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CryptoPunks is a 24*24 pixelated art punks, generated by the two Canadian developers in 2017. Since then, it created circles around the crypto/nft space as it spearheaded a digital art movement. Seeing or hearing about them will persuade people to launch a business venture like them. If you’re one such entrepreneur, we have a customizable CyrptoPunks clone script with us. Contact now!

Marketing - the term which has been widespread since the start of Globalization. And, we’re almost 30+ years into it. With crypto space booming now, marketing again finds its relevance. IDO (Initial DEX Offering) - the latest ‘talk of the town’ in the crypto space has facilitated numerous crypto projects. However, it’s well-crafted IDO marketing services that publicize those projects. Why not infuse it into your business model?

Can’t afford to develop an NFT platform from scratch? You can imitate an NFT platform like Cryptopunks to launch your own. I don’t think there aren’t many lucrative and viable business models than CryptoPunks. Leveraging it doesn't mean imitating code-to-code; however, drawing basic concepts is the main intention here. You need not be worried about plagiarism issues! Wonder what the clone version looks like? Navigate to the web page.

The newly-born 2022 comes with innumerable business opportunities, especially in the NFT space. One such opportunity is establishing an NFT marketplace like Rarible to set up an all-NFT rare-art digital hub. Enticing the rare art enthusiasts would be easy-peasy with an avant-garde platform (like Rarible). However,  it’s not gonna be easy. Hire a technology partner to jump-start your development process today!

Do you have a never-seen-before idea for the next big IDO launchpad? But then, don’t know where to start? Do not worry! Chances are that most entrepreneurs have been there at some juncture. Launchpad development isn't an arduous task but not a layman’s task either. For this reason, you will need an avant-garde IDO launchpad development company that kick-starts things.

Well, I think it’s not a matter of process; it’s about hiring a company that offers affordable solutions. Since IDO launchpads have become the epitome of fundraising campaigns, the demand for brand-new IDO launchpads has also increased. I guess you’re one among entrepreneurs trying to monetizeIDO launchpad development to a maximum extent. Why don’t you hire us?!

$2.05 billion! If you are wondering what does this figure denote? It denotes the market capitalization of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The Ethereum-based NFT collection has become a popular platform for selling apes, granting exclusive access to clubs, and providing ownership and commercial rights to investors. Are you that aspiring entrepreneur who is interested in ruling the metaverse? Create a Bored Ape Yacht Club clone now.
It is a readily deployable NFT marketplace with features similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). [/font]Buyers can purchase collectibles themed in the form of monkeys. All the apes are ERC-721 NFTs. Is every ape unique? Yes!.  Each primate differs based on its background, clothes, earrings, eyes, furs, hats, and mouths. [/font]Moreover,  all the data is stored securely on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Thus, investors need to link their software wallet like MetaMask, process the transaction in Ethereum (ETH), enter the private key, and purchase their preferred NFT. [/font]Post a while, they can enter a club, get access to amenities and receive other benefits in the long run. Is there anything else special? Yes. The BAYC clone script is customized and extra elements like gaming and music can also be added as per the business requirements. Moreover, you can also personalize your NFT marketplace by adding brand elements like images, logos, and taglines. This enables you to capture the target market and also entice NFT collectors across the globe.
Do you want to enter the Web 3.0 revolution? Connect with a white-label solution provider now and build a Bored Ape Yacht Club clone soon.

IDO launchpad is a crypto platform that facilitates IDO fundraising projects with all the necessary tools and support. An IDO launchpad platform ensures the security of the ‘project’ idea which is often prone to theft incidents. Moreover, this avant-garde IDO launchpad guarantees rewards for investors participating in the project.

Marketplace / Leverage the NFT craze with a White-label NFT Platform
« on: December 07, 2021, 11:06:54 AM »
Following a surge of interest in the technology from the art world, NFT sales have soared this year. Brands have followed suit, with companies ranging from Budweiser to the NBA, minting and monetizing NFTs as part of their marketing plans. Do you wish to be a part of this unforeseen NFT craze? Build your white-label NFT platform right now!

Development & technical discussion / What is IDO Marketing Services?
« on: December 02, 2021, 01:40:50 PM »
Do you want to avail of IDO marketing services from expert marketers? Then here is a perfect opportunity! Appdupe has a clan of proficient marketing professionals who are masters in providing IDO marketing services. Our pre-marketing services include PPC, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, etc. And we also take up post-marketing services.

Do you want your NFT marketplace to be as large as OpenSea? Then you can choose Appdupe’s white-label OpenSea clone solution. If launching an NFT marketplace can be easily done, then it is possible only through the white-label solution since it is a ready-made format of the software.

Well, you may be looking for a white-label NFT marketplace solution for letting traders trade any type of NFTs or only a particular type. Based on this option, you can choose the solution. The marketplace development company you are choosing should boast successful projects and must be able to infuse your requirements without a hitch.
Appdupe will be a suitable company as it ticks all the boxes that you are looking for. The company has a bunch of blockchain development geeks who will thoroughly examine your requisites and help you in easily adding customizations. You can also take a look at the number of white-label solutions they have for NFT marketplace development.
OpenSea CloneRarible CloneNifty Gateway CloneDecentraland CloneAxie Infinity CloneCryptoPunks CloneCryptokitties CloneSuperRare Clone, etc.Hence, you have got an amazing number of white-label solutions for developing an NFT marketplace. Choose one and get it launched in just two shakes!

Get your NFT minting software launched in a tick with our pre-built software solution. Minting is the process of etching the details of NFTs on the blockchain (can be of any kind). Importantly, you don’t have to own cryptos in order to mint your NFT creations on our NFT minting software.

When it comes to building an NFT marketplace then making use of the ready-made solutions is the wise choice for entrepreneurs. If you doubt the quality of the app and the features inside it, then it is totally dependent on the development company you choose.
However, these days, ready-made apps are dominating the market as many entrepreneurs find them effective for their budgets. Alright. We will get straight into the features of an NFT marketplace like OpenSea.
Storefront - Storefront is a feature to showcase the available NFTs or digital collectibles created by different creators who have signed up for the platform.List creator - If you know the basics of list creation in the NFT marketplace, then you know the purpose. NFTs have to be listed using the list creator on the selected platform if creators want to sell them.Search bar - A search bar is no exception to any app and it is the same for any kind of NFT marketplace platform.Digital wallet - The marketplace should have a digital wallet as it will facilitate users with storing NFTs. Alongside, the marketplace platform should provide support for integrating existing wallets of users.
Get your OpenSea clone script from a pioneering NFT development company.

Does the escalating cheer for NFT investment among people catalyze you to invest in the development of a marketplace? Then the absolute method is getting the clone solution and launching your marketplace in a jiff. Appdupe has been developing phenomenal clone solutions for NFT marketplaces, and our OpenSea clone can be a suitable solution for you.

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