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Altcoin discussion / Re: Rahakott wallet
« on: October 12, 2018, 01:44:28 PM »
If you are planning to launch a crypto project, our databases will help to save your marketing budgets.
Base of crypto funds
500+ funds, 5+ contacts of each fund, phones of founders or managers
$ 100

Asian Venture Funds
100+ funds, 5+ contacts of each fund (email or linkedin)
$ 50

Hedge fund database
5000+ points
$ 100

The base of business angels working with cryptocurrency
100+ contacts email, linkedin, facebook

Database email bounty hunters
150.000+ points, the base of 2017-2018 year
$ 100

ICO Investor Email Database
500.000 + investors, 2016-2018 year
$ 200

Database telegram ICO investors
1,000,000+ investors
$ 100

Bitcoin forums (CIS, Korea, China, Europe)
100+ forums
$ 50

A gift for each database is a manual for conducting ICO (trackers, content, specialists, media and bloggers. Facebook, twitter, youtube, telegram)

Telegram contact: @Cryptobanksta

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