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Sharp Bunnies NFT Minting has started on the official website — Now, buy your Sharp Bunnies and get a free Lucky Egg for every NFT you mint.

Also, when you mint Sharp Bunnies NFT, you stand a chance to win free ETH/USDT. For every 100 NFTs minted, 40 participants will be randomly selected and awarded surprise ETH or USDT.

Before you start, here’s a quick guide to get you started with NFT minting.

What is NFT minting?

A Non-fungible token, or NFT, is nothing but the digital data that represents the ownership to a unique digital item and is stored on a blockchain. To mint or create an NFT essentially means adding the data (metadata) related to a particular digital item to a blockchain.
Why is this important? Because every NFT represents a unique item that is rare and unlike anything else. The ownership and uniqueness data of the particular item must be preserved securely on a network that cannot be penetrated.

And what could be better than blockchain? So, blockchain is used to store non-fungible tokens, i.e. the data of unique digital items such as videos, images, artwork, and more.

How to mint Sharp Bunnies (step by step guide)

In the case of Sharp Bunnies, NFTs will be minted to securely store the data associated with Sharp Bunnies images on the blockchain. There are 9999 programmatically generated unique Sharp Bunnies images, each with over 200 attributes.

When you mint a Sharp Bunny NFT, you help create and store the data file on a blockchain and will receive ownership rights to that particular Bunny. In addition, you’ll receive a Lucky Egg for every Sharp bunny you mint.

Cost of minting Sharp Bunnies NFTs

Wondering how much it costs to mint a Sharp Bunny NFT? Not much. All you have to pay is 0.081 ETH + gas to mint every Sharp Bunny. For every NFT you mint, you also get a Lucky Egg. A user can mint up to 10 tokens in a single transaction.

Step by step process to minting Sharp Bunnies

The primary minting of Sharp Bunnies is being held on the official website, which is Eventually, the NFT will be added to OpenSea for secondary trading. Here’s how you can mint Sharp Bunnies.

1. Visit and click on ‘MINT’.

2. Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. The new window will ask you to connect your MetaMask or any other wallet. (If you haven’t already installed MetaMask on your system, do it now.)

3. Once you have connected your wallet, enter the number of tokens you wish to mint/purchase. Now, click on the ‘Mint’ button to start minting.

Note: Make sure that you have sufficient ETH in your Metamask wallet. If not, load your wallet before you start minting.
Sharp Bunnies NFT minting will continue until all NFTs are minted. The first 500 tokens are free to mint, i.e. no gas fees will be levied from the minters of the first 500 Sharp Bunnies.

Buyers will also receive a Lucky Egg with every token minted, along with a chance to win ETH/USDT in Raffle.

Visit Official Website: to start minting.


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have been trending big over the last couple of years. This is mainly because of the power of NFTs to enable unique artwork and assets to be sold for an astounding value online.

Even the most basic but unique images, videos, gifs and other pieces of art can be auctioned and sold online at great prices, thanks to NFTs.

So, what exactly are NFTs and how are they leading the crypto revolution?

NFTs are digital tokens that represent digital works of art or unique assets and can be seamlessly traded on the blockchain with the ability to easily verify the ownership of the holders.

In simple terms, NFTs allow unique digital entities to be converted into tokens that can be sold and traded securely online.

For the last couple of years, NFTs have been helping artists, designers, musicians and many other types of content creators worldwide to independently and fairly trade their digital artwork online and get the best price for it from interested collectors/investors.

One of the best examples of the potential of NFTs is Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet that sold for a whopping $2.9 million in an NFT auction.

However, the idea of NFTs is not new. CryptoKitties, an Ethereum blockchain-based digital trading game that involves buying and selling unique virtual cat images, has been running successfully for the past some years now.

Some of these cats (NFTs) have been purchased for hundreds or thousands of dollars by intrigued buyers. The same goes for other popular NFTs.

Let’s talk about some basic terms and definitions related to NFTs.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital token (unit of data) stored on the blockchain that is made to represent a real digital asset or artwork. Each NFT is unique and non-interchangeable, which means an NFT cannot be interchanged for another NFT. This is because no two NFTs are ever the same and each NFT has a different value than other NFTs.

NFTs are often made to present reproducible digital media assets such as images, videos, gifs, audio, etc. These digital content can be generally reproduced by anyone who has access to them, but owning an NFT associated with a particular digital file gives you complete ownership and rights to that particular file.

Other than the ability to seamlessly trade them online, NFTs also offer a certificate of ownership. This is a digital file stored on the blockchain and containing information about the NFT’s ownership and other data.

What is an NFT marketplace? (How to buy/sell NFTs)

An NFT marketplace is the platform where people can auction, buy and sell NFTs. An artist looking to sell his/her digital artwork will first convert it into an NFT and then list it on a suitable NFT marketplace to auction and sell.

What makes NFTs so popular

Other than the fact that NFTs enable local artists to independently sell their digital artwork to buyers globally, one of the things that make NFTs so popular is their scarcity.

Because every NFT is unique, only a single person can take the credit to own it. The more people want it, the more is the popularity of an NFT and the higher will be its value.

For instance, there are only 9999 Sharp Bunnies, and each NFT is unique from the other. So, there will never be more than 9999 Sharp Bunnies owners ever. Though the NFT artwork can be copied and replicated, the ownership of an NFT is always unique.

Marketplace / What can I do with Sharp Bunnies?
« on: January 20, 2022, 11:02:05 AM »

Normally, when you buy an NFT, there is only so much you can do with it. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital data on blockchain that represent a unique, non-interchangeable digital artwork such as images, videos, gifs, audios, and others.

By purchasing an NFT, you essentially buy the exclusive rights to the ownership of the associated digital artwork. But what’s next? What can you actually do with an NFT besides boasting about being the sole owner of it? Well, modern NFT projects like Sharp Bunnies give you more than just the ownership of the associated digital image. Here’s everything you can do with Sharp Bunnies.

What is/are Sharp Bunnies?

Sharp Bunnies is an exclusive community of 9999 programmatically generated unique images (of cute bunnies and eggs), each with over 200+ attributes.

You can mint Sharp Bunnies on the official website, and for every NFT that you mint, you’ll also receive one Lucky Egg reward token.

Every Sharp Bunny NFT is associated with a unique artwork that you get ownership of when you buy the NFT. But, the benefits don’t stop just there.

Here’s all you get when you purchase a Sharp Bunnies NFT.

1. A Lucky Egg FREE with every Sharp Bunny

For every Sharp Bunny that you mint on the website, you will get a unique NFT, plus a FREE Lucky Egg token.

You can think of Lucky Egg as the native token of the Sharp Bunnies platform. The token can be used for everything, from participation in games and competitions to voting, and more.

2. Play & Earn

Sharp Bunnies NFT owners can use their tokens to participate in games and competitions, including Olympics like events, on the platform and win more FREE $LUCK tokens and rewards.

Moreover, token owners can stake their Sharp Bunnies to win more rewards and $LUCK tokens.

3. Get a Chance to Win Raffle

One of the most interesting parts of the Sharp Bunnies NFT project is Raffle, which is a unique kind of cashback-inspired reward program, where 40 token holders are randomly selected and rewarded with a surprise cashback in ETH or equivalent USD, for every 100 NFT tokens minted on the Sharp Bunnies platform.

Other than that, you can do a number of things with your Sharp Bunnies and $LUCK. These include:

Trade $LUCK on exchanges: Seamlessly trade your tokens on leading exchanges or use them to buy other top cryptocurrencies.

Show off your artwork to others: As the owner of your NFT artwork, show it off to your friends, family and be proud that you own it.

Print out your artwork (and use it however you want): Print them out, hang them on your wall or paste them on your laptop, or do wherever else you want with it.

Build a community to win more Raffle: Build a community of NFT buyers and investors to purchase Sharp Bunnies in groups and further increase your chances of winning more Raffle.

Participate in Olympics like events: Every once in four months or so, the Sharp Bunnies platform will host Olympics like events, in which you can participate using $LUCK and play to win many exciting rewards and prizes.

Want to know more? Visit our website or join Sharp Bunnies Telegram & Discord Channel to stay tuned with the latest updates on the project.


The website of SharpBunnies (NFT) is now live with up-to-date information about the project and other useful details about the project, NFTs, their features and various benefits.

Those who are planning to participate in Sharp Bunnies NFT minting are advised to read the details on the website, as we have included many crucial updates as well as a roadmap to the current and upcoming stages in the project.

What can you find on the SharpBunnies Website?

Here’s a brief summary of everything you can find on the SharpBunnies website.

Exclusive community of 9999 Sharp Bunnies
Raffle: 40 winners for every 100 tokens minted || Play to Earn ($LUCK)
Everyone is a Winner!
Join now and make a real difference.

What are Sharp Bunnies?

Sharp Bunnies is a collection of 9999 programmatically generated unique images with over 200+ attributes. For every Sharp Bunny you mint, King Osgood will give the Lucky Egg ($LUCK)! Check out some of the artwork on the website.

Sharp Bunnies Gallery

On the website, you can check out the artwork, including the first few images of the Sharp Bunnies NFTs.

Your journey starts with minting

1. Mint Sharp Bunnies to win Luck Eggs

For every Sharp Bunny you mint, you get a Lucky Egg. This way, everyone is a winner!

The more bunnies you mint, the more lucky eggs you’ll receive. Keep minting to win and accumulate more tokens.

2. Play 2 Earn

Participate in exciting games to play and earn great rewards, including free $LUCK tokens. New games will be released every four months and events like the Olympics will be held to give NFT buyers more opportunities to win more $LUCK.

3. Raffle

Raffle is our most exciting feature and the one that would reward you seamlessly. For every 100 tokens minted on the Sharp Bunnies website, 40 token holders will be randomly selected and rewarded. You can win anything from a few ETH to USD or free tokens.

Everyone has an equal chance to win rewards, as 40 winners will be selected randomly for every 100 NFTs minted. The more you mint, the higher chances you have to win Raffle.

Meet the Team

Also, on the Sharp Bunnies website, you can meet our wonderful team — the crazy ones who dared to dream. These are the people who are working day and night to make Sharp Bunnies a reality.

For those who are wondering about our next step and plans, we have added a detailed roadmap on our website. We are currently in Phase 1. Token minting is in progress.

For every 1000 tokens minted, 400 winners are declared and rewarded. Once all 9999 tokens are minted, 100 ETH will be added to the community wallet for 4000 winners.

The first Play2Earn game will be launched in Phase 2.

Lastly, you can read the FAQ section for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Sharp Bunnies, NFT, Raffle, Play 2 Earn, $LUCK, and more.

Have questions or need more info? Connect with our amazing community on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

Marketplace / Sharp Bunnies Products And Features Explained
« on: January 17, 2022, 06:43:12 AM »

Are you looking to purchase an absolutely unique and totally new kind of NFT backed by some of the cutest things on the planet? Welcome to Sharp Bunnies!

When you ]Buy Sharp Bunnies (NFT), you get a chance to win FREE rewards and can also stake your NFTs to win $LUCK. Here’s everything you need to know about Sharp Bunnies, our products and features.

What are Sharp Bunnies?

Sharp Bunnies is a collection of 9999 programmatically generated unique bunny and egg images (artwork). Each Sharp Bunnies NFT has over 200+ attributes that make them different from each other. You can mint the NFTs on the official website of Sharp Bunnies and stake them to earn $LUCK.

Other than that, NFT holders can also play exciting games on the Sharp Bunnies website to win $LUCK tokens.

While Sharp Bunnies are non-fungible tokens, with a fixed limited number and each token different from another, $LUCK is your regular cryptocurrency and can be traded on exchanges.

The value of Sharp Bunnies will depend on how rare it is and how much demand it has in the market. And for that of $LUCK, the value will depend on its market demand and popularity and will increase as more users buy and trade the token.

Sharp Bunnies Top Features

The top 3 features of Sharp Bunnies are as follows:

Everyone is a Winner!

Every single person who mints Sharp Bunnies NFT will also get a Lucky Egg. In other words, you receive two unique NFTs for the price of one. This makes sure that everyone, every buyer of Sharp Bunnies, is a winner.

Play to Earn ($LUCK)

Sharp Bunnies will hold a number of existing new games and Olympics-like events, which not only give you a chance to put your NFTs to use but also enable you to earn interesting rewards while doing so.

All Sharp Bunnies holders can participate in the games and competitions and win & earn rewards, including cashbacks, tokens, and more.

New games will be released every four months.


Raffle is the most interesting part of Sharp Bunnies, some would say. It is a unique buy-and-earn program where the buyers of Sharp Bunnies NFT will each stand a chance to win ETH or USD through a lucky reward system.

40 token holders are randomly selected and rewarded with ETH or USD for every 100 tokens minted. That is, for every 1000 NFTs minted, 400 buyers/holders will win. The winners will be given a portion of sales (to be announced later).

Sharp Bunnies Journey & Roadmap

NFT minting will start in the first quarter of 2022. In Phase 1, a total of 9999 Sharp Bunnies tokens will be minted. 400 winners will be selected and rewarded randomly for every 1000 tokens minted.

Game development will commence.

In Phase 2, the first Play to Earn game of Sharp Bunnies will launch. During the same period, the team will start working on the Sharp Bunnies Merchandise, a unique collection of designer clothes inspired by Sharp Bunnies images (bunnies and eggs)

In Phase 3, Sharp Bunnies Merchandise will be launched for sale on platforms like Amazon and the revenue will be shared with the community (token holders).

In future, the team will also introduce a member+1 program for event participation.

You can subscribe to our Telegram Group, And Discord or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates about the Sharp Bunnies NFT project.

Marketplace / Top 7 Doubts Every NFT Buyer (May) Have In Their Mind
« on: January 11, 2022, 08:59:45 AM »

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have been the talk of the crypto town for some time now. These are crypto tokens used to represent digital non-fungible assets such as artwork, designs, images, videos, and more.

Because of their unique ability to allow the trading of non-fungible assets online and a very secure authentication mechanism, NFTs are readily being adopted by creators and artists globally. In addition, many developers and startups are also actively building solutions, including marketplaces, for NFTs.

Whether you are planning to buy NFTs or are just curious about all the hype around them, here are the 7 questions (with answers) to get all your NFT doubts resolved.

NFT Questions with Answers

1. Can I invest and earn with NFTs?

Yes. NFTs work practically like any other crypto token. You can buy them and then resell them for a profit. Of course, choosing the right NFT with high demand and growth potential is the key to making a good profit in this market. Besides trading NFTs, you can also make money by purchasing, holding, breeding, and minting NFTs, as projects like SharpBunnies offer rewards (free tokens) to their NFT buyers.

2. Are NFTs secure?

Technically, yes. All NFTs use a high-end encryption and validation mechanism to allow secure storing and trading of digital assets. All the underlying data and asset information is stored in separate, highly secure databases.
However, the actual security feature of a particular NFT will depend on its own smart contract. The more robust the smart contract, the more secure is the NFT.

3. What is the transaction fee to buy/sell NFTs?

The transaction fees to buy or sell an NFT will depend on the particular NFT marketplace platform. In general, the traders will have to pay a gas fee. Other fees or charges linked with NFT creation include the platform fee (NFT creation), marketplace commission, etc.

4. What is an NFT marketplace?

An NFT marketplace or store is a digital platform providing services for NFT selling, buying, and auctioning to NFT creators/buyers/holders.

5. Can I create/mint my own NFT?

Yes, you can mint your own NFT/s using a smart contract on an NFT-enabled blockchain. That is, if you have your own unique digital assets that you would like to turn into NFTs to auction online, you can use the Ethereum blockchain to build your own unique non-fungible tokens.

6. How do NFTs ensure authenticity (prove ownership)?

Well, the primary USP of NFTs is their ability to guarantee authenticity. Each NFT represents a unique digital asset whose identity and ownership information is securely stored in an immutable blockchain ledger and can be easily verified in case of a dispute.

7. How do NFTs work?

NFTs can be minted using an existing blockchain that supports NFT creation like the Ethereum blockchain. Every non-fungible token has a unique id code and metadata, which holds the asset and ownership information of the linked asset.

The same can be stored in a secure, preferably peer-to-peer, file storage system like IPFS. Digital assets linked with NFTs can be seamlessly traded on dedicated platforms called NFT marketplaces.

Want to know more about NFTs? Ask your questions in the comment section, or Join Our Community.



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