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Hello friends!

We have not published global updates for a long time, but all this time the work continued to boil, which was expressed in a large number of intermediate versions that were issued to those wishing to help us test the product. Your help and feedback has helped us make significant progress in solving a large number of old and new bugs. The testing results of the latest version are very encouraging, so we thought it was time to bring you a big new update.

Meet the powerful and reliable - Linken Sphere 8.74 beta!

In this version of the program, a lot of attention was paid to correcting errors, increasing the stability and quality of the program components. Dozens of hours of testing and operational changes made it possible to create a version that should work stably and quickly on most popular systems. We solved the problems with displaying elements and layout on a number of sites, made the work of the built-in proxy faster and more reliable thanks to a complete update of the network module - this will also allow high-quality use of a fairly large number of SSH tunnels and proxy services that were previously unavailable. Also, problems with windows, scrolls, buttons, interface elements and others have been fixed - the changelog presented below sufficiently demonstrates the amount of work that has been done since the last release.

Work on the built-in antidetect did not stop either. Modern AF systems constantly pose new challenges, and in order to maintain an acceptable bypass quality, regular improvements of the built-in modules are required, and in order to preserve the relevance of the technologies used for as long as possible, starting with this version, we decided to move away from their detailed description, limiting ourselves to general ones. So, along with the global update of the browser engine, we have completely updated all built-in antidetect models: Fonts, Canvas, WebGL, and a large number of not so global, but no less important things. In addition, a new system for filtering configs in real time was launched, which significantly improved their quality. Also, the necessary changes were made to the work of the old modules in order to make it possible for them to work correctly with the updated configuration collector.

The volume of improvements is impressive, and the presented version, according to our plan, is the latest beta in this line, and based on your global feedback, we plan to present the official stable version of the program.

Brief changelog:

- The engine has been updated to match the modern parameters of Chrome, the stability and speed of the program has been significantly increased
- Completely updated network module, which led to an increase in the speed and reliability of the connection
- Changes have been made to speech
- Made a number of improvements in the DOM and HTML modules
- Modified and updated Canvas substitution module
- Modified and updated webaudio substitution module - Improved and updated Fonts substitution module
- Improved and updated module for spoofing WebSocket
- Improved and updated WebGL substitution module
- Redesigned WebRTC substitution method
- Randomized the depth value of the resOverflow parameter
- Improved work of profiles and communication of updates in sessions
- Updated js objects for Safari and Firefox profiles
- Adjusted configs for passing a number of new tests used in AF systems
- Updated a number of CSS3 profiles
- Improved object in configs for Chrome
- Updated OpenGL libraries on Windows
- Fixed and improved PDF Chrome plugin
- Fixed presence and order of various navigator objects to match modern versions of Chrome
- Fixed iFrameChrome parameter, displaying object in iframes with empty preloaded content
- Fixed a bug with using the "Use fake wRTC" checkbox and activating the "wRTC off" mode
- Fixed and improved parameters Storage: IndexedDB
- Fixed bugs with the performance and display of a number of sites, for example: Youtube, Gmail
- Fixed inconsistencies in Navigation Checks parameters (web worker and shared worker)
- Fixed problems with the proxy
- Fixed problems with the proxy
- Fixed problems with Service Worker and endless redirects in search (example: on on mobile configs)
- Fixed crash when deleting session via Session Manager
- Fixed a bug with clearing localStorage via Clear data
- Fixed bug with Gmail and Cookies Mismatch
- Fixed a bug with the indentation of the physical screen
- Fixed a bug with displaying buttons and interface elements on a number of sites
- Fixed a number of bugs with saving Cookies, optimized Cookies
- Fixed string display of js functions for different types of browser in v8 engine
- Fixed possible bug with extra screen padding on mobile configs
- Fixed display of the page when using the connection type "No proxy" or "SSH"
- Fixed bug with auto-complete passwords
- Fixed a possible crash when trying to enter the Session archive
- Fixed a possible bug with the lack of horizontal scrolling
- Fixed work in touchscreen mode

Together with the launch of the update, we also completely update the built-in and paid configurations - for maximum results, we recommend using new sessions with updated configs!

We hope that this update will significantly improve your work results and be as reliable as possible!


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« on: September 10, 2020, 12:32:43 PM »

The database of built-in configurations and the configshop has been updated with the use of an improved principle of selection and filtering of material obtained when collecting traffic. More than 120,000 new high-quality configs have been added, outdated configurations have been removed from databases and configshop.We wish you successful and productive work!




Привет друзья! В этот день, ровно три года назад, была выпущена первая коммерческая тема Linken Sphere. Это было совсем недавно, и в то же время очень долго - на протяжении многих лет мы наблюдали вокруг нас глобальные изменения в мире, технологии и правилах игры. За последние 1095 дней многие вещи вокруг нас изменились до неузнаваемости, но основные ценности для нас остались неизменными: мы также стремимся создать лучший в своем роде продукт, а пользователи Сферы - это наша семья, наша круг. И мы будем продолжать прилагать все усилия для того, чтобы при работе с продуктами нашей команды вы чувствовали нашу заботу и ответственность.

И чтобы выразить нашу признательность и солидарность, мы начисляем бонус за три недели работы всем активным пользователям продукта. Спасибо, что были с нами все эти годы - мы работаем для вас!


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« on: December 24, 2019, 09:48:16 AM »

Massively updated databases of built-in configurations and configshop. More than 250,000 relevant configs were added, selected and filtered according to the updated principle using a detailed analysis of the received traffic, which significantly improves the quality and effectiveness of working with the material. Outdated configurations are removed from the databases and from the store.

We wish you a productive and successful work!

Promo Site:

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« on: September 25, 2019, 07:47:15 AM »
How to set up 911 socks with Linken Sphere?


1. Go to the Settings tab.
2. Below, select Other Proxy Tools.
3. Specify the port range from 20001 to 20050 and click Save on the right.
4. Go to the Proxy List tab and using filters, select the Socks you need.

5. We right click on the necessary sock, Forward Port To Proxy - for example 20001 (Free), for the next 20002 (Free) or any other. And the socks will work at the same time.

6. At the bottom left, click PortForwardList, in the window you will see the socks that you have already selected for proxy and are free.
Next, go to Linken Sphere.

7. Select the type of connection Socks5.
8. In Connection IP, write
9. Port, depending on the sock, in our case: 20001.


Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

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Hello friends! Since the last major update, which was greeted with warmth and impatience, we have received a huge amount of feedback from you - our users. Without stopping the constant hard work on improving the browser, we have carefully studied your requests and suggestions, as well as reports on possible problems.

We have carefully studied all possible problems and solutions to the wishes and offer you the most advanced and stable version of Linken Sphere - 7.995!

In addition to the corrected problems and a significant increase in stability, a key feature of this version is an amazing solution that allows you to bypass one of the most advanced methods of identification for users on the network: TLS Fingerprint. We also continued to develop the network modules of the product, which will undoubtedly significantly improve the quality of your work.

And now more:

Antidetect that protects against identifying browser parameters can be infinitely good, but modern AF systems have the ability to determine your activity by carefully analyzing the network fingerprint using handshake SSL detection. This type of detector began to be used relatively recently, but at the moment it is becoming increasingly common. The combination of browser / OS settings and SSL handshake in some cases allowed AF systems to link your activity, which could significantly affect the productivity of your work. The newest version solves this problem thanks to the powerful functionality of replacing the necessary parameters.

You can check TLS Fingerprint and Sphere protection using the example of

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

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The built-in configs database has been updated, and in the configshop too, 30,000 new configurations have been added

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration

Friends, we have worked hard for many months to present you with a completely updated browser antidetect mechanism and give access to new features that will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your work. In addition, we do not forget about the need to improve functionality and usability. We worked hard to present the most powerful and functional release of the entire Sphere existence. As a result - tens of thousands of lines of revised code, a huge number of testing and beta versions, and now we present you the most current and perfect version of the product - Linken Sphere 7.99 (Release Candidate).

More details about the changes here - @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel)

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration

What are Cookies? What are they used for? How to import them?

Today we will tell you about magic cookies, or simply Cookies. For a start, we need to figure out what it is?

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on a client PC.

Cookies are used for: user authentication, storing personal settings, tracking session status, entering user statistics, connection information.

The main task of a cookie is to store information about the user's sessions, which is used to identify it.

Cookies contain all requests belonging to a particular session.

The browser, when trying to open the page of the corresponding site, sends this data fragment (cookie) to the web server as part of an HTTP request.

HTTP is a stateless protocol, the web site needs to use user authentication in every request. Every time a user visits a new page of the site, the browser sends cookies back to the server. By identifying sessions, the server generates valid user-specific data.

Cookies, use several HTTP requests throughout the session, ensuring the preservation of data.

What kind of cookies do they have?

Set-Cookie: NAME=VALUE; expires=DATE; path=PATH; domain=DOMAIN_NAME; secure

Set-Cookie is the command with which the server sends a request to the browser to save cookies;

NAME=VALUE - a string of characters, excluding line breaks, commas and spaces. NAME cookie name, VALUE - value;

Expires=DATE - cookie storage time, the date after which the cookie expires;

Path=PATH - the path that defines the exchange of data;

Domain=DOMAIN_NAME is the domain for which the cookie value is valid. This command informs the browser that cookies should be sent to the server for this domain and path;

Secure - this attribute indicates that the cookie information is sent only via HTTPS (HTTP using SSL), the HttpOnly attribute also exists, which informs the browser that JavaScript cannot be used to access cookie, they can only be accessed via HTTP or HTTPS.

How to work with them?

Importing cookies into the browser is very simple:

Menu->Cookie import

In the window that appears, you need to select the session into which the Cookies themselves will be loaded, and then specify the path to them.

Sphere and Linken Sphere support Netscape and Json Cookies.

If you have another format of Cookies, you need to convert them to the desired format.

The script to convert -

Telegram: @Gor510

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Linken Sphere: Frequently Asked Questions.

Import configs from configshop. How to work with 911 proxy? Answers to the most popular questions in chat rooms.

One of the frequently asked questions is to import configs from a configshop. To do this is very simple:

1. It is necessary to log in to your personal account on the site, namely via Linken Sphere browser. Login authorization in Linken Sphere must match the login entered on the site.

The version of Linken Sphere must be at least 7.3 (you can see the version in Help->About/Menu->About)

2. Purchased configs are in your account, in the "My Configs" section.

3. After clicking on the "airplane" you will see the sending process. If everything is done correctly, you can find the sent configs as sessions in the Menu->Session manager.

What to do if sending does not occur from the site?

If there is no sending, create a session with any Socks5, and from it go to the configshop.

Transfer session between accounts

In order to export the session to another account, you need to go to:

Menu->Session manager->select the desired session->export selected items

In the window that opens, specify the login to transfer.

The host imports the session via:

Menu->Shared session->import

In order for the import to work, 1 any session must be created.

911 tuning

1. Go to the Settings tab. At the bottom of the 3 options, select the right Other Proxy Tools.

2. On the left is the range of ports, put 20001-20050, and click Save.

3. Go to the ProxyList tab and use the filters to get the proxy list.

4. Right mouse button on the desired socks->Forward to Port->20001(Free), for one more ->20002(Free) and so on.

5. At the bottom left, click ForwardPortList. See the list in which the proxies that you have already chosen to be proxied and free are marked.

For example:

6.In Linken Sphere, create a connection through Socks5, without a login and password.

Be sure to put CustomDNS, you can find the DNS for the country of the proxy on

7. If you want to use the proxy again, then go to the TodayList tab, right-click on the proxy and follow Connect. For this, you need LinkenSphere.exe from the program folder to be in Programs. In the sphere, in order to connect with this proxy, we create a Socks5 connection and a port from the ip-address from the client 911, usually looks like this: In the sphere, we indicate

What to do on the MAC with the problem Something went wrong ... at the entrance?

1. Go to the terminal (in the upper right corner, there is a magnifying glass icon, this is Spotlight, click on it and write terminal)

2. Enter the command to find out the names of network connections:


At 99% it will be Wi-Fi or Ethernet

3. Knowing, for example, that this is Wi-fi:

sudo networksetup-setv60ff"Wi-Fi"

Enter the account password, and you're done.

Regarding the change of prints when using the same session on different PC hardware:

Imprints depend on hardware — if the hardware is different in the transfer, then the final prints will be different.

Fingerprints are not included in the config, they are generated when creating a session.

Canvas, Audio, ClientRects - are not included in the config, but generated.

WebGL, Fonts, Plugins - enter the config.

If you want the same prints to be transferred, there are 3 options:

1. Use the same virtual machines.

2. In one of the versions, the ability to work on the server at the same time was added (there are still certain settings with Tor). Accordingly, if work on the same server through RDP, then the iron will be the same, as well as fingerprints during the transfer.

3.Party computers with identical hardware. Option purely individual)

If you have any questions you would like to ask, you can ask them here @tenebristeam. We are happy to answer them)

Telegram: @Gor510

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Exclusive for users of Linken Sphere - Fair Lab with a cashback of 20% (rus):

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Results of the second competition of arbitrage articles. Let me inform you about the results of the user voting and the names of the winners who will receive great prizes from our team (rus) -

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We would like to hold an unusual competition among our subscribers
What is the format of the competition?
You are required to write a story about your first acquaintance with the products of the Tenebris team, as well as why you need a license.
The authors of the best works will be awarded a license of the Light level.
Only one job is accepted from one user.
The results of the competition will be announced 04/08/19.
Send your work to

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Friends, six months ago, our team created a forum, which was assigned the mission to collect and combine the most useful and important information for people who earn on the Internet.

Today we want to introduce you to the telegram channel (rus), by subscribing to which you can receive only the best of what is published by users of the Linken Sphere browser:

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« on: February 25, 2019, 04:08:23 PM »

Updated configs database in configshop, added 20,000 fresh configurations from real machines

Promo Site:
Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

Promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration

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