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DeFi / Run your own successful DeFi Exchange Like PancakeSwap
« on: August 17, 2021, 12:41:52 PM »

PancakeSwap operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, launches an Interoperable Multi-chain Bridge System (IMBS) decentralized exchange (DEX), designed to allow users to swap tokens from one chain, to tokens on another chain.

Making profits via PancakeSwap is too easy if you have a PancakeSwap Clone Script in your hand. PancakeSwap Clone Script is a decentralized exchange script running on Binance Smart Chain(BSC), with lots of other exchange features that let you earn and win cryptocurrency tokens.
Pancakeswap Clone Script is highly secure and fast, anyone can use it simply.

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Third-ranked best DeFi project on BSC, Goose Finance has become one of the recent addictions in the crypto sector.

This success earning DeFi project - Goose Finance, earns sustainable & profitable yields in the BSC space. Entrepreneurs can start launching Goose-finance like a 2nd-Gen yield farming platform for future endeavors.

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No wonder that PancakeSwap DeFi platform eats everyone's breakfast in the blockchain sector. PancakeSwap closes nearly 2M daily transactions and this is record-breaking in the history of a DeFi project performing bulk transactions on a single day.

This growth could be never missed by anyone as PancakeSwap hits profits humongously turning new entrepreneurs to start PancakeSwap like food-themed DeFi project.

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Off-topic / How to launch PancakeSwap On BSC?
« on: July 20, 2021, 08:21:20 AM »

PancakeSwap has become one of the famous trending DeFi platforms among DeFi enthusiasts. Analyzing the scope and increased demand for building PancakeSwap like DeFi-DEX platform, we offer budget-friendly PancakeSwap Clone Script to launch your exchange.

We Sellbibuy is a premium DeFi development company with a strong foundation in building decentralized apps. We help businesses to build a famous DEX platform of their own to organize token exchanges like BEP-20 tokens.

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Marketplace / Billion Dollar Business On - OpenSea NFT Marketplace
« on: July 13, 2021, 05:56:55 AM »

​Sales in NFT's are peeking at $2.5B in the first half of 2021. Sales in the OpenSea NFT marketplace are record-breaking and have created a massive increase of over $13.7 M in the same period of time.

Per month OpenSea NFT marketplace witnesses almost $150 million in sales. Business freaks can make use of this big opportunities as NFT's is the future of making an exchange in the digital world.

Individuals can launch an NFT marketplace just like OpenSea with the support of NFT developers to build a replica of the NFT marketplace for you with OpenSea Clone Script.

People are becoming NFT enthusiasts so it is the right time to grow your business in online.

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DeFi / PolkaSwap Creates a Big Buzz In DeFi | Explore & Start!
« on: July 07, 2021, 06:04:47 AM »

Create a  multi-chain universe - PolkaSwap
PolkaSwap is a non-custodial liquidity aggregator platform launched on the SORA network. No decentralized exchange has access to a multitude of assets existing on numerous chains. Networks like Polkadot offer us the opportunity to make this possible.

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DeFi / Time to become a billionaire by launching PancakeSwap!
« on: July 05, 2021, 02:12:21 PM »

DeFi enthusiasts will be extremely happy, as CAKE offers tremendous profits to the owners. A bigger audience of people is attracted towards PancakeSwap, as PancakeSwap introduces a wide variety of features.

Be an exchange owner like PancakeSwap by launching a similar exchange.

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DeFi / PancakeSwap - Going To Make a Lot of People Rich!
« on: July 02, 2021, 09:50:35 AM »

PancakeSwap - Hit's Turbo Boosting Heights On BSC!
Rapid growth of PancakeSwap at a Sky-rocketing speed brings big business deals for startups. A key reason behind this blasting growth is CAKE offers high speed at low fees and provides a large selection of tokens.

DeFi enthusiasts strongly believe launching a similar exchange like PancakeSwap will do huge wonders for owners.

How to start @

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DeFi / Big Business Startup Ideas - Goose Finance
« on: July 01, 2021, 11:08:38 AM »

Goose Finance - A popular decentralized exchange powered by BSC blockchain, now attracts new DeFi users, by becoming the 3rd best ranked DeFi project on Binance Smart Chain.

Startups are now excited to launch their own Goose Finance like DeFi DEX platform.

How to launch Goose Finance @

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DeFi / PancakeSwap - Offers Extreme Revenue!!!
« on: June 30, 2021, 09:22:40 AM »

Food-themed DeFi DEX platform, "PancakeSwap" attracts, new joiners who wish to make an easy exchange of their assets on top of the Binance Smart Chain network.

Price prediction of PancakeSwap is increased by 57% making it as 27th largest cryptocurrency among global countries.

The rise in the price prediction metric proves that launching
"Pancakeswap" like the DeFi-based DEX platform is a great choice in the upcoming days. Start your business by launching PancakeSwap like exchange!

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DeFi / Rise Of PancakeSwap - A Great Solution For Startups
« on: June 28, 2021, 06:59:47 AM »

PancakeSwap - Is unbelievable!

CAKE owners relish with profits massively in 2021 as PancakeSwap continues to make grow consistently. Newbies/enterprise can start their own PancakeSwap like an exchange on Binance Smart Chain.

What to know "How to start!" @

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DeFi / Yield Huge Profits By Launching PancakeSwap - King Of DEX
« on: June 19, 2021, 08:28:15 AM »

PancakeSwap - King Of DEX On BinanceSmartChain is a popular & leading AMM DEX launched on top of BSC network.

Mighty PancakeSwap, DeFi-based DEX platform is earning revenue uncontrollably. By starting a professional PancakeSwap like Food-themed DeFi platform let's you to earn revenue for lifetime.

Freshers or large enterprises, can make use of the ready-made PancakeSwap Clone Script & get started!

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LocalCryptos - First-ever non-custodial market place offers 100,000 crypto traders in 100+ countries.

We support you to start localcryptos like crypto exchange which supports 100+ cryptocurrencies, admin panel dashboard, encrypted message services, escrow powered, etc,..

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Uniswap never fails to give an update and recently Uniswap is happy to offer Uniswap V3. This popular Uniswap protocol is developed for trading on top of automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.

Do you want to help build the future of decentralized finance?
Sellbitbuy is ready to help you, starting a Uniswap like exchange is easy and can be launched quickly if you make use of our Uniswap Clone Script. It includes all features in Uniswap like exchange with admin panel dashboard, UI,etc,...

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Exciting cryptocurrency business ideas can be grabbed with a great opportunity to start a fully-fledged crypto exchange platform like Binance.

Exploring crypto exchange platforms in brief many businesses have started evolving in the crypto market industry.

There are several business ideas available in the crypto industry that lets you to start a crypto exchange similar to the profitable Binance like a trading platform.

If you look forward to start a 100% customizable Binance like crypto exchange platform with a customizable Binance clone script then connect with Our team at SellBitBuy to start a peer-to-peer trading exchange with our bug-free Binance clone script

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