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Take part in the affiliate program — BestChange will help you

We have already told you that the monitor has an affiliate program thanks to which you can get up to $0,65 in total for every attracted client. And now we suggest several life hacks that will bring better results to your work.

⚓Having registered as a partner you will receive lots of high-quality promo materials (scripts, site and forum banners, texts). You don’t have to create anything yourself: use what’s given to you.

⚓ Place promo materials on home pages, blogs, forums, advertising boards and other services. All materials contain your unique link so BestChange will straight away determine that the client came from you.

⚓ Select the platforms carefully. The advertising works most efficiently on websites with high traffic where the topic of e-money and cryptocurrency exchange is touched upon in this or that way.

⚓The affiliate account shows detailed information on how many people came via your link and also about first and second-level referrals.

To participate in the affiliate program, you need to create an account with a login and password. By the way, you can use login and password *demo* to get acquainted with the functionality in advance!

BestChange exchange rate overview

Our monitor gathers information from over two hundred reliable exchangers which support quite a few payment directions.We always recommend that you study the %u201CPopular%u201D section of the website. It contains the most relevant directions at the moment. The dynamic of the exchange popularity shows how much a certain index has grown or fallen in a day.

Options of payment ways and their examples.

- Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and many more.
- Electronic payment systems: YMoney, QIWI, WebMoney, Payeer.
- Cryptocurrency exchange codes: EXMO, Binance, Kuna.
- Banks %u2014 Sber, Tinkoff, Privat 24, Visa/Mastercard cards of any banks;
- Cash transfers: Zolotaya Koron;
- Cash.

To check it out, visit our website

About BestChange currency converter

On the monitor’s website there is a converter — service that allows learning the exact price of this or that currency in relation to the other currency. With that, the relevant market rate is calculated, without margins or exchangers or payment systems.

● Visit the converter at the link in the footer of the website or directly:
● Choose two currencies that you wish to compare. Pay attention that you can even learn how much in bitcoins a specific amount of satoshi equals to.
● Enter the amount of this or that currency, and you instantly will see the result of calculation.
● Moreover, the results in other available currencies will be shown below.

The converter supports a vast choice of fiat currencies and popular cryptocurrencies. We take rates from reliable trading platforms and constantly update them. You can share the result you receive on social networks Facebook, Twitter, VK, and Telegram by clicking the corresponding button or manually copying the link generated after entering the amount for calculation.

All about the floating exchange rate on BestChange

Some exchangers listed on BestChange have the mark “This exchanger does not fix the rate at the moment of order creation”.”

Let’s make it clear what it means for the user. The mark appears in two cases:

● If the currency pair is highly volatile. In this case, the exchanger sets a short period of order term or maximally possible percent of deviation to secure itself from sharp leaps of the rate. If the rate goes out the set frames, it will be recalculated up or down.
● If this deal can take a long time, with the participation of cash or during periods of the high load of cryptocurrency blockchain. In this case, the amount is recalculated according to the rate which took place at the moment of closing the deal.

Some exchangers set a certain fixed time limit within which the rate will be fixed. Sometimes the rate is reviewed only after a considerable change of the cryptocurrency rate.
Any conscientious exchanger will display the corresponding information at the stage of creating an order, the number of network confirmations for cryptocurrency, condition for formaing the rate, maximal amount of the recalculation for the grand total etc.

Visit the website to check it out!

Tips and tricks when working with BestChange

The monitor effectively solves the problem of finding profitable options for exchanging currencies and cryptocurrencies. At the same time, all the exchangers that you see on the site have been thoroughly checked and have a good reputation. In order to make your transactions even more profitable and convenient, check out a few tips — they are all extremely simple and take almost no time, but the result will please you.

💰 Use the “Calculator” tab, it allows with high accuracy to calculate what amount you will receive when exchanging, including commissions of payment systems.

💰 If you need a rare direction which is difficult to find with the help of the table, use the “List” section. There you will easily find any direction out of available ones.

💰 Register in the affiliate program to receive additional income.

💰 Don’t forget that we have a bitcoin-faucet, one of the most convenient on the market. You will find it in the bottom-left part of the screen.

Keep the BestChange tab close to avoid missing profit from any exchange operation on the internet. Remember the proverb: take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Is it possible to exchange cryptocurrency for cash?

If you reside in a large city, it could be a convenient way to buy or sell cryptocurrency. It also provides an advantage of maximum anonymity: cash transfers are more difficult to trace than card transactions. Not all exchangers support this option, but still, there are plenty of them. Simply select the required payment direction on and specify cash as a currency “to give” or “to get”.

Exchange procedure algorithm:

● Select a payment direction and specify your city.
● Choose an exchanger, considering its conditions: rates, reserves, verification requirements and other parameters; go to its website.
● Enter the exchange amount and fill ill other required fields.
● Contact the operator in the online chat of the exchanger and tell the operator the number of your order. Agree on the date and time of visiting the office.

In the office, you will give cash and receive cryptocurrency in your wallet. The rate is usually fixed at the moment of the factual exchange and not when creating an order.

How do exchangers get listed on BestChange?

We check exchangers with due diligence because you trust them with your money. We would like to tell you about the crucial requirements we pay attention to before adding an exchanger to the listing:

● Duration of work — at least six months. There can be exceptions for specific exchangers: for example, if the exchanger has been launched by a famous exchange or another service, in this case, they vouch for their reputation for all possible claims.
● Total available reserves of the exchanger must be no less than $10 000.
● The service must have English-speaking support available during office hours, a full-fledged version of the website in English, an online chat in English for timely support, and a contact email.
● The service’s website must have a secure HTTPS connection.
● The design or name must not imitate exchangers already in the listing to avoid confusing clients.

Every listing demand is thoroughly and manually considered, we check the work of each exchanger with due attention, which is why we do not work with those that have a questionable reputation.

Search for lucrative exchange rates from reliable exchangers on BestChange.

What are the marks of the exchangers in the list? has a system of icons that show the features of exchangers. Pay attention to them in order to clearly understand which service is right for you.

Here are some of the characteristics of the exchangers we mark with icons:

● Manual or semi-automatic exchange mode is used.
● Additional commissions are charged.
● Registration and card verification are required.
● Transfers are made from a legal entity or a third-party payment system.

Shall you change money in cash, we will inform you if there is an additional fee. We will also inform you about floating exchange rates and other important aspects. Don't forget to pay attention to the icons - just hover your cursor over them to find out the details.

Обменный пункт LetsChange был добавлен в наш мониторинг.

Мы проанализировали информацию о работе сервиса, его репутации, принципах и ценностях его администрации, и пришли к выводу, что LetsChange удовлетворяет критериям надежного партнера, который может находиться в листинге наряду с остальными.

Мы искренне надеемся на продуктивное и долгосрочное сотрудничество с данным сервисом. Но несмотря на успешное прохождение всех проверок, мы будем продолжать внимательно следить за их репутацией и развитием клиентского сервиса.

Рекомендуем перед обменом всегда проверять страницу отзывов о LetsChange, а после совершения обменов просим вас делиться своим мнением о предоставленных услугах с другими.

Why is it important to monitor exchanger reserves?

Available reserves is a total amount of money in certain currency the exchanger has for further operations.

Absolutely all exchangers timely provide us with the information about the quantity of funds in their reserves, so that the data on our website would be maximally up to date.

👉 It is important to pay attention to the required exchanger reserves, because when you withdraw funds

As a rule, exchangers in the BestChange listing do not have any problems with having funds in reserves.

You can find detailed information about every exchanger on our website:

What exchangers cannot be included in the BestChange listing?

Besides a vast list of requirements that our monitor puts forward in relation to exchangers-candidates, there are several categories of services that we do not include into the listing at all.

For example, you won’t find on BestChange:

🔀 Exchangers with a bad reputation on the Internet, with a large number of negative reviews on various platforms.

🔀 Exchangers the design of which is not unique (including a standard one, which goes in a pack together with the software).

🔀 Wallets and payment systems, for which exchanging is only a side service.

🔀Satellites of already existing exchangers with the shared reserves and the same accounts.

The exchanger must have its own accounts and reserves, have worked for at least six months, and have positive feedback from the users. Thanks to such strict control, we manage to make users maximally safe from unscrupulous exchangers and offer you only those sites that really deserve attention.

Today we would like to tell all crypto enthusiasts about a prospective business: launching your own crypto exchanger

SPOILER: How much money do you need to open a cryptocurrency exchanger?

26K dollars is the minimum capital for a confident start from scratch

The total costs are made up of:

● Expenses for setting up the site itself: ready-made script $7990 to buy or $275 per month and hosting from $200 per month.

● Creating the necessary stock of cryptocurrencies and fiat for exchange. From hundreds to tens of millions of dollars. But the total reserve for listing in BestChange must be at least $10,000.

● Advertising expenses. From several hundreds of dollars a month for successful work.

Can you spend less? You can start with almost any amount, but you will need at least 10.5K dollars in order to at least "squeak" into the ranks of serious players and start expanding your business with an increase in the number of customers. With smaller amounts, it will take a long time to grow to the required level, but it is also possible.

The first thing you need is the website itself. This includes buying or developing a script, ensuring security, anonymity, automating the exchange process, developing a pleasant design, fine-tuning protection against fraud, spam, hacking and DDoS attacks.

There are two main ways to create an exchange site. The first way is to write the exchanger code from scratch. For these purposes, you will need a qualified programmer who understands how the cryptocurrency market functions. Such a development will cost from several tens of thousands of dollars and will take several months. Although at the end you will have an absolutely original design of the exchanger and a system built for your own needs. But do not forget that you will have to constantly maintain and improve your software from the technical side, so you will have to pay for the work of the developer throughout the existence of such a project.

The second way is to buy a ready-made template of an exchange office. It will cost from $8000. The second way is simpler and shorter, and the functionality of the exchange office will be supported by the script developer, which will save on site support in the long run.

From the experience of our partners, we can recommend the engine from the developer "PremiumExchanger". The software from this developer uses more than 2/3 of the total number of exchangers listed on our BestChange monitor.

► Hosting and domain

We recommend choosing a dedicated server rather than virtual VPS/VDS hosting, and the data center should also have protection against all known DDoS attacks at the network and transport levels of information exchange. Your hosting provider must have activity tracking enabled in the root folder of the site with a notification about downloading or changing files.

Data centers with a questionable reputation should be avoided.

The domain should also be chosen in an area where unilateral division is impossible, and the registrar himself should have a good reputation and be located outside politically biased jurisdictions. In other words, we recommend buying a domain and hosting outside the CIS and only from large, trusted companies.

► Wallets

The next part is setting up wallets for payment systems, bank cards, accounts, registering accounts on exchanges, developing a scheme for storing reserves and general mathematics of the project.

Recommendations: you should not use custodial services (centralized exchanges and payment systems) when working with cryptocurrencies, and if this cannot be avoided, then you should carefully study the sanctions policy of the service used. If you are using an exchange that often freezes transfers for political reasons, you should avoid working with citizens of a country that is at high risk of audits.

Legal part

► Registration

The legal entity does not have to match your location, registration of exchangers in "crypto friendly" countries is a common practice.

The list of such countries is quite wide, for example, Estonia, Malta, Japan, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Mauritius, the United Arab Emirates (namely Dubai), Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, Switzerland (namely Zug), Poland, Finland and even Belarus with Slovenia.

Estonia has traditionally been the most popular option for those on a tight budget.

► Trademark

The next item is not mandatory, but it will be a good bonus in possible legal disputes, including with cybersquatters or support in advertising networks. It is worth registering the site name and logo as your own trademark.

► Staff

When hiring staff, special attention should be paid to signing agreements that establish the level of responsibility of employees, including a confidentiality agreement (the so-called NDA). Be sure to instruct the staff that if it is necessary to accept any files from users, these files are uploaded and viewed on devices not related to the workflow of the exchanger, except for bitmap images, this usually happens using the appropriate hosting.

It is worth conducting regular security audits, including an assessment of the financial condition of employees. It may not be superfluous even to conduct tests using a polygraph.

► Marketing part

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is primarily not about traffic, but about the quality of services. The most important link in this aspect of the business is the staff.

The first thing to do is the preparation of instructions for operators, as well as a streamlined process of training and certification of personnel. The instructions should ideally be comprehensive and written for each payment system so that the staff is familiar with all the nuances and can quickly understand the essence of the work of each stage of the transaction, even if everything is automated.

Also important will be the development of "soft skills" of operators, primarily empathy, emotional intelligence (EQ) and good manners. It seems such an obvious banality, but it seems to be neglected by half of all market participants. The staff is the face of your business.

► Reputation

From here, the narrative flows smoothly into securing an excellent reputation. Constant scandals and disputes are "a road to nowhere." An attempt to cash in on mistakes or create cunning schemes will eventually lead to the exclusion of the service from most monitors, that is, traffic will become more expensive for you and there will be less of it.

In general, one of the most important requirements from our monitor for exchangers is an impeccable reputation. We value our own reputation, which we have been developing for more than 15 years, therefore we refuse to work with services that can negatively affect it.

Lack of reputation (a trace on the internet) is also a bad signal for us, most often it indicates a lack of real experience in the activity. Therefore, as part of working with reputation, it is important to have accounts and pages in all popular review sites, monitors and thematic forums. Collecting truthful feedback from real customers should be one of the most important tasks at the initial stage of the work of the exchanger.

► Monitoring competitors

All owners of exchangers monitor the exchange rates in the market and try to set competitive commissions. To do this, many people set up parsing of rates from monitors in order to receive up-to-date rates automatically and be able to keep their rates in certain positions relative to competitors.

But we will warn you in advance that parsing of the pages of our site is prohibited, your script will quickly get banned if it is not previously blocked by DDoS protection. If you need rates from our site, please contact support to request access to a special API designed for this very purpose. In the request, you will need to specify what the rates will be used for, as well as a link to your project.

► Traffic

In order to monetize your by-now finished product, you need effective promotion. There is a fierce struggle for the attention of users in the market and a lot of efforts will have to be made to make your exchanger recognizable and popular.

You will need an experienced marketing team to promote yourself on social networks, telegram channels, YouTube and blogs. To increase indexing in search engines, you will need excellent SEO optimization and organization of interaction with the media, "influencers" and the purchase of advertising space. You cannot neglect the placement of the project on industry forums. You should also consider a referral program. And launching targeted traffic by setting up targeted and contextual advertising is one of the most important tasks until it gets into the BestChange listing.

To increase demand, on the one hand, you need to have the necessary and popular currencies for exchange. But in fact, it is very easy to solve, just open the "Popular exchange directions" tab on our monitoring. On the other hand, expanding the range of exchanged assets is an important competitive advantage. You can make very good money on the exchange of rare destinations that are not represented by competitors. This is access to more profitable commissions, and customers in such areas become permanent.

What's next?

For many, the end point of the process of launching a crypto exchange is getting into the BestChange listing. This does not guarantee success, but on the one hand, it is a sign of involvement in the "elite club" of the largest services with an excellent reputation, and on the other hand, it allows you to get access to our traffic.

We will not describe in detail the conditions for including an exchanger in BestChange, they are described in detail on a special page.

We will only briefly mention a couple of the most important points: we include in the rating only well-known and experienced exchangers that have worked in active mode for at least 6 months; the name, domain and design of the exchanger must be unique, including the same in sound and spelling as other exchangers; and the total currency reserve must be at least $10,000.

But even if all the parameters are met, due to the large number of applications and thorough checks by the integration department, the waiting period for adding can take about a month, in rare cases even more. Therefore, it is important to apply immediately, being completely ready for integration, so that you do not have to finalize some important points for inclusion for many weeks.

If you use our tips, you will definitely succeed in this business!

What must be in the ToS of an exchanger?

There are many signs by which you can distinguish a high-quality exchanger from a low-quality one. One of them (and BestChange also pays attention to it when adding to the listing) is proper Terms of Service. The link to them must be visible and the very document must contain the following information:

✅ Conditions which must be met for creating an order.

✅ Conditions on which the rate is fixed. For example, 30 minutes after the creation of the order. Or not fixing at all but being calculated at the time of payment.

✅ Maximal time for paying for the order by the client.

✅ Ways of informative support to the client after they pay for the order.

✅ Ways of solving the problems connected with blocking the operations or of the accounts by the bank, entering wrong details etc.

✅ Privacy policy — how the data entered by the client is stored and used.

Of course, terms of service are not the only sign that the exchanger is legit. But with other criteria, it is also important, as it allows you to clearly understand whether you are satisfied with the conditions sent by a particular service and are there any pitfalls.

How to write reviews on BestChange correctly?

We thoroughly monitor your reviews and their processing, but what should you do if they are not published? Pay attention to these items:

✅ For a review to be displayed on the website, you must confirm it via email. An unblishished review is stored for a week, and afterwards, it gets deleted. Therefore, remember this nuance. We do it to combat spam.
✅ Insults and offensive words are not allowed in reviews. We also do not publish reviews of an advertising nature.
✅ The review text must not copy that of another one already on the website.
✅ Try always to write respectfully, even if you are leaving a claim. If you have received the funds, simply comment on the service’s work. If you have not received the funds and have left a claim, please lift it after the receipt of the funds, leaving a mark “cancel the claim” in the review’s comment and confirming the receipt of the funds as soon as you get them.

Write the truth calmly and in detail — this will help other users! We always care about the quick feedback on our website.

On what conditions are the exchangers added to the BestChange listing?

There is a large list of criteria we use to select reliable exchangers for adding to the monitor. It includes the duration of the service’s work, its reserves, timely transmitting of the rates, protected connection, and many more. The requirements are quite strict and allow to effectively weed out low-quality exchangers.

We would like to draw your attention to the facts that:

❌ We never accept fees for adding to the listing. If the service meets all the mentioned conditions, it can count on getting listed. There is no one-time fee for adding to the listing.

❌ We also do not accept deposits as a guarantee of reliability from exchangers.

We never get tired of reminding the owners of exchangers that if someone approached you with an offer to quickly add you to the BestChange listing for money, then these are definitely scammers. You must not give in to persuasion.

The priority in our work is the comfort and safety of users. And this can only be achieved by a high-quality selection of services that will be included in the listing.

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