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Those are only prototype results, to show the possibilities of our tools. We don’t recommend to trade on it. We don’t take any responsibility for potential losses on your trading activities or other risks that you take by using those prototype results.[/size]Close price are aggregated for the market and are not tied to any exchange

Date           Pair            Price (P)     Move (P)    Move% (P)   Price (R)   Move (R)
20.10.2017   ARDR/USD   0.232548   0.012048      5.46      

[/color]20.10.2017   ETH/USD   308.2653   0.8553          0.28      
[/color]20.10.2017   XRP/USD   0.217558   0.003658      1.71
[/color]20.10.2017   LTC/USD   60.39195   0.71195        1.19      
[/color]20.10.2017   XMR/USD   90.03494   1.64494        1.86      
[/color]20.10.2017   DCR/USD   27.77167   0.82167        3.05      
[/color]20.10.2017   ZRX/USD   0.232098   0.005298      2.34      
[/color]20.10.2017   STRAT/USD   3.027421   -0.052579      -1.71      
[/color]20.10.2017   NEO/USD   28.53807   -0.27193       -0.94      
[/color]20.10.2017   OMG/USD   7.830019   -0.009981      -0.13
Legenddate – day for which the close price is forcasted ( close price for current day calculated on 00:01 GMT of the next day)pair – currency pairs for which forecast are generaitedPrice (P) – predicted close price for “date”, 1am GMTMove (P) – the absolute difference between previous close price and the predicted oneMove% (P) – relative percentage difference between previous close price and the predicted onePrice (R) – real price for “date”, 1am GMTMove (R) – the absolute difference between previous close price and the real next onе[/size][/font]
Bitcoin discussion / Re: How did you get into bitcoin?
« Last post by rashi2401 on Today at 08:26:31 AM »
hi everyone how ru?r

- Added publication date
- Added pagination
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Scam???
« Last post by Jill Scott on Today at 03:00:17 AM »
trust rating is so little
have you tried it yet?
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Am I really going to earn from Bitcoin?
« Last post by FutureICO on Yesterday at 10:38:35 PM »
We can but right now direct purchase is just not worthy due to the value. One can gain a lot via trading, as then the value part is irrelevant. If we just want to purchase then I will say upcoming ICOs are best bet and could be life changer. I like to suggest Sphere, as I too have invested with them given their magnificent plot and also offering 45% bonus, it’s too good of an option to miss out on.
Hey Everyone,

I recently released Top Crypto Books, a list of awesome bitcoin books.

I can't share the URL since I get the following message: Sorry, you are not allowed to post external links.

You can check it out at topcryptobooks [dot] com or by clicking on my profile website though.

Please let me know what you think. I'd really appreciate any and all feedback.

I plan to add more features as soon as I can. Some features coming soon:
  - additional categories
  - filters
  - top lists
Introductions / just sayin' hi
« Last post by topcryptobooks on Yesterday at 07:15:24 PM »
Hi  :P
Cryptics Product Tour. First look.

Hey! Pre-Ico comes closer and its time to give a little sneak peek into our software.
Here you have your landing dashboard, the one that you see after login in the account.  The most important values are visible right here – trading bot results, development of yours portfolio, and the watchlist with your favorite coins ( which you can select in your profile).

The next ones are trading dashboard and the optimization dashboard that feature the key principles of your project – the ability to trade and optimize your portfolio directly within Cryptics UI and with the help of our AI.

More software updates is yet to come – stay tuned to not miss it!


Cryptics – world`s first self-learning platform, that analyzes the cryptocurrency market and creates forecasts. Data collection and processing occurs in real time from variety of sources in order to capture and record all relevant signals.
Cryptocurrency market is quite complicated and not understandable for offline investors. It takes high level of knowledge and many years of experience in order to understand current trends. High-qualified specialists in this field are just starting to appear and their knowledge is scattered and not systemized, so it is hard to form global reliable predictions.  All information mentioned above causes difficulties for medium and small private investors in dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give any person, whether it`s an investor, an export or a novice market participant an ability to find key information, based on which it will be easier to take most relevant decision regarding the mining, buying or selling the cryptocurrency, creation of portfolios of cryptocurrencies. Cryptics will stimulate scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as contribute to the further development of the blockchain, offering an infrastructure for creating funds for small and successful trades.

Cryptics Token Release

Fundraising and release of Cryptics tokens is intended to finance the development of the platform, the functionality of the self-learning part of the platform based on AI, as well as the development of a decentralized system for the collection and data updates. In addition, some part of the funds will be used for marketing and advertising needs. Cryptics tokens will be used to pay for any services that the platform provides.
A total of 100,000,000 cryptics tokens (CRP) will be provided:
·         60 million CRP will be sold from presale till ICO
·         20 million CRP will be reserved for the team and partners
·         18 million CRP will be reserved in the fund for mining (from which, reward will be paid to miners and analysts)
·         2 million CRP (2% of the total number of tokens) will be reserved for Bounty

ICO will be held in two stages:

1. Pre-sale (30 October 2017)
At the Pre-sale stage, 2,000,000 CRP will be sold.
● Soft Cap - $300.000 (1.200.000 CRP)
● Cap - $400.000 (1.600.000 CRP)
● Hard Cap - $500.000 (2.000.000 CRP)
Cost of 1 CRP = $ 0.25, ETH=0,000845
The collected funds will be used to prepare the public launch of the Cryptics project, marketing and preparing ICO-round.

2. ICO (09 Dezember 2017).
During the ICO will be sold 48 million CRP.
• Soft Cap - $15.000.000 (37.500.000 CRP)
• Cap - $17.100.000 (42.750.000 CRP)
• Hard Cap - $19.200.000 (48.000.000 CRP)
Cost of 1 CRP = $ 0.40; ETH=0,00135

Collected funds will be used to develop a self-learning platform based on artificial intelligence, global marketing of the project, the creation of a sales department and contextual advertising. Сryptics will start accepting CRP tokens as payment for services in the platform.

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