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Bitcoin discussion / I sold my car on a website for 0.7 BTC
« on: January 11, 2022, 01:47:58 PM »
Hello everyone,

I'd been thinking about selling my car and invest the money in Crypto for a while now. I recently came across a relatively new website called BagSodler, which seemed like a craigslist for Cryptocurrency. At 1st, I was a bit skeptical, the website seemed relatively new, and I didn't think I'd find people willing to buy stuff for BTC, but decided to try it anyway and made an Ad of my car there to see whether someone would be interested.

After a few days I received a few messages from people, I was worried about the whole thing, but decided to go for it and meet one of the potential buyers anyway. It did work however, we met face 2 face. To my surprise, it worked, we finalized the transaction, he transferred BTC into my wallet and that's it.

The whole thing got me pretty excited about the future of Crypto, and I still can't believe it worked out, so it got me wondering a few things:

1- Would I have lost more on fees if I had sold it for fiat and then used that money to buy BTC through an exchange? [size=78%] [/size]
3- Why aren't there more platforms like that (Instead of new meme coins projects) and why aren't more people doing it (Perhaps people are doing it and I'm not aware)? Everyone is waiting for institutions to accept BTC/Crypto as a form of payment but no one is using it to buy & sell stuff.


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