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Good news⚡️ SMART community

Because 🚀smartway is a smart and rich community.  Therefore, we are releasing some very exciting news.  Namely by increasing the 🔥"APY"🔥 for miners so that all of you here will get the maximum reward.

This is magnificent news for all smart community, For users who get RICH through the 📌EO Period, they will get a special facility for 🖌 1 Pool with a period of 1 year of Mining, with a total of 🌐 720 Smart Rewards, after completion of the contract you can withdraw your Rich tokens, this pool will start this week.

For the next, the community can get a SMART Token they have to Create 👨‍💻LP SMART / TRX or 👨‍💻 LP RICH / TRX with a period of  ⛅️ 30 days, and every 30 days we will create a new pool with various rewards, this pool will start this week.

With your full support, we are sure that Smart & Rich will become a 🏆TOP 10 liquidity that can be answered within 1-2 months.

Best Regards

Charles Han
Co-Founder of Smartway

Benefits of Smart People
The advantage that you can get as a Smart Holder is the RICH Token

How it works as follows
If you Staking 1 SMART You immediately get 10RICH in 1 year, Rewards are issued every second, you can withdraw it anytime, including your Smart token.

Your additional benefit as a Smart Holder is from the increase in the price of the Smart Token.

In the future, Borrowing and Collateral asset features will be available, which functions to multiply your assets and also get Cash Money instantly without selling your assets.

Due to limited supply and the existence of an Ecosystem, Smart Tokens have the opportunity to become expensive tokens in the future, including the favorite choice for investors.
Now you are in the place and the right token to become rich.

Cloud Mining Coming Soon...


SMART & RICH Will be listed on Hotbit*io
Deposits and trading can be made on Hotbit Oct 9th, 2020

Deposits can be made at 06:00 am UTC
Trading starts at 08:00 am UTC
Trading Pairs : SMART / BTC, SMART / USDT

Deposits can be made at 06:00 am UTC
Trading starts at 08:00 am UTC
Trading Pairs : RICH / BTC, RICH / USDT

For those who don't have an account at Hotbit, please Register first via hotbit*io

This is the first step of Smart & Rich to the global market. We always keep our integrity, especially in our own Roadmap.

We will be present at several major exchanges in the future

Make sure you already buy your Money Maker Machine in Smart and Rich token.

Stake Smart get Rich
Hold Rich get Smart

Smart people buy Smart to be successful Rich


Good News Smart Community

SMART & RICH Available at justswap

https: //

RICH Trade
https: //

For those of you who haven't had the chance to participate in the "Exclusive Offer", this is your chance to get a price that is still cheap, because on October 9th, 2020 we will be listing on the Hotbit Exchange and the price will skyrocket to the moon

Staking SMART to get RICH
And use power by RICH to mining SMART
Smart people always buy Smart Finance and be Rich in Richway Finance


Make your RICH with SMART Staking
Based on TRON's TRC20 protocol
TRC20 Smart Contract

Smart gateway to get Rich
SMART TOKEN is developed in a creative way and continuity in the creative market with a lot of interactive tools and social media to keep up with.
Staking Smartway Finance in our Official Website to get Richway Finance for FREE!
With only 25.000 TOKEN in the world, the price must be super bullish within days.

1. Our Project

    We are creating a Governance System supported by Tron TRC20 protocol Smart Contract with combining 2 tokens into 1 system that supports each other as an Ecosystem in the token itself. In another word, we are creating something that has never existed before where one token help gains another token and is mutually sustainable in raising prices and needing each other and so on and so on.

We always embraced the decentralized system which is Transparent and Trust minimization. All the transaction in our governance system is contributing to both TRC 20 protocol development as with our Main Governance ecosystem.

It only means 1 thing. This project comes because of you (need), with all of you (community), and for you (common interest). Community is the asset we strongly support and our mission this project will be publicly owned and self-sustainable infrastructure for our community common interest.

The main impact of this loop ecosystem can only help maintain the community as well with Super bullish in market price and makes a very complete user-friendly ecosystem by providing mining power, future crypto banking, staking, lending, borrowing, liquidity pools, and many other platforms.



    Smartway Finance is a smart gateway in DeFi governance to get another official token which can be used to mining Smart (Loop Mining System). With SMART, we create a continuous market by getting token after token that helps to mine with each other. It’s a never-ending circle (loop) to maintain price and public interest in the market.

Our Developer makes this innovative governance program called LOOP MINING SYSTEM complete with a backup system such as the official website, internal, and internal wallet and exchanger and full roadmap to create a sustain community as well.

A complete ecosystem makes stronger sustainability coin in the market. More and more rewards will be given just to make things interesting and upgrading.



Main of Function


SMARTWAY Token can also function for Staking to get RICHWAY Tokens.

Staking Information

You have Staked 10 SMARTs, then your Smart contract will display 1000 RICH Tokens which you can get in 1 year, the rewards are issued every second, whenever you can unstake.


Smartway Staking and Cloud mining are decentralized via the TRC20 Tron protocol smart contract and are supported by Justswap and several well-known exchangers. In the future, we also plan to create our own open-source wallet and exchanger complete with all the features the community needs.


Token Information


Smart Contract : TRC20

Name of the Token : SMARTWAY

Ticker of the token : SMART

Maximum Supply : 25,000

Decimal : 18


Token Distribution


Airdrop : 0.5%

Exclusive Offers : 20%

Cloud Mining Reward : 40%

Liquidity Pool : 12%

Future Development : 27.5%



     Richway is the result of the SMART Token gateway, where Richway's existence means as an official token and as a mining machine in the form of energy and bandwidth that generates power for mining SMART tokens.


Main of Function


RICHWAY Token functions to buy Bandwidth, Energy to get POWER in Cloud mining for both smart contracts and upcoming official tokens.

Cloud Mining Information

Total Global Power / Total Reward = Value per power

Your total power * Total Rewards = The amount you get

SMART – Stake to get RICH

RICH – Buy mining Cloud to get SMART

Therefore, we called it Loop Mining System in our Governance project Smartway Finance. Because it’s a never-ending solution to backup token to another token in the future market.


Smartway Staking and Cloud mining are decentralized via the TRC20 Tron protocol smart contract and are supported by Justswap and several well-known exchangers. In the future, we also plan to create our own open-source wallet and exchanger complete with all the features the community needs.

Token Information


Smart Contract : TRC20

Name of the Token : RICHWAY

Ticker of the token : RICH

Maximum Supply : 500,000

Decimal : 18


Token Distribution


Airdrop : 10%

Liquidity Poo : l20%

Staking Reward : 70%


Our TRC20 Smart Contract
https: //

https: //


Token Distribution


1.1. Airdrop ( 0.5% )
1.2. Exclusive Offers ( 20% )
1.3. Cloud Mining Reward ( 40% )
1.4. Liquidity Pool ( 12% )
1.5. Future Development ( 27.5% )

1.1. Airdrop ( 125 SMART )
For the initial stage, we use the airdrop method which is free for all users
registered on our platform. The most important thing is that all of you can enjoy
the results of the SMART smart contract protocol and we will always provide
valuable rewards for the communication that has been formed.
125 SMART ( Total Airdrop / Total users = Rewards )
Example :
(1) Total Airdrop 125 SMART / Total user 5,000 = then per user gets the
number of smarts ( 0.025 )
(2) Total Airdrop 125 SMART / Total user 10,000 = then per user gets the
number of smarts ( 0.0125 )

1.2. Exclusive offers ( 5,000 SMART )
5,000 SMART With Price 3,700 TRX / 1 SMART
The Exclusive offer is only available for 14 days as many as 5,000 SMART,
unsold Tokens during the period (EO) So we will burn the rest if there is
anything left
Min Purchase is 370 TRX (0.1 SMART)
Maximum purchase 37,000 TRX (10 SMART)

1.3. Cloud Mining Reward ( 10,000 SMART )
10,000 SMART For 24Month and rewards are issued every second
Reward calculation
10,000 SMART / 730 days / 24 hours / 60 minutes / 60 seconds = Reward per
To get Reward SMART tokens You must have CLOUD MINING POWER
To get cloud mining power you have to use RICH TOKEN to activate your
cloud mining.

1.4. Liquidity Pool ( 3000 SMART )
From the sale of the Exclusive offer (EO) 60% will be put in
The liquidity pool is initiated to ensure that the SMART price at the beginning
can get market stability and confidence in our smart tokens.

1.5. Future Development ( 6,875 SMART )
It will be used for future project development, such as Exchanger, Lending,
Borrowing, Collateral and building its own PROTOCOL in the future.


1.1. Airdrop ( 10% )
1.2. Liquidity pool ( 20% )
1.3. Staking Reward ( 70% )

1.1. Airdrop ( 50,000 RICH )
A total of 50,000 RICH will be distributed to those who buy the
SMART Token starting with a share of 1/10.
(1) buy 1 SMART, then you will get 10 RICH TOKEN
(2) buy 10 SMART then you will get 100 RICH TOKEN
Terms of Conditions
The RICH token that you have obtained through (EXCLUSIVE
OFFER) cannot be traded on justswap or on an external exchange, the
RICH TOKEN can only be used to get POWER Cloud Mining for you
to get (SMART TOKEN).
after 12 months you can buy and sell your tokens in the market.

1.2. Liquidity pool ( 100,000 RICH )
A total of 100,000 RICH tokens will be put into the Liquidity pool
with a TRX combination of 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the
Exclusive offer SMART token.

1.3. Staking Reward ( 350,000 RICH )
To get a RICH Token you have to do your Staking SMART token
through the platform we have provided.


- Smart Contract Created
- Platform Launched
- Whitepaper Released
- Airdrop
- EO ( Exclusive Offer )

- Liquidity Pool Created
- Token Distributed
- Airdrop Distributed
- SMART & RICH Tokens will be available on
- Will be listed on Hotbit Exchange
   RICH   -  USDT
   RICH   -  BTC
- Staking & Cloud Mining Launched
- Token listed to Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

- DEX ( Decentralized Exchange ) Built
- New Ecosystem Lending, Borrowing, Collateral Platform Built

- Ecosystem, Lending, Borrowing, Collateral Platform Launched
- Mobile Apps Android & ios Built
- Mobile Apps Android & ios Launched
- DEX ( Decentralized Exchange ) Launched
- Smartway Protocol Built


Exclusive Offer Only 5,000 SMART
(3,700TRX / 1 SMART)

Sept 27th ,11:00am UTC Time ,Until 10th Oct 09:00 am ,2020
Special for the Exclusive offer, get a RICH TOKEN

Buy 1 SMART Get 10 RICH
T&C Apply

5% Referral bonus from your referral who bought SMART from the Exclusive offer with your Reff link, Bonus in the form of TRX.

 To avoid SMART being controlled by several large investors, we swiftly take the stance to close the current sale and create a system to limit purchases per account and add the daily sales limit to 7 phases

Phase 1
Closed at the 2000 limit
Phase 2  = 500 SMART
Sep 28th, 2020, 08:00 am UTC
Phase 3  = 500 SMART
Sep 29th, 2020, 08:00 am UTC
Phase 4  = 500 SMART
Sep 30th, 2020, 08:00 am UTC
Phase 5 = 500 SMART
Oct 1st, 2020, 08:00 am UTC
Phase 6 = 500 SMART
Oct 2nd, 2020, 08:00 am UTC
Phase 7 = 500 SMART
Oct 3rd, 2020, 08:00 am UTC

In this way, we open opportunities and opportunities for many people who have a smaller capital to have a benefit and become part of the SMART family.

We will burn it to keep the market price up and keep liquidity locked on Justswap.

For those who want to take this opportunity, let's buy a Smart token immediately before the EO period ends and before its launches to justswap and exchanger. (We assure you the price will be higher)

Smart is really serious, they dont wait and see they just burned it to ash.


How to Buy SMART

1. Open TokenPocket Apps
2. Check your TRX balance
3. Click Discover Menu
4. Copy & Paste this link to DApp browser URL ( on the TOP )
    https: //
    (Use your own referral link)
5. Go to DApp ( click on link )
6. Find Available Image on Exclusive Offer Part..
7. Click Buy and follow the steps
Once buy system will automatic connect and deduct TRX from your Tron Wallet

Our Social Media

Don’t Forget To Follow Our Social Media To Get Latest Update

Telegram Channel    : https: //
Telegram Group    : https: //
Twitter               : https: //
Facebook Page      : https: //
Facebook Group      : https: //
Youtube               : https: //

Staking SMART to get RICH
And use power by RICH to mining SMART
Smart people always buy Smart Finance and be Rich in Richway Finance

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