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🎁We are happy to announce that all users who participated in the Christmas promotion received their cashback. Thank you all for participating, and stay tuned, there's a lot more to come.
🏃‍♂️Hurry up to check your account!


Fewer fees, better services with Quppy💎

🎁Starting from December 1st, Quppy users will be able to enjoy a hefty discount on fees for FX rate on USDT stablecoins and fiat to fiat exchanges for 25%!
💵Fees always have been one of the main expenses for all active crypto users. Especially when it comes to the use of stablecoins. And given that a lot of popular blockchains hosting stablecoins are now overloaded and congested, fees can be quite hefty. Thus, we at Quppy put a lot of effort into lowering fees for our users. 🔄With a 25% discount on fees for USDT purchases switching from fiat to crypto via Quppy becomes cheaper and easier than ever. So don’t pass on a great opportunity to get digital assets with menial expenses!
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Check out Quppy referral program💵
👌Every fintech company nowadays should have a referral program
Quppy is no exception, however, we decided to use a different approach. Instead of complicated schemes we offer a very simple flat fee:
🤝Once your friend exchanges the equivalent of 600 Euros via Quppy, both them and you receive a €15 reward. And there is no limit on how long it may take them after registration. Clear and simple, isn’t it?
✅And unlike most other similar programs, you can be rewarded even if your friend buys or sells crypto just once.
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Quppy Christmas Promo is LIVE🎄🎅
💎Make crypto exchanges until Dec 26 and receive a 2% cache back on your Quppy account!
All crypto exchanges except those with USDT are eligible for the cash back.
🤏A minimum volume of exchanges performed should be 500 EUR.

For more info follow the 👉 the LINK


Multifunctional fintech platforms are the hottest trend out there🔥
📊Despite all the turmoil and uncertainty on the crypto market, multifunctional platforms that offer a multitude of fintech products in one place, like Quppy, remain the most promising sector in the DeFi Space.
🧑‍🎓According to the study, published by Fact.MR, demand for such platforms (“digital experience platforms” in their terminology) has grown by 10.2% in 2022 in comparison to the previous year. Thus, it is obvious that multi-product fintech platforms are the way of the future.
😊Such affirmation of our ideas by a major analytical community is worth a lot for us!
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Do you know how to use crypto safely❓ Are you sure❓
🛡Cryptocurrencies open virtually limitless opportunities and have great potential for both businesses and individuals. However, crypto is not magic (even if sometimes it feels like that) and there are a bunch of skills, habits and practices that are essential for using crypto safely and efficiently. So we’ve prepared a small checklist for you - take a look at it and check whether you need to work on some areas.
1️⃣Safe storage. It is paramount to ensure that your coins are stored in such a way that no one else can get access to your funds or block them and you won’t lose them. For long-term storage of large amounts cold wallets are the best solution. For everyday use - try non-custodial and custodial Quppy wallets.
2️⃣Exchange. Even if you do not plan to engage in trading you’ll need to exchange you digital assets sooner or later and it is important to use only reliable and secure platforms for that. Quppy has a built-in exchange service that is easy to use, fast and 100% secure. And if you need some obscure asset that is not supported by Quppy - use reputable exchanges like Binance.
3️⃣Interaction with fiat. A reliable, fast and cost-efficient way to sell your coins for fiat or buy crypto for fiat is a must. However, a lot of exchangers have dubious security and do not offer great user experience. Quppy seamlessly integrates major fiat and crypto currencies, so you can switch from one asset to another without any hassle.
4️⃣Keep your passwords secure. It is impossible to accurately remember all passwords (if your passwords are truly secure), seed phrases and other login data from all services your use. So it is necessary to establish a system for secure storage of such data. Password managers are the most obvious solution that solves most issues. However, we recommend that you store the most critical data (such as the private key to your cold wallet) on some physical media in a secure location. Just in case.
5️⃣Stay alert! Always check the website address, even if you use a browser tab - this is the best way to protect yourself from phishing sites.
6️⃣Be skeptical. There are a lot of scammers and shady businessmen in the crypto world that offer huge profits quickly. Verify every project you are considering to invest in. Basically, if you see an offer that is too good to be true, it is safe to assume that it is not a stroke of luck - somebody is trying to scam you.
7️⃣Always diversify your assets. It is unwise to rely on a single cryptocurrency due to high volatility of crypto - always split your funds across multiple assets.
8️⃣Keep track of your assets. It may be overwhelming to try and keep track of all assets in a properly diversified crypto portfolio. Services like Cryptocompare ( and Coinmarketcap’s portfolio tracker ( make this task much easier.
9️⃣Monitor the market. The crypto market is volatile and very dynamic. So keeping and eye on it will help you to save your capital if something goes wrong or make good money by spotting an opportunity. CoinMarketCap ( is a great starting point, where you can track exchange rates, spot promising assets and find information about them.
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Are you new here? Check out our tutorials🧑‍🎓

🧑‍💻While Quppy’s capabilities may look overwhelming at first glance, there is no need to be scared - we’ve made the application as clear and as easy to use as possible. But in order to make your first steps in crypto even easier, we’ve prepared a series of short tutorial videos that will help you learn the ropes. Check it out here -

🎥By watching these videos you’ll learn all the basics of using Quppy Neo-bank - from opening an IBAN account and paying for goods and services to making SEPA transfers and working with businesses.
📝But if you have any extra questions - feel free to contact our support service!
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How long does a SEPA transfer take?

🌐SEPA transfers take only a few seconds, if the sender’s bank supports instant transfers and the sender themselves select this option. Non-instant transfers are done within one business day in theory. However, in practice they may take longer.
🏦First of all, due to banks in different countries opening at different times, one business day can turn into two.
Second, if you try to transfer money right before or on a holiday or the weekend , the transaction will also take longer.
🔎Transfer can also be delayed if fraudulent activity is suspected and the bank requires additional information.


SEPA Instant is now available in the Quppy Wallet app⚡️

🤝The Quppy team is constantly working to improve our service. Now SEPA Instant payments are available to our clients! Now you can make traditional currency transactions from your Quppy IBAN account to any account in minutes.

The main advantages of SEPA Instant:
✅ instant payments in euros 24/7
✅ unlike transactions in Visa and Mastercard systems, where payments are confirmed immediately, but are received within a few days, in SEPA Instant - transactions are instant.

❓Haven't tried SEPA Instant in Quppy yet? What are you waiting for, go ahead!

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« on: September 27, 2022, 06:16:06 PM »

Our hot wallets are already up and running👌

🔥Hot wallets are now available in the Quppy Wallet app so our users have access to both custodial and non-custodial wallets and can fully exploit advantages of both approaches.
🔒While non-custodial wallets are undoubtedly much better for long-term storage of crypto since they are more reliable, custodial wallets also have their advantages. They provide much faster access to services and instant transaction completion.

💡Now Quppy users can freely transfer their assets between custodial and non-custodial wallets in the app, so they get the best of both worlds: secure long-term storage and fast wallet for everyday use.

Services / Re: QUPPY - Multicurrency cross-platform cryptowallet (
« on: September 26, 2022, 10:12:11 PM »

USDT support opens up new opportunities for Quppy users💎

📌Quppy now supports USDT - the largest stablecoin on the market. It is not just a “nice addition”: USDT opens up new huge opportunities for Quppy users:
✅Hedging risks. USDT, being a stablecoin, is a great tool for protection against cryptocurrencies volatility.
✅Staking. USDT is extremely popular in DeFi. A lot of liquidity pools require using this coin.
✅New payment modes. A lot of merchants are open for crypto but don’t want to deal with the volatility. So they accept stablecoins like USDT.

We will continue to expand the capabilities available to our users. In fact, a major release is coming really soon, so stay tuned.


High-performance custodial wallets are here🔓

💪Powerful arsenal of tools that we offer our users is soon to be supplemented by custodial wallets.
🔐While non-custodial wallets are great and secure, their centralized custodial counterparts have a lot to offer as well: they are faster and easier to integrate with other payment systems, such as cards.
💎We at Quppy do not like limitations so we offer you both solutions: a fully decentralized non-custodial wallet that is perfect for storing your coins and a custodial wallet that ensures faster transactions and allows you to use crypto cards.

🦻Stay tuned so you don't miss important news and updates of the Quppy platform.

📢 Learn more:


Hot wallets are now available in the Quppy Wallet app🔥

How Quppy brings together centralized and decentralized solution for a unique financial experience of every user.
What is a hot crypto wallet❓

🔥A hot or so-called custodial wallet is a crypto wallet where the private keys are controlled by a third party. It is comparable to how traditional banks control funds of their clients kept on their personal accounts.
The custodial wallet structure essentially follows the same rules. The same mechanism of funds and personal information control is applied to the custodial exchanges and exchange services...

Continue reading 👉


Quppy - your universal financial platform💎

💡Any financially active person knows how much of a hassle it can be to manage more than a few assets. The number of mobile applications required is a pretty good indicator of what modern online finance has become.

🤔Let’s just count:
✅Your bank’s app
✅E-money apps (most people have 2 or 3)
✅Cryptocurrency wallets (again, most people have at least 2 or 3 wallet applications)

😵‍💫So we are looking at at least half a dozen apps without even counting trading applications.
😊👌Fortunately, Quppy helps you to sort this mess out. You have most major crypto assets and main fiat currencies in one application that allows fast and cheap exchange between these assets.

📢 Learn more:


You’re no longer tied down by banks🏦

💰Banking has always been quite troublesome for people that regularly travel between multiple countries and live a nomadic life. Despite attempts at globalization, international transfers are still slow and expensive.

💡Cryptocurrencies are arguably the best solution for this problem, but you still need fiat - despite their proliferation, crypto is still an oddity in the bigger world.

💎Quppy offers a universal solution for nomads: it combines cryptocurrencies with fiat IBAN accounts (the largest international standard for banking), SWIFT transfers and other tools that make sure you have top-quality banking services anywhere in the world.

📢 Learn more:

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