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Bitcoin discussion / Bitcoin Is Approaching $17000
« on: November 30, 2022, 11:00:11 AM »
Despite the BlockFi bankruptcy news and an acute bearish trend, Bitcoin has remained resilient to bearish pressure. Some indicators and experts analysis like Coingape,Coinpedia still point to a possible bearish trend reversal. The BTC price nearly jumped between $16,800 to $15,800 this week.

Bitcoin is having trouble coping with the bearish influences.
The asset could soon experience a major bearish reversal or upswing, until the price rises above $17,000 to reach the critical level of $17,500.

BTC is currently trading just above $16,500, which is the critical resistance. It is trying hard to validate the current upswing. Therefore, a slight pullback close to the previous resistance could be prominent before the price moves up.

Bitcoin discussion / Re: FTX%u2019s Demise and its effect on Bitcoin
« on: November 29, 2022, 07:33:18 AM »
Innovation is achieved with competition. Before we talk about Altcoins in bitcoin ecosystem, we must understand why they, exists in the first place. Example Ethereum , it is not just a digital currency but a blockchain-based platform with many aspects. It is very difficult to give a specific number of how many altcoins there are in the market, since many are in the creation phase, in project financing processes or in evolution. Bitcoin is open source software that has allowed the creation of hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies around it. There are many altcoins that do not add value, they are simply a simple copy of the code and the idea applying cosmetic elements.

The answer is otherwise to question "Bitcoin somehow plays an important role in the other cryptocurrencies market."

Bitcoin price has been flashing new bearish signals and is expected to fall significantly to create new bottoms. lesser than the current level at $15,500.

Moreover, the Bitcoin is testing the crucial support levels around $16,100, below which the price may drop towards the yearly lows close to $15,500 (news source - Coinpedia).

Are you expecting a rebound incoming in the 2023? What number would it be?

Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« on: November 25, 2022, 12:25:10 PM »
Several coins and crypto exchanges have been heavily hit by recent FTX's downfall, and Bitcoin is no exception.  Meanwhile, Bitcoin and popular altcoins attempted to begin with a recovery phase, but this black friday this crypto price has dropped by around 2% over the past (according to CoinPedia experts) day diving the prices lower close to $16,400 at the moment which may be extended below $16,000 very soon.

With this bearish market only long term holders are investing in BTC. What is your prediction for Novemeber 2022 BTC Price.

Off-topic / Re: FTX's Fall - The Lessons Learned
« on: November 21, 2022, 07:41:58 AM »
FTX, one of the huge players in the crypto exchange arena, has collapsed badly amid liquidity issues, blocked withdrawals and its issues with Binance.
Binance tried to takeover but things did not go as expected. The biggest question here comes is What Does the FTX Collapse Mean for The Future Of Crypto??
Here are few lessons we can extract from the FTX fall -
  • Crypto Does Not Change Personality. Leaders fall too and this affects everyone.
  • Be aware of Fragility of Centralization and Decentralization.
  • Chances of fall out for exchanges and platforms that have their own token is high. (Binance is exception though)

According to CNBC Bitcoin falls to its lowest level in nearly two years after this FTX-Binance drama. Earlier the bitcoin price prediction for end of 2022 was as high as $25,201.65 which currently looks impossible with bearish crypto market.

This bearish phase is also a excellent opportunity for new buyers to jump into this. User can buy more and store it in a hard wallet provided he/she should have good knowledge of Bitcoin.  Need to understand the protocol, understand the risks inherent in attempting to create an alternative to the fiat debt slavery cartel and despite the risks, still want to be part of the attempt.

Bitcoin discussion / Bitcoin (BTC) Price Bottomed Out!
« on: April 15, 2022, 05:34:04 AM »
The star crypto is losing its strength as it approaches the immediate and strong resistance levels. Additionally, the bulls are facing huge competition from the bears as they aim to keep the price restricted below $42,000.

Despite the huge possibilities of the BTC price draining towards the lower support haunts, the probability of the asset nullifying the bearish trend and rising towards the immediate highs also surfaces.

Altcoin discussion / Is This the Right Time To Buy Cardano?
« on: April 15, 2022, 05:24:39 AM »
The Cardano ecosystem is on the verge to undergo yet another fork called the ‘Vasil Fork’ which is supposed to be a ‘major’ one. The founder, Charles Hokinson recently came up with what can one expect from the hard fork. He announced the fork to undergo in June which is expected to bring a ‘massive performance improvement on Cardano’

As per analysts, altcoins are close to being wiped out as the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.
On the other hand, Bitcoin gets closer to falling below key support levels

Popular crypto analyst, Kevin Svenson lets his 101,000 Twitter followers say that even as Bitcoin and Ethereum have a disadvantage of retracing back, altcoins are set to have furthermore correction.

Bitcoin price appears to have been trending within a specified range for the past couple of days.

Each time it slipped below $40,000, the price quickly flipped manifesting the bullish momentum that still existed within the rally. And hence the price is now assumed to maintain a significant uptrend after breaking through the current consolidation.

It was the year 2020 when many felt the need for parallel money which secured the value of one’s hard-earned money. And ever since then many agencies and nations went after the star crypto negatively and also positively.

Now when Bitcoin is was on its way to going much beyond its ATH, multiple external factors hinder its progress. The current slash is also among them which is speculated to be fueled by the recent FED announcements regarding the interest rates.

Terra(LUNA) & Solana(SOL) May Hit $120 Very Soon! Will This be a False Breakout or a Resurgence of Bull Run?

Terra’s price in the recent time manifested extreme strength to hit the ATH just before the plunge occurred. Despite the current descending trend, the LUNA price seems to be self-assured to range high. And hence nullifying the current bearish trend, the asset is expected to rebound firmly to resume the uptrend to achieve its target of around $120.

Shiba INU(SHIB) Price to Follow the Dogecoin(DOGE) Price Rally Soon. $0.000035 Appears Imminent this Week!

Shiba INU and Dogecoin are among the most popular meme coins in the crypto space and often are considered the biggest competitors. Both remained pretty silent for quite a long time until the DOGE price made a huge move to surpass the much-required levels at $0.15 to trade at $0.16.

On April 5th, the cryptocurrency market showed a sign of recovery after Bitcoin and Ethereum gained $46,000 and $3,500 levels respectively. But the crypto market couldn’t keep up the pace as today the global cryptocurrency market has dropped by 3.22% in the last 24hrs positioning it at $2.10 trillion.

BTC Price Fights the Immediate Resistance at $46,700 Displaying Signs of Smashing $100K in Q2 2022

Bitcoin nowadays appears to have undertaken a calculated approach to nullify the steep drop towards the lower support.
The BTC price is currently swinging within the immediate resistance and support levels and displays equal possibilities to hit these levels depending on the volume induced.
However, the star crypto is attempting to slice through the consolidation and quickly achieve the resistance at $48,642 to mark a healthy uptrend.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Might Crash Heavily If This Happens! Here’s The Potential Low Level

[/size]The crypto market is one that brings out joy and fear due to its volatility. Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum too had declined. The second-largest crypto had seen a downfall below the $3,440 level. However, it looks like a double bottom pattern had formed near $3,400 and ETH Price saw a recovery phase.

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