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Now I have 460 Coins per day + daily Bonus 10 Coins

This is about $0.05 passive income per day

 my passive income is from 5 kinds of Properties:

Cabin Level2 (28.4 Coins) + Condo Level3 (432 Coins)

that means

Cabin (14.4 Coins per day) + Cabin (14.4 Coins per day) + Condo (144 Coins per day) + Condo (144 Coins per day) +
Condo (144 Coins per day)

that gives 460 Coins per day

I have bought Condo for Coins that I have earned from PTC Ads & Shortlinks
Profit form all classes & levels of Property is summarized
Finally I own 2 Properties - 2 Level Cabin that gives 28.8 coins per day and 1 Level Condo that gives 144 Coins perday

At all 2 Properties give me 172.8 Passive Income per day  + 10 Coins Daily Bonus

You can buy any classes & levels of property
For example, if you own 2 Level Cabin it is not necessary for you to buy 3 Level Cabin at first - you can buy any Property class

Also you can get from 300 Coins up to 10000 Coins for Apps installing from Offers (TikTok & other Apps)


I upgraded my Property and have bought Next Level Cabin for 432 Coins using Coins that I have earned doing PTC Ads
& Shortlinks.
So, my Cabin produce now 28.8 Coins per day.
So, be active, do Shortlinks & PTC Ads and you can buy more expensive Property quickly.
My aim now is to buy Condo for 4200 Coins
My Balance is now


Virtual Real Estate from Cabin up to Mansion (Cabin, Condo, Duplex, Chalet, Villa, Mansion) which gives Passive Income automatically daily, without making tasks.


After registration users get 200 Coins to buy Cabin (14.4 Coins Passive Income Daily)

To get passive income you need once a day log in and click Claim my Coins and Turn on Production to renew daily passive income from your Real Estate + every day users can Claim 10 Coins Daily Bonus.

Instant Withdrawal from $0.02 to FaucetPay or Payeer
When Withdrawal Coins are exchanged into $ (200 Coins= $0.02)

Proofs of Payment:

(0.01$ Payeer comission/fee because of Instant Withdrawal)

Real Estate Classes/Upgrade Variants/Real Estate Passive Income Variants:

Cabin - 14.4 Coins/per day
Condo - 144 Coins/per day
Duplex - 1440 Coins/per day
Chalet - 14400 Coins/per day
Villa - 144000 Coins/per day
Maison - 288000 Coins/per day

Having collected Coins, users can Upgrade Real Estate Class or to purchase Real Estate of more high Class.
Users can earn Coins in Earn Free Coins making tasks - Shortlinks, PTC Ads, Offers.

Every day available:

Shortlinks from Bitswall - about 150 Coins
PTC Ads from Bitswall and  Offers4All about 100 Coins
User can earn 250 Coins per day only making  PTC Ads and Shortlinks


My 7th Withdrawal on the 16th of November - 20$ (0.00032905BTC)
Totally I have earned 90$ - 0.00170485 BTC

Proofs of Payment:


New Options:

1. New Section - Referral Links Exchange where each user can create one Topic/Thread with referral link
2. Membership Withdraw Statistic

3. Upgrade Account


for instance, Bronze gives more than 400 Points per day that means 1200 satoshis per day where 3 Points are for click on each Link (Article), 4 Points are for click on Banner (View Advertisements)



Cebitcoin Team is leaving on Short Holiday and will not be in the office for 3 days. Payments will be made from 2021.11.09

Amount of Banners in Content/View Advertisements is enlarged again, so users can click not only 100, but 200 Points daily that is due to current Bitcoin course is more than 600 satoshis

For this reason clicks keep from 20 to 30 minutes

Totally nowadays there are more than 50 Banners daily to click and more than 40 Links daily to click

on the 3d of November was my 6th Withdrawal - $20 (0.00031951 BTC)

(Totally I have earned 70$ - 0.00137580 BTC)

on the 4th of November I was upgraded to BRONZE status because of aid to my referral not to be banned

BRONZE status gives 3 Points for click on link (Content/View Articles-View Videos-View PTC Websites-View Website Traffic Tools-View Advertise Network) and 4 Points for click on Banner (Content/View Advertisements)

Proofs of Payment $20


Amount of Banners in
Content/View Advertisements is enlarged.Now you may click not only 100 Points (400 satoshis) for 10 minutes daily but 200 Points that is due to current BTC course is 640 satoshis :)

My clicked Points for this day

500 POINTS GIFT Coupon
Coupon Code: 6QTFEXKU
Expires: 2021-10-27 18:08 due to Cebitcoin server time

If Coupon didn’t apply simply refresh the internet page several times after Coupon applying
Cebitcoin server time now is 2021-10-26 20:01


Adbtc is a Legit & Paying Stable Paid to Click (PTC) and Advertising Website (from 2017)

It is available in English (choose English in menu or use chrome and translator option
Users can earn Bitcoin without Investment by Watching Advertisements - Сlicking & Surfing Ads


Earning Options:

Surfing Site/Surf Ads (the ads are dispalyed in another window)
Surfing Ads in the Active Window (ads are dispalyed in another window)
AutoSurfing (ads auto-dispalyed)

Payment/Withdraw Options:

FaucetPay (min 1 000 Satoshi)
BTC Address (min 30 000 Satoshi)

Earning satoshi by Surfing & Users rating system

If the user is a beginner (starter) and his rating is low, the user can earn about 100 satoshi (even more) per day.
Ads appear during the day.
The beginner user earns from 2.1 satoshi  to 25.2 satoshi per each click depends upon timer from 10 seconds to 40 seconds

Mainly more expensive Ads are in the beginning of the day – starts from 25.2, 24.5, 18.2, 17.5 satoshi per click
then cheaper Ads appear 16.1, 12.6, 11.9, 8, 4.5, 3.5, 2.8 and ends 2.1 satoshi per click
The user with higher rating earns from 3 satoshi to 70 satoshi per click depends upon timer from 10 seconds to 90 seconds

There is easy Captcha (mathematical task) periodically from time to time between Ads Watching

Referral commission: 10%

Proofs of Payment:

Special Offer for my Referrals only - $10 per YouTube Video about Cebitcoin. ;)

Who creates any video about Cebitcoin and uploads to Youtube (with ref. link) will receive $10 per video.
EN/RU minimum 5 min video. The video must be high quality and accompanied by real voice.
After upload video in Youtube contact Cebitcoin Team with the Note in Letter Subject «Special Offer for Nickcrypto Referrals <Your Cebitcoin Nick>— $10 for Cebitcoin Video» and send link to video.

Video must be sent up to and including Sunday, 24th of October 2021 (Monday, 25th of October 2021 is not taken)
Important! To know where to send video please PM me and tell me your Cebitcoin Nick. :)

500 POINTS GIFT COUPON for everyone
Coupon Code: H8J98GAD
Expires: 2021-10-22 10:33 server time
If Coupon didn’t apply simply refresh the internet page several times after Coupon applying

Time is limited! ONLY 1 hour!
Cebitcoin server time now is 2021-10-22 09:33


Coupon Code: Z9XYRWUS
Expires: 2021-10-18 17:24  (05:24 PM) due to server time
If Coupon didn’t apply simply refresh the internet page several times after Coupon replying
Cebitcoin server time now is 2021-10-17 16:05 (04:05 PM)

Every GIFT Coupon you must insert in DASHBOARD/MY ACCOUNT/PROFILE under Statistic


Commonly Visible Withdrawal Statistic is available now

From this List 19 Withdrawals are mine & my referrals (5 - mine, 14 - my referrals)

Totally I have 5 Payments from this project ($50 totally)

On the 6th of October I have got my 5th Payment from Cebitcoin - 0.00019474 BTC

Here is Instruction where & how to surf on the website

1 click on Support/FAQ/For what you get points -  1 Point
1 click on Dashboard/Withdraw - 1 Point
1 click on Dashboard/Upgrade -1 Point
1 click on Advertise - 1 Point
6 clicks on Win/Lottery - 6 Points (you must click 6 times on each -Read More-) - 6 Points
1 click on Content/View PTC Website (you must 1 click on -Read More-) - 1 Point
1 click on Content/View Advertise Network (you must 1 click on -Read More-) - 1 Point
5 clicks on Content/View Videos (you must 5 times click -Read More- uder each Video) - 5 Points
3 clicks on Content/View Website Traffic Tools (you must click on -Read More-) - 3 Points
15 clicks on Content/View Articles (you must 15 times click on -Read More- under each Article) - 15 PointsClicks

Clicks in  View Advertisements (you will get  2 Points per each Adv Banner click):
If you click on 40 Adv Banners, each Banner for 2 Points - so, you will get 80 Points

Totally 1+1+1+1+6+1+1+5+3+15+80=115 Points per day.
Thats is equal to 400 Bitcoin satoshi! (only for 10 minutes per day)
Correspond Instruction with Cebitcoin MENU Sections

New GIFT Coupon 300 Points for my referrals only!

Expires: 2021-10-06 02:26 PM due to server time ( sever time at this moment is 2021-10-05, 08:14 PM)

Please send me Private Message (PM) to get this Coupon.
Don't forget to tell me your nick in Cebitcoin project.

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