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Bitcoin Exchange / Re: The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges
« Last post by Bitcoin for Free on Today at 12:51:46 AM »
I never heard of Elegro Wallet ! What is that? An exchange or just a wallet ?
Newbies / Re: TOP 10 Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchanges
« Last post by Bitcoin for Free on Today at 12:49:45 AM »
Yes it was horrible with those bots

I'm thankful they got banned.
I will soon add faucets for new cryptocurrencies ! New Top 10 for the new year 2019 !
Fincompas - помогаем вам выбрать правильный курс!

Fincompas - помогаем вам выбрать правильный курс!

Здравствуйте, уважаемые участники форума!

Рады предложить вам мониторинг обменников:

к Вашим услугам:
- легкий информативный интерфейс,
- большой выбор валют и направлений обмена,
- постоянно актуальный курс в онлайн режиме,
- активные обменники

С нами Вы найдете правильный курс!

Приглашаем обменники к сотрудничеству на партнерских условиях!

The future of money is in the Digital, it would only take time. More and more companies are keying in, to create the futuristic and seamless transmission from fiat to cryptos. Gemini has launched their much awaited app to update the community. Gemini supports bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, zcash and litecoin. According to Coinnewspress, “Among the offerings is Gemini’s basket, dubbed the Cryptoverse, which allows customers to simultaneously purchase all of the coins currently offered by the exchange” read the exclusive.
🚀🔥🚀The CryptoCashCow development team is pleased to announce that TRONLINK has been officially included in the roadmap. The first step will be to buy CCC (TRX) tokens. Next we will enable widthdraw of tokens! Thank you for your support, your CCC team #ToTheMoon #CryptoCashCow


The Syscoin 3.2.0 Update is LIVE:
This is a recommended (but not mandatory) upgrade of the Syscoin Core (Syscoin-QT).
Read about the upgrade here: @[url=;u=4753]syscoin[/b]/syscoin-core-3-2-4b01cb0bab38][/url]

New Website & Re-brand

Today we unveil a new era for Syscoin with a freshly revamped website, logo and brand. With our sights firmly set on delivering the fastest blockchain available, we decided a modern look and feel was needed to reflect our cutting edge technology.


ICO / Re: [ICO] (MODEX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by John Ogden on Yesterday at 06:38:30 PM »

Countries with the most blockchain developers

Ever wondered which are the world’s top countries when it comes to the number of blockchain developers (absolute number and number relative to population)? We have and came across a study from UK-based blockchain consulting firm Dappros.


The idea of spreading Blockchain knowledge would save the industry from the misconceptions that plague it. The US Airforce running an educational tool for Blockchain for their graduate school (AFIT) with the sole purpose of helping students learn more about Blockchain and its potential uses should be emulated. Yes, we have started applying Blockchain, but there are still spaces that need to be filled in terms of its education. Read the full exclusive on coinewspress.


With working online slowly becoming one of the most preferred ways for people, especially the Youth, it’s important to select something truly worthy and genuine. Therefore, something like trading always comes to mind, with it been legitimate and dependable, it’s something that got a huge scope for one to work through.

With trading, there come various ways like Forex, Binary, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and others, all can be done with confidence and comfort. However, with such benefits, the main concern is to be with the broker that can be trusted and relied upon.

In order to fit into the challenge, we introduce to you, the modern day classic and one of the highly recommendable brokers “VolumeFX”

VolumeFX is a broker of high class and pedigree, with having some of the most fascinating facilities in place to make trading truly simpler easier for all involved. As a registered IBC (International Business Company), they satisfy all regulatory requirements and necessary compliances under IBC jurisdiction worldwide. There is no carry a regulatory brokerage or financial license in any jurisdiction. This allows them to offer higher leverage, a diverse array of trading instruments and cryptocurrency deposit trading accounts.

VolumeFX offers ECN/STP environment and the deepest of liquidity pool to minimize any re-quotes or slippage issues. And yet having security at highest of priorities, through the use of 2FA across all accounts. All the data is heavily encrypted with the latest encryption standards, thus making the privacy and safety ensured. There is a KYC system in place, which makes everything transparent, simpler and safer. Yet there is no verification required when trading on Cryptos, with all trades executed instantly without any restrictions or holdups.

VolumeFX is an absolutely user-friendly broker having the ideal platform to help with trading on Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies through having the ECN/STP Hybrid Model in operation! And that with some of the finest features available having spread as low as 0.001, high leverage upto 1.500, over 200+ instruments to select from including OVER 30 Cryptocurrencies. With the smooth platform like Mt4 available, there are no issues over slippage, re-quote or anything as such. But with that there is also FREE training/education, to help in the development of the beginners and guide towards the right route, to eventually lead to a successful career in this field.

VolumeFX considers every client as the most precious one with pushing all payments instantly with no extra/hidden charges either. One can also make the deposit through Cryptocurrencies without any additional requirement or restrictions. It allows everyone to do everything with confidence and comfort.

That’s not ALL, VolumeFX comes some of the BEST deals ever including $30 for $30 Forex Trading Bonus, which is simple to claim and work without facing any restrictions at all.

So, come and enter the irresistible zone of VolumeFX, where every trader is considered as important as anyone else. Whether you are a Forex trader or loves working on with Cryptocurrencies, it’s all doable here in a simple, easy and lovable way!

Get to know more info from below:

Official Website:
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