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С новым годом, друзья!   
Наш сервис обслужил уже более двух тысяч клиентов и продолжает работать для Вас и вашего успеха! В новом году коин-биржи ожидают бурный рост и динамичное развитие электронных валют, а, следовательно, самое время обзавестись надежным проводником в мир крипты!

какой процент берёте?

Биткони кеш трудно назвать перспективной монетой на мой взгляд

Придраться можно к любой валюте. Тем более, что картина постоянно меняется

Международная регуляция пока отсутствует вовсе, а чтобы подойти к этому моменту понадобится провести кропотливую титаническую работу. Запретить государсто конечно может, но подчинить себе саму систему ни за что! Биткоин будет расти в момент очередного экономического кризиса.

Hi, where is the link to your website. It's interesting to work with new projects I would like to know more about your project. What is your project all about? Please explain like I am 5 year old. And what people can get from partnership with your company!?

Off-topic / Re: Does cryptocurrencies need government regulation
« on: April 11, 2019, 08:07:24 PM »
I will read it, because I want to understand how traders can easily use their money to start a business for example like restaurant!
Without thinking about AML and taxes and proving the legality of their assets

Bitcoin discussion / Re: What is your favorite #Bitcoin Slang?
« on: April 09, 2019, 12:17:35 AM »
To the mooooon! and HODL, very famous phrase! :))

I completely agree with the opinion not to trust anyone but yourself. This rule especially concerns various financial operations and trading.
100%! Sometimes I don't trust even myself. Especially when it comes to passwords and access! :-X

Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« on: April 02, 2019, 10:39:08 AM »
It will be good when companies start holding BTC instead of instantly converting it to USD.  I've heard that Overstock keeps a portion of the funds received as BTC.
This is all due to the instability of Bitcoin in the market. Today, bitcoin can have a value of $ 1000, and tomorrow at $ 1. So there are enough risks for business even without cryptocurrency volatility.

Hi, do you have any regulations from government, i mean what official docs and where can I see?

Oh my, to much info for me! Even if even if I force myself, I will not be able to read so much information in a week! Guys why i should choose your exchange? ELI5 please! :)

Добрый день. Подскажите, если я хочу документально оформить свои криптоактивы, это возможно сделать? Знаю в РФ регуляция только "регулируется")) Но мне важно чтобы я мог свободно этими деньгами оперировать, так как в банках на крупные суммы денег нужна информация об источнике дохода и прочие детали!

Bitcoin discussion / Re: What is your favorite Satoshi Nakamoto quote?
« on: March 27, 2019, 07:32:55 AM »
[size=0px]When someone tries to buy all the world’s supply of a scarce asset, the more they buy the higher the price goes. At some point, it gets too expensive for them to buy any more. It’s great for the people who owned it beforehand because they get to sell it to the corner at crazy high prices.[/size][/color] 8)

I am feeling good! All people are equal! :)

Off-topic / Does cryptocurrencies need government regulation
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:33:24 PM »
Cryptocurrencies need government regulation to deter price manipulation and related wrongs, but the absence of such regulation is one of the biggest reasons that many investors buy into cryptocurrencies in the first place.
Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are unpredictable because they have no intrinsic value, and they are more dangerous than a visit to the casino. But at least you know the rules there, and every player can calculate the odds, whereas there are still many gray areas when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

But does this mean that the new artificial currency has to be strictly regulated? What crypto society think about it?

Politics, society / Re: Crypto- industry regulations in Russia
« on: March 21, 2019, 10:49:51 PM »
I was looking for topics about cryptocurrency legalization. Russian FSB steal making additional amendments.

Bitcoin discussion / Re: How did you get into bitcoin?
« on: March 21, 2019, 10:42:20 PM »
Аbout Bitcoin, first, I saw on Twitter. At one time, there was a lot of info about cryptocurrency and it wasn't possible to miss it. It became curious. And after 4 years I bought my first 0.04BTC. I even clearly remember the weather outside the window that day, as if it were yesterday.

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