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Hello, we interes of your opinion, what type of exchange add to the exchanger?


WELCOME YOU DEAR. is an international cryptocurrency and electronic money exchanger.

We are located in:
RUSSIA (Moscow, St. Petersburg)
Belarus (Minsk)
Ukraine (Kiev)
Spain (Barcelona)
Germany (Berlin)
England (London)

Directions of exchange
Cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT ERC20, ETH, LTC, PRIZM PZM, MINTER BIP, Ouroboros OURO, etc.
Banks: VISA MASTERCARD bank card transfers, SEPA, SWIFT, ACH, Direct Deposit bank transfers
Electronic payment systems: i-payout, revolut, advcash, capitalist, epayservices

Our advantages:
Prompt, profitable and safe exchange.
Actual profitable courses.
Exchange without hidden fees.
Qualified, competent and polite technical support.
We are ready to help you in any situation, we go towards each client and his wishes.
Additional benefit for regular customers thanks to the cumulative system of discounts.
Individual conditions for large exchanges.
Low threshold for the minimum amount to exchange.
We work with large volumes in a secure office.
100% payment security guarantee.
When exchanging for cash: Professional counting equipment
Registered at bestchange

to avoid scammers, online exchange only through chat on the site or in person meeting

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 21:00, 21: 00-9: 00 (free schedule)
Sat - Sun. free schedule.
Our head office:
RUSSIA, Moscow (Moscow City Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" (MIBC "Moscow City") OKO.

telegram @alfa_exchange
Chat on (the safest option)

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buy Ouroboros OURO.
purchase of Ouroboros OURO.
Bitcoin input, btc input, bitoc input, bit input.
bitcoin output, btc output, bitoc output, bit output.
input ethereum, input eth, input ether.
ethereum output, eth output, ether output.
litecoin input, ltc input, lightcoin input.
litecoin withdrawal, ltc withdrawal, lightcoin withdrawal.
input usdt erc20, input usdt.
usdt erc20 output, usdt output.
input PRIZM PZM, input prisms.
PRIZM PZM output, prism output.
input Ouroboros OURO.
Ouroboros OURO output.

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