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Author Topic: Review: Provide 350% returns by forex trading profit.  (Read 214 times)

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The foreign exchange market is the place where currencies are traded, as they are to be exchanged for the purpose of foreign trade and business. The forex market is the world’s largest liquid financial market. Similarly, bitcoin is cryptocurrency and a payment method, invented by a group of programmers. It is a reward in a competition where various users offer their computing power to verify and record bitcoin transactions into the block chain. This is mainly referred as mining.

BitsTrades is a UK based company, legally registered as an organization, with highly ambitious and skilled professionals working on board. Our goal is the promotion and popularization by any means to grow the currency program and community. We participates in exchange processes, attracting and managing investment assets. Our foundation is laid on trade and exchange in forex markets through fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR & JPY and are in this field since last 10 years. We are giving crucial benefits to you by providing secure platform to invest your money in forex markets. Our business is emerging with the use of bitcoin. offering full automated services by providing an automatic environment and modules that take care of every aspect of your invested amount. Along with its automated content, it offers full monitoring of every transaction and is maintained with security standards. You can secure your account with an extra layer of security which is Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

BitsTrades offers investment plans that help you earn 350% yearly of your investments. The minimum price for investment is $100 and there’s no maximum investment limit. For that you need to select your package, and once you deposit in your user account, your daily growth will be calculated as per your investment. Once we receive your account in action, our expert analysts will start performing forex trades of your package price. We will responsibly configure and manage the system and update your account on daily growth depending on your investment. Our fully automated BTC-C (BitsTrades Centralized Core) system keeps every client connected with the withdrawal system. As long as your account balance reaches $10, you can withdraw your fund. As soon as you reach your withdrawal amount, your withdrawl will be executed through our BTC-C software. You will receive notifications and emails in your BitsTrades account. BTC-C is a fully automated platform developed by BitsTrade Forex Ltd. Where everything is balanced effectively including order management, Gold & Forex share of total investment.

Our affiliate program helps you earn 10 level commissions from your referrals. You will earn 19% total referral income starting from 5%. We offers invite based affiliate program, the more you invite, the more you earn. This program earns you from 0.5% to 5% of each deposits your referral make. There are ten affiliate levels, and the bonus is based on the affiliate level earned.
Investing in the Forex trading was never been easier, but as soon as BitsTrade provides you an amazing opportunity to invest in forex plans and earn profits, it has become the easiest task to do. Just register yourself to our website and invest in the profitable plan.



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