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ICO / Re: [ICO] (MDX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
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Dubai is betting big on blockchain

In an emirate where “bigger, bolder, flashier and taller” are words used so often, blockchain gains more traction and is seen as the key to Dubai’s vision of becoming the smartest and happiest city in the world. By the end of 2020, Dubai aims to become the first city in the world where all

News, announcements & important notice / Re: Forum Rules
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Blockchain Foundry Announces Consulting Agreement with Global CPQ

Blockchain Foundry Inc. ("BCF" or the "Company") (CSE:BCFN) (FWB: 8BF) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a pre-solution design and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) consulting agreement (the "Agreement") with Global CPQ
Bitcoin discussion / Ethereum Blockchain Development Company
« Last post by Pulsehyip on Today at 01:54:32 PM »

Ethereum development is a new innovation in the business industries, but it's already verifying to be a powerful technology for building and executing the blockchain systems, smart contracts and bright new ideas about how business industries can be standardized.

If you are looking for an Ethereum & robust distributed P2P system that builds an enduring record of data and stored information, you have come to the right place. Pulsehyip is the leading Ethereum blockchain development company in India and we offer end-to-end custom tailored Ethereum Blockchain Application Development Services for your business requirements.

Before that get some clear idea about “Ethereum” & Is Ethereum similar to Bitcoin or not?

What is Ethereum?

Created in 2015, Ethereum is an open software platform based on Blockchain technology that aid development of Smart Contracts and ĐApps. Interestingly, such applications can be run without any downtime and thousands of different applications are developed on this platform depending on business requirements.

Is Ethereum similar to Bitcoin?

Ethereum is also a decentralized public Blockchain network like Bitcoin. One of the most important differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that both significantly vary in terms of principle and facility.

In simple words,

The Bitcoin Blockchain target on tracking the partnership of digital currency
The Ethereum Blockchain target on running the source code of any decentralized applications.

Ethereum platform is used to build various applications across a wide range of business industries that include financial,semi-financial and non-financial applications.

Our Ethereum development solutions:

We apply a complete scripting language deployment to create a most secure, financially smart solution.

Ethereum Smart Contract Applications

We build Ethereum smart contract applications connected with the latest technology. They can run a highly secured individually transaction and this saves your valuable extra charges automatically

Ethereum Wallet Development

We build Ethereum wallets which allows you to keep and secure Ethereum and other cryptocurrency assets built on Ethereum and to organize a high level of security when using our smart contracts.

DApp Development

We are experienced in building DApp for your business to protect your valuable users and your actual business properties.

Ethereum Development Consulting

We are handling your existing smart contracts audits and help you to build the best ones. We also provide the strategic new idea for the successful implementation of Ethereum platform.

How does Pulsehyip’s Ethereum blockchain development service help achieve the best results:

* Get unique decentralized apps allowing to your specific business requirements.
* Experienced Smart Contracts & Escrow service providers.
* Authentication and Tokenization Services.
* Latest Framework that can easily be customized.
* Get live help from our Blockchain developers throughout the business project.
* Implementing of Blockchain technology to enhance functionality and security of the Ethereum application.

Why hire us for Ethereum Blockchain Development?

Pulsehyip is a ethereum blockchain solutions provider helping businesses transform the world in this new era of innovations. Our mission is to deliver innovative and end-to-end customized solutions in all aspects of the ethereum blockchain domain to all over the businesses like healthcare providers, financial institutions, B2B companies, and blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. When you work with our dedicated, highly efficient ethereum development team of experts, with no doubt, you can get your business profits easily.

So build up your business with our Ethereum blockchain development services and create powerful decentralized applications. To know more about our Ethereum blockchain development services get in touch with us at +91 975 126 5651 or

Hire Ethereum Blockchain Developers

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