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Bitcoin discussion / Do your crypto taxes!
« Last post by cryptothisandthat on Today at 07:33:09 PM »

Dear Bitcoin Forum community!

A few years ago I didn't think much about crypto taxes! Since many transactions have accumulated over the years, I quickly had to deal with the correct taxation of those. This is how an exciting crypto tax tool has emerged in recent years, which has now been approved and published by Google as a G Suite Add-on.


Cointracking and crypto tax calculation shouldn’t cost more than a delicious cocktail, so that the entire crypto community can tax their capital gains through trading, mining and even paying with cryptocurrencies easily and compliantly.

With this post I want to spread my vison into the whole crypto network.

I cordially invite you to take a look at my project and I would be very happy to receive your feedback!

You would especially support my work if you left a nice review in the G Suite Marketplace! ;)

You can get the Add-on directly from Google G Suite Marketplace or visit the official CryptoReports website.

Have fun and don't forget: Do your crypto taxes! :P


PS: Sorry but I can't post any links. Just google CryptoReports or search in Google's G Suite Marketplace for CryptoReports.
Off-topic / Tree - Decentralized Exchange platform
« Last post by cryptooffer on Today at 04:01:54 PM »

Tree Holdings is decentralized finance platform.
It use a multi-token self balance pool. Mint SEEDs to plant trees now!
Français (French) / Re: Re: [FAN-ANN] QOOBER BLOCKCHAIN
« Last post by Tiffany on Today at 03:33:21 PM »
Excellent. J'espère que la communauté de QOOBER continuera à nous faire plaisir avec de telles choses. Achetez QOOB avant qu'il ne soit trop tard!!)).
Altcoin announcements / Re: [FAN-ANN] QOOBER BLOCKCHAIN
« Last post by Tiffany on Today at 03:27:32 PM »
Cool article, well, you messed up)
there is no extra merit, so I would have donate.

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El Clasico today!
Both teams are not in a good shape, Madrid with unexpected defeats against Cadiz & Shakhtar.
While Barca failed to wins on their last two La Liga matches.

Another Big Match today come from EPL ManUtd vs Chelsea.
Chelsea undefeated in their last six matches while ManUtd still in a good mood after they win 2-1 at PSG home few days ago.

Also UFC! who do you think will win in this fight? Khabib or Gaethje ?

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