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Bitcoin discussion / - Email Accounts for Bitcoin
« Last post by 01swap on Today at 09:30:33 PM »

Get an email account for Bitcoin.

No personal information required!

Works with your phone!

Uses Secure SSL and IMAP, SMTP
« Last post by albBrainhof on Today at 09:29:59 PM »

We present a unique opportunity to earn money without investing for everyone.
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Gambling / Re: 5 Traders - | HYIP
« Last post by albBrainhof on Today at 09:14:47 PM »
23.02.18 21:07 Receive
Received Payment 5.7 USD from account U12101559.
Batch: 206085533.
Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal.
Marketplace / Crypto Virtual Visa
« Last post by Avagi on Today at 08:58:23 PM »
There have some crypto and ecurrencies debit card still left after wave-crest holding ltd had been down they are-
 1. is a bitcoin virtual prepaid card which connect with coinbase.
 Most of bitcoin card service down in this time but shift was still alive because different card vendor they used.
 Good facts — Can use all online payments by bitcoin using coinbase account. Refill and unload by coinbase.
 Most of the website accept.
 Easy to reload by coinbase using bitcoin
 Bad facts — Coinbase account needs to verify.
 — It can use US resident only.
 — Others country’s users difficult to use it has two card vendor service us resident for Metroponic and Other residents for wave crest holding
 Now Wave crest holding is shutting down due to visa policies. So bitpay work only for us resident only now.
 Good facts — Bitcoin can use. Most of the website accept.
 Easy to reload by using bitcoin
 Bag facts. — It needs verify to create card
 — — It can use US resident only.
 — Others country’s users difficult to use it.
 Entropay is best virtual card service since 2010 and most of the website accept their cards and securities is best.
 Good facts : Most of the websites accept their card
 Load by Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit Card
 no need to verify for some amounts.
 Card creation is instant
 Bad facts : they don’t accept ecurrencies including bitcoin
 Some countries restrict for creating card
 Bank account and Credit Card need to verify. Mean you can’t create different entrypay account.
 Card creation will complete by first time loading.
 Prepaidcloud is one of the ecurreny virtual debit card which connect with astropay card vendor serivice (not wave crest) . So most of card website down but they
 still live in this time.
 Good facts : Most of websites accept thier card
 — Card creation is instant
 — loading and unloading card by perfect money, Bitcoin , litecoin , etherum, Bticoin Cash
 — Easily to load by ecurrencies
 — No need to verify until $3000
 — many cards can create by differents email
 Bad facts : Bank and Credit card can’t loading and unloading
 — First time loading is $50 and card creation is complete by loading.
 Conclusion, there have four card service can use easily in this time and Entropay and prepaidcloud is more easily (and same ) most of countiries and
 shift and bitpay (they are same) is easy to use from us residents.
Still selling this only few spots left! Come get it while you can, after paying at rocketr you will get the files delivered you with autodelivery and a quick easy to follow tutorial is also included
Gambling / Re: Hideposit -
« Last post by Stay_Safe on Today at 08:25:42 PM »

Amazing team, professional and friendly
Date : 02/23/2018 17:33   
From/To Account : U14131514
Amount : 177.25
Currency : USD
Batch : 206068350
Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal from

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