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Payment processing / need assistance and how to get bitcoins properly
« on: February 17, 2013, 12:22:44 AM »
hello friends, i am new to this.. and have read a lot about bitcoins and the different methods of  getting them.. i set up a bitcoin wallet but it always has to load more shit and takes soo long... so long... so i was talking to a friend of mine.. he said he uses dwalla.. but he is reluctant to tell me. which is so fucking annoying considering i told him alll about it and the site int eh first place.. regardless thats here nor there.. deal is i want to make a purchase and i want to know how to get bitcoins by deposting cash... what is the safest/quickest/easiest/ most preferred way of doing this..please let me know ASAP i would highly appreciate it...feel free to PM me if you feel more comfortable... thanks... hollla

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