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Off-topic / Q-SMART BUSINESS2019
« on: Yesterday at 12:23:05 PM »


A Great Opportunity Has Come From RUSSIA The Wonderful Chance For This Year Of 2019 Q-PLATFORM will give UNLIMITED BONUS

Digital Cryptocurrency

A Networking Platform Developed With The First Hi-Technology Blockchain In The World Q-Networkchain
The Advantages Of Q-Networkchain
#Accelerate Transfering Transaction from Peer-to-Peer
#Tranparancy Of All Account Transaction Could Be Tracked With Q-Networkchain
#PeerToPeer Used Algorithm X15, That Will Ensure Security For All Fund Injected In The Website and Many More

Q-Smart Program

Q-Smart Account Type
50-99 QQ = Starter
100-999QQ = Advanced
1000-4999QQ = Trader
5000-9999QQ = Pro Trader

Q-Smart Contract
120 Days = 0.33% Everyday
240 Days = 0.66% Everyday
360 Days = 0.99% Everyday

All Your Asset Will Be Refunded After The End Of Contract Period
1.Sponsor Bonus 12%
Level 1 = 5%
Level 2 = 3%
Level 3 = 2%
Level 4 = 1%
Level 5 = 1%

Starter Bonus = 1Level
Advanced Bonus = 2Level
Trader Bonus = 3Level
Pro-Trader Bonus = 5Lev

2.Binary Bonus 6%-Unlimited
Weekly Bonus Disbursement
Free user = 0QQ
Starter = 50QQ
Advanced = 500QQ
Trader = 2500QQ
Pro Trader = 5000QQ

3.Achievement Reward
Cash Worth of $1.000
Gold Worth of $10.000
Car Worth Of $25.000
Mercedes Worth Of $100.000
Porsche Worth Of $200.000
Ferrari Worth Of $1.000.000

The Benefit For Joining Q-Qoin
1.Getting A Consistent And Stable Profit.
2.Getting Unlimited Bonus.
3. Buy And Sell 10% Price Gap.
4. Bonus Could Be Liquidified Anytime.
5.Using USDT Currency With Stable Price That Following The USD Exchange Rate

Get Your EARLYBIRD Price
0.7000 USDT / QQ
Procurement Could be Done On 22nd January 2019.

Free Register Start on 11th January 2019.
Guaranteed!! Your Account Will Get Dollars Everyday!!

Register Immediately!!!

Free Account Could Also Get Unlimited Sponsor Bonus And Binary Bonus.

The Generation Of Smart Network

« on: January 19, 2019, 09:03:22 AM »

That the beginners, that the experts know: if the ICO has a real product, then such a project is destined to assemble a hardcap and this is a 100% successful project. There are few real projects with a finished product, but there is such a project

Telegram :

Medium :

Facebook :

« on: January 18, 2019, 03:32:50 PM »

American Liberty Dollar cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin of America, created to be trade for used and new goods, to be exchanged for American Dollars one by one. In a near future American Liberty Dollar cryptocurrency could be storage in your preferred bank account, to pay any American Credit Card or mortgage or your monthly bills, to be used day by day.
American Liberty Dollar cryptocurrency is the future of your finances.
Unum Deum, Unum Monetae.
To Know more follow :
Google plus :


Crypto Venture UpStake is Redefining the Industry with a Proof-of-Burn Stable Coin , an exciting cryptocurrency project officially launched last year, is all set to take the global crypto community by storm. Unlike hundreds of crypto ventures that fail to make any impression, UpStake is dedicated to delivering a stable digital currency that will pave the way for mass adoption around the world.
London, UK - Jan 16, 2019
London-based crypto startup UpStake is well on its way to revolutionising the global cryptocurrency industry by eliminating many of the limitations that have stifled growth for years. Launched in 2018, this promising initiative is focused on ensuring mass adoption of cryptocurrency by providing a usable, stable form of digital currency to the crypto and blockchain communities across the globe.
This proposed blockchain ecosystem is built around UpStake tokens (UPS), the platform’s proprietary token. UpStake asserts that these tokens have been designed to increase in value over time, and set the stage to build great products and services which result in better user experiences.
In order to ensure continuous increase in value of UPS over time, UpStake has built a Proof-of-Burn model that burns a certain percentage of tokens sold through their exchange.  This model helps create the value that contributes to the ever-growing price point of the token. It not only enables the token price to increase every hour, but also keeps it well protected from market volatility.
Highly volatile and unregulated markets have so far obstructed the path of mass cryptocurrency adoption. In order to eliminate this concern and enable mass adoption, UpStake relies on token features such as limited circulation, hourly increase of value, proof of burn, and anti-exchange manipulation. 
Having developed a product that is immune to market-related uncertainties, UpStake is confident in bringing about a paradigm shift in the crypto world’s operations.  Individuals and businesses using UpStake can now gain access to an asset with a store of value that can be safely used in day-to-day transactions. This will undoubtedly play a critical role in bringing cryptocurrency to conventional shopping, employee payroll, gaming, online gambling, network marketing, and much more.
“Knowing the future token price doesn’t create value,” said UpStake global influencer manager Seth Fontaine. “It creates a platform of transparency, and a foundation to build great products and services with an even better user experience than traditional fiat/banking.”
The UpStake platform also includes useful features such as its own exchange designed to combat market manipulation, a micro-networking investing product known as Edge, an affiliate program, and upcoming projects such as a dedicated UpStake marketplace and peer-to-peer transfer capabilities.
To find out more, please visit
About UpStake: UpStake is an exciting cryptocurrency project focused on delivering a stable digital currency that will pave the way for mass crypto adoption around the world. UpStake accomplishes this feat with a Proof-of-Burn model that periodically burns a certain percentage of tokens sold through their exchange.
Press Contact:
Seth Fontaine
Global Influencer Manager
Telegram: @sethfontaine
WhatsApp: +1 (909) 240-2158

Gambling / STARS, The first ever GTO (Gaming Token Offering) is now live
« on: January 17, 2019, 04:22:34 PM »

STARS, The first ever GTO (Gaming Token Offering) is now live on One of the first gaming tokens on two separate blockchains connected by a gateway. Visit to learn more


Facebook is launching its own stablecoin intended to be used to transfer funds between its users on the WhatsApp and Messenger chat platforms.
referral email:


The most profitable decentralised real estate ICO Project of all times.
Don’t miss the final days of BEE Cashback Home (BCH) Initial Coin Offering.
Get your BCH today for 1€ and exchange them later for guaranteed $2,25.

Off-topic / Barthor a stable solution for the mass!
« on: January 15, 2019, 01:16:49 PM »

Barthor a stable solution for the mass!
barthor will launch soon own platforms where barthor is accepted for 3$
And in middle of 2019 barthor launch his own wallet with masternode staking and affiliate function.
Now you can buy barthor on and price is below 0.30 cent so it's a very good opportunity to get barthor so cheap and make x 10 in short time !!!!

« on: January 14, 2019, 04:45:22 AM »

IQ Option is an international platform offering binary options trading, CFD contracts (contracts for difference) and other financial transactions.

Employees of the company not only help to trade, but also conduct training, conduct a cognitive blog, provide a lot of useful information. The main task of IQ Option is to provide modern, convenient financial instruments for trading and earning.
to know more visit :

Off-topic / The Generation of Smart Network
« on: January 13, 2019, 04:15:44 PM »

The Generation of Smart Network


3 step quick and easy process to get $25 worth of Xlm and 100 Zi




We & our partners will pay rewards to our top winners weekly at every Monday, start from 17th Dec 2018 🚀🚀🚀

Download & Play:

👑 At Demo/Free game server:

🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 500000 WEBN + 100000 NTY 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 50000 NTY each person 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN + 10000 NTY each person 💰💰💰

Download & Play:

👑 At WEBN game server:

🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 2000000 WEBN 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 500000 WEBN each person 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN each person 💰💰💰

Download & Play:

👑 At CGM game server:

🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 50 CGM 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 2-5: 10 CGM each person 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 6-10: 5 CGM each person 💰💰💰

Download & Play:

👑 At NTY game server:

🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 500000 NTY 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 250000 NTY each person 💰💰💰

🏅 Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 50000 NTY each person 💰💰💰

Download & Play:

*** The leaderboard will be reset at every 0:00 am of the first day of month to give chances to every new players!

*** You can also earn money by invite people to join play with ClickGem Affiliate Program!

CGCASINO.APP is an online gambling platform which accepts players to gamble with other players directly using all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies they have. Our online gambling platform is special and different from others because we create separate game servers for each different currency, this means each game server will support the players to gamble with a separate currency corresponding to a currency supported in our multi-currency wallet. When players gamble on our gambling platform, they will gamble with other players directly using currencies they have in own wallet. There is no need to exchange to a unique currency (in-game currency) and then exchange currency back when they withdraw.

For players who are not ready to deposit to play with real money, we also opened a demo/free game server so they can play without deposit money (each account will have a demo amount to play). Deposit and withdraw features are disabled in this demo/free game server.

Download & Play:

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Airdrop / GCT COIN AIRDROP FORM A maximum of 100,000,000 GCT Coin
« on: January 04, 2019, 01:46:56 PM »

About Genesis Crypto Technology (GCT Coin)
Please mail your wallet (ERC20) addresses.
Please telegram tracking
As GCT family, we plan to grow steadily. We would like to communicate and work with everyone who will contribute to our work.
The Genesis Platform for ICO Developers, Consultants, Crypto Experts and Investors.
ICO, Airdrop, Portfolio Analysis, Telegram Bot.
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
The Genesis Platform will develop services and products to a wide industry and create finances through completed projects.
facebook :
instegram :
twitter :
vk :
Bitcoin talk :

Off-topic / MagX - Ultimate Magnetic Connector+Cable for MacBook, $19
« on: January 01, 2019, 05:28:23 AM »

MagX is the world's first magnetic cable capable of Super Speed Data Transfer at 10Gbps, Fast 100W Power Delivery, and High-Res 5K Video Output.

MagX is the world's first magnetic cable capable of Super Speed Data Transfer at 10Gbps, Fast 100W Power Delivery, and High-Res 5K Video Output.

Airdrop / Re: Sterling Sovereign Token and airdrop zone !
« on: December 29, 2018, 07:32:21 AM »
The Sterling Sovereign Token is the world’s first block chain token, designed with multiple encrypted algorithms to ensure its safety and security. It can also be used for business, hotel or flight booking purposes.
150,000,000 STSO Token allocated for free Airdrop!
Received 15000 STSO Tokens for completing all the task. Tokens are allocated for 10,000 participants!
Join Now :

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