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Altcoin discussion / Announcing CryptoCurrency: ContraCoin
« on: December 20, 2013, 12:13:09 AM »


ContraCoin is an entirely unique CryptoCurrency! We will be launching mining on January 20th, 2014 at 12pm (PST). For good measure, the first day will have block values of 200 coins, the second will have block values of 100 coins, and the third will have block values of 50 coins! After the third day, ContraCoin blocks will have a regular 25-coin block value indefinitely. Take advantage of the launch days - cheers!

More About ContraCoin

ContraCoin(CTC) - a modified version of MinCoin optimized for a world-scale economy.

ContraCoin is a prolific version of Bitcoin, and is the first coin to have such a large coin market.

  • A total of 22.7 trillion coins will be generated
  • 30 second block targets for super-fast transactions
  • To encourage early adoption block values for first 3 days are : 200 CTC, 100 CTC, 50 CTC
  • After first 3 days, the block value will be 25 CTC per block until all coins are mined - which will take roughly 906 years
The block retargeting has been modified for an ultra-slow difficulty climb

  • 504,000 blocks to retarget difficulty (one week)

Coin is a wholly fair currency. There will be absolutely no pre-mining.

[Email Our Team]
Please Feel Free to Contact Our Development Team With Any Suggestions or Queries

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