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Reminder: Create your Particl Wallet

As we prepare for the Particl platform launch we want to ensure the smoothest launch possible and we want to say Thank You to everyone who has already prepared their first Particl wallet following our quick 10 minute guide.

This is extremely important as your PART tokens will automatically be distributed to these addresses when mainnet launches. To date, 77% of our funding contributors have set their receiving address up which is fantastic! We're hoping to have >90% of you set this up before we launch so it reduces the extra load on the team to manually distribute tokens after launch.

Still need to set up wallet? START HERE:

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« Last post by bitlvr on Today at 03:35:06 AM »

250 satoshi-50.000 satoshi/20 min

10.000 litoshi -5.000.000 litoshi/20 min

2 Doge-1000 Doge/20 min
Goods / Re: [WTS] Lot of Fine Jewelry Appraised at 25,000+ USD
« Last post by JWBit on Yesterday at 07:58:13 PM »
Lot of jewelry is of varied quality; highest value pieces are as follows: Emerald and Micro Pave Diamond Ring (Note that Emerald enhancement is not color enhancement, it is the application of a clear oil to fill surface micro-fissures and is very common on emeralds ~85-90% of emeralds are oiled to prevent expansion of surface micro-fissures due to water encroachment and protects the clarity of the stone), Ruby and Diamond Necklace, Ruby and Diamond Ring, Yellow and White Gold Diamond Brooch, and then the Sapphire Ring (Diamonds on this ring are incredibly small and of imperfect quality).

The Emerald Ring is appraised at up to 10,250 USD with an informal low end estimate of ~5,200 USD for the value of the loose stone. The Ruby and Diamond Necklace has an MSRP of 9450 USD, but has been appraised at 8,000 USD with an informal low end estimate of ~6,200 USD.


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Dear investors.

Since crowdfunding our company, EncryptoTel has experienced a number of challenges and problems. We can assure you that we are only getting stronger as a result of this, and this in no way reflects the status of the company and especially the completion of our software products in the future.

Yesterday, late in the evening Moscow time, our BlockSwap service was attacked and ultimately hacked. The amount of losses is a staggering 38.5 million ETT tokens from the Ethereum chain and a further 3.8 million ETT Waves tokens.

Read more:

To address a couple of questions here:

1. This happened yesterday morning, it is not the reason investor distribution has been taking so long. It is a separate issue.
2. All trading has been halted since the moment this was discovered.
3. ETH based (ERC20) tokens will be redistributed, the current ones will be invalidated.
4. The smart contract address will change, and will be published immediately when completed.
5. Waves based (CAT) tokens will NOT be redistributed.
6. Waves based (CAT) tokens will CONTINUE TO EXIST! IT'S STILL DUAL-CHAIN!!!
7. ETT Waves (CAT) version token holders who lost tokens/funds as a result of this will be reimbursed from ETT team funds.
Bitcoin discussion / Zero Investiments Best Infinity Satoshi Bitcoin
« Last post by psalmus123 on Yesterday at 05:55:25 PM »

Site NO investment (ZERO Investment)

Video how to do:
Bitcoin discussion / Re: How did you get into bitcoin?
« Last post by andrej on Yesterday at 04:08:30 PM »
I heard that my friend made $1k in 2 weeks, so since then I started being interested in cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Exchange / Buying or exchanging any currency (fiat or crypto)
« Last post by USAS-12 on Yesterday at 03:55:05 PM »
Hi There,
Invite everyone who wants to exchange their blocked-on-poloniex currencies to try my OTC service where I act as a middleman.
If you don't feel comfortable exchanging through me, we can use any other trustworthy party from trusted escrow member who will take part in the entire process. Everything is clear and simple! 

PM me to get more details  ;D
Off-topic / Earn $5-10 a day using smartphone
« Last post by Jingoloid on Yesterday at 03:41:38 PM »
The app is called GiftPanda(use code DTXBIV)[/size]Why i say it is fun because you can play games as well as have the joy of earning real money as wellWhat you do is simply download this app and you can earn money numerous ways..1)Download apps and earn coins2)play games at play4cash where the longer you play the more coins you earn3) Do surveys4)This is the best part "cashback" where you earn up to 10% of what you purchase from certain shops like Dominos,Pizza hut and many more (works for american and Indian users) Other countries will be added in the futureThe referral commission is also great where you can earn 10% from level 1 referral and 5% of your referral's referralsAccumulate 2500 coins and you will be able to cash it out via paypalThere has been many apps that i have tried and this one seems to be at the top of the list for the best app to earn money out there.This app is good for those who wants to earn side income from this app[/size][/font]
Introductions / Hello all!
« Last post by andrej on Yesterday at 03:17:34 PM »
Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to say hi. :)
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