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Yes, I told you.
Their customer support looks pretty serious. They also published this note in their profiles in facebook, instagram, twitter, telegram. Good job Locus!

No. Locus coin is non-mineable coin.

Quality coins (with real technology and important solutions) will be absolute winners of this already on-going bullish trend. Don't forget, that next BTC halving (reward for mining) will occure in April 2020. By this time, BTC and quality altcoins will see enormous growth.
Locus is an example of fantastic project and the fastest blockchain. Reward for early investing and hodling will be huge.


Locus Chain will be used as tools of transaction and authentication for various industries such as medical, shopping, IoT and public sectors starting from energy and communication business. Locus is conducting the business activities for it that using the Locus Chain as a based-technology to constitute Smart City. In fact, the business department has signed a strategic alliance contract with TEC, the organizer of the Tunisian Economic City Project, which is the largest new city construction project in the Mediterranean, and the block-chain platform Locus Chain will be applied as a settlement currency and service platform in various industries such as finance, communication, medical, shopping, autonomous driving cars, AI, etc.. After constructing and verifying these local smart cities, Locus is aiming to create a smart world by gathering these various city plans. Details can be found in the white paper on the official website.

The bull trend for cryptos is finally here, quality coins will definitely prosper.
Locus is one of the most promising projects in the market and I expect very bright future.

I expect x100 in 2 years

Locus Chain – Advanced Fully Decentralised Practically Applicable Public Blockchain
What makes Locus Chain different from the existing blockchain technologies?
Avatar Locus Chain May 8, 2019
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The world is heading to an era of complete digitalisation, where traditional fiat currencies are getting replaced with digital currencies and a sneak peek in the large scale decentralised blockchain revolution with the mass adoption in the future in diversified fields.

Locus Chain Foundation Pte. Ltd is the leading next-generation blockchain technology and digital currency developed by a team of veteran developers of South Korea. Bloom Technology, the professional gaming company in South Korea, manages the development of Locus Chain and is expanding its business scope to consulting and related infrastructures that apply blockchains to government and industry sectors. Locus Chain was established with the goal of becoming the fastest, highly secured and most reliable and fully decentralised blockchain in the world.

Locus Chain has achieved a new era in the Blockchain world by achieving the “DAG-BFT’ (Direct Acyclic Graph-Byzantine Fault Tolerance) Finalized Consensus algorithm. The two main goals of decentralisation and the fast transaction are achieved by incorporating a stake-based proof of stake together with Delegated Proof of Stake(PoS+DPoS) scheme combined with VRF-PBFT(Verifiable Random Function based Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance). Smart Contracts will improve the reliability of the transaction. Without concentration of Power, Locus Chain will improve the speed, capacity and reliability.

Locus Chain is The Practically Usable Public Blockchain that has resolved the blockchain trilemma in a public network.
[Blockchain Trilemma]

Blockchain technology promises to improve mutual trust and security in our hyper-connected society. There remain unsolved challenges, however, that hinder widespread adoption. For widespread adoption, a public blockchain must resolve three technical challenges. Many existing blockchains attempt to resolve these issues. However, none resolve all three challenges in a public network.
[Locus Chain has resolved the trilemma]

Locus Chain has resolved the blockchain trilemma in a public network. By achieving scalability and security in a decentralized public network, Locus Chain catalyses expansion into new markets. Locus Chain enables a broad variety of interaction mechanisms thanks to the unlimited scalability of its public network.

How does the Locus Chain resolve these technical challenges?

Locus Chain has achieved scalability in its decentralized public network by overcoming the following challenges.

Challenge 1: SPEED

Popular blockchains today have well-known limitations in SPEED. Locus Chain achieves SPEED by adopting a DAG ledger structure.

Challenge 2: STORAGE

In addition to speed, a practical blockchain must address the issue of STORAGE. Locus Chain aims to resolve the STORAGE issue via Verifiable Pruning


A practical blockchain must also address the issue of Network Scalability. Locus Chain aims to resolve the Network Scalability issue via Dynamic Sharding


Locus Chain achieves Decentralization and Security by implementing BFT based on DPoS.

Locus Chain team expects that the attacks utilizing the quantum computing power can be a threat to the existing security and cryptography system. Team has collaborated with Top-notch university labs and have the resistance and tolerance against quantum computing.

With an experienced technical and business team, advance technological designs and strong key advisors and strategic partnerships, Locus Chain will be the blockchain protocol of choice for the countries and top tier traditional companies

I'm buying every month for 10% of my salary

This is the beginning only. Their projects around smart cities and payment gateways will be awesome.
Accumulate now and HODL!

Most probably yes. Quality coins’ prices are very often corellated.


Where do you get this information?

In last 24H, BTC -2%, LOCUS +34%

I need them more. Hopefully price won't jump too much untill I buy more coins

8.5M is huge!

Trading volume is bigger in Btrade exchange

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