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Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of micro-blogging social network Twitter, is taking further steps toward incorporating bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into his payments business, Square.

Dorsey said Square would be hiring three or four bitcoin and cryptocurrency engineers and also promising to pay them in bitcoin if they wanted.

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Additionally, there are 5 wallets with amounts between 11,000 BTC and 55,000 BTC in a period of 4 weeks, from the end of September to the last week of October.

The total accumulated by these 5 wallets is more than 133 thousand BTC.

This shows that large amounts of money are entering the Bitcoin market while maintaining this strange stability in the price that has lasted longer than expected.

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ICO / Re: [ANN][pre-ICO] E-chat. Contact the world - anytime, anywhere
« Last post by e-chat on Today at 04:15:48 PM »
E-CHAT has strengthened its position

In the background of the Bitcoin growth, our project has strengthened its position. Google trends during 90 days show stable demand.

It has an impact on ECHT price. Bull-traders during the last 7 days has pushed the price of a coin higher than the 0.008. It is a good sign!

ROY updates.

1. Added a message when registering a wallet in the ROY club in the lower registration box, for the sake of clarity that it cannot be used.
2. Mobile version opened section ROY Landing Buy / Sell.
3. Purchase / Sale added a link on the ROY club page to go to this page.
4. Removed verification of withdrawal from the Club at 95% of the amount, now there will be no freezing of funds for manual confirmation.
5. A new page has been created with the Roy club instructions.
6. Localized Roy club instructions page.
7. Corrected a cross in the modalke Reviews in your account ROY club.
8. Transferred the button I read upstairs in the News modal.
9. On the Purchase / Sale page, added the section “At the curators”.
10. Added a list of curators on the Buy / Sell page of the "At curators" section.
11. Made a pop-up for ROY club users about Input / Output on user accounts.
12. Added links to information in the Buy / Sell page on the Instructions.
13. On the Landing ROY club added the ability to immediately move to what you need, except for the 4th step, when you click on the numbers of the registration steps, the 3rd is required.
14. Optimized the storage structure of css files, which speeds up the filling speed.
15. Blockchain, when viewing the wallet, transactions are not immediately corrected.
16. The user's time in the wallet was adjusted so that it would not be reset when data was automatically updated.
17. Made a small upgrade wallet PZM.

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The Bitcoin community faced another crisis on Sunday afternoon as the price of the currency fell from $17 to pennies in a matter of minutes.

The initial problem leading to the price collapse was that one user tried to sell more than the market could absorb.

No, the doesn't necessarily mean the end of the Bitcoin experiment, but it's a pretty good indication of it.

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From yesterday’s high at $91.53 the price of Litecoin has decreased by 6.16% and is currently being traded at $86. The price started moving with strong momentum to the downside on yesterday’s interaction with the horizontal support level from the prior upper range and continued on during the day.

On the hourly chart, you can see that the price of Litecoin has started falling below the second horizontal support level at $86.4 which is the ending point of the 1st wave of a higher degree. This means that the increase seen over the weekend was corrective as it ended as a three-wave correction. This was validated by the price going below $90.5 which was the significant invalidation point.

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