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DeFi / RBX DEX The Future of Defi?
« on: November 01, 2022, 01:19:09 PM »
 [color=rgb(100.000000%, 100.000000%, 100.000000%)]RBX Products Overview:[/color][/size][/color][color=rgb(100.000000%, 100.000000%, 100.000000%)]\[/color][/color][color=rgb(100.000000%, 100.000000%, 100.000000%)]Cross-Chain DEX [/color]
 [/color]RBX DEX:\Overview [/size]
 [/color]Benefits [/size]
[/color]Benefits:\DEX [/size]
[/color]Our DEX aggregates over 120+ liquidity providers across all of our supported chains, taking advantage of our proprietary optimized routing, always providing the best possible price, and lowest gas fees possible. The DEX also includes an inbuilt credit card onramp, aggregating multiple onramp providers to provide the best price. We also offer a widget that can be easily integrated directly onto your own site! [/size]
[/color]Target Results [/size]
[/color]Targets:\DEX [/size]
 [/color]Applications:\DEX [/size]
[/color]The RBX DEX is smoothly integrated into a projects ecosystem, the RBX widget can be directly implemented on a project's website, effectively adding our state-of-the-art DEX anywhere it is desired. We offer multiple customization options, branding, whitelabeling, etc. If you ask, it can most likely be done. If only a listing on our tokenlist is desired, that is also an option. [/size]
 [/color]RBX has developed a unique cross-chain solution, allowing seamless trading across all of our supported blockchains, just as easy as trading on the typical single-chain DEX. For example: An Ethereum token can be traded with a Binance Smart chain token, to an AVAX token, to a Polygon token, and back again, vice versa, etc! [/size]
 [/color]Projects that implement the RBX DEX can expect multiple positive results. Offering our DEX widget opens a quick, direct avenue to acquire project tokens, all on the same site they researched the project; holders don't need to switch tabs or paste any URLs for a DEX to purchase project tokens. With an easy 3 step process, holders can onramp with a credit card using the inbuilt onramp aggregator, receive the desired purchase tokens, and swap for the project tokens.[/size]
[/color] [/size]

DeFi / What is RBX?
« on: November 01, 2022, 12:40:35 PM »
WELCOME to RBX Token The next evolution is here. RBX is a novel ecosystem of DApps, utilities, and protocols to accelerate the flow of digital assets and capital.

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