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 Launch Date 22/04/14 @ 12:00 GMT

This is the official announcement for Global Denomination, A global crypto-currency. We are based on the Bitcoin and Litecoin Networks but with several improvements that we wanted to implement such as X11 Hashing Algorithm and faster transactions (1 Minute).We are pre-mining [0.05%] (28,000 GDN) This is to help us create a functioning community throughout the launch period.
We decided on a tiny pre-mine based our experiences prior to launch that we needed to be able to offer Denominations as incentives to our users to encourage interaction with each other on the forum and to help build our community. Such as, Denominations for the official faucet, tips for posts in the forum, bounty’s for services and much more.

·Target block times of 1 minute,
·Block reward of 40 GDN,
·Rewards mature after 5 Blocks,
·Rewards halve after 700k Blocks (+ 1 Year).
·Super Secure X11 Hashing Algorithm
·Difficulty is recalculated by Kimoto’s Gravity Well.
·A total of 56 million GDN to be mined (21 Million in 1st year.)

The 0.05% (28,000 GDN) Pre-mine will be used in the following waysTotal of 8,000 GDN will be used in public bounty's for services and rewards for a period of 6 months - listed in public on from launch
Total of 2,000 GDN will be made available to and then given away from the Official GDN Faucet this will be refilled from the kitty if needed
Total of 5,000 GDN will be used over 6 months for marketing, development and gaining exposure for Global Denomination - This will be documented in the forum
This will leave 13,000 GDN in the dev kitty for forum tips, future development costs, bounty's etc - For the Dev Team to use for the long term benefit of the currency. Any allocated funds that are unused will return to the dev kitty

If we had GDN to offer our users over the last week on the gdtalk forum, we are sure that we would have more than 7 forum members out of the 100's of visitors we had on the site.
We are not looking to profit from the tiny pre-mine [0.05%] , we merely want to be able to offer incentives to our users / miners during the the launch period and to aid us in the launch of Global Denomination.

We have invested a lot of time, money and resources in this project as we believe that GPU miners will be looking to move to the incredibly energy efficient X11 Hashing Algorithm that our network uses. 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo)Bitcoin and Litecoin paved the way for crypto-currencies but they have encountered many teething problems such as large pre-mining, Illegal Goods and the ban/s in China causing the value to drop dramatically each time effecting the global community.

 We feel that a new crypto-currency is needed as people stop mining / using Bitcoin and Litecoin for the above reasons (Such as ourselves) To mine for a new crypto-currency with a ASIC resistant algorithm and that has no bad press and is run for the good of the community not just quick profit.

Want to work with us? We are currently looking for talented individuals to join our team if you have something to offer please
contact usand someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Official Links

Unofficial Links


Android Wallet Creation = 100 GDN
Mac Wallet Creation = 100 GDN
Linux Wallet Creation = 100 GDN
Web Wallet Creation = 100 GDN
Unique Paper Wallet Generator = 150 GDN
DNS Seednode (For 1 Year) = 10 GDN per month Total = 120 GDN
1st Mpos Pool = 50 GDN
2nd Mpos Pool = 30 GDN
1st P2P Pool = 50 GDN
2nd P2P Pool = 30 GDN
30  x Blogs and News Networks that post an article and tweet about our Launch = 20 GDN Each Total = 600 GDN
Meme Contest - Pre Launch = 20 GDN to the Winner
Meme Contest - Post Launch = 40 GDN to the Winner
First Poker Site = 100 GDN
Develop a Custom Look Block Explorer for Us To Host = 200 GDN
Hosted and Maintained Bug Tracker = 20 GDN
First Coin Marketplace Site to Include our Currency = 50 GDN
Develop and host a mining calculator for GDN = 50 GDN
Profession Promo Video = 100 GDN
Translate Global Denomination Bitcoin Talk [ANN] = 10 GDN Per Language
First Online Retail Outlet to Accept GDN = 100 GDN
First Marketplace to take GDN = 100 GDN
First Exchange to Trade GDN = 200 GDN
First charts for GDN = 50 GDN

Other Bounty's will be available, if you are creating a service or just doing good work for the currency let us know we reward you for your efforts!

All Bounty’s will paid out instantly after the coin launch and will require proof of completion;
All Bounty’s are only available to the first claimant except Blogs and news bounty’s; the Dev team decision is final.

For the next 28Hrs We really need your help
Please Share / RT all #GDN on Facebook and Twitter
Tweet your Meme Entries to @GDenomination with #GDN

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