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forex trading can make profit or not it depends on the person who does it, many people and traders benefit and also many people don't get profit because they can't work well in trading. become profit or not seen from skills and abilities
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Bitcoin Exchange / Re: The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges
« Last post by Bitcoin for Free on Today at 05:28:56 PM »
Tell me which exchanges I should add or which one I should remove from the TOP 10 !
Bitcoin Exchange / Re: IQFinex - Innovative cryptocurrency exchange
« Last post by Iqfinex on Today at 05:01:20 PM »
[size=2rem]IQFinex updates the Airdrop program[/size][size=1.05rem]Dear users, we have simplified the process of submitting reports in our airdrop program. Reports can be sent either by fully verified users or by users who will be verified by phone number. Verification by phone can be done on our official website, in the Airdrop section, "Report " column .[/size][size=1.05rem]Do not forget that before sending the report you need to login in your personal cabinet.[/size][size=1.05rem]Follow all updates on the IQFinex platform in the "News" section on our website or via our official social media - Twitter and Telegram channels.[/size][size=1.05rem]Twitter -[/size][size=1.05rem]Telegram -[/size][size=1.05rem]Thank you for staying with us![/size]
Polski (Polish) / Re: CoinDeal - innowacyjna giełda kryptowalut
« Last post by CoinDeal on Today at 03:45:51 PM »

Życzymy jedynie opłacalnych transakcji na naszym nowym rynku LBC/BTC!

➡️ Sprawdź obecną sytuację na rynku:
🔥🔥🔥The  implementation of Basic Attention Token
has been done. Immediately loading  your DEPOSIT with Basic Attention Token
(BAT) is possible. Thank you for your  VOTING. .Exchange rate updated every 5 minuets #CryptoCashCow #ToTheMoon #BAT 🔥🔥🔥

We wish you all the only profitable transactions on our new market LBC/BTC!

➡️ Check the current situation on the market:

Bitcoin discussion / Free bonus 0.02 BTC to your bitcoin address.
« Last post by boombtc7 on Today at 02:11:49 PM »

Service gives a free bonus of 0.02 bitcoin instantly to your bitcoin address.


The service is completely legal.
You can withdraw your bonus to your bitcoin address.
Blockchain screenshot:

You can also play crypto roulette using this bonus.
Once I managed to win 0.31 bitcoin in roulette
I successfully received my winnings on my blockchain account.
Blockchain screenshot:
Français (French) / Re: Convertisseur de monnaies
« Last post by narghat on Today at 01:24:41 PM »
Je fait des widget avec des taux de change de crypto-monnaie.

Code: [Select]
<coinyep-price-widget from="BTC" to="EUR" lang="fr"></coinyep-price-widget><script src="" ></script>
Copiez-collez ce code à l'endroit où vous souhaitez afficher le widget. Vous pouvez charger autant de widgets de ce type que vous le souhaitez. Vous ne pouvez cependant charger le script qu'une feule fois.

Widget, Meilleures cryptos

Code: [Select]
<coinyep-widget-list list="BTC,XRP,ETH,XLM,USDT,EOS" currency="EUR" lang="fr"></coinyep-widget-list><script src="" ></script>


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