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Do you want to create a highly-secured crypto exchange website? If yes, then Zab Technologies is the one-stop solution to create a crypto exchange website. Zab Technologies - a top-rated cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers all kinds of cryptocurrency exchange development services at affordable rates for all startups and entrepreneurs. The crypto exchange software comes up with exclusive features that are futures trading, perpetual Trading, multi-level security, mobile trading applications, crypto wallet integration, matching bot, margin trading, referral program, liquidity API, and more.Check it out, >>> Here’s the step-by-step guide for creating a highly secured crypto exchange website <<<If you have any inquiries about cryptocurrency exchange development, Feel free to contact us.Whatsapp/ Telegram : +91 77085 29089 | Skype: live:contact_86571 | Mail:


Almost every aspect of an entrepreneur is to choose a suitable business for them to succeed in a short span. But are they able to find their suitable businesses?

Since 2021, the number of crypto traders has been rapidly increasing. So as the cryptocurrency users. It is expected to increase in the future days. No wonder if you are already having an idea of ​​starting a crypto business. I would also agree with this statement.

If you heard that bitcoin is a bubble, just forget it. As long as the digital medium exists, online transactions take place. So if you've decided to start a business, you ought to research a crypto business. I have done the leg work and listed the profitable business of 2021.

Start a Crypto payment gateway:

A crypto payment gateway is a software platform that helps crypto users to pay bills with cryptocurrencies. If the shop merchant has signed up with a crypto payment gateway admin, the merchant can accept crypto payments.

Advantages of crypto payment gateway:
    • Less transaction cost
    • Borderless transaction
    • Safe and secure transactions
    • Eco-friendly
    • Fraudulent free
    • Market-friendly

    • Ways to earn money by owning a crypto payment gateway:
    • A small withdrawal fee can be charged while the merchants are transferring the crypto payments from their accounts.
    • Once your payment gateway has reached significant traffic, you can start charging for merchants to sign up.
    • With good user traffics, you'll get advertisements and promotions for crypto projects.
    • And many more. As long as you have a stable crypto payment gateway platform, you can rely on it as a money generating stream.

    • How to develop a stable crypto payment gateway?

      You'd probably know that cryptography is an application of Blockchain technology. If you are not ready to mess up, you can hire a leading [color=rgb(23, 96, 147) !important]crypto payment gateway development company[/color] to develop your platform in the best way possible. We at Zab technologies help crypto startups and entrepreneurs to build crypto platforms with enhanced performance and security. [/size]

      You don't have to be a trader or a crypto user, any startup/entrepreneur can launch a crypto payment gateway.

      Get a free demo by contacting our Blockchain experts via,

      Mail-id:  [color=rgb(23, 96, 147) !important][/color][/b]
      Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089
      Telegram:  [color=rgb(23, 96, 147) !important][/color][/b]
      skype: live: contact_86571

    Services / Can I create Crypto tokens in tron Blockchain?
    « on: July 15, 2021, 11:43:22 AM »

    If you are not a crypto user, then you need to know about the Tron Blockchain first. Tron Blockchain is now uprising with many new features in crypto token development.

    In general, crypto tokens are created for many purposes. Entrepreneurs could create crypto tokens to enlarge their cryptocurrency market. Also, they are created for fundraising purposes. Yes, then entrepreneurs can create crypto tokens for fundraising also. The process is pretty simple.

    i) The entrepreneur may have to choose a Blockchain for creating Crypto tokens.
    ii) The second step is to choose a crypto token standard.

    There are many crypto token development platforms out there in the crypto market. For instance, Ethereum, Tron, Tezos and recently Binance has launched a new crypto token development platform, binance smart chain.

    Speaking of the token standards, they may vary upon various factors and needs. Before that, you need to know what is fungibility. If a token is fungible it is easily exchangeable with similar tokens.

    If it is a non-fungible token then the tokens possess unique value. These types of non-fungible tokens are not easily exchanged with other tokens in the crypto market. These types of non-fungible tokens are not easily exchanged with other tokens in the crypto market. For high-quality output hire a leading Tron token development company to create your desired Tron tokens.

    Speaking of a leading Tron token development company, you can cope up with Zab technologies. Being an early pioneer in the Blockchain industry they can effortlessly develop best in class crypto tokens at affordable costs.

    Get a free business consultation via,

    Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089
    skype: live:contact_86571

    Services / Best crypto business to start in 2021
    « on: July 03, 2021, 01:42:08 PM »
    "Startup is nothing but full of hardships"
    [/size]Despite the hardships, you can launch your ideas in to great platforms. If you are a startup, looking for an idea as a business,then you have to consider cryptocurrency space.[/color]
    [/size]Even in the covid pandemic, the crypto space has been evolving with many emerging technologies. For instance, starting a crypto exchange like binance is not a tedious task anymore. With the white label crypto exchange software, you can start a crypto exchange in less than 10 days.[/color]
    [/size]Along with the white label crypto exchange software, you will be needing a proper roadmap. Check out these simple steps.[/color]
    [/size]1. The first step is to pick the right type of crypto exchange you want to develop. [/color]
    • [/size]Centralized exchange[/color]
    • [/size]Decentralized exchange[/color]
    • [/size]Hybrid exchange[/color]
    • [/size]Ads based exchange [/color]
    • [/size]Peer to peer exchange[/color]
    • [/size]User to admin exchange[/color]
    • [/size]Orders book exchange[/color]
    • [/size][/color]
      [/size]2. Once done picking up the type of exchange, work on the factors below[/color]
      [/size]> Do Market Research [/color]
      [/size]> Check out the Jurisdictions[/color]
      [/size]> The location that you are planning to Launch[/color]
      [/size]> Design the Architecture of your Bitcoin exchange website[/color]
      [/size]> Choose the way to create a Bitcoin exchange website[/color]
      [/size]-Develop from scratch[/color]
      [/size]-white label crypto exchange software[/color]
      [/size]> Hire the Best bitcoin exchange development company[/color]
      [/size]> Deployment[/color]
      [/size]> Customer support Channel[/color]
      [/size]The better option is opting for white label crypto exchange software If you want to deploy your crypto exchange platform in a short span. [/color]
      [/size]It is a preprogrammed software that helps you customize and deploy the trading platform in less than ten days. Compared to scripts, they possess highly secured features and advanced trading options. Get the bitcoin exchange software from Zab technologies. Being a leading crypto exchange development company, they have developed various crypto exchange platforms for clients globally. [/color]
      [/size]For cost and other information, contact the Blockchain experts via,[/color]
      [/size]Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089[/color]
      [/size]skype: live:contact_86571 [/color]


    If you are aware of fundraising with initial coin offering (ICO), you'd probably know about token creation. For ico token creation, the startups and entrepreneurs have to choose a suitable Blockchain. Fundraising in early 2015, Ethereum was one of the preferred Blockchain. Similar to ethereum Blockchain, Tron Blockchain has introduced various token standards.
    One of the popular Ethereum token standards is ERC20. Similar to that Tron Blockchain launched the TRC20 token standard with similar functions but enhanced features. With enhanced speed and efficiency, it has reached its next phase and many people started buying Tron based tokens.
    If you are one of the fundraisers, create crypto tokens in tron Blockchain (TRC20 tokens). It is easy and efficient to create Tron tokens. Hire a
    [/size]Tron token development company[/size] to create your Tron tokens. Creating tokens on your own could be a massive failure. Getting help from an experienced team could help you to create your Tron tokens efficiently.
    [/size]How much does it cost exactly?
    When it comes to the cost, the developers play a minimal role. The entrepreneurs decide the cost of the tokens. The creating cost depends on various factors. The [/size]cost to create TRC20 tokens could range from 5500-7000$[/size]. The development cost could vary on various requirements. To create your crypto tokens at an affordable cost, cope up with Zab technologies. Being a leading crypto token development company, they excel in creating all types of crypto tokens globally.
    Contact the Blockchain experts via,
    [/size]Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089
    [/size]skype: live:contact_86571

    eCommerce and general business / How to develop a bitcoin wallet app?
    « on: June 04, 2021, 01:19:55 PM »
    Hey startups and entrepreneurs,

    Like Crypto trading platforms, many entrepreneurs develop a bitcoin(cryptocurrency) wallet to store cryptocurrencies as a service. This is one of the profitable business in the current trend. Earlier, crypto exchanges with poor securities were hacked.

    Many crypto users lost their cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin wallets were developed with advanced security protocols to protect cryptocurrencies. There are many types of cryptocurrency wallets.

    i) Hot wallets(online/web),
    ii) Cold wallets,
    iii) paper wallets,
    iv) brain wallets,
    v) mobile wallet (wallet app),
    vi) Desktop wallets.

    The most preferred and convenient is developing a Bitcoin wallet application for android and iOS. As Blockchain technology serves the Bitcoin wallet, it needs highly expert people in Blockchain technology to develop a Bitcoin wallet app.

    Seek a leading
    cryptocurrency wallet development company to develop your Bitcoin wallet app with the best outcomes.

    Zab Technologies being an early pioneer in developing Blockchain-based applications, can help you in the development process. They are capable of developing your bitcoin wallet with highly secured features and advanced options. Do check out the
    cost to develop a bitcoin wallet app before kickstarting your bitcoin wallet business.

    Contact the Blockchain experts to know more via,

    Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089
    skype: live:contact_86571


    As the crypto markets are booming, many startups and entrepreneurs are willing to create ERC20 tokens for their business. As of now, Ethereum is the largest Blockchain that helps entrepreneurs to develop crypto tokens and other decentralized applications. ERC20 tokens are highly fungible, like dollar bills. It can be easily exchanged with other ERC20 tokens. For this unique feature, ERC20 tokens are quite popular in the crypto space.

    People who want to grow their ecosystem usually create their crypto tokens. If you wanna create crypto tokens, then create your crypto tokens in the Ethereum Blockchain. For fundraising purposes, you need to know about Initial coin offering (ICO).

    Here are the steps to create ERC20 tokens for ICO:

    i) Think of an idea for your fundraising.
    ii) Work on the competition analysis.
    iii) work on the legal requirements of the country you are willing to launch an ICO.
    iv) Hire an [color=rgb(23, 96, 147) !important]ERC20 token development company[/color] to create crypto tokens.
    v) Start promoting via marketing and PR's
    vi) Launch an ICO

    How to choose the best ERC20 token development company?

    The first and foremost factor to consider is whether the company is capable of working on cryptocurrency projects. If yes, contact the Blockchain experts and get a road map to your business. Estimate the [color=rgb(23, 96, 147) !important]cost to create ERC20 tokens[/color] for your business. One of my suggestions is Zab technologies. Seek the leading ERC20 token development company, Zab Technologies. [/font]

    They will help you to create ERC20 tokens and crypto wallets for your business in an efficient way.

    Contact the Blockchain experts to get a free consultation.

    Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089
    skype: live:contact_86571

    Currency exchange / How to Develop a Crypto Exchange like Binance?
    « on: April 30, 2021, 12:45:43 PM »

    Binance is one of the top performings trading platforms in the crypto space. Every entrepreneur who wants to start a crypto exchange business would want to launch a crypto exchange platform like binance. Most people stumble on the very first step. Starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform requires a lot of efforts and resources. To ease out, start working with these factors that will help you to start a crypto exchange like Binance.     
    - Design
    - Development
    - Application protocol interface (API)
    - Blockchain
    - Testing
    - Security
    The design of a crypto exchange like binance or your desired crypto exchange platform design can be developed with expert UI designers. The development of a secure trading platform is not a simple task. Hire a leading crypto exchange development company to develop your crypto exchange platform like binance. API allows you to get trading data and display it on your platform, this will help you to attract more potential traders to use your platform.
    Testing requires experienced software developers who are well versed in testing and deploying the software. Last but not least, the security of the platform should be maximum. Because the centralized crypto exchange platform has to be safe and secure to hold the cryptocurrencies more safely. All you need to do is to hire highly expertise Blockchain professionals. One such firm is Zab Technologies. They have 40+ blockchain developers who are well versed in developing Blockchain-based projects at affordable costs.
    To know the cost to develop a crypto exchange Like binance, contact the Blockchain experts via,
    Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089
    skype: live:contact_86571

    Currency exchange / How can I develop a crypto exchange like binance?
    « on: April 23, 2021, 10:46:34 AM »

    Hey entrepreneurs, wanna start a cryptocurrency exchange like binance? Then let us explore ways you can start your crypto exchange like binance. First of all, You have opted for the perfect crypto business plan. Binance is on the top Crypto trading platforms. Many traders prefer this trading platform for its reliability and advanced trading options. So, it is obvious that entrepreneurs thought it is a good business plan. In the execution part, Are they succeeding in their motive? The answer is "no". When it comes to starting a crypto exchange, the probability of succeeding in the business rely on the quality of the software built.
    So, how to build a crypto exchange platform like binance with greater quality?
    There are two ways of developing your binance like Crypto exchange platform. Firstly, Seeking a Crypto exchange Software provider to buy and modify the software based on your requirements. Buying a binance clone script and developing on your own. the first way is what I would suggest. We all know that a Crypto exchange platform is served by blockchain technology to ensure maximum security. So, an expert in Blockchain technology can develop a highly secured platform. Buying a clone script and developing it on your own is quite a tedious job. Also, developing a crypto exchange requires a lot of time and resources, it would take you 5-6 months to complete the project.

    On the other hand, Buying a white label crypto exchange software and modifying based on your requirements will take only ten days. You can launch a Crypto exchange like binance in a short span and with advanced security features.

    Where to buy crypto exchange software?

    .There are many software providers out there in the crypto markets. Go for Zab Technologies, a Highly expertise firm in developing Blockchain applications. They provide highly efficient cryptocurrency exchange software development services at affordable costs.
    Reach out their Blockchain experts via,
    Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089


    skype: live:contact_86571


    Startups and Entrepreneurs these days are desperately looking for a business idea right now. Particularly in the crypto space. Unlike the actual financial markets, things are efficient, easy and reliable in the Crypto space. For instance,
    i) transparency
    ii) immutability
    iii) Decentralization

    These three pillars of Blockchain makes cryptocurrency unique and stand out from other emerging technologies. I would suggest you start a crypto exchange business. Yes, the Crypto exchange business is booming right now. As of 2021, many startups and entrepreneurs are interested in developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    In laymen terms, a trading platform like binance, [censored]. It is proven that starting a crypto exchange business is one of the profitable passive income-generating business models. There is more than one way to earn money by starting a crypto exchange. Check out the ways to earn money by starting a crypto exchange.

    Let see the benefits of developing a crypto exchange:
    Launch your cryptocurrency
    • Low set up cost
    • Constant growth in the exchange business
    • Long term business
    • Safe and sustainable business model
    • Profitable business

    So, let us move on to "How to start a bitcoin exchange?"

    You can start a crypto exchange in one of three ways.

    i) Developing an entire crypto exchange from scratch,
    ii) Buying a white label crypto exchange software and developing it,
    iii) Buying a Clone script and developing it yourself.

    You can opt for your way of developing your crypto exchange based on your requirements. Building a Crypto exchange from scratch is the most reliable and highly secured way. It ensures you with peculiar trading features and a highly secured backend. It will make your Crypto exchange highly stable and can be a long term investment.

    white label crypto exchange software - It is a preprogrammed software that helps entrepreneurs to make customizations based on their requirements. Once done with the customizations and testing, they can launch a crypto exchange instantly.

    I'll not suggest you buy clone scripts and encourage you to develop them by yourself. It could be a messy job if you buy a buggy script. Working on that will take an ample amount of time and resources. I hope you have an idea of building a crypto exchange platform.

    If you have any requirements on developing a crypto exchange platform, cope with the leading Crypto exchange development company - Zab Technologies. Our 50+ Blockchain developers are well versed in Blockchain technology, expertized in developing Crypto exchange platforms and deploying them.

    Reach out to our Blockchain experts to get your free demo !!

    Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089
    skype: live:contact_86571

    Marketplace / Start a Crypto Payment Gateway Business
    « on: March 24, 2021, 11:33:08 AM »
    Hey crypto people, we have seen enough growth of bitcoins. As crypto users are increasing rapidly, the Usage of cryptocurrencies is increasing in the crypto markets. Cryptocurrency nowadays is used as alternative currencies. Unlike fiat currencies, there are many beneficial factors when transactions happen with Cryptocurrencies. So many e-commerce sites and shops are accepting Cryptos as payments.
    Merchants should signup with a crypto payment gateway to receive cryptocurrencies as payments. And the rate of accepting cryptocurrencies is increasing. This is the right time to start a crypto payment gateway business. There are only a few popular crypto payment gateway providers. this way you can reach a wide range of customers and merchants.
    Money generating:
    Not only the fame but also the money you earn here is hefty. Merchant has to pay a reasonable sum to sign up with your Crypto payment gateway. Also, withdrawal fees are not small.
    Where to seek help?
    This is a tedious and complex process. Yes, working with Blockchain technology is quite a tedious job. It needs vast knowledge in Blockchain technology to develop a safe and secure crypto payment gateway. Seek the help of the leading Crypto Payment Development company to develop your crypto Payment gateway in a hassle-free way.
    How much does it cost to start a crypto Payment Gateway business?
    To be exact, Based on the requirements the cost may vary from people to people. If you are developing from scratch it may cost up to 15000 USD. If you are using a white label Crypto Payment Gateway, the cost starts from 8000 USD.
    Reach out to the Blockchain experts and start developing your Crypto Payment gateway wight away!
    Whatsapp : +91 77085 29089
    Skype : skype:live:contact_86571


    As we all know, the crypto exchange platform is one of the emerging business trends of 2021. many budding startups and entrepreneurs start their crypto exchanges and launching their crypto exchange platforms.

    Entrepreneurs who want to start a crypto exchange instantly opt for white label crypto exchange software. They are readymade software that can help entrepreneurs launch a crypto exchange business in a short span with advanced features.

    Let us take a deep look into How it works. A white label crypto exchange software is predeveloped, tested and deployable software made by Blockchain experts. A complete Cryptocurrency exchange platform can be developed by making some customizations to the white label crypto exchange software. This way, a white label crypto exchange solution buyer can launch a crypto exchange in a short span.

    Benefits of white label crypto exchange software
    Advanced Security Features
    • High Scalability
    • Highly Customizable
    • No need for technical expertise
    • Easy deployment

     I hope you get the benefits of developing a crypto exchange using white label crypto exchange software. But, where to start?  You should seek a Crypto Exchange software development company to develop your crypto exchange. Also, there are many crypto exchange software development companies out there. It is quite a tedious job to pick one.  To begin with, check out the top white label crypto exchange development companies in 2021 and start your crypto exchange right away.

    To discuss the cost and other queries contact us via,

    Whatsapp : +91 77085 29089
    Skype : skype:live:contact_86571


    In this digital era, Cryptocurrencies are the most used terms right now. We should agree that. There has been a talk that the future currencies are cryptocurrencies. And, It has already dominated the fiat currencies with its many prominent factors. As far as we know the huge user base of cryptocurrencies is increasing. Lately, crypto users started making payments with cryptocurrencies. Yes, many E-commerce sites and shops started accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. With the use of a Crypto payment gateway, merchants can accept cryptocurrencies.
    [/size]Let us see the benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies:
    • [/size]Low transaction fees
    • [/size]Wider user base
    • [/size]High scalability
    • [/size]Limitless transactions
    • [/size]Cross-border payments
    • [/size]Uniqueness among competitors
    [/size]The above benefits are the keypoints every merchant in the markets would go for. Thus accepting cryptocurrencies are beneficial in more than one way.
    [/size]But, What is in it for the business people and why should you develop a crypto payment gateway?
    • [/size]As described earlier crypto users are increasing. So as the merchants who wish to accept cryptos as payments. This is a perfect Business model to work on.
    • [/size]With a Secure crypto payment gateway Startups and Entrepreneurs can make hefty profits. Crypto payment gateway usually costs high for a merchant to signup. Every withdraws the merchant makes, he has to pay a specific amount to the admin.
    • [/size]Scalability - The Crypto payment Gateway can manage robust transactions. As the entire Crypto payment gateway uses blockchain technology, Transactions are Quite efficient.
    • [/size]Security features - Blockchain technology ensures you with the most secured features. It invites many merchants to signup with your platform.
    [/size]and more...
    [/size]So How can I Develop a Crypto Payment Gateway?
    [/size]There are one of two ways to develop a crypto payment gateway.
    [/size]Developing it from scratch - By hiring a team of Blockchain developers you can develop a crypto Payment Gateway from scratch. By developing so, You can render a peculiar platform with cutting edge features. You can also develop a popular Crypto Payment Gateway like Bitpay from scratch.
    [/size]Custom Crypto Payment Gateway solutions - Launch a Crypto payment Gateway in a short span with white label crypto payment gateway development. it is much efficient and cost-effective.
    [/size]To get the best outcome it is good to go with a leading crypto payment gateway development company like Zab Technologies. Being an early pioneer in Blockchain technology, they've developed more than 200 Crypto projects. Talk to the blockchain experts to steer your business in the right way. So, What are you waiting for?
    [/size]For Business requirements contact via,
    [/size]Whatsapp : +91 77085 29089
    [/size]Skype : skype:live:contact_86571


    One of the most important decision in starting a crypto exchange business is choosing the right Crypto exchange development company. They can help you to reach your business to a wide range.
    [/size]Developing an entire crypto exchange might take some time. Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange development company can help you to reach your goals in a short span. It can make a win-win in the first place. You can also get white label crypto exchange software. It is a readymade crypto exchange software that allows you to launch a crypto exchange in no time.
    [/size]We Zab Technologies is a leading Cryptocurrency exchange development company in the industry. We have 40+ blockchain developers who have vast experience in developing Crypto Exchange projects. We offer all sorts of Crypto exchange development services to our global clients.
    [/size]Some of the significant features of our Crypto Exchange development are
    • [/size]Margin Trading.
    • [/size]IEO Launchpad.
    • [/size]Mobile Trading Application for Android & iOS.
    • [/size]Payment Gateway Integration.
    • [/size]Liquidity API.
    • [/size]Firebase/Firewall Integration.
    • [/size]Trading Bot.
    • [/size]Crypto Wallet Integration.
    We are happy to help you to launch your crypto exchange platform within the expected time frame at affordable costs.

    [/size]For Business needs, contact our Blockchain Experts via,
    [/size]Whatsapp : +91 77085 29089
    [/size]Skype : skype:live:contact_86571

    Services / Re: How to Start a Crypto Exchange Platform like Binance?
    « on: January 19, 2021, 09:55:38 AM »
    Before jumping into it, you must know about the complete knowledge of cryptocurrency exchange. It is a crypto exchange platform that helps users to buy, sell, and trade their cryptocurrencies and digital assets. You can earn money by adding the following features in your crypto exchange which are trading fee, deposit fee, withdraw fee, and more.

    9 instants steps to start your own crypto exchange

    Determine the type of crypto exchange platform you want to launch
    Do deep market research
    Decide the country to initiate a crypto exchange
    Hiring a Legal Team of counselors
    Make sure you have the required funds
    Hire cryptocurrency exchange development company to start a crypto exchange
    Technical Aspects
    Explore your crypto exchange to the target audience
    Rendering 24*7 Support

    Wanna more info regarding starting a crypto exchange business, Reach us

    Whatsapp/ Telegram :  +91 77085 29089 | skype:live:contact_86571 |

    >> Get a Free Demo <<

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