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ICO / Re: [Airdrop] FREE Aelf Tokens free 1000$ (Already on exchange )
« Last post by asn on Today at 05:10:15 AM »
You can get more than 50  Aelf daily

If you have many referrals
ICO / [WARNING] Decentralized.ID Five red flags official SCAM REVEALED!
« Last post by neumal on Today at 04:55:12 AM »
[WARNING] Decentralized.ID Five red flags official scam revealed! Don't fall for this crap! WARNED YOU!

Decentralized.ID is the newest lie on the market! There is a subreddit going on for more information! Please read/refer all the comments and links that reveal their lies in that reddit post! They trying to down vote the post as much as they can! So, I decided to warn you also!Join the subreddit as below! Let others know if you can! Make sure where you put your money! Internet is not safe anymore!
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« Last post by MKBS85 on Today at 04:15:24 AM »
Researched some places to convert Bitcoins to gold or silver and some say BullionStar has no taxes. Anyone has past experiences? Any reliable ones you used? Thanks!
Introductions / Re: Introduction
« Last post by ticoint on Today at 03:25:00 AM »
Hello, welcome n nice to meet you
Bitcoin Exchange / Re: Trading Bitcoin bersama Mitra Terbaik
« Last post by on Today at 02:19:07 AM »

Pendaftaran untuk

KEUNTUNGAN utama dari Program Mitra kami adalah:
  • Program afiliasi yang sederhana dan transparan.
  • Partisipasi gratis, tidak membutuhkan kondisi tambahan.
  • Biaya yang menarik untuk afiliasi, program Afiliasi 3 tingkat.
  • Pilihan material promo untuk website anda.
  • Metode penarikan yang bervariasi.
  • Layanan yang stabil dan terpercaya dengan tim supportif.
Off-topic / Re: what makes you happy?
« Last post by barc on Yesterday at 11:18:14 PM »
Money makes me happy
Hi ,
The financial model forecasts on has been updated to reflect the token sale numbers.
Please find below the link to access the forecasts and play around with the Sandbox environment:
Please note that the above model is not an investment advice and it is there for educational purposes only.
The Team
Hi friends!

We have news:

1. Four new exchanges:
Livecoin  - 428 pairs
Kucoin  - 168 pairs
Bit-z - 66 pairs - 208 pairs

2. Two new reports in Trendig page. Unusual trade volume and Volatility.

3. Total Markep Cap and Total Trade Volume added to main page.

4. We improved our Performance Report. Now it is the most popular report of our site.

Thank you for attention. I will be glad to see your feedbacks.
Всем привет!

У нас есть новости:

1. Мы подключили новые крупные биржи:
Livecoin ( - 428 пар
Kucoin ( - 168 пар
Bit-z ( - 66 пар ( - 208 пар

2. Добавили в отчёт Trending ( отчёты по необычным объёмам торгов валют (Unusual Volume) и волатильности.

3. Добавили на главную страницу показатели общей капитализации и общего объёма.

Ну и рекомендую обратить внимание на наш отчёт Performance ( Судя по тому, что это один из самых популярных отчётов нашего сайта, он получился действительно полезным.
ICO / Re: [ANN][ICO] • The Backbone Of Modern Work Agreements
« Last post by John Ogden on Yesterday at 08:39:57 PM »

Sign up for the pre-sale whitelist, or just register for the newsletter on the Grain website here:
For a more concise and condensed look at the Grain project, check out the one-pager:
Public sale starts March 1, 2018!
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