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Airdrop / Einstein exchange airdrop - Get 10 CAD
« on: August 24, 2019, 12:06:21 AM »
Einstein Exchange is Canadian fastest growing digital currency exchange. They provide an unparalleled combination of secure and responsive currency management. Physical office is in Vancouver Canada

Einstein Exchange is now airdropping 10.00 Canadian Dollars (CAD) to their community members just for sign up and KYC

1. Register at link
2. Verify your e-mail.
3. Download the Einstein Exchange App for:
    a) Android - Einstein Exchange: Free Bitcoin, Free Trades
    b) or IOS - Einstein Convert
4. Login in App with the e-mail, that you registered on the second step.
5. Click on "Account" and click on "Verify now"
6. Complete KYC in app (I just take photo of my front and back ID card, it is easy. Verification take few days, but you can get your 10 CAD after verification)
7. Go into "WALLET" and you can find 10 CAD (You can convert them for any currency or crypto you choose)

Enjoy  :D

Any questions? Just write :)

Thank you for your post :)

Airdrop / Re: [ANN] [AIRDROP] Fortem Capital airdrop already live!
« on: August 24, 2019, 12:03:19 AM »
Hello, when Airdrop ends please?

Hmm, I will try, thank you

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