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XMAS CASHBACK! Receive 2% cash back! Profit with Quppy until January 1

The developers of multicurrency financial management application Quppy would like to wish all its users a Merry Christmas!
Now is a great chance to discover something new, and Quppy team offers you to try cryptocurrency trading with favorable cashback terms!

This year the cryptocurrency market has shown tremendous growth, and who knows, maybe this Christmas promotion will give you a chance to make a huge profit on your investment next year!
Terms of the promotion - make deposits to cryptocurrency exchanges from Quppy wallet between December 20 and January 1 and get a huge cashback of 2% of invested amount!
Don't miss such a generous gift!

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Quppy WhiteLable and what does it offer? 💡
WhiteLabel is an opportunity to use ready-made technical solutions under your brand. Quppy is ready to provide such an opportunity for you.

What to expect from WhiteLabel?
🔸 A ready-made electronic wallet to which an IBAN account and an exchange service are automatically connected.
🔸 Design for your mobile application developed by the Quppy team.
🔸 24/7 technical support.
🔸 Euros, pounds, dollars and 4 major digital currencies, as well as the possibility of listing new ones.
🔸 3-4 weeks are needed for product integration.
🔸 Free updates.

Therefore, if you want to have an already working and proven solution under your brand, use Quppy WhiteLable and get Bank-as-a-Service at your disposal in a month.
📢 Learn more:


XMAS CASHBACK! Receive 2% cash back! Profit with Quppy until January 1

❄️Christmas is coming, and a magical holiday feeling is all around us!

Do you remember what you asked Santa Claus for as a child? It was probably your favorite toys or candy, right?

🎁Time is running out and for serious adults this year Santa Claus has a special gift - Christmas Profit with Quppy!

Receive 2% cash back on all crypto exchanges from December 30 until January 1!

Probably you could not expect a better gift from the Quppy team!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Your Chrismas is coming soon!
The Christmas promo we have since 20th of December until January 1 2022: PROFIT from 2% CASHBACK on ALL crypto exchanges for the whole period!


Quppy card — a single payment method for both online and offline operations 💳

Many cryptocurrency users prefer to use virtual cards. It is convenient, fast and eliminates the need to work with banks directly.
What does Quppy offer?
You can use Quppy for any transactions without fees worldwide.

What do you get as the owner of a virtual card?
▪️ Possibility of payments via NFC;
▪️ Sending and receiving funds;
▪️ Easy debiting;
▪️ Adding funds to your Quppy account;
▪️ Ability to connect Apple or Google Pay;
▪️ Own limits;
▪️ Bank statements;
▪️ And of course cashback.

🔔 Apply for your virtual card now:


Partnerships are extremely important in the blockchain environment, as they can help in the promotion of the project and, of course, from the technical side.

Quppy has 8 partnerships, each of which is incredibly useful for the project, which will help to reach heights faster.


Quppy is suitable for both individuals and legal persons. Each of the categories has its own unique functions, so choosing Quppy is an option for both business and everyday life.

Learn more:


Quppy develops its own banking infrastructure where you can take advantage of crypto-fiat conditions.
In addition, the project has its own solutions for both individuals and legal entities.

Learn more:


Quppy BF

Hello, community! We are glad to inform you that Quppy launches BLACK FRIDAY, which will last for a whole week, from November 30th to December 5th.

You can get cashback on exchange operations in the amount of 2%.

What do you need to get cashback?

✅First of all, use Quppy;
✅Perform trading operations in the Quppy Wallet section;
✅And get cashback!

Have a good purchase!


Hello to all the members of this community!
Our team is constantly improving the quality of the services provided, we are working to expand the capabilities of our platform. At the same time, Quppy always listens to the wishes of its customers to ensure the best quality of service. That is why we decided to conduct a small survey among the users of our service. What tools or features of the Quppy platform are you missing? We will be happy to receive any comments, constructive criticism and your suggestions to improve the work of our service.


Get most fiat and crypto with Quppy! Top up your Quppy IBAN in EUR/ USD/ GBP with any card!

A propósito, não seria mais fácil para a quppy estabelecer uma operação confiável do serviço se eles tornassem a carteira uma custódia?
Uma carteira sem custódia é a posição central da Quppy. Acreditamos que os usuários não devem confiar na integridade do serviço para usar nossa carteira.


Are You Ready? We are so excited to announce Quppy participating at websummit as a growth startup in Lisbon on November 1–4. 🚀
November 2  Stand number: G110 Location: Pavilion 3, GROWTH area
Feel free to send us a message and schedule a meeting on our profiles. We can’t wait to connect and meet you all!

Services / Re: QUPPY - Multicurrency cross-platform cryptowallet (
« on: September 21, 2021, 04:31:52 PM »

Top up your mobile phone in 2 minutes directly from your fiat or crypto account. Quppy will automatically detect your mobile operator. You only need to enter the phone number and the payment amount. Easier than expected!

Services / Re: QUPPY - Multicurrency cross-platform cryptowallet (
« on: September 20, 2021, 02:12:03 PM »

It's even better to invite friends to Quppy while all incoming and all outgoing transactions are free. Profit from the Quppy zero fees together! Just copy your personal referral link and share with everyone you like!

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