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When can I actually use it?

The estimation of verge (XVG) has taken a lovely dynamic development on the worth graph. The merchants are currently perhaps expecting an outcome situated day from verge. The 24-hour volume set apart by the XVG is at $2,437,787 USD. The present idea of verge is noted as 15,945,703,089 XVG. The previous learning is showing that over the long haul, the verge coin future is splendid. In this way, venture inside the coin won’t go worthless. The next year is foreseen to close verge around $0.0070 and inside the returning year, a vigorous shot for the verge (XVG) is seen to an arrangement at $0.01.
verge might be an unstable coin and subsequently right now the best — suited venture coin. The speculation orchestrates it should be of the momentary sum. The future speculation masterminds would perhaps include chance with this.
News Source: TheCoinRepublic
Bitcoin discussion / Build your RIMS community and earn huge rewards
« Last post by RIMSB on Today at 06:59:39 AM »
The RIMS platform offers investors with multiple advantages. They can buy tokens that are backed by gold bullion and add people to their community. On addition of members, investors earn token bonuses and other incentives. They can also enjoy the products and services offered by RIMS such as international debit and credit cards, E-Piggy bank, and P2P Lending. Join the platform to earn huge rewards and grow our wealth!

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Bitcoin mining / Re: Best cloud mining platform -
« Last post by ecos_mining on Today at 06:18:12 AM »
Dear friends,
After a rigorous assessment ECOS Cloud Mining was listed on Cryptocompare as a legitimate cloud mining service:

If you would like to get a free 0,1 TH you are welcome to leave a review under our profile, send us a screen shot in Telegram chat or help desk and we will grant you with a free hash power!💰

ICO / Benefits for Ceyron ICO investors.
« Last post by john1988 on Today at 05:13:26 AM »

I think this is the most reliable and profitable platform for our investment. If you take a look at Ceyron ICO platform, you will be able to discover a large number of financial services.

Access to debit cards, digital coin trading and token offering that are powered up with secure credit – is one of some perfect examples available to prove the fact mentioned above.

Benefits for Ceyron ICO investors
Minimizing the volatility issues associated with crypto transactions can be viewed as a major benefit associated with Ceyron ICO.

To that end, Ceylon ICO goes ahead and backs up a broad portfolio that includes secure credit assets. This provides an exciting return in the long term.

These returns are backed up by the CEY token. Machine learning algorithms are used to enhance the protection of Ceyron tokens.

This also enhances network security, safety, and transparency. Thus, volatility issues are minimized

Ceyron provides a private security token that represents Ceyron's stock and aims to provide security, transparency and dividends.

The CEYZ  token is a digital token issued to investors and represents the beneficial interest in another class of non-voting shares in Ceyron..

So, What Is The Goal Of Ceyron ICO?

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of Ceyron ICO project is to bring the financial sector together. In order to achieve the aim, this project will offer a cryptocurrency along with a provision to a large number of useful financial services.

See www for more information.

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WALAHALA has started their coin sale.....
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Các nhà chức trách ở Hoa Kỳ đã bắt giữ hai cá nhân được cho là đe dọa phá hủy một startup nếu họ không được trả hàng triệu đô la crypto. Xem thêm: giá đồng bitcoin

Tống tiền startup crypto

Vào ngày 18 tháng 9, Văn phòng Luật sư Hoa Kỳ cho Quận phía Đông New York, cùng với FBI, đã tuyên bố bắt giữ Steven Nerayoff và Michael Hlady. Cả hai cá nhân đều bị buộc tội tống tiền một startup crypto và đã xuất hiện lần đầu tại tòa án liên bang.

Nerayoff, một luật sư, được thuê để hỗ trợ cho ICO của công ty có trụ sở tại Seattle và đã dụ dỗ Hlady trở thành tay chân làm việc cho mình.

Ngay sau đó, cả hai bị cáo được cho là bắt đầu có dấu hiệu tống tiền khi họ yêu cầu hàng triệu đô la huy động vốn và token của công ty, mặc dù không cung cấp bất kỳ dịch vụ bổ sung nào. Cả hai người đàn ông đều cố tình đe dọa CEO của công ty rằng sẽ phá hoại ICO và phá hủy hoàn toàn startup. Luật sư Hoa Kỳ Richard P. Donoghue cho biết:

“Theo cáo buộc, Nerayoff và Hlady đã thực hiện một kế hoạch tống tiền cổ điển, để được thanh toán bằng tiền điện tử thế kỷ 21. Văn phòng này và các đối tác của chúng tôi tại FBI cam kết bảo vệ các doanh nghiệp khỏi bị tống tiền, cho dù các yêu cầu là đối với đô la Mỹ hay tiền điện tử”.

Trợ lý Giám đốc FBI William Sweeney nói rằng đây là một kế hoạch tống tiền cổ điển, lâu đời với khuynh hướng hiện đại, cho biết thêm:

“Áp đặt các yêu cầu mạnh mẽ đối với một công ty vì lợi ích cá nhân là một công việc rủi ro, cho dù tùy yêu cầu mỗi người sẽ được thanh toán bằng tiền điện tử hay tiền mặt. FBI sẽ tiếp tục tìm kiếm công lý cho các nạn nhân mà các doanh nghiệp đã bị nhắm đến bởi các loại lừa đảo này”. Xem thêm: trx tron

Theo báo cáo của Symantec, vào tháng 8, tội phạm mạng đã kiếm được 1.2 triệu đô la Bitcoin (BTC) thông qua sextortion và scam đe dọa đánh bom trong 12 tháng.

Theo báo cáo, vào tháng 5 năm 2019, 63 ví tiền liên quan đến các vụ lừa đảo như vậy đã nhận được tổng cộng 12.8 BTC, trị giá 106,240 đô la vào thời điểm đó. Symantec ước tính thu nhập hàng năm là 1.2 triệu đô la bằng cách lấy ví dụ của tháng 5 là mức trung bình hàng tháng.
Gambling / EOSBet and Dapp partnership, Special Giveaway inside
« Last post by denden on Today at 01:39:05 AM »

Another FREE giveaway of 70 BNB and 70 EOS!

EOSBet partnered with to market EOSBet to a large audience of dapp players! Simply play your favorite game on and leave comment on this twitter post. Don't forget to retweet as well!

Publishing, like most industries in the digital age, is struggling to find a way to redefine itself. With more application publishers moving to online and electronic formats, traditional distribution and revenue models aren’t quite cutting it anymore, which is why blockchain systems are getting a lot of attention from developers, authors and content creators.

While different proposals have different mechanics, the core idea behind them is that a lot of the things that traditional publishers do, like managing copyright and licensing, distributing profits, and facilitating collaboration, could easily be done in a less centralized way using smart contracts and a blockchain record.

There are several application publishing platforms on the market; sometimes, it becomes confusing identifying the real and genuine ones. But one platform that has proven beyond every reasonable doubt to be real and beneficial to developers is the X42 Protocol platform. X42 stands tall on the market leveraging its unique selling proposition to help publishers curate and publish their applications.

What is X42?

X42 is a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency based in the Stratis technology but is not a fork instead just share most of its technology. X42 allows the creation of different decentralized applications. X42 is a feeless, nearly instant, proof of stake cryptocurrency that pays dividends in the form of stakes. Whether you are a small developer or you want to create large projects, X42 is a viable option to consider.

X42 Blockchain Project

Aside from having a pretty clever name, X42 checks most of the boxes on the publishing-chain wish list. x42 uses PoS (proof of stake) as a coin generation method as well as validation for newly generated blocks, which benefits the interest of organizations running the network, and securing it against attacks.

This is very useful because any user or organization can take advantage of running an x42 full node and the nodes needed for their own blockchain without the need for expensive and dedicated hardware. Block reward will be 2 coins per block until block number 400.000, after that all blocks will only generate 1 coins until the maximum supply of 42.000.000 x42 is reached.

Owners of x42 masternodes will be able stake their coins to generate new ones related to the amount they are currently staking until the total supply is created. Until and after that point owners will also receive a percentage of transaction fees from the games and decentralized applications hosted on the side blockchains that they decided to host on their masternode.

The main idea of setting up x42 is to enable publishers with zero capital to publish their application on the blockchain. The X42 protocol works around a main blockchain which hosts all the x42 coins and three types of nodes.

X42 coin is relatively unknown to so many investors for now which makes it seriously under-valued. Without the traditional launch, given there is no initial coin offering (ICO). The x42 core development team and community are working hard, and the value is already observable, the coin price is moving towards the higher side and with the potential, it could be amongst the next bumper hits.

In fact, Ripper, Tron, and other coins that are doing well now started like X42. From X42's potential, in the coming days, there is a chance that the price of X42 will skyrocket. Thus, it becomes one of the highly watched options to go for.

As a prospective investor, you can start staking with whatever amount you have, as there is no minimum amount required. It is a simple process, all that it takes is just 2 clicks of your mouse. By far, it is the safest and easiest coin to stake on the cryptoecosystem.

Now, let's see the other benefits of investing in the X42 project:

●   Zero Fees: X42 will not charge you a dime for your decentralized applications to be published. This means more profits for you.
●   Scalable: X42 is absolutely scalable. You can test the scalability anyhow you want it.
●   Fast: All transactions on the X42 protocol are very fast. According to the team behind X42, block time is about 60 seconds.
●   Private: All your transactions would be kept private. Regardless of the location of your team, they will receive every unit sent to them.
●   Security: Are you scared of losing your investment? X42 takes the issue of security very strongly.

x42 is one of very few coins with a tiered masternode system, more information can be found on discord:

Anyone looking to take it up can do it through these exchanges –

Stex (

Graviex (

Altmarkets (

All further information at:
 MCM project otherwise known as Aladinnetwork is one of the disruptive serial projects of Igniter100 Fintech enterprises which is headquartered in the heart of London, precisely  at  1 Fore Street Ave London, EC2Y 9DT, United Kingdom. Aladinntework is an Internet disruptive blockchain project that is coming at a time where there is need to develop and encourage the use of dapp with a renewed effort of making it user friendly to gain a wider acceptance. Fully backed by the Igniter100 team and spear headed by the duo of Adil Abbas and Steve Lubka, aladinnetwork provides what it takes to make a decentralized internet a reality.
Brief overview of Aladinnetwork
Aladinnetwork is poised to bridge the gap between the modern Internet and decentralized applications by way of making the experience of dapps’s user seem like the use of internet browser; they are providing a dapp user experience next to none. With this also, Aladinnetworks aims to make the decentralized Internet (blockchain) accessible to everyone.
Aladinnetwork blockchain is originally built on 21 nodes for optimal functioning. Nodes are the blockchain. A blockchain exists out of blocks of data. These blocks of data are stored on nodes(compare it to small servers). Nodes can be any kind of device (mostly computers, laptops or even bigger servers). Nodes form the infrastructure of a blockchain. All nodes on a blockchain are connected to each other and they constantly exchange the latest blockchain data with each other so all nodes stay up to date. They store, spread and preserve the blockchain data, so theoretically a blockchain exists on nodes. A full node is basically a device (like a computer) that contains a full copy of the transaction history of the blockchain.
In the case of Aladin blockchain, the nodes are geographically located in different locations but are connected together via the Internet. Also with the policy of not more than one node to a node operator, aladinnetwork is better positioned to having a more decentralized outlook. 
Once Aladin node is live, it checks if a block of transactions is valid and accepts or rejects it. It as well saves and stores blocks of transactions (storing blockchain transaction history). Aladin nodes broadcast and spread this transaction history to other nodes that may need to synchronize with the blockchain (need to be updated on transaction history as the case may be).
Using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), the  Aladinnetwork 21 nodes are made block producers. These block Producers are responsible for providing the computational and storage resources of the network. They process all transactions; provide all computation for smart contracts, and each store a full copy of the network.
Block Producers are compensated for their work and their resources by receiving a block reward composed of newly created tokens. However, each node is required a down staking of 100000 ALA coins which is currently paid in fiat based on the unit value of ALA coin. This is besides the cost of procuring, setting up and running the nodes hardware architecture. You don’t need to worry since the gains emanating from running a node far exceed these over head costs.  Aladinnetwork will be launched on or before January, 2020.
Where can aladinnetwork nodes be likely deplored?
The entry of the aladinnetwork into the DLT space is geared towards being deplored and applied in the real world situations like in the conditional payment systems of the insurance and betting platforms. It is also applied to ensure users full controlled right to personal data and usage. Accessing of dapps through internet readable browsers is also another way to bring home the effect of this project.
What are the unique features of Aladinnetwork?
1.     A native universal oracle smart contract: This allows data to be requested from any external API & IoT sources.
2.     Creating enabling environment for creation and sales of dapps: Aladinnetwork provides the needed circle and tools to create useful dapps, making it readable and possible to import data from external and decentralized storage with user controlled access and verifiable cryptography. There is also the inclusion of DNS that allows the creation of browser that navigates to Aladinnetwork, an app store that allows the easy to access, locate and use new dapps together with a source of SDK tools to aid developers.
3.     Safe, scalable and fast blockchain: The Aladinnetwork can boast as one of the most secured, safest and fastest blockchain with about 4000 tps.
4.      No transaction cost on Adinnetwork: Aladinnetwork has a zero transaction cost for developers.
5.     Aladinnetwork compensates every participants of the network: The network brings the users, nodes owner and developers together with the sole aim to compensate all for their contribution to the Aladinnetwork.
6.     A blockchain project with human face: Alandinnetwork happens to be one of those few blockchain projects that does not only have a human face but also has a physical office presence in UK. Officials and representatives of the Aladinnetwork are always available and willing to do business directly with interested clients.
In what ways can one invest in aladinnetwork ?
By means of a crowd funding option or angel investors approach, one can be part of Alandinnetwork:  JOIN CROWD FUNDING. However, one can purchase the entire node by having a direct contact with aladinnetwork by contacting this email: or by this linkedin account:
Further enquiries on Aladinnetwork could be made on these online presences and social media channels enumerated thus:
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