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Security and technical support / Re: How Bitcoin mining works?
« Last post by ZigZag on Today at 09:46:32 AM »

Is not mining BitCoin a waste of energy? I thing, that in future there will be more projects like Nebula Network - decentralized storage cloud. Emission mechanism is tied to their supply and exchange rate is rock stable (separated from BitCoin rate). It's already working on Tether USDT which has stable rate in about 1$ and I thing thats great - investors dont have to worry about rate turbulences. What do you thing?
все платят, все в порядке
Let's try it. This app very useful
Security and technical support / Re: Need recommendations on the wallet
« Last post by innate on Today at 08:03:30 AM »
I've read all your information that you shares and I really love it. Thank you for sharing this post. I appreciate it.
Bitcoin discussion / Re: How did you get into bitcoin?
« Last post by partyush on Today at 08:00:15 AM »

Another question raise among growing cryptocurrency market, like what about if government start asking for tax on crypto gains,
and another debate is going on world wide, cryptos to consider an asset or currency,
so in both the cases taxes are sure, here is the link below explain you to handle the cryptocurrency taxation..

have a look friends..

paste this in your browser..
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Off-topic / Re: Any good portfolio trackers out there?
« Last post by achikomimi on Today at 03:09:29 AM »
I am using Blockfolio ever since. I find it more useful because it is easy to use. I can see right away the price of my coins and I can change the currency so that it won't need to convert it from USD to our currency. Maybe you can try tabtrader. It is available in playstore. I hope it helps.
Altcoin discussion / What do you think about buycoffewithcrypto ?
« Last post by boby777 on Today at 02:57:55 AM »
I know they spent 20 years delivering international coffee lovers with the best Joe Cup and always taught us innovative things. In 2018, it means adopting the latest block chain based digital assets.Now accept encryption! Cafe Joe USA, which sells the most popular coffee in Israel, accepts cash of bit coins, ether, retine coins, nano and bit coins generously.
It is not necessarily due to the specific demand of that bitter morning drink that supplies fuel to the US, but rather the idea that a decentralized currency will be integrated into everyday life that is sufficient for buying espresso.
Cryptography is soon calm
But it's not just pumping memes with just bags. It is often a better way of trading from coffee to payment processor. We are always aiming for improvement.               So you can visit & enjoy coffe ..
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I am new here. I know I will learn a lot here.
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