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Services / Re: [] Service Seller Socks Good
« Last post by DavidStorm on Today at 06:41:43 AM » - Service Seller Socks Good - Socks 5 VIP - Pass Paypal Blacklist

Example daily 30: It is allowed to get maximium 30 socks for a day. If do not get them you will lose 30 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days


- Auto payment Perfect Money - PM

- Auto payment WebMoney - WMZ

- Auto update socks new 24/24

- How to get socks5?

-> After buy a package -> Click login -> Click VIEWSOCK -> Click ***.***... to get socks5!

-> Contact: Skype: - ICQ: 673820903

Welcome to[/B]

Absolutely this is a great platform. The COINSio All-in-One Platform provides the ultimate power for users who want to interact with their digital assets to make money. I think this is an unlimited way to buy and sell Bitcoin.

What is CoinsIO? is a unique platform that offers the service of buying Bitcoins and gift cards. Provides the opportunity to earn, trade, use, exchange and use Bitcoin,Altcoin and other tokens.

Bounty networks allow users to earn cryptography by doing work or tasks online.

The peer-to-peer marketplace offers users the purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies, the transfer to fiat currencies, and the purchase of gift cards from other members. Transactions take place between users through a proprietary escrow system to ensure the security of the process.

A more exciting feature of this platform is the opportunity to participate in bounties. Easily join and perform simple tasks to earn rewards. However, some projects may require KYC unless your country is on the restricted list.

You can use this platform to buy, sell, trade, and make money. It also provides a great wallet that you can use to store and withdraw your revenue.

Peer-to-peer exchange allows users to easily exchange and transfer to other digital or flat assets. provides the best user interface for interaction. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will easily receive the service you want.

So I think it's time to join this platform.

If you are interested in this, please visit at coinsio's official web site.


Вниманию постоянных клиентов онлайн обменнике
На телеграмм канале появились мошенники, выдающие себя за нас и крадут деньги у клиентов.
Предупреждаем мы не ведём обмен валют на телеграмме.

Для связи с нами пишите по новому телеграм каналу @BIG79832361020

Так же спешим вас обрадовать, в данный момент проходит изменения дизайна обменного пункта. Ждите новой информации.

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I would like to know how good this would be for using Linux os with any miner program that can mine at least Ether and BitCoin (open to suggestions with the best program) and hopefully, later on getting a water cooler to overclock APU. it has a clock rate of 3.5 GHz base and 3.7 max. I am currently in the process of getting parts for pc just want to make sure if it is worth it for me.

My brother bought another CPU and GPU for his computer and has no need for it so I am going to use it. I know it definitely won't be as good as an ASIC miner but I am looking for something cheap that I can use for making YouTube videos and upgrading it later on and the occasional game. There was a thread on DASH .org forum that someone used an AMD A10 7850K APU (8 GPU cores) titled "APU Mining?" on Dec 18, 2014 for DarkCoin where he was able to pull 600Kh/s out of an APU that has a clock rate of 3.7GHz base to 4GHz max (although I don't know if the hash rates change depending on the coin).

When I get my water cooler I am at least hoping to get 500 to 600KH/s out of the overclocked APU, and also he never mentioned his computer being overclocked, so that is why I am thinking that.

If you think I have misunderstood any information plz let me know.
Официальный сайт -

У нас доступно для обмена:

Криптовалюты: Bitcoin (BTC), Uniswap (UNI), Compound (COMP), Monero (XMR), Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH),
Tron (TRX), Algorand (ALGO), Tether (ERC20), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Paxos (PAX), Chainlink (LINK), Zcash (ZEC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dash.
Банки: Любой банк (RUB).
Платежные системы: Qiwi (RUB).

В перспективе расширение направлений обменов в зависимости от потребностей клиентов.

Преимущества обмена в
1. Для зарегистрированных пользователей доступна реферальная программа.
2. Наша команда поддержки всегда готова ответить на ваши технические вопросы.
3. Мы держим приоритетным максимально выгодные условия для наших клиентов.
4. Очень высокая скорость обработки заявок.
5. Мы не храним и не передаем, информацию о Вас, третьим лицам.

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The largest domain lists are already available to you:
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