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Did you know that more than $2,500,000 were paid in dividends?
Learn more about our Dividend program and HASH token:


Did you know that more than $2,500,000 were paid in dividends?
Learn more about our Dividend program and HASH token:


The last week was absolutely insane for our whale! The wager is incredibly big! As you know BetHash is one of the not many places where you can find really big players, batting and winning very big amounts!
Discover the fairest casino online:



Good news for people who asked for an alternative to our internal exchange! From now, you can use this URL to trade your assets:


BetHash is one of the most stable platforms for stable passive income building!
Since the launch of the platform, BetHash has paid more than 2.5M USD!

Join the fairest decentralized casino on earth:


EOS is mooning and our whales are winning even more!
Join the fairest and fully decentralized casino based on EOS Hash and play with your favorite currencies!


Just another crazy week at BetHash! Our whales are still making crazy wager and winnings!
Join the most trusted casino by the biggest EOS whales!


Did you know that is has a revolutionary function aka Copy-Play that allows YOU to automatically copy and reproduce the bets of the most successful players. 🥳 🎊🎉

Please also be noted that if you are followed as a seed player, you will temporarily get your followers' referral rebates. However, your followers' permanent referrers won't be changed, a.k.a if they play by their own will, their original referrer will get the referral rebates again.

The Copy-Play function can only be used when a registered BetHash account holder wants to follow another BetHash account holder. It's not possible for EOS account holders to use this functionality.


Dear BetHashers, starting from this week, BetHash only provides service for adult users who are over 21 years old and we strictly conform to the local laws and regulations. Please make sure that you play our games with consent from your local laws and regulations. For users in China, Australia, and the USA, we don't offer relevant service temporarily, please keep eyes on subsequent website notice. Thank you.


The last week was absolutely insane! 1.7 million USD just by 1 whale!
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🏆 Today's Trivias starting at 14:00 UTC!

🚨 Up to $50 rewards / user!


🏆 $45 #ETH #GIVEAWAY (🕙48HRS | 3 winners)

🚨 Get ready for Trivias tomorrow what we will run at our discord server!
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BetHash invites you to participate in our Holiday Events!
We prepared 10 Days of Simple and Fun tasks to win cool Prizes!

Follow our social channels for details!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ❤️


The current week is ongoing, and it feels like nothing can beat our current leader!
A stable first place and highest wins, a person capable to wager millions in a single day!

Join the casino trusted by whales!


A stable example on how a single player can win crazy amounts every day!
If you want to succeed at Dice, just watch how this guy is playing, and repeat!

Good luck!

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