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I would like to know how good this would be for using Linux os with any miner program that can mine at least Ether and BitCoin (open to suggestions with the best program) and hopefully, later on getting a water cooler to overclock APU. it has a clock rate of 3.5 GHz base and 3.7 max. I am currently in the process of getting parts for pc just want to make sure if it is worth it for me.

My brother bought another CPU and GPU for his computer and has no need for it so I am going to use it. I know it definitely won't be as good as an ASIC miner but I am looking for something cheap that I can use for making YouTube videos and upgrading it later on and the occasional game. There was a thread on DASH .org forum that someone used an AMD A10 7850K APU (8 GPU cores) titled "APU Mining?" on Dec 18, 2014 for DarkCoin where he was able to pull 600Kh/s out of an APU that has a clock rate of 3.7GHz base to 4GHz max (although I don't know if the hash rates change depending on the coin).

When I get my water cooler I am at least hoping to get 500 to 600KH/s out of the overclocked APU, and also he never mentioned his computer being overclocked, so that is why I am thinking that.

If you think I have misunderstood any information plz let me know.

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