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Goods / | Get Steam Game for only 0.99$
« Last post by acc4btc on Yesterday at 07:42:38 PM »
« Last post by pcsbtc2015 on Yesterday at 06:54:08 PM »

25 MAI 2017
LIVE LIVE LIVE 7mn  AZ Alkmaar 0-0 Utrecht
over goal +1.5  @1.30

26 MAI 2017
Adelaide Comets - Para
over goal +2.5  @1.25

26 MAI 2017
Cork City - Shamrock Rovers
over goal +1.5  @1.23

PLACE 300€

Rectification place 300 €
And not 200 €
Newbies / btc doubler
« Last post by bitlvr on Yesterday at 12:47:21 PM »
Any experience with btc doublers?
Gambling / Earn Bitcoin on the move...progressively
« Last post by PaulieTiz on Yesterday at 08:46:24 AM »
To start there's gonna be no referral links off me.....this is purely because the more people that use this app/website means the bigger the earnings which can be cashed out as Bitcoin! Amazing.Now Bitcoin and the process of getting it is getting more popular than ever but like most 97.9% of us we missed the boat when it was possible to obtain free Bitcoin with your laptop…
Until now...
But Before I go on, I want to mention a few of things so we both start off on the same page:
- If you don't want to invest any money (to buy extra bids). No problem. You can earn extra bids daily to play.
- This is a way of earning Bitcoin through progressive auctions and sweepstakes. These auctions require a patience, skill and little luck. (Like everything in life) So if you don't win straight away. Doesn't mean that's there's anything wrong but instead, you need to go capture a leprechaun with a rabbit's foot.
- This can be done where-ever you are in the world, and to be honest, is a lot of fun. So enjoy it!!
So now let me explain what I'm talking about....
Casho started as a 'paid for tasks' app for cash, but as you all know there's massive saturation of these apps. And let's be honest 95% are S#*T.
They all promise the world, and within a week or two, the payouts either decrease or the number of tasks you can complete becoming non-existent.
So instead Casho have done something COMPLETELY different.
They have the only 'Online Progressive Auctions' paying in Bitcoin out there. You use your free bids (taps) to bet on an auction of your choice. (Read On to discover how to get more free bids daily) The timer will then reset to 8 seconds with every bid. If you're the last bid before the timer runs to zero then you win.
You can actually earn REAL Amounts of Bitcoin and money! (With other Altcoins coming soon)

Check recent winners on the testimonial page. Just search on the 'Casho' website.

[/size]Instead of earning $0.50 - $1 dollar a day you can pick up x50 that amount on the big auctions. And if you cash out in Bitcoin and the price keeps rising…..who knows!
Also because its 'progressive' the more people that play the higher the earnings go and the more you can make.
You can Cashout your points in: - Bitcoin - other Altcoins coming soon...- Cash- Gift Cards
Now I’ll be honest...
This is where you need Patience (and a little bit of Skill). You've got take you time and play these games with your head.
Watch for patterns and see when the best time is to bid on the auctions. That way once you get the hang of Casho you can build up your points and dominate the other Auctions for bigger earnings of Bitcoin.
Also, you can earn extra free Bids (Taps) Daily through the Casho Android App (Completely up to you of course)
(Little tip: Save up your Taps for up for 3 days and use them together to have a better chance of winning and cashing out FREE BITCOIN)
So if you haven't got the Patience to give this a real chance or are going to get bitchy.....
DON’T TRY CASHO. (I mean it don't, we only want REAL players and build up a REAL community where we make REAL Bitcoin.
But if you want to earn Real Bitcoin check it out. It's free so you’d be mad not to. Can't give you any links, but just search for Casho on GooglePlay for android or look on Google.


Hello everyone.[/size]Today i introduce you a site give you 40+ XLM/STR freeRate for XLM now about 1k XLM = 50$First, you signup here :
 , go to Forum and register an accountYour account need 7 day active and 10 post, and have avatar. OK DONE !Then you go to :
submit you XLM address, and receive 40 XLM freeYou can earn more XLM by post, 1 post = 1 XLM, and other Promotions in forumThank you [/size]
Off-topic / Support and Be Rewarded.
« Last post by julerz12 on Yesterday at 05:10:20 AM »

Hi Guys, Have you ever heard of
Is it a community dedicated to support the ever growing users of Stellar.
A few informations about stellar network:

What is Stellar?
Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.
Its native asset is called Lumens.
Lumen is a unit of digital currency, like a bitcoin.
In cryptocurrency exchanges, Lumen is often called XLM.

What can we do with Stellar Platform?
Send money across borders quickly, for a fraction of a cent. Facilitate low-cost payments between different currencies.
Increase efficiency and decrease the cost of smaller transfers. Offer incremental payment options to your customers.
Get an agency banking advantage with mobile branches. Expand your retail operation, without the overhead costs.
Make mobile money platforms interoperable. Let your customers send MM to recipients with different providers.
Stellar cuts costs so you can bank new customers. Reach the base of the pyramid with low-cost accounts, loans, and microsavings.

Where can we Get Lumens?
You may choose to purchase lumens as a supporter of the mission.

Lumens are also available for purchase on markets and exchanges such as Bitrex, Poloniex etc.

What is the lumen giveaway?
95% of the lumens created when the Stellar network began will be given away to the world. 5% remains with for operational costs. designed the giveaway program to ensure that lumens are given away to diverse groups:

50% to individuals who want lumens
25% for nonprofits to reach underserved populations
20% to bitcoin holders

Alternative ways to get Lumens
Anyone can get a few Lumens by supporting a great and fun community;

Simply Sign up, and Be active in this forum by joining discussions, creating new threads and even joining active and running rewards programs within the community itself.
The number of Lumens you can get is practically limitless.

Here are Some of the Active and Running Promotions on the said Forums:

Paid to Post
Each NEW post you make = 1 XLM
Each NEW Thread you make = 5 XLM

Each NEW Reply on the Thread you Make = 1 XLM

Advertise Bounty
Adverstise on other forums, social media and even in youtube = 20XLM / 40XLM (Depending on the quality)

New Member Sign up Reward
New Members Gets 40 XLM as a Reward.

Must be a NEW Member of the Forum. (Not double account, you'll be banned)
Must atleast post 10 constructive posts on any threads on the forum (Not Non-sense Spams)
Must upload a unique avatar (Get one from google)

Referral Program
Each NEW Member you invite to the forums = 10 XLM

Centaurus Wallet Promo
Get FREE 50 XLM every week by using the Centaurus Android Wallet App.
(Note: you need atleast 100 XLM on your wallet to be eligible for weekly reward)

Show your Stellar Project Promo
If you have any idea about Stellar such as a web wallet, android game app, iOS app. you'll get rewarded with 1000 XLM + More Freebies

Stellar Developer Program
If you support stellar platform and it's program by being a developer, you'll get 5,000 XLM Dividend

-Requesting periode must be before date 15th /every month
-After the release, your Reward count will be back to ZERO,
-if reward not redeemed before date 15th every month, Rewards will also reset to ZERO.
-Minimum Reward claim must be 15 XLM(STR).
-For invites reward, we will check if the member invited already made more than 5post (not spam), then you can claim 10 XLM/member

**You can Claim your rewards be posting a reply on the said promo thread found on $$$$$ Stellar Promotions $$$$$ Section
**Guide and Tutorials can be found on GUIDE & Tutorial Section

Join now and be rewarded :)

Get you Lumens Wallet Here:
Centaurus (Lumen Wallet App for Android) (Search it in Playstore)

Check XLM/BTC Price:

Off-topic / Blockchain idea
« Last post by cochranizer on Yesterday at 03:19:04 AM »
What if there was a type of coin where the private key itself was the coin and not necessarily the "coins" on it?
Im hoping someone can help me. Im very frustrated at this point.

Im a newbie to bit coin. I have had a ton of problems so far...

I setup multibit wallet on windows 10.

Everything worked fine.

I bought $35 USD worth of bit coin to test.

It finally went into my wallet (not without huge hassles getting verified).

I was happy it worked.

Then I try to open my wallet today in multibit and it wont accept my password. I tried it multiple times to no avail.

I tried the restoring option in multi bit but that does not work.

I tried the "forgot password", after typing in wallet words it just says "working" but nothing happens..

I tried other wallets but it seems I dont know what Im doing. I cant figure out how to load my wallet. I dont even fully understand what a wallet is.

I have my wallet words and password.

Please help.

Alternative cryptocurrencies / Re: How Does Dash's DAO Work? | DASH: Detailed
« Last post by tuapoma on Yesterday at 12:47:44 AM »

How NOT to Waste Treasury Funds on Marketing Proposals (+$20 Bounties)

Two primary arguments are presented here -- one about brand awareness (hint: we don't have it yet), and the other about customer engagement with our product (hint: they require assistance!).

Services / [NEEDED] Simple webshop & design - payment in BTC -
« Last post by pharmak on May 24, 2017, 07:23:21 PM »
For our business we are seeking a developer which can code a small webstore where buyers can purchase different products.

Users need to be able to register on the website, email isn't necessary. PGP is optional.
We need to be able to post listings so users can purchase these listings. We need a personal message box, order box and a notification option for each user so we can send payment information to the customers and send them updates on the progress of their order.

We also need a logo designed. If you are not able to create logo's we will find a designer for the logo.

In other words we need a small webshop where users can register and purchase products and interact with us & vice versa a place where we can interact with users and send them payment options and keep them up to date about their order.

The website needs to be functional even if users don't have javascript enabled. The admin login panel for logging in and interacting to the users need to be secure. 2-FA would be a great addition, if you can't code that, that's no problem.

Preferably we would like the whole project in HTML5 and CSS3. If you can accomplish the job with other languages that's fine but it needs to run without JS and noscript.

Payment will be in Bitcoins. We are flexible and idea's on how to change or add features are appreciated.

Feel free to contact us and send us a quote so we can discuss prices.

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