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Altcoin discussion / How Cryptocurrencies Regulated All Around the World
« on: February 03, 2022, 11:00:09 AM »
When the cryptocurrency first appeared, no one took it seriously. But every day, the world of crypto is growing and becoming more and more popular. That is why the regulatory authorities began to pay more attention to cryptocurrency and began to think about how to regulate it so that it would not destroy the capitalist and centralized financial system of fiat currencies. Today in this article, we will look at how cryptocurrency is regulated in different countries.

Among developed countries, the United States showed perhaps the least interest in regulating the crypto sphere. However, due to the size and federal structure, several current legislative trends and variations were expressed at different levels – federal, departmental, and state levels.
At the US federal level, the regulation of cryptocurrencies is discussed only within the framework of bills against financial crimes and money laundering. There is no separate cryptocurrency legislation, and it was not planned.
The activities of American regulators are mainly related to the protection of American crypto investors from fraudulent projects and projects that do not meet the requirements and give them other financial promotions, for example, during the ICO boom in 2017.

Great Britain
In the UK, the status of cryptocurrencies is still not clearly defined. Until 2014, cryptocurrencies were classified as “single-purpose vouchers,” transactions with which were subject to VAT. In 2014, the Office of Taxes and Customs Duties stated that bitcoin is neither a currency nor money, so the cryptocurrency was not regulated by UK financial legislation and did not fall under the UK Law on the Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime. But since January 2020, the situation has changed: now the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, the financial regulatory authority in the United Kingdom) is engaged in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, including controlling crypto assets in the UK.

Cryptocurrency Advertising
Also, just the other day, the British advertising supervisory authority ruled against (banned ads) several cryptocurrency advertisements (misleading cryptocurrency ads, misleading claims, consumer harm), stating that crypto assets are a priority for turning on the “red alert” signal and protecting consumers.

Seven companies whose financial advertising violated the rules of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned ads, including trading platforms eToro and Coinburp. Exchanges EXMO, Luno, Kraken, and [censored], as well as a promotion with cryptocurrency cashback from the Papa John’s pizza chain.

The European Union
At the leadership level, the EU demonstrates a conservative attitude towards digital assets. In particular, the EU reacted uneasily to the idea of launching Libra cryptocurrency by Facebook, banning its circulation on its territory due to the unpredictability of risks that could entail the appearance of a new means of payment and, in fact, sinking Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative.
Recently, anti-money laundering measures have been strengthened. They are aimed at the transparency of the cryptocurrency market: since January 2020, the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) has been in effect, which eliminates anonymity.

Despite the fact that India is one of the largest and fastest-growing crypto economies in the world, there is still no clear regulation in the country, and the position regarding cryptocurrencies is uncertain.

South Korea
In South Korea, regulation of cryptocurrencies has been established at the moment, and a related change in the taxation system is being discussed. On March 5, 2020, the South Korean government adopted amendments to the legislation, according to which all companies in the crypto market must identify users comply with financial statements and certified information security management systems. A year is allotted for the implementation of the amendments.
In July, there was news that a 20% tax on income from cryptocurrency trading will be introduced from October 1 next year.

The legal status of the cryptocurrency and the attitude of the law to transactions with it in Russia have been actively discussed since 2015. There have been many more initiatives, plans, and proposals during this time than there have been real actions.
Only in July 2020 the law on digital financial assets and digital currency was adopted and came into force on January 1, 2021. The adopted law defines the concept of cryptocurrency (finally) but prohibits its use to pay for goods and services.

It can be noticed that all countries are slowly trying to form their relations with cryptocurrency, each in their own way. So far, we can only guess how this attitude will eventually form. Will the old centralized banking system and the new decentralized crypto exchange and proposed financial promotions rules find a balance among them?

Source: ICODA crypto marketing agency, article "How Are Cryptocurrencies Regulated?"

Altcoin discussion / Re: How to earn real income from meme coins.
« on: February 03, 2022, 10:44:50 AM »
I think meme coins are a real thing now, and there're still a lot of opportunities to enter the market with a new meme project. It general, with a decent marketing campaign, a good meme token has all the chances to be on top. I've read a good article about it, you could also take a look at it: Meme Coin: What is it and How to promote it?
It's written by one of the best crypto marketing agencies ICODA so they definitely know what they're saying. Also, if you would be interested in Meme token development or help with its promotion, you could ask them for help for sure!

Altcoin discussion / How Meme Coins Work, and How to Promote Them?
« on: January 25, 2022, 03:24:49 PM »
Crypto is conquering the world: cryptocurrency and blockchain-based startups have exploded in their visibility and are all the rage.
Inspired by Internet memes and current events and promoted by influencers, meme coins have shot to prominence too.
Influencers have always featured prominently in cryptocurrency culture, but never more so than recently. When Elon Musk proclaimed himself as “The Dogefather,” it sparked a wave of imitators, promoted by influencers on Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok.
Some call investing in meme coins insanity. Others think of it as a cheap bet with the potential to have huge profits. Whoever’s right, interest in meme coins or tokens has skyrocketed in recent months.
If the excitement of playing armchair observer or amateur investor isn’t enough for you, you might be wondering if it’s possible to jump in on the action by launching and promoting your meme coin. The short answer is yes, but there are quite a few different things to consider, especially in making it popular. It will be great if you keep in mind these options.

What Is It?
Typically, a meme coin has no inherent value and often no utility. As the name implies, these cryptocurrencies are often—but not exclusively—themed around Internet memes: jokes and memes shared on social media.
Among them are: Dogecoin, SafeMoon, ElonGate, Pitbull, Hoge, Ultrasafe. In short, these meme coins are a form of digital assets other than Bitcoin. They share specific characteristics with Bitcoin but can use different consensus mechanisms or include smart contracts.

Why Are They so Popular?
We should mention two words only: public influence. Traders as well as popular investors not only influence visibility but also have a significant influence on the price fluctuations. Let’s pay close attention to DOGE.
As you already know, Dogecoin started as a joke to show how people blindly invested in cryptocurrencies without fully understanding them. Not so long ago, Elon Musk was on Saturday Night Live, where he noticed that Dogecoin was a “hustle,” and the coin crashed with a 30% loss.
But, along the way, the joke backfired, and this meme coin soared against many people’s expectations when Elon tweeted that he was working with the DOGE team to improve its system transaction efficiency. From trading at a fraction of a dollar, Dogecoin has grown to become one of the most valuable digital assets. If we check out CoinMarketCap, you can see that it is in the top-10 list of digital assets, and it is pretty impressive.
Plus, we can pay close attention to the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Cuban’s words bring us to another reason the crypto sphere is talking about meme coins like Dogecoin: involving celebrities in making this coin popular. The most high-profile fan of DOGE is the co-founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk. But others, like Snoop Dogg, Mia Khalifa, and Gene Simmons, joined this “DOGE club” too.

How to Promote It?
So, it’s time to check out the way it is possible to make the coin popular. While you are busy developing your new currency, think parallelly about its marketing strategy to make it more popular than one of the competitors! An excellent online marketing campaign with clear and open communication can do wonders and help differentiate your meme coin in the jungle of thousands of digital assets.
You would have to find several vital steps to motivate the use of your meme coin. Whether your digital asset is attractive enough, you will need a powerful promotion tactic.
And digital advertising is a great tool today. It will help you considerably in finding investors for your meme coin.
We have collected the most helpful ways to make your meme coin popular in the crypto community.

Social Media Activities
Since cryptocurrency has been categorized as a new technology, firms use disruptive strategies to stand out from the crowd. They have to adopt less formal methods of communicating with clients, seeking more simple and more authentic means of engagement. So, it is an excellent way to use a media platform to promote your meme coin online.
Check out the most prominent websites that you should consider in your strategy.

Unlike other platforms that are usually restricted by time (for example, TikTok and Instagram), YouTube supports long-form content. This provides space for influencers to deep dive into topics like price predictions, analysis and to give detailed reviews on cryptocurrencies.
According to AspireIQ, YouTube videos have a much higher engagement rate than Instagram or Tik Tok influencer content.

All we can say is that YouTube is a massive hub of content related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. It is crammed with a growing number of channels discussing digital assets. Leaders have created deeply engaged and loyal communities based on their YouTube channels.
These influencers can affect serious change in the cryptocurrency market. When a prominent crypto-YouTuber voices a strong opinion on a digital asset, it can prompt followers to action. Any investor within the blockchain space should absorb as much information and culture from YouTube as possible.
Because the cryptocurrency segment expands each day, there will most likely be many more YouTube crypto channels to pick from in the immediate future. Therefore, it gets incredibly vital to add this media channel to your marketing strategy to make your meme coin popular.

Whether you are new to the world of digital assets or a professional, Twitter is one of the best ways to stay tuned. That is why it is highly recommended for meme coins to establish brand awareness there.
It is an excellent social media platform for coverage of the cryptocurrency market. Twitter has the potential to make your project popular compared to other crypto channels such as Telegram, Medium, or Facebook. Twitter is, in fact, one of the biggest social media platforms that are being utilized in promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, crypto-related projects, and other blockchain startups.
Twitter is actually where the most influential people in crypto space can be found. It is an excellent way to make announcements about your coin, promote its bounty campaigns, and spread news and updates. Twitter has a large number of users, so it also drives traffic to other crypto community channels. Its virality is a unique tool that makes it an effective marketing platform.

Use Tik Tok to win the hearts of Gen Z consumers
When it comes to Gen Z-dominated social media platforms, TikTok generates all the buzz. It is a great channel to reach the next generation of investors and show them your meme coin.
This group is super online. Instead of traditional investments, Gen Z and millennial investors are bullish on digital assets.
According to the CNBC survey, nearly half of millennial millionaires have at least 25% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. This includes popular cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH, as well as meme coins and NFTs.
TikTok and crypto is an unlikely combination, given the young generation encouraging peers to invest in meme coins. While they’re not yet crypto experts, TikTok users have mastered the art of social influence and virality. Market manipulation that influences the prices of meme coins is just another demonstration of the far-reaching influence of the TikTok crypto community.

PR Activities
Cryptocurrencies promise to change the world as we know it. However, in order to do that, crypto startups, like all other startups, need a solid PR strategy to be heard and make a name for themselves.
With cryptocurrency and blockchain-related advertisements facing prohibitions on many platforms like Google, it is needed to look to crypto-friendly websites like Reddit and Steemit to get your message out there. In addition, it is important to rely on using different types of content like guest post articles to generate backlinks and build a reputation.
Submitting PR articles to crypto communities gives a company a higher chance to broaden its reach.
However, with more than 10000 cryptocurrencies in the market these days, gaining media attention is the very thing that can make or break your blockchain company. While the industry is still young and needs to be globally regulated and adapted, you should create and integrate a PR strategy as soon as possible. And here are several solutions to keep in mind.

Smart Contract Audit
Smart contract security auditing is a thorough analysis of blockchain applications’ smart contracts in order to correct design issues, errors in the code, or security vulnerabilities. It is a security check done by professionals. This process boosts the confidence of investors and traders. They prefer to put money into tokens and coins which have zero vulnerabilities, along these lines, expanding the trust inside the crypto network guaranteeing the security of your meme coin.
A professional audit by a leading security auditing company like ICODA will typically involve the following steps:
  • Collect its specification
  • Run tests and automated symbolic execution tools
  • Full analysis of the code
  • Provide a detailed analytics report
Listing Your Meme Coin
If you recently launched a meme coin and are looking for a reputable platform to promote it, then we are here to aid you in growing your virtual currency to the spotlight.
You need to get your asset listed on exchanges and the most reputable platforms like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. This can be a complex, time-consuming, and often tricky process if you don’t have the connections and technical know-how.
Every exchange has different criteria. Thus, it’s necessary to understand which exchanges are worth considering for your token at this point in your project’s timeline. If you are not listed on an exchange yet, the first best step is to look for platforms that have a track record of listing new tokens that are similar to yours.
Getting the coin listed on different platforms seems a complex process, but the ICODA team is always here to help you.

Another well-known PR tactic is airdrop. We all love receiving something for free, and that doesn’t change regardless of the historical value of the airdropped token. Sending a broad set of consumers a small number of tokens is a cost-effective and streamlined way to draw attention to your asset.
The airdrop tends to draw in speculators during boom times, but it could bring you, long-term investors and bargain hunters. The humble airdrop is a reliable marketing engine you must integrate into your promotion strategy.
Airdrops are, therefore, commonly used by new projects. A crypto airdrop is usually a marketing tactic that uses the free distribution of new digital assets to drive awareness and build a loyal community easily, as well as help to put an early value to a token as recipients may begin to trade their airdropped coins.
It allows investors to diversify their portfolio, spread awareness of the airdropped token and earn an effective dividend (of their previous holdings). Most campaigns run with mechanics such as receiving coins in exchange for simple tasks like sharing news, referring friends, or downloading an app. Your customers will generate useful content in multiple languages. So, it will help you to expand the list of your consumers, increase your social media engagement and reputation all around the world.

Co-Branding Partnerships
Famous companies garner attention regardless of market conditions. Any tangible partnership between big companies and a startup is newsworthy and tends to overshadow the dominant mood of the crypto sphere.
It will bring credibility to your project and inspire more users to adopt your meme coin. There’s no doubt news of a new partnership will help you gain publicity, but even a regular update on an existing partnership with an authoritative organization or investor (following Musk’s example) can generate positive buzz and mainstream awareness for your asset.
Nearly the entire crypto industry is on a long-term journey to redefine the global economy and decentralize the financial world.
We hope that this article could help your project weather any storm or stand out when the market is overcrowded. Utilizing these pr and marketing technologies could help cement your team’s network.
Coming up with a new product or service is a lot of work, which unfortunately does not stop once it’s ready. Launching and promoting it is the other half of the equation. It requires knowledge, dedication, and keeping up-to-date with the latest cryptocurrency trends. You could be offering the best coin around, but if you don’t promote it properly, you’re likely to miss out on opportunities or even end up losing money down the line.

So, the ICODA team is always here for you. They helped to make and boost a wide range of crypto-related companies, and your project could be the next.
Check out ICODA's website for more info & contact them

DeFi / Re: Importance of metaverse, NFT and DeFi in the Blockchain world
« on: January 19, 2022, 02:11:07 PM »
Well, these areas will become dominant really soon (if they haven't already) in the crypto world. Still not sure what is the biggest hype rn, but I tend to think that it's NFTs for now, and maybe in a couple of months the metaverse theme will be everywhere like NFTs as well. And if we speak about NFTs and DeFi, I would recommend to pay attention to Polygon. The cost of transactions in the Polygon network is much lower than in Ethereum. For instance, you need to pay more than $50 to transfer NFT to Ethereum, whereas in Polygon it's even less than $1. I believe this is the future of the industry, and if you would be interested to learn more about Layer 2 solutions, here's a good article about it in the context of NFT Marketplaces: Polygon NFT Marketplace. Anyway, I'm really excited about the future of blockchain and looking forward to the new features.

The Bitcoin mining software development service is becoming extremely popular in the era of cryptography and blockchain technology. By optimizing the cryptocurrency mining process, a miner can significantly increase the profits, which is why the costs often pay off.
There is also an alternative — free software that can be deployed and used by almost anyone. In this article, you will find information about both advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Important Bitcoin Software Development Parameters
When choosing Bitcoin mining software, pay attention to its performance. The most important factors are:
  • the hash rate that determines the number of hashes per second. There should be no restrictions, or they should not exceed the computational power of your device;
  • data security which is the main priority of solo miners;
  • the ease of use that should allow customizing the interface and simplifying the configuration process;
  • the opportunity to overclock the graphics card in order to increase capacity;
  • switching between various devices;
  • heating control necessary for equipment management.
Besides, you should make sure that the Bitcoin mining software is efficient — it should ensure energy-efficient processing.

Free Bitcoin Mining Software

The Bitcoin mining software is most often recommended for use by crypto communities. The software includes useful functions:
  • Cross-platform support. Works on any operating system.
  • Support for application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), GPU and FPGA technologies.
  • Compatible with equipment from less popular manufacturers, such as Black Arrow.

The program features include:

  • process monitoring;
  • fan speed adjustment;
  • simple scalability implemented by changing the hashing speed;
  • work with different pools.
Professionals note the main drawback – the lack of a graphical interface. For beginners, the software will be difficult to master since all settings are done manually via the command line of the main events.


Like the software above, MultiMiner supports various mining equipment, but it also has a GUI that is easy to use even for complete beginners. Regular notifications about important events allow you to set up entire strategies and easily switch between different cryptocurrencies, even without being near a computer. It can also be controlled from a smartphone.


BFGMiner is much easier to set up and manage than similar Bitcoin mining software. GPU, FPGA and ASIC class hardware is supported. A proxy server is sewn into the kernel to distribute threads. Thanks to this approach, the software does not freeze and works with a high degree of optimization. Analytical reports on soft and hardware, as well as device management parameters, are available at any time.
Automatic mining is designed for the lazy. However, in this case, you will need to share with the developers by paying a transaction fee from each mined block.


The open-source program connects to a server and solves the assigned tasks. Users can connect several computers to one account. It automatically chooses the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining. The in-built wallet allows exchanging coins for fiat money. The software always chooses the optimal algorithm for Bitcoin mining.


This software is designed for PCs. It has an intuitive interface and allows the withdrawal of mined coins. The platform also offers an affiliate program.

Disadvantages of Free Mining Software
The first and most important drawback is that you are left alone with the program. You can look for help on forums and community chats, but you will rarely find comprehensive answers and will most likely end up even more confused.
Free mining software serves multiple purposes, which means that there will likely be lots of problems concerning highly-specific issues.

When Is Free Software Worth It?
In 2021, mining has been taken to an industrial level. Solo mining has become impractical unless you own a huge farm with tens of thousands of mining devices. Currently, there are only two types of users who can benefit from using free software.

Beginning Miners Who Have Their Own Small-Scale Equipment
Solo mining is not profitable due to the highly competitive environment, and most beginning miners will join a mining pool to profit proportionally to the provided technical capacity. In this case, free software helps to cut the initial costs, and the mining might pay off. However, mining pool profits are relatively low.

Proficient Users Who View Mining Primarily As A Fun Challenge
They enjoy overcoming obstacles, configuring programs and computers. If they can code and know hashing algorithms, they become software developers.

Custom-Built Software for Mining
Most often, mining software is offered by companies that specialize in establishing and developing the crypto ecosystem. Mining systems are rather complicated, which is why creating a code requires a team of professionals, with each of them responsible for their own area of work.
There is often a need to additionally obtain secure Bitcoin services or implement Bitcoin API integration. In large systems created to generate income, Bitcoin payment processors are required. Many additionally order Bitcoin wallet development. If you need a full range of Bitcoin services, then you cannot do without an individual approach to Bitcoin miner development. In order to write a software code for mining, a developer must have a good command of:
  • the English language;
  • the operation of mining pools;
  • the operation and interaction between devices of various manufacturers;
  • the specifics of operating system operations related to hardware and memory allocation;
  • the operation of multithreaded applications and multiple exchanges;
  • the hashing algorithm of the specific blockchain targeted by the miner (for example, Bitcoin core for BTC);
  • programming languages, including С++.
The easiest way to find such a highly-specific skill set is to assemble a team of programmers.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Bitcoin Software Development?
Every Bitcoin development specialist may provide their own set of services, but they are all aimed at achieving the individual objectives of their customers. You can order software designed for farming or cloud Bitcoin mining.
In the case of the former, you will be offered the following features:
  • the support of several GPUs;
  • the support of CPU Bitcoin mining, FGPA, GPU, ASIC;
  • versions for various operating systems;
  • a convenient and personalized graphic interface;
  • optimization and energy-saving modes;
  • Bitcoin API integration;
  • intuitive real-time reports.
It is also important to pay attention to faster transaction authorizations and payouts, integration with application-specific equipment, scalability, and implemented algorithms.
Another method for Bitcoin mining crypto is cloud mining.

Currently, it is more popular due to the fact that only a very powerful farm can be profitable. Those who would like to increase their share in the mining pool have numerous options:
  • participation in Hashflare that allows creating various mining strategies;
  • building secure platforms similar to Genesis Mining that will allow building your own business based on an existing farm;
  • equipment rent and configuring chains using such clouds as Hashing24;
  • development of new cloud services, either based on existing platforms or from scratch.
Options vary from Bitcoin software development to building a business analytics system and creating business deployment plans.

Benefits of Customized Bitcoin Mining Software Development
The secure and decentralized applications will correspond to the individual needs of your business. Such software will be best adapted to your capacities, and all the settings will be configured exactly as you need them to be. It is enough to prepare correct technical specifications and supervise the Bitcoin software development process, and you will get a miner that is perfect for you.
Another advantage is quality assurance. Unlike a freelance programmer, a respectable company always cares about its reputation and will never try to ignore you, refusing to support your software product. Developers bear responsibility for their work, and you will never be left alone with your problems, unlike in the case of free software.
If you have not made up your mind about the exact specifications, another advantage is the flexibility of Bitcoin software development. You can order an MVP (minimum viable product) to test various hypotheses. All the detailed functions can be determined later.

The development of customized software is expensive. You should analyze everything to find out whether it will pay off. If you are going to start mining, do the calculations first. Find out the hash rate of your equipment, input power, cost of KWh, current blockchain complexity and blockchain costs. You can use any online calculator, many of which automatically enter known values.

How Expensive Is It to Order Customized Software for Mining?
The costs of customized software for Bitcoin mining usually start from $20,000 and can only increase. This is analyzed individually for each assignment, but you can be sure that it will be quite expensive.

How to Choose a Bitcoin Developer?
The most important factor is the developer’s reputation. Even though the crypto market is relatively new, reliable companies have already won the confidence of customers. If you choose to work with a new company, supervise the Bitcoin miner development process in order to ensure the implementation of all the important functions. If the developer is interested in the result, they will be happy to cooperate.
Pay attention to the time frame. Such software cannot be written in one or two days. If the developer does not study your technical specifications or disregards them completely, pretending to know better, this is an untrustworthy partner. At the very best, you will get a standard program that is not customized to your specific tasks. In the worst-case scenario, you will lose money and will not get the necessary software.
Private software developers do not always ensure security and sometimes even deliberately include viruses into the program code. At the end of the day, you might lose all your savings when a third party obtains access to your wallets.

If you would like to find out the costs of Bitcoin mining software, contact ICODA. An expert will advise you on the costs and performance time. We have a team of blockchain developers who will be able to offer you the available and the most optimal solutions for the tasks of our clients.
One of the main advantages of ICODA is our capacity to cover all the business aspects. We go way beyond Bitcoin mining software development. If you would like to build secure and decentralized applications, blockchain-based business or deploy a platform, we will take into account your strategy when writing the program code and creating the interface.
We specialize in crypto software development. If necessary, we will create secure Bitcoin services with a high degree of protection, perform Bitcoin API integration, write Bitcoin payment processors. You can order Bitcoin wallet development.
Our blockchain and Bitcoin development experience allows us to implement a strategic approach in solving each task and to analyze it in the context of other aspects of your activities. We do not simply write programs but strive to contribute to the development of your business. We offer unique solutions and work with each client individually.
You can contact our experts by using the feedback form. We speak several languages and can help you wherever you are. You will always have access to the most convenient communication channels and receive a swift reply to any request.

Newbies / Music NFT Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know About It
« on: January 10, 2022, 08:14:28 PM »
NFT Tokens and Music
There was an NFT – non-fungible tokens sales boom this year. Digital artists and musicians have started using NFT auctions to sell NFT tied to their creations.
The absolute majority of lots at such auctions represent digital art objects (jpg paintings, gif files, videos and even burnt original works). Still, musicians are actively using hype around the new technology, successfully selling their NFTs and receiving hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars for it.
So, DJ and producer 3Lau, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, singer Grimes and many others have already earned on the sale of their creations tied to NFTs. Canadian artist The Weeknd recently announced his intentions to release the NFT of his new song. Given the artist’s popularity, there is every reason to believe that he will gain a significant amount of digital assets from this transaction.

Which Musicians Should Do NFT?
The current situation in the NFT markets already resembles mass insanity — marketplaces are crowded with both novice crypto investors and digital artists trying to sell their NFTs. And if there are already special trading platforms for serious investors and collectors of digital art, then novice musicians should weigh the pros and cons before entering the game.
Creating an NFT version of your product can become a monetization tool if you are:
  • An iconic musician or artist whose releases or artefacts are always of interest to collectors on every NFT marketplace
  • An artist with a group of fans. They are aware of the cryptocurrency market, keep and manage cryptocurrencies. In this sense, popular musicians, for example, among developers from San Francisco who know what NFT music is, are in a more advantageous position.
  • A musician that mixes music and digital art. The NFT craze began with the digital art market — primarily visual. The showcases of curated NFT marketplaces now look more like 3D galleries than streaming service charts. However, if a musician pays great attention to the visual packaging of his work, his works may be in demand at NFT auctions.
  • Extremely lucky adventurer. You probably remember that at the time of the appearance of bitcoin, most financial experts considered this idea of cryptocurrencies too utopian. In a certain sense, the concept has remained utopian today, but now one bitcoin costs more than 4 million rubles. And those “adventurers” who mined or bought bitcoins 10 years ago hardly regret this investment. With music NFT, the situation is likely to be similar.
What Can I Sell as an NFT Token?

Almost any digital artefact you have created can become an object of digital art — and it can be tied to a non-fungible token and put up for auction. But also, in addition to the token, physical objects and even promises and obligations can be attached.
Moreover— you can release not one music NFT but several by creating several original and authorised copies of one object. Experts of the NFT art market have already said that the greatest interest among buyers is not individual NFTs but a series of digital art objects. Recently, the Grimes singer sold a series of works created with her brother, digital artist Mac Boucher. Some of the digital objects were accompanied by original music.

How to Make a Release in NFT Format?

To enter the crypto market, you need to create an ethereum wallet in which you will put your reward from the sale of NFTs. You can use MetaMask or Rainbow services as a wallet. Simple and free registration of any wallet will take less than a minute.
  • Buy yourself some ETH. In order for you to enter the auction, you must have about 0.05 Ethers (about $ 92) in your account. These funds will be spent on the so-called gas fee – the energy that is needed to initialize your NFTs. You can buy ETHs on any of the many sites for rubles or foreign currency, as well as using a QIWI wallet and the “Yandex service.Money” — or convert another cryptocurrency into Ethers, if you have one.
  • Link your audio file to the IPFS interplanetary file system. Wikipedia explains IPFS as a “content-addressable, peer-to-peer hypermedia communication protocol”. Explaining what is going on with your file would take several pages of text, and information about it is easy to find on the Internet (and difficult to understand). Let’s just say that you can do it absolutely for free using the Pinata website, using this visual instruction.
  • Select the marketplace where you will create and place your NFT.OpenSea is considered to be the most popular NFT market. However, for those who are just embarking on their first adventure through the murky waters of non-fungible tokens, the Rarible market is recommended. It is as simple as possible, and thanks to the partner program, the NFTs created on it are freely traded on OpenSea.
Read more about Music NFTs, their types, advantages, and places to sell them:

Altcoin projects / Easy step-by-step guide to creating ERC20 token
« on: December 25, 2021, 11:14:38 AM »
15 Minutes Guide to Creating an ERC20 Token Based on Ethereum

ERC-20 Token. Brief Review
Ethereum ERC-20 tokens are coins of third-party projects that work on the Ethereum blockchain. They are based on the ether network, use its power to conduct transactions, support its addresses and wallets, but at the same time have their own tickers, issue, rate and value. For example, although EOS is an ERC20 token, it boasts a capitalization of $ 11.5 billion, which is more than the absolute majority of independent cryptocurrencies that are mined by mining.

Most often, ERC-20 tokens are issued during the ICO in order to attract funding from investors (the token generation process is called TGE, from Token Generation Event). Projects issue a certain number of coins and sell them to everyone for bitcoins or ethers. It turns out something like startup shares or certificates confirming ownership of the asset. In addition, tokens can also act as an internal currency within the application system, individual stake coins, bonuses in the loyalty program, etc.

It should be understood that although ERC-20 tokens work on the ether blockchain, this does not mean that they will necessarily go on the stock exchange and increase in price by thousands of percent. Yes, of course, there are very promising projects with great potential and a great team that have a great future and can shoot. But there are also absolute shitcoins that are created to collect millions from investors and disappear into the night. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Making an ERC20 Token
Creating an ERC20 token and conducting an ICO is definitely not a rocket science task.
Preparing for the ICO, you should understand that the ICO is a pure marketing event. If you think that you will need a staff of programmers to conduct it, it’s a serious mistake. You’ll need marketing staff, as well as a normal amount of currency, to attract public attention. Yes, there are ICOs that happened without serious investments (due to their idea/experience/connections), but let’s not flatter ourselves with hopes and deceit — to collect a million dollars, you will have to invest thousands of dollars in ICO.
There are many ways to create your token. The simplest and the most popular are:
  • Go to Waves/Cryptonotestarter (or analogues) and release your coin in 1 minute right in the interface.
  • Solidity/Pyethereum (Ethereum-based token). Using the knowledge and/or the ERC20 smart coin writing standard (in fact, the source code of the coin with many blackjack variants) to sign a contract.To launch your token, you need to take the source code of the ERC20 token, change a couple of lines and upload the contract to the network by one of the clients (of.client Ethereum / Metamask / etc).
To Issue an ERC20 Standard Token, You Need:
Step 1
  • choose a name, for example Best Coin
  • choose a symbol, let’s make it BEC
  • choose the number of ethereum based tokens, it is unchanged, for example 10,000
  • choose whether the tokens will be divided, if so, how many decimal places will be the maximum
If you trust the community, you can use the utilities — this or others. The problem with such services is that they do not provide source code, only byte code. Therefore, there is no confidence in their purity. But most often, such things are written by guys with a name, so you can still trust it.

Step 2
Deploy the Token
Enter this data into the smart contract available by the link. Download both .sol files. Go to the remix editor. Download both files.

Files are loaded with the Load(Open) button. Select both files.Open NewToken.sol, put the necessary values in <brackets> instead of variables:
  • totalSupply — total number of tokens
  • name — the full name of the token
  • decimal — the number of zacks after the decimal point. The fact is that in contracts, everything is stored only in integers. Therefore, you should specify the number of characters if you want to be able to credit a non-integer number of tokens.
  • symbol — a symbol for exchanges
  • buy ads
  • unplug
It should turn out something like this:

Save it. It remains to upload the contract to the network. For example, install it in the Ropsten test net. Any client will be required for the deployment. Let’s use MetaMask — it does not know how to compile smart contracts on Solidity, so we will compile first.

In the right part of the remix editor, open the compile tab. By default, the contract is compiled automatically. By selecting your contract in select and clicking Details, you can view the bytecode and other information.To deploy, click Run, select Injected Web3, select the Account that we will deploy (it should load automatically if you have MetaMask installed in the browser). Enter the necessary information in the fields (gas, value), click Create.

MetaMask picks up the action from the page.Click Submit. Your contract is sealed. The dispatch is confirmed in MetaMask by an icon with a document (it leads to the transaction page) and the inscription “Contract published”.

A sealed smart contract is a token.

Step 3
Token Operations
Ethereum based token transactions require two wallets — the one that already has them (by default, the contract creator, the ERC20 standard) and the one that needs to transfer them. Perform operations with our token (transfer it, for example). We can either on the etherscan contract page (link in MetaMask) or on the remix page.

Blue here — read operations, pink — write operations.

To transfer ERC-20 tokens, enter the recipient’s address and quantity. After that (and entering data into the blockchain, of course), you can check your balance or the balance of the recipient of the tokens with the operation balanceOf.

Learn about more specifics of ERC20 tokens:

DeFi / Re: 2021 is often referred to as the year of NFT.
« on: December 23, 2021, 12:02:08 PM »
What will be a read year of NFTs is 2022 for sure. There are many new projects connected to it rn that are still in development. More than that, more and more famous people are migrating to the NFT sphere, and I believe that in 2022, they'll have a lot of releases there. Super excited to see what will happen next!

Game / Re: New Metaverse Project, NFT Game * Chainers *
« on: December 23, 2021, 11:57:05 AM »
Thanks for sharing! I'm always glad to hear about new metaverse projects. I believe the future of crypto and blockchain is closely connected with it, and in a couple of years, it'll be a huge thing. So if you guys haven't tried any crypto metaverse games yet, I strongly recommend doing so. Also, you'll probably get a great chance to earn a lot of money in the future, thanks to your current gaming NFTs and properties.

Marketplace / Re: Create ERC20 Token For Business
« on: December 23, 2021, 11:46:31 AM »
If anyone is also interested in learning how to create an ERC-20 token yourself and, overall, learn more about its specifics, I've found a really cool guide. Even though I'm not that good in crypto yet, I could understand everything and am now thinking about creating my own ERC-20 token. So it's actually super nice to learn such new things, and it took me not more than 20 minutes.

How could stablecoins replace Bitoin? Stablecoins and Bitcoins are very, very different from one another and there's a reason for that.
Do I believe in stablecoins? I believe that they are great assets to store your money in if you are between trades but don't want to convert your money  back to fiat, and they might be a good storage option if the currency of your country is going through volatile times. But they are not meant to bring you big profits like more volatile cryptos such as bitcoin can.
Agreed! I want to add that stablecoins and Bitcoin are entirely different things, and people who invest in them have different purposes. They may become more popular over time, but they won't replace other cryptocurrencies as there are still people willing to get more profit for higher risk. And, overall, such a fundamental thing cannot be replaced.

Altcoin discussion / Re: Games you can play to earn cryptocurrency rewards
« on: December 21, 2021, 03:54:23 PM »
I would also add there the most popular ones like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, etc. Metaverse games definitely have bright future and they will soon lead the market I guess.

Marketplace / Re: How to make money quickly with cryptocurrency ?
« on: December 13, 2021, 02:11:43 PM »
I would advise against rushing into this matter. In my opinion, there are a lot of SCAM projects now, which may promise a lot of benefits, but in fact will just disappear, as it was with Squid Game Currency. I prefer to rely on verified currencies, with which the growth may not be instant and large, but there is no risk of losing all your money. So, I can recommend to look at Solana or Polygon, for example.

Newbies / Re: Popular cryptoprojects
« on: December 13, 2021, 12:50:20 PM »
Try to look at the platforms and protocols that already have a rich history and background. Watch some reviews on them and read future forecasts and trends. Also, there's a lot of useful info on Twitter, including graphs for different tokens.

Newbies / Re: What is NFT
« on: December 13, 2021, 12:41:57 PM »
NFT is a Non-fungible token, unique and cannot be replaced by something else. They are linked to the blockchain, the digital database that underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. NFTs are commonly used to purchase and sell digital artwork, which can include GIFs, tweets, virtual trade cards, photos, video game skins, land in meta etc. NFT is reserved strictly to its owner and the rights to its possession cannot belong to anyone else.
I suggest to take a look at the most popular NFTs marketplaces like OpenSea to learn more about their prices and forms.

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