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Future NBA star playing for nothing in College.

Does anyone here have any experience with cloudbet. Is there 5 bitcoin bonus legit even if you are a winning bettor using a winning strategy? Most books give out bonus because they expect the bettor to lose, so i am curious if it is safe to deposit 5 bitcoin there to get the 5 bitcoin bonus then run up my account balance.

Would love to hear from your if you use cloudbet, especially if you are using bettingresource's 3% compounding strategy and their full stake picks. With that strategy i can double my bankroll with in 3 months. So if i deposit 5 bitcoin and get 10 bitcoin in my cloudbet account, i could run up my balance to 20 bitcoin with in 3 months. Would they still honor the bonus and the winnings resulting from that even if i win using a strategy like that. If you are not familiar with the 3% compounding strategy, you read about it by reading the money management article at

I have never used bitcoin book before. I only use pinnacle and betcris because those 2 are the best fiat currency books that doesn't kick out winning bettors.  I heard about cloudbet's high limits and their too good to be true bonus and it got me interested but i am not sold on them yet.

Scam graveyard / Quadrigacx scam
« on: February 19, 2019, 11:50:40 PM »
I am sure everybody already knows now but quadrigacx ran with 200 million dollars of investor money. about 110k Canadians affected and one of them is me. They have 35k of my money.

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