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         Binance Future BOT -

Free Binance Futures, Bybit Signals provider on Telegram. We are the ONLY Community which provides BOT for Binance Futures. We are the Most Consistent & Transparent Signal Service in the Market. Trade the Market With Accurate Signals in Real-time. We also provide high quality signals on Binance,, OKEX. Get started now as it is completely FREE

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Off-topic / Re: Where is it more profitable to buy Proxy?
« Last post by Prevorx on Yesterday at 08:25:24 PM »
I often use proxies. I buy through the fineproxy service. After purchase, these proxies are always available for the entire purchase period. Check if these proxies are suitable for your needs. They don't ban customers or ask additional fees for traffic. Even if the client is streaming, downloading torrents, uploading videos. High quality, fast and cheap proxies.
I online,write to me.
I sell through the guarantor which you like.
The guarantor can be any moderator or administrator any forum, only these two statuses can be involved in deal, VIP status for deal is not allowed.
I accept for payment paypal,bitcoin,capitalist,webmoney,advcash,payeer.
Sale procedure: i paint over with eraser important data with  and show you all the necessary documents(for assess the graphic quality), if you are satisfied with the quality, then you pay money to the guarantor and get the required set, if not satisfied quality then i show you the next set.
You can buy without guarantor your risk, it's up to you to decide.
Skype rockybalqboa
Icq 628882622
DeFi / Re: Top1Swap the new center of the defi, Presale Live!!
« Last post by Alyson001 on Yesterday at 04:23:00 PM »
I want to know more about your project.can i get of your whitepaper?
DeFi / Top1Swap the new center of the defi, Presale Live!!
« Last post by cryptooffer on Yesterday at 03:58:52 PM »

🚨🚨Top1Swap the new center of the defi 🚨🚨
☑️Price 100 TOP = 1 BNB
💥💥 after pre-sale end price will be: 20 Top1 = 1 BNB 💥💥
☑️Buy Now:
☑️Presale works on a first come, first served basis.
Type: BEP20
Contract Address: 0xc9a1467856510bd13847e82fd89a0b4d05eca72e
300,000 Token Presale
☑️Remaining presale tokens will be burned immediately.
🔸Token Metrics🔸
Total Supply: 325,000 Top1
Presale: 300,000 Top1
Marketing: 22,500 Top1
Team & Airdrop: 2,750 Top1
Liquidity Fund: 300,000 Top1
🗓Presale End: 04/25/2021
🗓Liquidity will be provided instant after presale.
🗓Farming & others features will start After pre-sale.
🌐 Official Website :
🌐 Official Twitter :
🌐 Official Group:
🌐 Official channel:
🌐 Official medium :
🌐 Official Email :
Bitcoin discussion / I Calculated How Much it Costs to hack Bitcoin:
« Last post by Oskar Solberg on Yesterday at 01:05:51 PM »

Hardware cost - 15 Billion USD:

To hack bitcoin, or execute a 51% attack, you need to buy enough miners to mach the hash rate of the current mining network - 180 million Terra hash per second.

To do this, you would need roughly 1.5 million S19 miners, costing about $8000 per.

This, plus a warehouse to keep them in, plus power set up etc. would total about 15 Billion USD.

Electricity cost - 10 million USD/day:

With a good institutional electricity rate, you would you about 4875 Megawatt per day, costing over 10 million USD.

To put that in perspective, check this out:

I think it's safe to say that Bitcoin is practically unhackable, in the sense of 51% attacks....

Check out the full calculation, and more detailed explanation at:
That's true, but exchanges operate internationally and many of them delisting XRP doesn't help :/

True. However, it looks like they all got a "green light" to re-list XRP. Guess we'll see how long it takes them...
Token announcements / Re: Un-Ruggable Liquidity Locked Meme Charity Token
« Last post by Alyson001 on Yesterday at 12:30:17 PM »
I wish this project successful
Token announcements / Un-Ruggable Liquidity Locked Meme Charity Token
« Last post by cryptooffer on Yesterday at 11:54:50 AM »


Our main goal is to donate to endangered animals charities through our Multi-Signature charity wallet together with our strong community, and continue to expand people's views on the persistent problem of endangered animals and educate people on how to help more.
And let's admit it. Mongooses are cool.

Un-Ruggable Liquidity Locked Meme Charity Token, with it's main goal to help endangered animals through it's charity wallet and awesome meme community. Community-votes on which charity to help to.

#Charity #Token #Nft #mongoosefinance #bitcoin
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