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Dear users.

We offer services for the purchase and construction of real estate in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui for cryptocurrencies.

Our company sells, as well as builds highly liquid and profitable housing to order. Up to 10% ROI per annum. The main focus is on the opportunity to invest in the real estate market using cryptocurrency. We help to arrange all the necessary documents and pay for the property itself. We are not interested in the origin of funds and conduct a clean and legal transaction.

Anonymity of the buyer and protection of his confidentiality.

Licensed builder. We will advise, select or develop real estate individually according to your parameters.

A licensed agent will study your needs, offer suitable options, and talk about the pros and cons.

The team is ready to meet you, conduct a tour of the facilities, tell you about the local real estate market. We also accompany the client directly when concluding a contract with a real estate seller and a state registrar.

We assist our clients in obtaining visas, opening companies, buying cars, boats and other things.

We will advise and help you realize the option that is right for you.

You can view the houses in 360 ° format at the following links:


Telegram \ WhatsApp: - +66937872952
Phone: +66937872952
Bitcoin discussion / Re: How did you get into bitcoin?
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Uniswap is an on-chain protocol that claims to make decentralized exchanges more accessible and trustworthy.

As the name implies, a liquidity pool is a large pool of tokens that are held to facilitate a trade on decentralized exchanges.

A smart contract is a self-executing program designed to activate when certain conditions are met.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, not only cryptocurrencies, but also blockchain technology and all its offshoots have continuously evolved. Cryptocurrency exchanges are considered the best confluence point between the non-technical world and the complex technology behind cryptocurrencies. However, the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges were centralized, defeating the entire purpose of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges were conceptualized and many of them have seen considerable success. To govern these exchanges, there must be an exchange protocol. Uniswap is one such exchange protocol created by Hayden Adams that makes it easy to exchange ERC20 tokens with ETH tokens.

More about Uniswap

Uniswap is an on-chain protocol that claims to make decentralized exchanges more accessible and trustworthy. It has been built to address one of the biggest concerns with decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges: liquidity. Unlike most other decentralized finance platforms, Uniswap uses a liquidity pool instead of audiobooks.

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This would mean that a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange can now create its own liquidity using the Uniswap protocol instead of relying entirely on the needs of the buyer and seller.

Uniswap has evolved today: Uniswap version 2 is available. The second version of Uniswap has many advantages, such as offering flash swaps, resistance to tampering, direct pooling of ERC 20 tokens, improved compatibility with ERC777 standards, and a significant improvement in terms of interface.

The way the Uniswap protocol works is simple and straightforward. As long as the liquidity pool contains the tokens, it can be exchanged for the same value. Once the exchange is complete, the tokens are automatically destroyed.

What is a liquidity pool?

Since Uniswap deals with liquidity pools, it is important to understand what it really means. As the name implies, a liquidity pool is a large pool of tokens that are held to facilitate a trade on decentralized exchanges. With security in mind, these liquidity pools and tokens are secured with smart contracts making it impenetrable to scammers and people with malicious intent.

These liquidity pools and tokens are secured with smart contracts making them impenetrable to fraudsters and people with malicious intent.

Even on centralized exchanges, there may be cases where some market makers intend to only promote a certain type of asset, making it difficult for users to process anything other than what these market makers wish to promote. To address this discrepancy, a liquidity pool is introduced. These liquidity pools prevent the constant change of the price value of the order book, thus keeping the entire exchange ecosystem less susceptible to malicious market influences. It also facilitates easy token swapping if both tokens are present in the liquidity pool.

The relevance of smart contracts

A smart contract is a self-executing program designed to activate when certain conditions are met. The smart contract can be considered the epicenter of blockchain technology. It is these smart contracts that facilitate the automatic execution of a task without the intervention of third parties. When it comes to Uniswap, the smart contracts are written in this exclusive language called Solidity.

The most outstanding features of Uniswap

It goes without saying that the Uniswap protocol does not involve any central authority or order books that are prevalent on most mainstream exchanges. Liquidity is made possible automatically through the open source Uniswap protocol.

It is this automation of liquidity that allows trading without requiring an order book. Liquidity pools are created by liquidity providers. Once this is done, it is offered to the Uniswap protocol.

The decentralization offered by the Uniswap protocol has two distinct advantages. The first is, needless to say, the obsolescence of the idea of ​​intermediaries. Platform participants can quickly exchange tokens. Prices are also handled automatically as previously set.

The liquidity in the Uniswap protocol does not belong to anyone in particular. Therefore, the price of the tokens depends exclusively on the market value and cannot be established by buyers and sellers. This mechanism democratizes the entire ecosystem. Another aspect that adds to the democratic nature of Uniswap is that anyone can create a token and offer it to the liquidity pool without authorization.

The relevance of the Uniswap clone

Uniswap has been a game changer for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and ecosystems in terms of liquidity. Many cryptocurrency and blockchain companies have been intending to create their own version of Uniswap.

The Uniswap protocol does not involve any central authority or order books that are prevalent in most mainstream exchanges.

This makes a lot of business sense as a white label clone has the ability to save a lot of time and money. A white-label clone also minimizes the chance of bugs that could interfere with basic functions. In all of this, it should not be forgotten that your white label solution should be packed with features that make it easy and interesting for users.

Your Uniswap clone must include two-factor authentication. This will ensure that instances of unauthorized access are greatly reduced. It also facilitates safer trading, which is of the utmost importance in a decentralized platform.

The clone should make it easy and fast when it comes to buying and selling crypto assets. Uniswap is known for its fast transactions and its Uniswap clone should be at least as fast, if not better.

Everything that has to do with the blockchain and cryptocurrency is planned on a global scale. Therefore, your Uniswap clone script must support multiple languages. It should be remembered that a person is more likely to use a platform if they can take advantage of native language support.

All these advances under the hood must be accompanied by a simple, interactive and intuitive interface. This will ensure that all users feel comfortable using the platform/product.

Clotba is the Equalizer Tokenized Lottery Platform that is audited, reliable and fair. Clotba is addressing the problem of a fair game; that is what most tokenized entities (centralized or decentralized) are lacking. With “privileged” crowds and influencers alike leading the game to their own benefit, finally, a project is launched that is free of the rat race, gold-rush, and influencer disinformation.

“Best of All: Set it and Forget it for Infinite Chances to WIN!”

Clotba was designed with the sole idea and dedication to empowering all who believe they deserve a chance! We are here to provide equal chances for all to have access to life-changing wealth! All you ever need to do is to invest your spare change in Clotba tokens and be in the weekly draw every week automatically, a lottery can’t get any better or more fair!
Entering the Clotba Tokenized Lottery Platform offers three major opportunities for its investors:
•   Weekly chance of winning the lottery (if you don’t, you are re-entered automatically as long as you hold your tokens).
•   Earn BNB with your Clotba.
•   Set it and forget it! No staking/unstaking fees or downloading just another wallet nor moving your coins through a bridge to have the same benefits promised to you in the very beginning.

What is it?
Clotba is a BEP 20 token and a revolutionary tokenized lottery platform that stands for CLOVER+LOTTERY+BABY BNB.
You’ll be mesmerized as you read on and uncover how to stash more BNB for free by simply purchasing Clotba tokens and how you can get equal opportunity and chances to win the pool prize every week!
Owning and Holding 10 Clotba means; Infinite Entries To Win The Pool Prize Drawn Every Single Sunday!

Through dedicated smart contracts every lottery run on Clotba Pooled Lottery Platform contributes to the Clotba Token fund. With every Clotba Token acting as a permanent and endless lottery ticket, and min 10 Clotba tokens giving entry into all Clotba Lotteries held every Sunday, the Clotba Token offers token holders the chance to win the pooled prize fairly and equally.

Clotba will have a total supply of 50M (50,000,000) tokens with a circulating supply of 47M Clotba before we start sending 1% of each token purchase to the incinerator.

Clotba token purchases incur a 6% transaction fee of which 2% is fed into the lottery prize pool to fund and grow the lottery platform.

But wait, it gets better as the 1% is sent as wood into the oven and 3% drops back in your wallet as BNB rewards just like Santa dropping Christmas gifts down the chimney.

What’s in it for you?
Clotba is a tokenized platform that gifts each and every one of its holders with access to the lottery pool accumulated in the lottery wallet. Clotba holders gain equal chances to win the weekly pool prize which grows with more transactions.

To stand a chance to win and participate in the weekly Clotba lottery held every Sunday at 18:00 EST, all you need to do is to purchase Clotba tokens. The pool prize grows with a percentage from each transaction. This means that all you have to do is to;
•   Acquire your tokens (min 10 Clotba for lottery entry)
•   Keep an eye on the weekly draw and winner address (if you care, winner’s prize will be automatically issued to their wallet address anyways)
•   Wait for your turn to land on life-changing wealth!
One lucky holder will win the total amount in the prize pool every Sunday!

How does the Clotba platform ensure a fair selection of winners and prove that the winning numbers are random and verifiable?

CLOTBA Contract accumulates the fee first and it waits for someone to make a transaction, there is one transaction per week that can run the lottery, cooldown resets on Sunday at the time specified. When the lottery is run it takes a list of holders eligible for the lottery (more than 10 tokens - the more tokens means the more chance to win) and looks for their balances, and is choosing a winning Wei, the person who holds it is the winner. Contract sends awarded BNB automatically.

Clotba has integrated a unique contract to bring provable randomness to the Clotba Tokenized Lottery Platform. Integrating industry-leading techology provides us all with access to a tamper-proof and auditable random number generator (RNG) that selects the winning wei every Sunday.

This creates a transparent and trustless user experience for users knowing that they can easily verify that the results are fair thanks to the smart contract tech.

How to Get Your CLOTBA Tokens?
Tokens will be offered at a fair launch process on Pinksale. Join our community channels and stay tuned so that you don’t miss the announcement! FAQ and more info available
on the Clotba project website at

CLOTBA Roadmap
Clotba has a clear and structured roadmap. There are exciting future plans in place and the ecosystem is already underway, including surprise draws and random gift bags to increase your odds of winning, and to provide the fairest possible mechanics of any lottery platform.

Phase 1
The smart contract and RNG mechanism are created
White Paper finalized
Audit finalized
Fairlaunch ready on Pinksale

Phase 2
Beta-launch of the first Sunday lottery
Clotba token ready for trading
Heavy PR and social campaigns continue

Phase 3
Scaling of the Clotba token to multiple platforms

Phase 4
Listing on more platforms and exchanges


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have been trending big over the last couple of years. This is mainly because of the power of NFTs to enable unique artwork and assets to be sold for an astounding value online.

Even the most basic but unique images, videos, gifs and other pieces of art can be auctioned and sold online at great prices, thanks to NFTs.

So, what exactly are NFTs and how are they leading the crypto revolution?

NFTs are digital tokens that represent digital works of art or unique assets and can be seamlessly traded on the blockchain with the ability to easily verify the ownership of the holders.

In simple terms, NFTs allow unique digital entities to be converted into tokens that can be sold and traded securely online.

For the last couple of years, NFTs have been helping artists, designers, musicians and many other types of content creators worldwide to independently and fairly trade their digital artwork online and get the best price for it from interested collectors/investors.

One of the best examples of the potential of NFTs is Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet that sold for a whopping $2.9 million in an NFT auction.

However, the idea of NFTs is not new. CryptoKitties, an Ethereum blockchain-based digital trading game that involves buying and selling unique virtual cat images, has been running successfully for the past some years now.

Some of these cats (NFTs) have been purchased for hundreds or thousands of dollars by intrigued buyers. The same goes for other popular NFTs.

Let’s talk about some basic terms and definitions related to NFTs.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital token (unit of data) stored on the blockchain that is made to represent a real digital asset or artwork. Each NFT is unique and non-interchangeable, which means an NFT cannot be interchanged for another NFT. This is because no two NFTs are ever the same and each NFT has a different value than other NFTs.

NFTs are often made to present reproducible digital media assets such as images, videos, gifs, audio, etc. These digital content can be generally reproduced by anyone who has access to them, but owning an NFT associated with a particular digital file gives you complete ownership and rights to that particular file.

Other than the ability to seamlessly trade them online, NFTs also offer a certificate of ownership. This is a digital file stored on the blockchain and containing information about the NFT’s ownership and other data.

What is an NFT marketplace? (How to buy/sell NFTs)

An NFT marketplace is the platform where people can auction, buy and sell NFTs. An artist looking to sell his/her digital artwork will first convert it into an NFT and then list it on a suitable NFT marketplace to auction and sell.

What makes NFTs so popular

Other than the fact that NFTs enable local artists to independently sell their digital artwork to buyers globally, one of the things that make NFTs so popular is their scarcity.

Because every NFT is unique, only a single person can take the credit to own it. The more people want it, the more is the popularity of an NFT and the higher will be its value.

For instance, there are only 9999 Sharp Bunnies, and each NFT is unique from the other. So, there will never be more than 9999 Sharp Bunnies owners ever. Though the NFT artwork can be copied and replicated, the ownership of an NFT is always unique.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission may tighten control over crypto projects

The chairman of the SEC, Gary Gensler, is concerned about the reluctance of cryptocurrency platforms to cooperate with regulators. The official hopes that in the near future companies will begin to build effective interaction with local authorities. Gensler said that compliance with US laws by crypto projects means a lot to clients of such firms. And only thanks to the control of regulators over the platforms, their investors will be able to feel protected by analogy with the protection of the interests of security holders. “I’ve asked the SEC staff to look at every way to get these platforms inside the investor protection. If the trading platforms don’t come into the regulated space, it’d be another year of the public being vulnerable,” Gensler said.

The head of FINRA, Robert Cook, said that the organization plans to consider a possible tightening of the conditions for the sale of digital currencies. The structure that controls the brokerage will focus on advertising services in the field of crypto assets and data disclosure. FINRA will not make sweeping changes to the rules, but plans to issue notices. They will talk about the existing norms and how they should be developed for the high-quality protection of the interests of investors. In the field of cryptocurrencies, FINRA is ready to consider additional criteria for situations related to the purchase of unregulated products, in particular digital assets.

"We're not going to fundamentally change the current rules or regulatory structure - that's what the SEC and other federal agencies are doing," Cook said. “However, our partners are investing significant amounts in new cryptocurrencies with high volatility. The new rules will help us keep investors safe.” What do you think of the regulators' initiatives? How will this affect market participants in the future?


[/size]Before we get down to business, let's briefly talk about smart contracts, their features and applications in today's world of digital finance.[/size][/size]A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to help you exchange money, stocks, property, or anything of value in a digital environment without conflict. With smart contracts, the services of a middleman are made obsolete, saving you time and conflict.[/size][/size]One of the best things about blockchain technology is that since it is a decentralized system, existing between all permitted parties, there is no need to pay intermediary fees, saving you time, conflict, and money. Blockchain is faster, cheaper and more secure compared to traditional banking systems.[/size][/size]It was in the early 1990s that a cryptographer and legal scholar, Nick Szabo, came to the conclusion that a decentralized ledger could be used for smart contracts or so-called self-executing contracts or blockchain contracts.[/size][/size]In his famous example, he referred to smart contracts as "vending machines." He explained how users could enter data or rate and receive a finite item from a machine.[/size][/size]In such a format, the contracts are computer codes, stored and replicated in the system. The network of computers running the blockchain also monitors the process. This results in general ledger feedback such as transferring money and receiving the products or services.[/size][/size]In summary:
[/size]Smart contracts are written as code and committed to the blockchain. The contract itself, as well as the terms of the contract, are publicly available on the ledger.
[/size]When a certain event is triggered in the contract, for example an expiration date or target price of an asset is reached, the code will be executed.
[/size]Regulators can observe contract activity on the blockchain, but still maintain the privacy of individual actors.
[/size]Smart contracts are useful for basically any type of agreement between two people, including financial services, legal process, crowdfunding activities, credit, property law, and more. While a standard contract describes the specific terms of a relationship, a smart contract enforces the relationship with a cryptographic code. Smart contracts are basically programs that execute what their creators asked them to do.[/size][/size]For example, if you rent an apartment and want to pay for it with cryptocurrencies , you can do it entirely through a smart contract. Both the landlord and the tenant will be notified when a rental date, specified by the parties, arrives.[/size][/size]Where do smart contracts work best?[/size][/size]Smart contracts work better in some industries than others due to their self-executing nature. For example, in industries like banking, health care, real estate, and insurance, smart contracts are becoming more and more popular. Since these are industries that are based on clear rules, algorithms, and quantifiable terms, smart contracts work best for them. By comparison, smart contracts might be less suitable for industries with a more qualitative service nature, such as food, beverage, and hospitality companies.[/size][/size]Smart contracts can be encoded on any blockchain. However, Ethereum development is the most popular as it provides unlimited processing capabilities. Ethereum is specifically designed to create smart contracts.[/size][/size]Ethereum is a decentralized computing platform. It should not be confused with Ether, which is the cryptocurrency token that the platform generates. Programmers can write smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and the contracts will execute automatically, according to their code and the way they were programmed.[/size][/size]How does it work?[/size][/size]It is worth mentioning that although Bitcoin was the first to support basic smart contracts (in the sense that one person can transfer value to another on the network), Bitcoin is limited to the currency's use case.[/size][/size]By comparison, Ethereum has replaced the restrictive language of Bitcoin with a language that allows developers to write their own programs.[/size][/size]The term “smart contract” is often used as a substitute for Ethereum scripts because it is primarily associated with this platform.[/size][/size]Basically, on the Ethereum platform, developers can program their own smart contracts or so-called "autonomous agents". The language supports a broader set of computational instructions, making it easier for programmers.[/size][/size]The entire structure of Ethereum smart contracts, combining programming language, platform development, and verification by a large number of connected computers, ensures that smart contracts are secure, trustworthy, open, and unlikely to be compromised. possible mistakes.[/size][/size]Most people know about the Ethereum project because of the Ether token .[/size][/size]However, many are unaware that this is one of the most successful startups of the last two decades. It also became the world's leading smart contract platform, chosen by most developers.[/size][/size]Since the platform went live in July 2015, it has grown by leaps and bounds and is now able to facilitate smart contracts for everything from online gaming to ICOs. Most of the ICOs are now using the ERC-20 token standard to facilitate their offering.[/size][/size]What is the secret of the Ethereum smart contract platform and why is everyone calling it the king of smart contracts?[/size][/size]Let's start by introducing two very important concepts that you need to understand before working with Ethereum: Ethereum Virtual Machine and gas.[/size][/size]Ethereum Virtual Machine – This is the platform where smart contracts run on Ethereum. In terms of scripting, it provides a more expressive and comprehensive language than Bitcoin. Think of it as a global computer where smart contracts run.
[/size]In the EVM platform, there is a mechanism in place to limit the resources used by each contract. Every operation executed on the EVM platform is executed simultaneously by all nodes in the network. That is the reason gas exists.
[/size]Gas : A transaction contract code can do several things: make calls or send messages to other contracts, perform costly calculations, trigger data reads and writes, etc. Each of these trades must be paid for in Ether, based on a gas/Ether price, which changes quite frequently. The price is usually deducted from the Ethereum account sending the transaction. Transactions also have a gas limit that shows how much gas the transaction can consume. It is intended to guard against errors. You can read more about gas here.
[/size]Let's talk more about the Ethereum platform and its smart contract advantages.[/size][/size]Apart from having the largest market capitalization among all other smart contract platforms out there, the beauty of the platform is the degree of standardization and support it offers. There is also a clear set of rules that developers must follow, which makes developing Ethereum smart contracts quite easy and less risky.[/size][/size]In terms of support, the development of Ethereum is constantly updating and improving the way its smart contracts are created and operated.[/size][/size]On top of that, Ethereum has developed its own smart contract programming language, known as Solidity. It makes it ten times easier to set up a smart contract and helps with standardization. Solidity is a high-level contract-oriented language, quite similar to JavaScript. It is designed for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). There is another high-level language used to write Ethereum contracts, called Serpent. It is quite similar to Python, but Solidity is still the development language of choice for Ethereum developers.[/size][/size]Let's summarize some of the best features of the Ethereum smart contract platform that make it so popular among programmers:[/size][/size]Own smart contract programming language, called Solidity.
[/size]Free to set up your smart contract. Smart contract transactions are charged in gas, which is the initial price to execute a transaction or contract on the Ethereum platform.
[/size]There are clear guidelines and rules for developers.
[/size]Long list of literature and support available.
[/size]ERC-20 technical standard, used in the Ethereum blockchain to implement tokens.
[/size]Cutting-edge technology, incorporating core benefits of blockchain such as security, decentralization, fast transactions, and immutability.
[/size]What makes Ethereum smart contracts so valuable?[/size][/size]Ultimately, the power of the Ethereum blockchain is its programmability.[/size][/size]The reason Ethereum is the best option for executing smart contracts is because the agreements are built into the code itself so that transactions are executed automatically.[/size][/size]Ethereum digital agreements, or “smart contracts” as everyone calls them, have unlimited formats and conditions. Additionally, smart contracts can even request other contracts, making Ethereum useful for payment settlement as well as arbitration of transactional events in real estate, law, government records, energy networks, trade finance, and many others. sectors.[/size][/size]A special feature of how smart contracts work on the Ethereum platform is that each one has its own address on the blockchain. This means that the corresponding code is not included in each contract; instead, a note launches a transaction that creates and attaches a unique address to each contract. After the main transaction, the smart contract becomes an inseparable unit of the blockchain and its address never changes. After that, the smart contract will “act” without stopping until it reaches the gas limit or until the successful end of the operation.[/size][/size]drawbacks
[/size]So far so good. However, keep in mind that smart contracts are still a new technology. Whether we are talking about the Ethereum platform that basically dominates the smart contract blockchain industry or another smart contract platform, problems can arise.
[/size]One of the drawbacks of smart contracts is that they must contain zero errors in order to correctly perform the activities for which they are programmed. These bugs can be exploited by scammers and can steal money.[/size][/size]Governments are also trying to intervene, questioning what will happen if something unexpected happens or if the contract cannot access the deal issue.
[/size]With traditional contracts, the court will be involved. However, with smart contracts, “Code is law”, which means that the contract will be fulfilled no matter what.
[/size]The problems that come with smart contracts will probably be resolved in time, since it is a relatively new technology. There is room for perfection, but financial experts agree that they will become an integral part of our society and Ethereum will continue to lead the pack.[/size][/size]Some other drawbacks of the Ethereum platform include:[/size][/size]It is more expensive than other platforms;
[/size]The Ethereum network is overloaded quite often: most of the time, the network is running at 100% capacity. Application developers are concerned that their contracts may not always be processed as quickly as they would like.
[/size]Security: Low-quality smart contract codes are exposed to hackers. A recent study found that more than 30,000 Ethereum-based smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs and consequently hacks.

[size=78%]The gaming market is being revolutionized by NFTs and blockchain technology. With NFT or crypto games, there are more and more games that have a play-to-earn concept. This means that players can earn money by playing such games and sometimes gigantic metaverse game worlds with many incredibly exciting possibilities are created.[/size]
What are NFTs?
NFTs are digital, tradable goods such as clothing for an avatar or digital works of art. What is special about NFTs are two important properties that can be derived from the name Non-Fungible Token, NFT for short.
First, these digital assets are unique, non-fungible, and this creates digital scarcity, which is important to the value of NFTs.
Secondly, the token can be used to clearly and securely prove who the owner is.
If I can prove that I own a unique or rare digital asset then it can have tremendous value and NFTs can be bought and sold on marketplaces such as Opensea. The extremely coveted CryptoPunks, for example, sometimes several million dollars per NFT have been bought.
These important properties of NFT's uniqueness, proof of ownership, and tradeability  are enabled by blockchain technology. These are public, decentralized databases where it can be proven at any time who owns what. If you buy an NFT today and sell it tomorrow, it will be stored on the blockchain and theoretically, everyone can see it at any time.
NFTs are not only interesting for investors or speculators who want to make a profit. NFTs can be used in digital worlds in the so-called metaverse.
More and more game worlds also contain NFTs, which allow you to earn money while playing.
Play to Earn
These new so-called play-to-earn games are based on the free-to-play approach. For example, Fortnite or most mobile games can be downloaded and played for free. The developers primarily earn money through in-app purchases. Moreover, players can buy specific gear for real money, which will help them get better at the game.
How valuable the NFTs are in the game and accordingly how much money you can ultimately earn playing the game depends crucially on how popular a game becomes. But NFT and play-to-earn games are just the beginning and will revolutionize the gaming market. Also in interaction with the more and more digitized world and the metaverse, which could become a merger of all digital worlds, crypto games offer many super exciting possibilities.
Here are some popular NFTs games on the metaverse and how they are having profits for the players and developers.
The Sandbox
The Sandbox is a metaverse in which players create virtual worlds. The 3D voxel style is reminiscent of Minecraft. So it's basically a Minecraft based on NFT and blockchain. You can buy, develop and design land, set up a house and create NFTs for the Metaverse with an editor or create games with a gamemaker even without coding skills. Land and items can be traded with other players. The company's own cryptocurrency SAND is used for this. The sandbox NFTs can also be traded on the well-known NFT marketplace Opensea. You can also buy SAND on the various crypto exchanges or exchange it for euros. However, this is associated with risks because the value of SAND can fluctuate sharply at any time. SAND can also be earned by completing various quests in the game.
Plant vs Undead
Plant vs Undead is an NFT game that can already be downloaded for Android and iOS in beta version. It's basically a blockchain version of the popular mobile game Plants vs Zombies. You have to grow an army of plants in your garden to defeat the undead monsters. You can arrange your plants, which are in your possession as NFTs, in any formation on the field and the game then plays like a tower defense game. Your skills as a gardener are also decisive for getting rewards. You need to acquire seeds, watering tools and other items. The different plants then have different skills that can be helpful in combat. On the marketplace you can sell your digital plants or lend them to other players for a fee and earn money that way. (J^x2TSMvRj1COh0^)
GXG Metaverse Gaming Platform will be launched in 2022 to open up a brand new chapter with a virtual entertainment world where people can develop games independently, play and socialize between the players, and create the Gaming Finance (GameFi) related NFT characters. GXG token can be available on the metaverse platform so you can make more incredible things like play games and earn money on a platform.
On the platform, not only the games developers can make profits for designing the games but also the players will get the virtual assets from playing and participation in GXG meta-event.
The Metaverse Game developed by the GXG team is called Horse Racing which will give you incredible moments with the NFT role named “Raceshores”. Total circulation of 1000 NFT roles will be available for sale. Each NFT from GXG has unique attributes and pedigrees for the players. The distribution method for the system is blind box and whitelist. The win rates and bonuses attributes will be different according to its high economic reward model.
Holding the NFT horses is not only having the chance to participate in a competition to collect bonuses but also can sell the horses in the NFT Market and to obtain “stallions” through mating. NFT horse from GXG metaverse have uniqueness for serving to get a permanent asset for a holder from horse racing and will continue the holder to earn game bonuses. For more info at here

Star Atlas
Star Atlas is a space strategy game set 600 years in the future. Various galactic powers compete for influence, territory, and resources. Expeditions can be made to discover more space. In this way you can perhaps discover rare raw materials, mine them and then trade them. The spaceships that can be traded as valuable NFTs on the marketplace are becoming important. The game will be a fairly large metaverse with its own economy, professions, politics, and war. It's a very ambitious project and it will take a while before it's playable.
Townstar is basically a crypto version of the Farmville game. The aim of the game is to create resources in your city and then sell them to other cities. The money raised from these sales can be used to upgrade your town and become more productive. The items in the game are NFTs that will give you TownCoins depending on their rarity when used in your town. So you have to actively play the game and there are also daily challenges for more rewards. This NFT game can easily be played in the browser.
In conclusion, Skilled players who get in early can actually make money with these games. But you should keep in mind that NFT games are still in their infancy. The potential for the gaming market is huge, but the hype surrounding a game can be over quickly and the income opportunities can be gone accordingly.

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Services / Re: Revolutionary Antidetect Che Browser for Multi-Accounting
« Last post by AntidetectChe on Yesterday at 08:25:47 PM »
We decided to issue 1 (one) more PROMO CODE for a FREE TRIAL period!
3 days and 3 profiles as a gift.
Hurry up to activate the promo code.
Only the first person to activate it will get 3 days and 3 profiles for free.

PROMO CODE for a FREE TRIAL: 1b4eaec292fb8fea5f0585916457fa14c552ea8a
Instruction for activating the promo code:
PROMO CODE must be activated only once.
PROMO CODE must be activated before the first recharge.

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