enter into such projects, as they often receive super-profits. There are cases when the cost of tokens grew by 1000%;
- investments in the project are possible with a minimum amount of funds;
- ICO guarantees an opportunity to receive funding at the stage of project's inception;
- low attracting investments value in comparison with traditional methods.

ICO combines advantages of IPO, crowdfunding, decentralized technologies.

ICODA professional promotion in ICO implementation

Our specialists have great experience in implementing projects and will provide you with quality ICO services:

1.   Development of your project tokens by our technical specialists
2.   Documents preparation that will help your potential customers to make a weighted decision in favor of your company (White Paper).
3.   Mechanisms development for converting crypto-currency, attracted during ICO, to fiat funds.
4.   General advertising support for your ICO and promotion of your project among the target audience and existing investors of our club.
5.   Development and implementation of Bounty company for your project
6.   Recommendations on the choice of jurisdiction for the company registration under the ICO.
7.   Help and advice on the withdrawal of your tokens, after the ICO, to large stock exchange crypto-currencies.

We tell you about all aspects and procedures for launching, conducting, promoting, maintaining the ICO, explaining how to organize the ICO and what our assistance consists in, answer all questions.

We guarantee a full-fledged ICO consulting: develop a list of activities in all areas, create a consolidated ICO Master Plan, develop a risk register for the project and a risk management plan, create and test with you several scenarios - from negative to extremely positive.

We provide quality support to ICO, using a project approach. We can create a project office from Customer's employees, contractors and our representatives, write the Project Charter, interaction procedure and reporting standards, control the implementation of ICO master plan.

Why you must choose ICODA

ICODA specialists know that every ICO is unique, as any business that attracts financing is also unique in its own way. Proceeding from this in each case, first of all questions are worked out on the business model of the token, the amount of necessary financing and plans for spending, as well as the portrait of the investor.

Despite the excitement in the market, we are not chasing after easy money, our main priority is the irreproachable reputation and quality of work. Each client expects a flexible approach to the calculation of the cost of services.

Are you looking for these services? Please contact us via:

The rates on different exchanges depend on the volume and number of trades, as I understand it. Therefore, there are people who inject bitcoins on one exchange and buy other crypto-currencies and sell them on the second exchange. A cool topic, but you can lose

It's clear why bitcoin sank. Large players brought the market down to come in and redeem as much as possible. And to become one of the decisive players in the market of crypto-currencies. A bad situation for a free market

Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« on: June 28, 2018, 11:54:24 AM »
But if you decide to take that risk and put some money into it, where can you even spend bitcoin?
A lot of places, but not everywhere.

I think the country that is the first to fully enter the crypto currency as a means of payment will receive the maximum profit. For example, Belarus, a small country in the center of Europe, has already completely legalized crypto-currencies.
You can conduct all operations: input, output, exchange, purchases - and not pay taxes. It remains for the business to enter payments through the cryptobutton

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