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Altcoin projects / Pentonium Powered By Skynet
« on: July 19, 2021, 07:23:18 AM »
From the very beginning, team Pentonium wanted to assure privacy and security to their clients and service providers. When Pentonium was formed, as a team we were very clear about having an encrypted chat system. That’s why we are using Skynet to power a seamless P2P encrypted chat service.

At Pentonium we’ve always had our eye on a decentralised and democratic future and, now we are jumpstarting that vision by using technologies like Skynet. The very first launch of the Pentonium’s MVP consisted of P2P encrypted chat ensuring the privacy of the users, giving peace of mind to clients while sharing sensitive information with the service providers.

Going ahead we were enticed by the idea of hosting its front end over Skynet. This takes Pentonium to a new dimension where it is unstoppable and is available all the time. This was an easy decision for us, and the MVP is now officially deployed over Skynet.

Skynet allows users to host their site and gives a unique URL of the deployment which the user can use to access the app. On every update or bug fix over the app, the URL changes. Recently the Skynet Labs team contacted Pentonium with a proposal to integrate Resolver Skylinks which they are launching very soon. Resolver Skylinks allow users to push updates without losing the unique URL they have. So now the link can be made public and we can continue work to make the platform more efficient.

Experience the taste of freedom and decentralisation through this new MVP.
“Pentonium is just now an idea that demonstrates how decentralisation and DAO structure can be so powerful. Pentonium will grow and solve issues of freelancers in a way that was never possible on a centralised platform” — Rupak, Co-Founder of Pentonium

Pentonium's weekly update:

Core Contract:
- Added Private Jobs posting.
- Added Custom token handler as Service fee.
- Configuration Contract now can handle integer values.
- Updated token transaction code over Order Contract.
- Private Order contract is created to handle private orders especially.
- Bug Fixes
- Architectural change between Marshal and Order

We have also made a blog post explaining token economics detailing the vesting schedule


This week's update:

We have updated our core contract with some bug fix and have also added Dispute Contract which handles once a dispute comes in and act as a proxy between Marshal and the Order contract. Marshal vote for an Order through this contract.

We got in contacts with Probit this week.

Read our latest blog on the lifecycle of a Marshal.


A place where everyone is talking about DeFi and NFTs, we go back to the days which gave fire for the creation of such architecture, which helps us push the limit of finance. Pentonium is an approach to bring the core feature of Blockchain that is a trustless system.
Pentonium is not the only decentralised freelance platform, of course, it's been tried a few times. But Pentonium is the only live platform over Ropsten with such user experience. Even being a decentralised platform, it doesn't make you feel different from a traditional platform. Pentonium uses the same approach as Fiverr to list Service Providers and allow Clients to chose from their past record and price.

Why Pentonium is not just another decentralisation crap?
The idea never came as to make the platform decentralised ( Dapp ). The first issue that team recognised was about the biased decisions happening over the centralised platform during a dispute. The team suggested a democratic way to resolve this dispute by voting over a selected member from the community, making the process more transparent.
Going ahead we realised that that's not the only issue, Because of the heave servers needed by such platform to store files from the orders and the Chat that needs to be facilitated between Client and Service Provider, the fee that the platform charge is 20-25% ( Fiverr ). Which is too bad, upon which some platform also puts on minimum withdrawal limit, discouraging small Service Providers.
That's when the team came up with a solution where files could be stored over IPFS and chat can be facilitated by SkyDb, using an escrow smart contract it was now possible to send instant funds to the Service Providers. The entire structure reduces the cost to run the platform even on a large scale. Pentonium was born.
We have launched a small MVP over Ropsten, which consist of posting a job, placing an order and chats. We would love to know what you guys feel about it, honest response are appreciated.
Do join our community and spread the word. ❤❤


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