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As a newbie that has already fallen prey to the thieves.  I would say: yes, do not trust anyone.  There are a thousand groups in telegram and other chat sites.  they will not provide you with any valuable information, though you can learn about new coins and a few tidbits that might prove to be interesting.

Additionally, do not trust anyone who "volunteers" trading information or investing information or even learning resources.

Do not invest in any site that does not have at the very least some minimal level of security.  If you do not *need* to create an account to start trading, do not trade or invest.  There are a handful of sites that have high security measures in their sites and their wallets.  search in those.  trade in those. 

and pretty much like in real life.  If a "news" sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

I would advise the best Bitcoin purse is blockchain

Indeed, I was very pleasantly surprised with the security level in the blockchain site.  and the customer support they have is great as well.  Patient, assertive, and amicable!  totally in love.

However, IMHO I would also recommend metamask.  It is quite versatile.  Though there IS a problem, the google authenticator app does not work always with this wallet.  So I would use it to move currency to and from so that you do not go about with FIAT currency around.  such as CC or DC

Newbies / Re: Basic Bitcoin help for newcomers (Golden rule 1-2-3-4)
« on: June 12, 2021, 06:28:36 AM »
In my opinion, this information was useful for new users back in 2012 when they created this topic.  Today, after 7 years, information is not quite up to date.

totally agree.  back then I was invited to start mining, but even back then it seemed too complicated to be any good payout.  So I passed.  this year (2021) I was invited by a coworker, I ended up loosing 4 eth (it might not seem much, but I was devastated as I was too gullible) and now I am checking on ways to add to the eth without actually diverting FIAT money into ETH... so this list while it is interesting to read and learn, it means little in a time when mining is not even a good idea.

again, just IMHO

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