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Who created Vadermoon?

Coin Vader

What was the origin of this idea Vadermoon?

The token Vadermoon and the character Meme Vader were inspired by PEPE and Pepe the Frog. An obviously the Star Wars saga was a big cataylst in the creation. Meme Vader is the self appointed leader of the Decentralized Empire. Long ago a chance to gain control of the Goldencoin Network was lost and now Vader wants to have it. Coin Vader is said to be the father of Goldencoin but that has not been proven.

What is the purpose of Vadermoon?

Is to help bring cryptocurrency more use case in the communities worldwide. It's made to make decentralized finance more educational, social, and fun. There will be a social networking website called through Weconnectd. It is designed to bring developers and crypto influencers around the world together. There is a club called Club Meme that website members can join on the site. A video game called Land of Satoshiface integrate Vadermoon as a game collectable item in a seperate version. Vadermoon will also be used to tip crypto developers for doing jobs. This token was created to help spread the truth and facts about cryptocurrency.

How many Tokens are there in total?

432,000,000 Max Supply (VADE)

What chain is it built on?

VADE is a BEP-20 built on the Binance Smart Chain which is secure, fast and cheap.

How will tokens be dispersed?

40,125,000 should be used for ICO and to add liquidity on Pancakeswap and Uniswap. The remaining amount if any will be burned.

40,125,000 should be used for liquidity on CloneSwap.

After the pool is created there may be a 50/50 token buyback burn and hold of 40,150,000 to prevent an 51% attack. Some of these tokens can be used as rewards for playing a game that supports Vadermoon.

40,125,000 will be held for a future faucet.

40,125,000 will be held in a public wallet by Coin Vader for security.

160,500,000 Tokens will be put in a vesting contract for 10 years. Every year 10 percent will be released for a faucet. Coin Vader also has an option to not mint these tokens or just burn them out of circulation.

The final 111,000,000 Vadermoon, half will be burned within 24hrs after the token sale and the other half will be put in a Liquidity Pool Lock on CloneSwap or a Token Lock in a address for 100 years. The proof of this tokens will be shown and verified on the blockchain for the community to view.

How will it be used?

It will be used as social currency payment in cyberspace parties, liquidity mining, crypto faucets, other rewards, dating, metaverse, tipping for services, payment method for club entry and store of valuable information.

When will Vadermoon token sale begin?

May 22, 2023 (Bitcoin Pizza Day)



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