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Is there any airdrop program for XLE token?
Yes, We have an airdrop program for XLE tokens. We will announce it soon. Stay connected with us for updates. Thanks.

Yes, We have an airdrop program for XLE tokens. We will announce it soon. Stay connected with us for updates. Thanks.

Excelli ensures ease of access to a multitude of services like online shopping, ordering groceries, making payments and booking tickets all within unparalleled security offered by Excelli.

How to buy XLE tokens? Is there any step?

We are currently working on the product development, We will make announcement for Tokens sale through IDO next month.

Excelli Coin - Introducing the World’s 1st Progressive Crypto Token

Excelli is a next-gen e-commerce system available in the form of a mobile app that also has a built-in social media component. The Excelli super app works on the concept of ‘Group Buying’ and aims to implement it on a scale that was not possible before.

Excelli is a decentralised (blockchain-based), multi-faceted e-commerce platform that is created for the benefit of both merchants and consumers. While consumers stand to receive exciting offers, discounts and free tokens on every group purchase, merchants get seamless access to genuine customers from around the globe.

Blockchain - Solana

Excelli Mission & Vision


  • To make shopping a group event with social and monetary benefits; both for the users and merchants.
  • To bring in the concept of a crypto token (XLE) instead of a cashback coin with no monetary benefits.
  • To connect merchants across the nation to buyers through a super app fuelled by its own utility token: XLE.

To be the world’s most customer-centric, efficient, and innovative super app.

What is Excelli Coin (XLE)?

XLE is a utility token that fuels the entire Excelli platform, including payments and rewards. It is an SPL standard token on the Solana blockchain.

Token Symbol: XLE

Buyers are rewarded with XLE tokens every time they shop on the Excelli app and can use the free tokens to buy on Excelli as well as for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

XLE Tokenomics

  • Name: Excelli Coin
  • Token Symbol: XLE
  • Token Standard: SPL
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Decimal: 09
  • Total Tokens Supply: 10 billion
  • Token Price (launch): $0.0012
  • Fundraising: $2.94 million
  • Full Dilution Value: $12 million
  • Future Mint: Fixed supply, future minting disabled
How Group Buying Works on Excelli

Excelli is an online shopping app that rewards users for group buying. Here’s how it works:

1. Open the product page on the Excelli app.
2. Click on the ‘Group Buy’ option to share the product with your social connections.
3. You can send a group invite to your social connections within the Excelli app or send the invite link via other social media platforms.
4. Once all or a minimum number of invitees accept the group buy invitation and complete the purchase, the discount will be automatically applied.

For every successful group buy, the participating buyers of that group will receive a percentage of the transaction as XLE tokens in their wallets depending on the type of the product.

The Excelli Super App

Excelli will build & launch an all-inclusive social shopping & entertainment app that offers a variety of services like online groceries, payments, online reservations, and ticketing to the platform users. All services and features on the Excelli Super app are fueled by Excelli coins (XLE).

Excelli Referral/Affiliate Program

Excelli also has an in-built affiliate program.

When users like certain products or deals on Excelli, they can share them with friends and family through the in-built social chat function in Excelli or by sharing the referral link. When an invitee makes a purchase with the link, then the user who sent the invite will be rewarded with XLE tokens. Also, there is a referral bonus offered in the form of XLE tokens for onboarding new members to the platform.

What makes Excelli different

While traditional e-commerce platforms generally offer cashback coins or points for shopping with them, Excelli offers real cryptocurrency tokens to users every time they shop on Excelli. Unlike cashback points or reward tokens of traditional e-commerce platforms that have no real monetary value, the XLE token is a real cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase things on the Excelli app and can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

“By bringing entertainment, encrypted chats, shopping with group buy options together, we stand out from the crowd and open up more possibilities for the public.”

Future Roadmap of Excelli

Q4 2021

  • Excelli App Launch
  • Launch of Crypto Token - XLE
Q1 2022

  • Commencing of Advertising Services on Excelli app
  • Shopping Features Launch
Q2 2022

  • Groceries Launch - Online grocery order & delivery
Q3 2022

  • Launch of payment services on Excelli app
Q4 2022

  • Food delivery launch - Online food ordering & delivery
  • Pharmacy services launch
Q2 2023

  • Launch of Travel, Gaming & Hotels services on Excelli platform
Q4 2023

  • Cabs launch - book & hire cabs online
Q2 2024

  • Launch of Excelli Entertainment services

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