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About Chili:

In a world driven by innovation and technology, the CHILI TOKEN 🌶️ emerges as a unique fusion of two fundamental aspects of life: food and fun.
This groundbreaking crypto project aims to revolutionize the way we experience virtual culinary delights and entertainment, bringing a new level of accessibility, creativity, and community engagement to the forefront while supporting the project financially and enjoying rewards.

Welcome to Chili 1st Official Giveaway

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Chintai is an end-to-end Digital Assets platform. Regulated and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore




RWA's are expected to be a $15T+ asset class by 2030, but hasn't really kicked off yet. Seems like it will kick off in 2024.

Several years ago the Chintai team recognized this, pivoted their existing business and spent years building a top-notch full-service platform to support compliant tokenization & trading. They missed out on so many "get rich quick" opportunites that usually teams take advantdge of in crypto so they could take a long-term approach.

But not only did they build a top notch team + tech, they also had the foresight to recognize that in order to play a leading role in the tokenization trend they will need to obtain the requiste licensing to tokenize + trade securities, and they need to do so in a global financial hub. They spent several years applying for RMO + CMS licenses from Singapore's MAS, and ended up being successful. Obtaining these licneses isn't easy.

But why are these licneses important? Securitiy tokens represent 80% of the RWA asset class - and none of these RWA projects can legally issue them. If you want to tokenize billions of dollars of assets, you ahve to work with the big banks and financial insitutions. Therefore, you need to be licensed + regulatory compliant. Chintai (CHEX) has those licneses, but their competition doesn't.

Ultimately, several years ago the team recognized the potential for RWA's and were thinking in decades while others were thinking in months. As a result of this long-term commitment, they are extremley well-postioned to be THE dominant player in RWA's.

They are truly the [censored] of RWA's, and in 2024 they will tokenize billions of dollars of assets. At that point, we will move beyond speculation - results will speak for themselves.

The number one thing for me is licensing. Every RWA group I go into I ask them if they have a license and they ll all say the same. Oh we don’t need one. Or we re going to get one really soon. Or our partners have a license. This is all bullshit.  Even if they wanted to get a license which it’s very hard to get it will take them 2-3 years. Chex started this process 2-3 years ago. Other companies say they re going to tokenize like art or some real estate or maybe a building. That’s like a few thousand bucks. Chex has deals with oil companies worth billions. They do carbon, securities, bonds. Big partnerships. While the others do small deals. They can’t get the big fish because they can’t do it legally by law. It’s just a matter of time before the sec comes for them.

$CHEX was very under the radar, no marketing at all and living only in the ghost EOS chain. Moved liquidity to ETH and BOOM.

Chintai Nexus platform will launch early January and retail marketing will start with it.


It is a different business model. They are selling a software package to financial institutions. Those kinds of models don't typically scale with the amount of business the FI produces. Maybe they charge $50k a year or maybe it is $1m, but the point is, the real money is being made by the FI who is further selling it on to the actual issuers.

Because Chintai has licenses, we can act as the FI. that means we can make much more scalable revenue streams.
Also, where companies like Dusk can ONLY sell their product to FIs, we can sell it to ANYONE who wants to raise capital, our potential issuer base is much larger.

Another major element is the compliance and regulation. If Dusk doesn't have licenses, the FIs that they onboard will have to do the compliance themselves. The compliance side of things is a LOT of work, so that is going to drive the price up for the end user issuers. Because we have automated our compliance systems and we are confident in them, we save a ton of time and effort with checking financial records and making sure our system is up to scratch. In this way, we can save 30-70% of the compliance costs that would further be passed along to the end user issuer.

Finally, consider the infrastructure that is being sold and the advantages and disadvantages of it. Why are they building on a blockchain? If it is for the audit trail aspect, then it doesn't matter whether they do it on a private or public chain, but we have already established that it isn't their responsibility to handle the audit side of things, so most companies are talking about using blockchain for liquidity, essentially tapping into a new source of potential investors.
Fine, then you have to launch on a very liquid chain already like Ethereum, but you still have to make sure (because the FIs will insist on it) that only KYC'd people can access the token. So you have to set up a smart contract system that associates KYC'd addresses on Ethereum with whitelist access to specific assets that you have minted on the chain. Doing this instantly cuts your liquidity down to zero on day one. Now you have  to onboard users just like you would if it was a private blockchain, but now you also have to deal with all the terrible UX features of a public blockchain.
To me, that is a pretty hard sell.

So the issuers in general will get a much better deal with Chintai or Chintai working with an FI than they would going with an unlicensed entity, and Chintai would typically get a bigger piece of the pie as well, and the whole thing will just be a better experience for everyone.


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Savaat can process many more transactions per second and charges lower transaction fees than rival blockchains Savaat is a proof-of-stake (PS) blockchain but improves on it with a mechanism called proof-of- history (PoH), which uses hashed timestamps to verify when transactions occur. Savaat"s architecture aims to demonstrate a set of software algorithms that eliminate software as a performance bottleneck when combined with a blockchain. The combination enables transaction throughput to scale proportionally with network bandwidth

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New generation NFT GAME to save the earth from alien invaders





DYSTOPI is skill-based MMORPG powerd by Binance Smart Chain.
You can Gear up your hero with NFTs and Earn money. $DYS token is the main driver of the DYSTOPI economy. It's an in-game currency necessary to pay for services (repair items, refill potions, play minigames) & serves as reward as well.

Whitelist Sale:


BNB Chain partner🤝
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Jesus Coin:

This is a movement initiated by Christians, a movement that integrates cryptocurrency with faith and charity. Our purpose is to spread the name of Jesus!

Jesus Coin, endorsed by Christian communities, is a faith-centric cryptocurrency designed to propagate faith through the use of digital currency. Its primary focus is not just on being a token; instead, it represents a movement that seamlessly weaves together the realms of cryptocurrency, faith, and charity. The objective of this movement extends beyond the mere transactional nature of tokens, aiming to amplify personal value recognition through active participation in charitable endeavors. The overarching mission is clear: to enhance the overall well-being of both individuals and society. In pursuit of this mission, Jesus Coin strives to demonstrate the principles of love, forgiveness, and mercy associated with Jesus through impactful philanthropic initiatives carried out under the banner of Jesus Coin.

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Specialized Tokenomics firm for Web3 Projects, Launchpads, VCs & Funds.



Airdrop / N3 Airdrop & Coin's First Listing on December 7th
« on: November 18, 2023, 12:50:26 PM »

For those who haven't yet seized the opportunity presented by the N3 Coin airdrop on the INNODEX exchange, the time to join is now.

This airdrop stands out as one of the safest mining methods available, offering a guarantee for the preservation of your initial investment. In the worst-case scenario, rest assured that your principal is fully guaranteed, while in the best case, you might find an opportunity to transform your financial landscape.

Mining N3 Coin is a straightforward process based on the commission fees you've utilized. These fees are securely deposited into a public wallet, ensuring both transparency and safety. Importantly, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, all stored fees will be fully refunded, providing an added layer of security.

Operating as a hybrid DEX exchange, N3 Coin prioritizes the security of your assets. Storing assets in your personal wallet while engaging in secure trading reflects the commitment to a robust and reliable ecosystem.

Act quickly, as the window for unlimited mining will close on the 18th. Subsequently, mining will be limited to $20 per day, adding a sense of urgency to this unique opportunity.

What makes this airdrop particularly noteworthy is its safety-first approach. The assurance of a guaranteed principal, coupled with the potential for life-changing opportunities, makes it a standout choice in the realm of airdrop mining.

Profit avenues abound:

Listed Profits: Consider selling the coin upon its listing on December 7th to capitalize on immediate market dynamics and gain profits.

Holding N3 Coin: Opt for a more sustained approach by holding onto N3 Coin, which entitles you to a portion of the profits from three associated projects every month. This method offers a fixed and continuous stream of earnings, providing financial stability.

Innovative Ventures: One of the three projects associated with N3 Coin is an online casino game similar to 'Rollbit,' presenting an innovative opportunity with the potential for high returns.

In conclusion, the N3 Coin airdrop on the INNODEX exchange is more than just a mining opportunity; it's a gateway to a secure and potentially transformative financial journey. Seize the chance and join the ranks of those exploring the safest and most rewarding avenues in the cryptocurrency landscape.



Empowering crypto enthusiasts with secure and efficient cloud mining solutions.




Discover the future of cloud mining with Insider Mining. Experience seamless mining of $QUBIC - the coin at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Enjoy the convenience of weekly payouts to your own wallet.



Altcoin announcements / Greek Freak Coin - The Most Interesting Meme Token
« on: November 16, 2023, 10:28:19 AM »




The greek freak token is meme token as we love greek the Greek Freak.We love baskelball and we give our honor for the best ot the best.



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