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How does BitPaye work? Bitpaye is basically a bitcoin PTC website, but it also has the most profitable way to use offerwall to complete tasks and get free cryptos.
BitPaye is a real payment website. If you need to register BitPaye as a worker, you can check my withdrawal certificate below. In addition, bitpay is also a decent bitcoin advertising network, because it has an extremely large number of dynamic clients, so you can promote and promote cryptos related projects and websites.
  • Support 10+ Cryptocurrencies
  • Instant Payout to Cryopto Wallet
  • Lots of Ways to Earn
Supported Cryptocurrencies:

[/size]BTC, ETH, DOGE, XLM, BCH, DASH, BNB, TRX, XRP, LTC.[/color]
[/size]Affiliate Program:[/color]
[/size]10% - 20% [/color][/size]Affiliate Commission[/color]

Bitcoin projects / BtcAdv: Claim Free Tokens Every 2 Minutes
« on: March 10, 2022, 05:40:40 AM »

 :) Earn Cryptocurrency for viewing ads, offer wall, lottery, short links, surfing ads without any annoying popups or hidden miners.


  • 30% Referral Program
  • Earn upto 50,000 tokens per click
  • All Visitors are Crypto Users
  • Free Visitor Clicks
  • Easy Advertising With No Registration Required
  • Simple Registration Process
  • Open Platform Statistics

Marketplace / I did earn about 300 dollars in 14 days in MVU
« on: May 08, 2021, 08:13:23 AM »

I just want to make money, and for novices, if we want to try mining first, purchasing cloud mining is the easiest one.Cloud Mining is a good choice. Why I say this, because cloud mining  is easiest for us to operate. The so-called cloud mining refers to the mining of digital currency by remotely calling the hash rate of the mining machine. Users only need to purchase or rent the required hash power from the relevant platform.

Users can choose the scale and validity period of cloud hashrate. The threshold is very low, and the investment risk is relatively low. But it is worth mentioning when we buying, so you must choose a platform with enhanced strength, good reputation and longer running time. After my careful investigation, I finally found a wonderful platform. mvu cloud mining,  it really rescued me. the cloud mining change my thoughts.

Though I didn’t become a millionaire, my family and I did earn about 300 dollars in 14 days. So do you know what I did?
Firstly, you can click the mvu  referral link(it’s mine, if you click it, I can get a10M Ethereum‌ ‌hashrate‌ ‌free )
then you register it. NOTICE!!! You will recieve 10M Ethereum hashrate, it’s free for each person who registers effectively.
You can find your hashrate by clicking “Free hashrate” and see your reward in “My Rewards”.
we can know: You will recieve 10M Ethereum hashrate free for each person who registers and successfully complete the novice package.  Only the person successfully complete the novice package can you get 10M ETH hashrate free!
You will recieve up to 5% hashrate commision for each person who order.

For example, my friend order 2-year $98 hashrate contract, so I can get 5% of his contract’ hashrate in two years.  So if  my friend order 7-day contract, I can get 5% of his  contract’ hashrate in 7 days. And hashrate can be accumulated, this means the more friends you invite, the more hashrate you can have.
I invite 16 people and get about $134

Secondly, we enter the platform, you can choose one of the packages.
I bought 14-day special offer package
The contract period is 14 days. In the contract page, you can know the est revenue, the current value of ETH and the annualized return of the contract.The current expected return is $169, and the yield is 71%. Now the ETH price is $3539(you can find the price of ETH in Bianace website), 280MH/s per day = 0.003757ETH,so we can calculate the return of the contract is $169 now($3539 *0.004757*14 — $99). If ETH continues going up in value, so do earnings in USD. Only one package can be purchased for one account.
we can earn about $268(total revenue)- $99(package cost) in 14 days.
To sum it up, I’d be investing $99 only no lose and receive $169 after 14 days.
No matter how you calculate this package and how the current price of eth changes, you will never lose money.
Finally, I really get $303 after 14 days.
If you are interested in the platform,you can go to the mvu .com website and use and use the referral code (845c662b) to register


If you choose to begin mining bitcoin or different altcoins, you want a huge funding in hardware and electricity. Or you can be counted on a cloud mining platform, which is the answer I’d propose these days. However, many of these web sites are genuinely Ponzi schemes, the place customers by no means get their cash back… So is MVU cloud mining legit?

MVU cloud mining: one of the best mining cloud mining platforms

MVU cloud mining targets consist of making mining simple, reachable and less costly to each new and superior users. 

MVU cloud mining statistics center

As usual, it’s tough to get any facts about their information center. Because a mining farm like theirs is probably to be the goal of malicious people. The solely element we can examine is that it’s a modern, hi-tech facility housing crypto-equipment. And it’s maintained through a crew of certified personnel to mine at maximum hash rates, besides overheating the equipment.

How does MVU cloud mining work?

While you ought to buy limitless contracts, it’s no longer the case. So if you determine to register on their site, you’ll be in a position to buy each year contracts to mine coins. And you can select the quantity of hash fee you prefer for every contract.

Basically, with the contract, you’re renting mining tools and computing strength from the company. And the enterprise will mine for you, giving you a share of the cash they mine.

You can begin with a very low funding to mine bitcoins. Just a couple bucks to supply it a try. But don’t anticipate to be a millionaire overnight!

Once you offered a contract, you can allocate your hash energy immediately to the mining pool you desire to serve in. So you can optimize your profit.

What about the MVU Cloud Mining payouts? Everything’s automated. And payouts take place as soon as a day. You’ll acquire your first payout the following day after finishing a purchase. And you’ll get day by day payouts afterward.

In addition, you can use the reinvest function. It lets in you to mechanically purchase an extra hash price as quickly as your stability approves it. The gadget will test your stability after every payout and use the quantity to add hash charge to your contract.

What cash can you mine at MVU Cloud Mining?

Of course, the most important coin reachable is bitcoin. And you can additionally mine ethereum, etc. However, you can’t mine quite a few cash with one contract on this platform. So you’ll want to buy a contract per digital currency.

Is mining on MVU Cloud Mining profitable?

While you can locate lots evaluation on the profitability of cloud mining platforms, I commonly endorse doing the calculations via yourself. Indeed, the profitability elements you want to analyze preserve on changing. And the reply to this query relies upon on the coin’s price, the community difficulty, and the hash rate.

If you don’t understand how to calculate the income you can make, you can use the MVU Cloud Mining income calculator. But don’t forget about to add the upkeep expenses for bitcoin… And maintain in idea that your income relies upon on the trade prices and mining too!

But I got the refferral Link, which I can get free hashrate and 5% commision.

With the charge of crypto-currencies climbing, I anticipate that you can earn you extra than the rate of the contract. And if the coin you’re mining doesn’t collapse, you must be fine. But keep in mind you usually have the preference to purchase bitcoins. And I have the quality location to purchase bitcoin.

Are there MVU Cloud Mining promo code?

I didn’t locate a dependable supply for MVU Cloud Mining, unfortunately. 
Choosing a dependable and legit cloud mining internet site is challenging these days. While it’s continually a gamble, all the factors I may want to discover on the organisation and on the provider is good. And how can half of a million customers global be wrong? Therefore you can have faith MVU Cloud Mining to supply what they offer.

When you purchase one of their mining contracts, you’ll come to be a crypto-miner. And no longer the sufferer of a scam. Just seem at the cash piling up each day on your account wallet.

Concerning the earnings of cloud mining, you ought to absolutely take a look at yourself earlier than purchasing. And I won’t vouch for it in this article: I’m now not Nostradamus… But if you don’t have a load of cash to invest, you ought to reflect onconsideration on the use of this service. Because they take delivery of honestly low quantities to begin with. And you won’t have to fighting with find the money for hardware, software program or maintenance.

Also, if you begin with low investment, you can figure out to reinvest the cash you mined to enlarge your hash rate. I assume this
 is genuinely a pleasant characteristic to offer.
You can go to the mvu .com website and use and use the referral code (845c662b) to register

Marketplace / experience of MVU Cloud Mining Referral Rewards
« on: May 08, 2021, 07:26:10 AM »

I experience MVU Cloud Mining Referral Rewards
1. Another Free 10MH/s ETH Hashate after your friends registering and finishing the novice package
2. 5% commission for each new user's order
I invite 30 people and get about $267
You can go to the mvu .com website and use and use the referral code (845c662b) to register


Today, I would like to share my experience on MVU cloud mining. I just get $10.58 for nothing, which costs me only for half an hour! This is a newcomers’ task. If you’re interested in this, please read the following steps to make money for free.
MVU cloud mining newcomers’ task

1. Sign up to MVU cloud mining
By registering on MVU cloud mining, you just need 1 minute. First, o to the mvu .com website and use and use the referral code (845c662b) to register, and then enter your email address, and click “send” to get the verification code. Then enter your email verification code and click “Get my free Hashrate” to finish registration. After registration, you will get a 10M free hashrate.

2. Receive 10MH/s hashrate
Click “Profile” and choose “My assets”.

3. The task of reading articles
By clicking the reading articles, and then submit, you can get another $1.76. So by just 10 seconds, I got $1.76!

4. Income calculation questions
For the calculation question, you can use “mining calculator” for answers.
For example, for the “What is the estimated return of buying a 300 MH/s ETH cloud hashrate contract for 2 years?”, the calculation is $10036.86.
submit the task, I get $3.35

6. special offer
For this task, I recommend you to buy the special offer for new users. The 14-day contract for 200 MH/s ETH cloud hashrate is only $99. The current expected return is $131, and the yield is 32%. After buying the special offer, you will get $3.35

7. Invite a friend
By inviting a friend, you will receive 10M Ethereum hashrate free for each person who registers and successfully completes the novice package. You will also get 5% commission for each person who orders. You will get $3.35for just inviting a friend!
It’s also a good chance to get more free money, and MVU cloud mining now provides the affiliate/referral program for getting a passive income.
You can share your referral link or referral code to your friends and get money for free.
Start on MVU cloud mining by going the mvu .com website and use and use the referral code (845c662b) to register

I have seen many articles of MVU, I want to invest, Is this website legit or scam ?

Bitcoin mining / Re: Great benefits for new users-in MVU Cloud mining
« on: April 28, 2021, 09:31:57 AM »
really? I want to try the affiliate program

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