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Instead of relying on a thermostat or using Peltier coolers, can you install a VFD on a standard consumer compressor pump?

I think Russia and Russian people have good interest in the bitcoin and a Russian moderator should be here on this forum in order to engage the people from this region of the world. Have a good time Russians!
are u serious???

I don't know how fearless and risky it is to trade bitcoin. It seems to me that this is beyond my understanding. I honestly tried to work with bitcoin and this is a good experience, but the problem is that bitcoin is extremely unstable and it is best not to take risks and not make such sacrifices. It is much better to use trading strategies for currencies like the dollar or whatever. I have been working with the dollar on my fbs real account for quite a long time and during this time I realized that this is an extremely stable currency. In addition, the site has detailed analytical data and you can watch everything live and it is very convenient.

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